Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 29


Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

I just read your page in the Amway Site. It seems as though you are VERY angry at some Amway Distributors. Everything has pros and cons. Focusing on the negative can only keep you a negative person.

As you can imagine, I am an Amway Distributor. I am happy with my organization and haven't wasted ANY money on unnecessary products or tools. My business grows every month. I have NEVER been promised anything without knowing that all businesses require investments AND more importantly WORK.

I understand that "tools" are a expense for Amway distributors. But I have never been coerced to buy anything. The things that I have bought were VERY helpful for me. The prices I pay for books are the same price I would pay in a book store. Sometimes LESS than what I would pay in a bookstore. I have in the past invested in non-Amway related tapes and have spent well over the $6 I pay for tapes here. I am talking $100s. I have many people in my downline that have quit and I bought their tapes back from them and they seemed perfectly happy.

As far as that expense goes, We researched franchises before we became distributors. I was days away from buying a franchise for $80K that was listed in the top 15 of Success magazine not too long ago. Within 3 years that franchise was listed below 120th and I understood that it was filing Bankruptcy. The primary reason was a suit by franchise owners for breech of contract.

The mentors in this business are really positive people. Working together in this business with my mentors has saved my marriage. The knowledge that I feed myself from the recommended books and tapes have made me a new person: A positive person, more understanding and kinder person, a more happy person.

I am sorry that your experience has left you bitter. And truly hope that you find a vehicle that WILL help you achieve your dreams.


Keep up the great work with this site. I was recently approached by an acquaintance about a business venture. Of course they didn't mention "Amway" when they initially called, and it wasn't until an hour into the subsequent at-home pitch that the A-word even came out. It seemed unusual that this particular distributor spent as much time talking about the "tools" part of the business as he did the product distribution part.

Anyway, I declined this opportunity. And thanks to the information available through your site and others, I have a better understanding of what this whole "business" is really about. Thanks.


Read your comments and comparisons. I agree with most everything you said. But whats up with the christian bashing. Fags and lesbos can promote there religion "free speach" and protected by our laws, what is wrong if the owners of a company want to promote godliness and moral excellence. Maybe Amway isnt the best business oportunity but I dont get the point comming against someones right to promote thier belif in God.

I will linc to your page because I belive you have many true insights, and MLMers need to be informed.

The wise need not fear words…

Hope my previuos comments were not mistaken I just think freedom of speach should be for all. Even if we dont agree. By the way your section on cults was amazing! Cult description seems to be very similar to the TV brain wash techniques the networks use. Hype, promise, thought deprivation, nutritional depravation, charisma etc.

My parents have joined Cult Amway. Their friends who got them involved have filed bankruptcy at least twice in the last fifteen years. They live in a podunk town with a crippled economy, but it is supposedly brusting with Amway opportunity. These people convinced my parents that they are living "high on the hog" because of "The Business". My dad has another ten years or so before he can retire, and wanted a good nest egg before then. Mom and Dad are terrible money managers and have thrown away money hand over fist for years. They have now invested their meager savings into Amway.

I want to know if there are any resources for deprogramming Amway followers other than letting them fall on their faces. My parents never let me run my own life when I lived there, so I guess I'm trying to return the favor. I should probably just let them sink, but I care too much. Besides, they'd need a place to stay when the bank takes their house, and my husband and I can't handle them living with us.

Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.


I realize how brainwashing destroys one's own logic, but even so I find it amazing that so many Amway distributors have written into you and compare their "business" with the likes of McDonald's!! How can they see ANY similarities at all??!!

Legitimate businesses do not lure people into their "meetings" under false pretenses, never daring to mention the name of the company!!

Very often distributors lash out at the "quitters" who have voiced their concerns about the huge cost involved with "plugging into the System". They state that any business has start up costs and mention i.e. retail stores. How on earth do these people think an Amway distributorship (that anyone with $150.00 has access to…unfortunately for them!) can be compared to an actual legitimate business venture such as a retail establishment, restaurant, or whatever franchise they choose to insert in their debate.

It is so crazy to think that something this classless that promotes pouncing on unsuspecting "potential downlines" in shopping malls, grocery stores, parking lots, etc.; completely misleading them into thinking you are offering a real and legitimate business opportunity for a "few sharp individuals"; handing out meaningless hype on video tapes and cassettes about "dreams" ;and absolutely refusing to disclose that the real name of the so-called business is Amway, can seriously be considered a real business!

A real Business doesn't operate this way! It doesn't advise you to "flush" your friends and family members if they don't start working for the business as well. A real business does not teach you that anyone else in the world who is not working within that same business is a lazy, dream-less quitter and not worthy of your time.

Amway is not a business; it is a scam - plain and simple. It is also a very powerful cult if it can actually make its members believe it is indeed a business!

Thanks for setting me straight, A friend suckered me in to a seminar that didn't mention the Amway name till the last 2 minutes of the seminar, this was after I listened to a bunch of propaganda for 2 hours, The more I think about it, it was a cult like experience! Thank God I wasn't beamed up!

Hello Sidney,

I came across your site when looking up information on cultism and cultism in the Amway Corporation. I am a distributor, and my decision to become one took a long time to decide. In addition, I still remain skeptical of all the wonderful things the various groups have to offer - 'going diamond', '2-5 year plan', and so forth.

Anyways, let me make add comments on cultism in Amway......

I joined a group called Network21. Before that, I was close to joining WWDB. I did not join WWDB because of what my potential upline said to me: I told him, "I have to pray about this." His response, 'oh, come on, don't tell me God wants you to be poor....." Quite a response like that disgusted me. The many different organizations within Amway preach Christian values, but in many ways they twist and distort Biblical saying to their own means. I've heard often how great it is to be rich and how God wants us to be as well. It is a shame that many people forget what Jesus said after the rich man spoke to him, "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to inherit the Kingdom of God." In addition, there are other scriptures which discuss storing treasures, and not to store treasures here on Earth.

It seems to me that many in these different organizations hold the 'Almighty Dollar' as their god, rather than Yaweh, the God of Abraham, etc.

I have also seen and heard many say how wonderful it is to give so much money to different organizations - what a wonderful Christian thing to do..... My response, though, is that works alone don't get anyone into the Kingdom of God. There are plenty of scriptures to back up what I am saying.

Also, I have heard many, including Brad Duncan, among many say that, "this country is God's country and founded on Christian principles." I would challenge that simply because God's Kingdom is not capitalistic, nor is it a democracy. Also, when the Founders were creating the constitution and forming this country, it was not under God, but in support of the Founders pursuit of capitalism. If anything, America is far from being a 'Christian country.' Like almost all societies, if not all, it is a pagan society (money being a god, for example).

God does not want me to be rich, nor do I want to be. I don't base success on how much money I make. My success is based on following Jesus and doing what He wants for my life. I can, will, and am living my dreams regardless of being affiliated with the Amway corporation - it is ridiculous to say you need to be rich to fulfill your dreams because I am fulfilling mine (I am a recent university grad and have lots of loans to pay off.)

I addition, I dislike the notion used by all groups, it seems, of writing down a list of everyone you know, regardless of whether they are interested or not. I have not approached my family, except I've talked to my sister's boyfriend, nor do I talk with friends. Of course, at my pace, I won't get anywhere for a long time - personally, I don't care - I do things at my own pace. In addition, I don't like how many folks, when discussing Amway, happen to use the indirect approach: just don't say it is Amway. I tell people up front because it is otherwise just dishonesty. When I talk to acquaintances, they may be surprised that I am doing such a thing, but they don't automatically judge it because I am also a part of it. I am not just some person who would do this without thinking about it.

On last comment - about going to rallies, meetings, functions, buying tapes, etc. Yes, it is overdone. It is good to know that that is how many indeed do earn much of there income. I don't buy tapes, I don't go to rallies (I don't like them), I will go to meeting rarely. To me, I only need to see the plan once in a while to get a refresher. If anything, an 'open meeting' is a time to take someone along who shows interest. I also did not end up joing WWDB because of the pressure to have to attend all these meetings, buy all the tapes, videos, etc. Of course, their response was something like, "you need tools to build your business." True, one does need tools to build your own business, but not tapes that talk about the same thing over and over again. My group in Network21 is a group of good people who are supportive, but not slimy or pushy - which is one of the reasons I joined.

In parting, I would like to say that many of those I know who do this, live for it; it becomes their life and the center of everything they do. I find that rather sad. I also find it sad that many alienate themselves from their family and friends and make their 'upline and downline' their family.

Thank you for your insight - if you can, could you please send me a price comparison chart for many of the products? The last thing I want to do in buying for myself is spend more than I have to.

If I ever see cultism or perversion of Scripture in my group - I will of course, speak up.

I hope my comments have helped.

Some of the comments said that what you outlined was a long time ago, 70s and 80s. That may be the case in USA.

But in Indonesia and I would guess other developing countries, it's happening as we speak.

I for one was amazed that it happened as early as the 80s, because I was at one of those rallies etc in 1996!

So could you please highlight the fact that Amway is now moving its scam in the Third World?

good day sidney,

my anecdote involves attending what i thought was a business networking event.

i was having lunch with someone at work recently, and the conversation turned to outside interests. i mentioned that i held a membership in a business communications association known as…, and that i found it to be an excellent resource for professional development. my co-worker said that he too was a member of a business organization that he regarded very highly. the name of the group, he said, was the INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING ASSOCIATION, and he invited me to a "networking event" scheduled for the coming ssturday night at a local hotel. i had not heard of his biz group, and i thought that this might be a good opportunity to meet other biz professionals, and undertake some high-powered hob-nobbing. besides, i thought, this has to be pretty good; their group is large enough to require hotel conference facilities.

i arrived shortly after my co-worker. entering the large conference room, i found several hundred seated people facing the front of the room. up front was a stage with a large banner above it that read, "INA welcomes diamond distributors, … and … …

the warning bells, flags, whistles and other misc alarms immediately sounded. my co-worker grabbed me, and hustled us to pre-arranged seats near others he apparently knew.

out of politeness to my host and curiosity for myself, i sat through the entire program. i did not sing, pray or cheer like the others. i observed. the audience was very tuned to the speakers who spoke volumes about the advantages and fun of material wealth, but said very little of substance about how to get there [outside of mentioning the necessity to "work the business"].

after the program, i sat at the hotel's coffee shop with my co-worker/host and his friends, and listened as they told each other how they were "goin' diamond". one of them turned to me and said, "what about you? get plugged in!" and to the others he asked, "ain't it great?" they immediately agreed that yes, it was indeed great.

instead of joining in their positive mental attitude, i told my co-worker/host that he had represented the evening to be a gathering of networking business professionals, and not an amway meeting. i said that in my mind, i perceived a significant difference between a business networking event and a multi-level marketing meeting. to the person who told me to get plugged in, i replied that no, i did not find "it" to be great, and that i had no intention of joining an organization that misrepresented itself in this way. if it's amway, then tell me that upfront. don't expect that i, or many others, will be impressed when the truth is learned. the group sat in stunned silence. i thanked my host for his hospitality, and excused myself from the gathering. as i departed, i thought i might of heard someone say the word "loser".

my co-worker doesn't speak to me much these days. pity.

Hi; My name is * i use to be a distribuitor for about 4 years i reach an 18% level. After learning about the lawsuit against the Yagers for abuse of selling bsm at a high cost and making huge profits from all the people that with a large sacrifices use to attend this meetings i decided to quit the business. I can tell you how good it feels to be free of the stress from the business and the mental pressure and economic. I have a problem i wish you guys could help me with an advice. I request a refund for the bsm purchase within the last 160 days and it was denied from the line of sponsorship, I also send amway a copy of the letter they send me and the never

answer me. Can i make a legal approach or contact an attorney or what can i do? Amway has totally ignore my case. Please give me an advise.

Hello, AMWAY DISTRIBUTOR HERE!!!!!!!!! I have been hearing so much junk out there in cyber space.... Listen has anyone ever hear of Tony Robbins the motivational speaker? He does the same think, makes a buck to help people get motivated and believing in there self. Who cares who is making a buck, if it is helping someone feel better about themselves, what is wrong with that. And what is wrong with AMWAY doing it. There are so many companies out there that just sell tapes and books. But AMWAY does more, gives a chance to live!!!! I WILL BET THAT ALL OF THE PEOPLE THAT ARE AGAINST AMWAY, HAVE A JOB THAT THEY WILL DIE IN AND I MEAN DIE ON THE JOB NOT WITH A LOVE ONE. A matter a fact, a true story, I went to Grand Union(grocery store) and saw a old man 67 or so die, he was working, packing groceries. I dont know about anyone else out there but I dont want my mother or father to die at work!!!!!!!! And the said truth is that almost all of our parents have to work because they dont make enough from retirement. Now wouldnt you do anything you can for youself, your family and your parents? With that said, I would like to say one last think to all that are looking into Amway, Make the decision based on yourself, not on other people because you are not them.

Thank you for reading this very long letter, but I believe in America and I will all that I can to make it what it was suppose to be for all of us.

Iv`e been involved in this business for several years and i was very young when i got started. i reached the 23% level at my highest. I never questioned the ethics of the system , i always believed the people to have entegrity,, however after a few years one of my close family members investigated the business asking technical questions that were never answered, such as a document of some form indicating that the system was not a source of heavy profit to the big pins. He had this question after attending functions and observing the tool flow and function cost. He also had concerns about the postcard rule which has been violated. This rule is in a purchase agreement that is signed by the direct and the new person bieng sponsord, it indicates that every month a post card will be sent that says people are not required to purchase tools,, i have never seen this? Well anway these things raised some concerns about the ethics of the system for me. so i began looking into it assured that all would be answered and i could feel good about it again. Well the more a dug the worse it got,, the facts about what goes on in the system is deceptive. I had to basically work my direct over to get him to admit that a profit is made ontop of expenses for directs and above. Standing order tape is something iv`e always felt was of benefit to those who wanted a large business but never agreed to the pushing of those tapes to those whom were not going to benifit. That is just a personality thing however based on how your upline teaches it. The most alarming thing was when i sat down with my direct to disscuss my concerns I felt as though he was side steping the issue. All i said was that i want a statement that shows to me the breakdown of moneys to the directs and above. He said he felt uncomfortable asking for that from his upline, i said tell em it was a question i had,, all i want to know is that im doing the right thing. Im staring to feel as though im not. I try to look for the positive but the more i try to find out the truth the more i realize that what i wanted to believe is not the truth. The facts are money is generated through the system, one coment my direct said to justify the income was that his diamond spent over 100,000 on travel expenses, my response was , so what this guy makes a 7 figure income based on what you have said and he stated that if his income went up by 100,000 this next year he wouldn`t notice it. My coment was wouldn`t you spend 100,000 a year to make 900,000 and GROW your business? Dont get me wrong i have no problem with people making money i understand the systems point and i like the concept, all i want are some facts showing me that thier not exployting the sales force, the more i`ve dug the harder it`s been to get answers???My direct talked about other systems that have profitied largly of the downline that is fact, but the system im in is supposed to be on the up an up (wwdb)

Sidney - Thanks for including the letter from the man who spent countless hours watching soap melt!! That was one of the funniest things I have seen on the web! He has now completed testing on mouthwash and soap, so what's next? How about counting sheets of toilet paper and checking the absorption?? Maybe watching light bulbs burn? I look forward to his next "experiment." Talk about needing to get a LIFE . . . . .!! Keep up the good work, Sidney! Apparently your site is getting to them since so many of them send messages to you! : )

Very interesting web page!

I wish I would have had some of this information a couple of years ago when the big Amway fad came through my area, and especially where I work. Several people I know got sucked into that scam, and a couple tried to take me with them!

I actually gave it some serious consideration. But after browsing through a few of their catalogs, and comparing prices on things I commonly buy, I realized I couldn't try to sell it with a clear conscience.

I'd doubt either the intelligence or the trustworthiness of anyone involved with Amway.

Good job. I'll be back again when I have time to read more....


I was laying out my "Amway Sucks" web site, but have changed my mind after seeing some of the great new sites linked from your pages. Also, I'm just sick and tired of all the rhetoric and lack of thinking from the Amway distributors.

A co-worker mentioned to me that she is an Amway distributor. I said "One piece of advice - do not buy any tapes, books, or attend any functions. They cost money - they don't make money". After at least 30 minutes, I realized I was getting nowhere. She was spouting all the things she learned from the M.O.'s and not listening to a thing I said.

It is frustrating watching a co-worker or friend get sucked into the "business", especially when I have experienced it first-hand.

I think you should add a new section to your web site - "What better opportunity do I have to offer?" This could be just a few sentences; something like "Put your money in an IRA or 401(k). The power of compounding interest can do wonders - like make you a millionare by age 65 for just a few hundred dollars a month".

Talk to you later!

This is to all of you who haven't a clue......I think there is a comet out there with your name on it? Amway has been in busines for well over 30 years and growing faster than any family owned busness I can think of. I'll see all of you one day still working 9-5 helping your boss make his dream home payments. When the morgage is paid will he invite you over for dinner to celebrate? Will your boss provide you a new home? When your close to retirement will you receive a retirement check or pink slip? It's your choice. I'm glad I had a choice and chose Amway.I can tell by most of the comments about Amway, none of you really have a clue. Who knows, maybe Sidney is a cultist. What is a cult anyway? For all you know the girl scouts could be a cult. Good luck in chasing your dreams! Better run and buy your lottery ticket.


I've been reading your site with a great deal of interest. Finally, someone has put together a comprehensive database to provide this valuable information. While I know our story is not unique, I would like to share it with you.

My wife and I became distributors about two years ago and were plugged into the System, or shall I say swept up by the System. By January 1996 we had built the business one MCI short of the 1,000 PV level, and we had a net loss of $900, which retrospectively, was not that bad, considering how much fun we had, sleeping quickly, at 4:30 a.m., six people to a room, in such garden spots as the Comfort Inn in *.

During this time we were spending close to $200 per month on business-related items -- tools (SOT and LSOT, not to mention the 20-tape fast-start series our diamond was promoting), admission to all kinds of $4.00 events such as network seminars and open meetings - at least two a month, tickets and hotel bills to regional and major functions, Amvox, gasoline, Waffle House, etc. This was a major drain on us financially, but our upline coach was literally spending more on our group than we were, and driving a lot of miles, and we felt obligated to see things through. That was, until, our money ran completely out, and we missed a major function. Within a month, after I made it clear that we were not going to sell our household items to purchase function tickets, we were ostracized by our line of sponsorship. We were also "counseled" by our upline to relinquish order-taking from our burgeoning group, which would ensure that our downline was not exposed to our misfortune. And so we became broke losers, all because we missed a rally. These people who loved us so… we haven't seen our upline PSDD in over a year.

Ironically, we have a few products we cannot live without, and so we order usually once a month. Also, we have a few downline distributors who renewed, one of whom is still a bonafide tapehead, and the others are on Standing Order Products (a new system for ordering stuff through the corporation without having to order upline).

That's my story. We'll probably remain distributors; having a "computer number and ordering stuff" is not all that bad, as long as you don't go crazy.

As far as your site is concerned, I have a couple of comments.

First, and this goes for most of the anti-Amway sites, there are plenty of us born-again, right-minded conservatives out there who see the System for what it is… a way for Dexter to get filthy rich with our money. That knowledge is not the exclusive property of those with a liberal bent.

Second, don't be fooled by the Dexter's good - Britt's bad theory. Truth is that Britt is in Dexter's line of sponsorship, by way of Congiularo. Even though they sometimes portray themselves as two Crowns doing similar-but-different things, most of the money eventually flows to Charlotte.

Speaking of Charlotte, I had the opportunity recently to do business with a company called ICCS, which is owned by Internet Services Corp (Dexter and his sons). I needed 500 cassette tapes duplicated, and their web page price list advertised them for 79 cents per copy, the cheapest price going… a far cry from five bucks.

I have read a great deal of the information on your page and have found it enlightening. My interest in the Amway Phenomenon is due to the fact that someone I know and care about is an active participant, and I am afraid for them. Could you please send me (as soon as possible, I know you are probably quite busy) all the information you have on a group known as WorldWide DreamBuilders. Thank you.

I have visited your page many times in the last few months in an effort to educate myself about the Amway phenomenon. Kudos on an excellent effort. It is a superb job.

My interest in Amway started when my in-laws joined. Their story seems typical of those I have seen on your page, ie no post-secondary education, hopelessly indebted, life going nowhere fast, etc. About five years ago, they latched onto Amway. They pressured my wife to join, to the extent that they threatened that she would not be able to see their kids (ie her niece and nephew) if she wasn't in their downline.

They exerted other pressure on her too, and she wanted to join just to maintain harmony in the family. I didn't know much about Amway, but I had heard vague negative rumours about it. I told her that we were not joining period. Part of my argument was that the in-laws never seemed to be making any money, in fact they seemed to be growing even more destitute despite their "business". They also became sanctimonious, offering free advice to us on almost any topic. Most of it was patently bizarre, and I wondered where they were getting these opinions from. Now I know.

My argument to my wife was growing thin, when I discovered your site and showed it to her. Thankfully, she now sees how deceived her sister and husband are and she agrees that we should not become involved.

My thanks for shedding light onto this topic. Please keep up the good work and I will continue to visit for updates.


I had the pleasure of listenting to some recent tapes of Ambabble (Greg Duncan and John Sestina). I think the most interesting thing is how an eleoquent speaker can manipulate the minds of the audience into believing that working for their upline and receiving neither salary nor benefits is a good thing.

I think Amway has a great thing going. They get to profit from the sale of inferior products without having to pay a decent wage to do it.

Thank-you for expressing everything that I feel but have not taken the time or energy to express. I lost my best friend and soulmate to Amway and probably will never get her back.

Before Amway (BA), we spent hours, weeks and months having fun and discussing life. I won't go into the deatails but we did everything from bungee jumping in Bali to white water rafting in Alaska together while stationed together on a Navy ship.

She got out of the Navy and returned home to *. She got involved in Amway and started to "pursue her dreams". * didn't tell me any of this in the letters we exchanged and needless to say, I was a little surprised when after getting orders to * that I became one of her "prospects". Just like you said, she never mentioned the word "Amway", referring to it instead as "network marketing". I inittially just said no, but she was persistent and on the second showing of the plan I bought in, mostly because of her sincerity and my feelings for her.

Not until after I got all the "stuff" from Amway did I sit down to really look at it. Of course you know what I found, the chances of making any money were slim to say the best. But all the chances to lose money is not why I'm writing, I've lost my best friend and it hurts.

Only after I finally mustered the courage to tell her that I was out did I discover the dark underbelly of the beast. * tried one time to re-recruit me and having failed I have not heard from her since. I sent her a valentine's card as a polite way of staying in touch, she called me when she knew I wouldn't be home and said thank you to my answering machine. Told me how busy she was and all that. And this from a woman who previously had spent countless hours baring her soul, holding hands, lying in the grass laughing and crying together, the merging of two souls and hearts.

* is gone now, I'm just another "time thief" and "dream stealer" in her new world view. You know the deatails probably better that I do, I'll spare you the long version. Just suffice it to say that my economic loss was very small compared to the emotional loss that I have suffered thanks to AMWAY. I hate them and would do anything to have my best friend back. It hurts.

Once again, thank you for putting into words everything that I was feeling.

A couple things to chew on…

Those who profess as being Christian Amway distributors would serve themselves, others and God better by spreading the Gospel rather than the Sales & Marketing Plan. But then again, God doesn’t pay out a whopping 3% of BV!

At least the Amway Corp. pays the rank-and-file masses a cut of their volume, whereas the support systems (WWDB, INA, Britt, etc) don’t pay a cut of tool and seminar sales until you reach Direct. Oh yeah, and Amway discloses their commission structure in the SA4400 up front, however, most distributors don’t discover the truth about tool profits until they reach at least 4,000 PV.

How many Diamonds buy all their clothing from the Personal Shoppers Catalog? Probably not too many.

How many Diamonds eat that BLI crap? Consuming that vile mush is proof enough that you’ve been duped!

And finally, I’m looking to expand my international marketing business in your area, and I’m looking for some sharp people just like you. I’m not sure if this will be a good fit, but why don’t you come over for a cup of coffee at my home in Rancho Santa Fe to get some additional information. And why don’t you bring your wife along also…I’m sure she and my wife will get along great. We’ll be serving chocolate pudding with Vodka chasers…and I promise you a free pair of Nikes too!

Thank You!

I really appreciate the effort that you have gone to to produce and maintain this Website. The alternative viewpoint, to the Amway one, and the information contained here are invaluable tools, and have given me answers to some of the concerns that I've had about my distibutorship.

I started my business about seven months ago. The wholesale\retail part of the business never bothered me at all. But, the "system" did, and does bother me a great deal. The elitist attitude is bothersome, and the commentary on those who don't become distributors, and those who quit, is judgemental and deragatory, if not defamatory. I'm not sure if a comparison to a cult is completely apt, but I do agree there is a separtist theme running through all of the functions.

I've been making a small profit on my business from the beginning retailing products to my customers, and have recouped my initial expenses, but I am still running into the red due to continued operation costs. I've decided to end my business at renewal time and hand those customers off to one of the other distributors in the area. This business is NOT for everyone, nor can just anyone be successful at it. It takes a great deal of motivation, and dedication, and TIME.

The information about the quality, and expense, of the products was a real eye opener. I don't deal much with the catalog, and had no idea that the core line cleaning products don't quite live up to the Amway claims.

At least with your page, and several others linked to it, folks have a resource to give them the information they need before deciding to take a stab at the opportunity offered by Amway.

On a final note, I read through some of the responses. Interesting to note that the "bad" ones from the pro Amway folks did more to convince me my decision to end my business is the correct one than the "good" responses did. Their arguments revolved around "system" dogma, or their own hurt emotions that someone, somewhere doesn't believe what they do. Guess they just do get it. -I- appreciate the access to this information, and realize that the only folks who don't appreciate free access to uncensored information are often the folks who don't appreciate other folks right to be free.

Boy am I glad I stumbled onto this website. My wife and I escaped from AMWAY over 3 years ago. Although, according to Bill Britt, I should have divorced her since she didn't support me in the business.

I find myself recalling the thrill of sitting through 3 days of "Britt School" listening to our beloved Mr Britt and Mr Renfrow espousing blasphemy as they mis-used the Bible to spread their lies.

I lost a total of $5,000 in one year (ain't it great) since I spent everything I had on Amway products, and had to charge my groceries.

I hope more people read this material. I will certainly steer people this way who need to know the truth about this scam, I mean cult, I mean business.

O.K. Here's my opinion about some of the stuff I've read on this page. In my opinion, those of you who have "lost" money attending rallies, and/or buying books and tapes, are not very wise for spending more than you are making to begin with. Your upline can only suggest or recommend that you attend or purchase. Ultimately, the decision is yours. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN THEY what your financial situation is. I realize that these are important tools, but the point of owning and operating your own business is to make money. If you are spending more than you are making, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that you will never be successful. I can't understand or feel bad for someone who can't see that they just can't afford to buy everything that everyone tells them to buy. No wonder most businesses fold within their first few years, Einstiens like you don't understand how businesses work. Your upline should be there to help you, not rip you off. Tell me this, how are they going to benefit from making you lose money and quit? Answer: They won't! The more successful you are, the more successful they are. Get it? I could sit here and write responses all night, but why should I? You don't have the first clue as to how to manage your businesses, and it's for the simple fact that you don't listen! So I suppose it would be a waste of time to try…

Ex-Amway distribuitors here in 100% agreement with everything on your Web pages.


I have been in Amway for about a year and I would like to comment that it is not what is cut out to be. I work much harder than I do at my regular job. I have found no one that I can recuit and it is diffcult to market their products. They are so expensive and I always have to charge more that the retail price to make a decent profit. I do not like the fact that they charge so many handling fees. I pay the regular sales tax on the retail price. I also pay a extra four percent on the wholesale price. So I am not really making alot. I have notice when I do go the the meetings. Everyone is dress the same and they all have a strange expression on their face, I have come to the sad reality that Amway is using me. I have found out that I love selling and I never thought that I could do this. So Amway did help me a little and than again I feel so sorry for the people out their fooling themselves thinking that they can make it. Why do Amway always show you pictures of people who have made it and you look at the homes, trips and car it is pure greed. They know or they think that all people want beautiful homes, jewerly and things of this nature. They are trying to sell the America dream.But the Amway Dream is a nightmare in Hell !

Having read most of the negative garbage in these articles - it is obvious that they are all very much "inactive". The gross misconceptions and one-sided stories referring to AMWAY as a cult is quite amusing but also boring and uneducated. Apparently the negativism results from people who wanted a "get rich quick" system but failed and now are trying to even the score for attacking the incredibly talented and successful leaders. This is very much the same type of greed-seeking "something for nothing self-interested" garbage that AMWAY speaks out against and teaches its leaders to be against.

When you are an old man you will have much regret as you descover the chaos and tired jaded cynicism that you proliferate in your ignorant youth. Good luck growing up - By the way, I have no affiliation with Mr. Britt or Yager if you are wondering but I have studied the AMWAY system of direct sales and it turns out that it is the #1 private franchise according to Forbes magazine & doing over 6 billion dollars world-wide last year and has in past performance generated the most independently wealthy "every-day" people around the world in a single sales distribution organization. [I asked this person to cite the article in which Forbes named Amway the "#1 private franchise." No reply, and I've never seen such an article.]

For those people who quit or did not work the proven system that is taught I have only one thing to saw: Your Christian family is waiting for you to come back into the fold, submit yourself and your ego to become teachable, put others before yourself and give your life a second chance and fulfill your dreams instead of someone elses Or you can spend the remainder of your days, flapping your mouth about all the people in your life that you can blame for your "misfortune".

Have a great positive, outstanding and god-fearing day!

I am glad I found this a friend of mine gave me a tape from Britt worldwide I looked at it. I came to the net abd started looking low and behold your site slapped me in the face. What a wake up call I am suppossed to go to a meeting for britt potentials, I just my go and ask those who have net access to just look somethings up this should get there attention

thanks for saving me a bunch of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

amway does own comparisons "bad"
schwartz does own comparisions "good"
amways tests amway products "bad"
schwartz has not used them "good"
amway sells high end products with 100% absolute get your money back and compares with same type of companies "bad"
schwartz compares with K-Mart specials "good"

These are observations from one person who still has reservations about the complete oportunity but can still be an honest skeptic. Please send me any info ref BBB reports, Fortune magazine, Forbes, Entrepeneur, Success.

Bye Gove, you have a good day now!

I'll comment in detail about your page after I sleep and have the energy to go over it all. It looks like yet another bitter person that had poor dealings with amway for one reason or another. The comment I wanted to make was about Dex and the money he makes on tapes. You have to understand (and announce) the simple fact the he started and owns the InterNET company that produces all his tools, including tapes that he makes available to his group. Since that is a business he owns (along with 30-40 other businesses) it only makes sense that he would make money off of it. I know that I am not required to purchase anything and in fact, many have been given to me by my upline at no cost or are willing to sell tapes, even new ones for 2-3 dollars. and I know damn well that they payed 5 or so for them. Let's not forget that these tools are tax deductible. Any business materials that helps your business operate can be used as credits. More later after sleep.

My parents just started their Amway business. I am interested in starting myself. My husband doesn't believe in it, so doesn't want to get involved. He will support me as I try this. I could not find a response as to why you have spent an obviously huge amount of time opening and maintaining this web site. I am going to work very hard at this business and I know if I do, I will succeed. I'm very excited about this. My father, who is probably the most level-headed and hard-working man I know has said that there is no way this cannot work, if you do what needs to be done. There is no way you cannot succeed. I wonder if you put as much time and effort as you have put into this site into Amway if you would not be a multi-millionare by now. You are obviously a very driven man and seem to put alot of effort into things you believe in. Thank you for your time.

April 9/1997
I have been visiting you site and reading all the articles and information. I wouldn't have even known amway existed, until I recieved a call from a man who offered me a great business advancement.

After reading all the articles and documents, I now have a reason to say NO to the man when he comes back on Friday.

I have some booklets and a tape in my possession. The man told me to do my home work. I did my home work, I found out what amway is really about.

Thank you for the information