Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 28


Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

hmmm.. your homepage is astonishing.. I'm a new Amway distributor but I kind of find your homepage some how wierd.

I liked the EXPENSES section.. IT's 100% correct. THe investment in the expenses such as siminars etc… are so expensive…

I'm having second thoughts now..

Any comments.. welcomed.

I am a "closet distributor". I only buy products when they save me money. I know that some of them just plain cost more. So, I started my own "traditional business." What gets me is that you could have done something productive with yout time (not necessarily Amway) and made a lot of money. But, you wasted it with this. Good luck, bud.

Oh, by the way, I spent about 5 minutes here. Now that I'm self-employed and making $150,000 a year, I can spend it.

Mr, Shwartz:

A lot had happened since the last e-mail message. Before I go on I MUST THANK you for having such an informitive site on the internet, and for taking the time to answer my e-mail message… I confronted him about the "hypotheticial" odds shown in the SA 4400 and told him that I wasn't very happy with the "real" odds. I pointed out to him that I would probally NEVER go "diamond"and he aggreed with me. ( I wonder how he must have felt after HE told me that Amway breaks a millionare every other week.) Then he asked me how many people will make a few hundred dollars a month. I told him that the chances were pretty slim since there are soooo many distributors in NYC. Also, I confronted

the idiot with the saturation arguement and this was the answer he gave me......

How many light bulbs die?
How many stars die?
How many people lose their jobs?


I didn't get the chance to tell the fool that unemployment would only "slow" the saturation process down a bit, becaues he chickened out and went back inside his house. AKA; saturation IS inevitable and he knows it!!!! Gee....I remember him telling me that Amway was forever.

I believe that all of the top distributors are nothing more than a bunch of mendacious charlatans that thrive on the financial destruction of others. I hope that someday the government will lock these criminals up and throw away the key!!!!


Dear Sidney:

I wrote to tell you how how COOL I thought your WEB site was. The general construction, linking and the QUALITY of the site is really very good. Did you do this yourself? I tinker with computers and wondered if you learned this craft on your own, or through a class or your work? I would be interested in upgrading my skills to learn how to do a WEB site of this quality. I have tried to get a few books and programs at the local Fry's (computer stores in So. Cal) but find a lot of the text perplexing .....

My wife and I recently joined Amway. I also joined 25 years ago in college (and quit) and found a lot of what you are saying in your WEB site true. However, as a business owner (sales of medical products) I have found a lot of the axioms you put forth here TRUE about my own segment of the world (the medical business in general). I was trained by Pfizer and Baxter (two Fortune 500 companies) and they basically presented their one-sided story too. I don't intend to allow Amway to suck us down a financial path of destruction - and I have seen some evidence of that trend, as you mention. Guess there is no best way in life. I only wish I could say MY company was $33.6 Billion and debt free. Is is uncanny how you hear of so much success at Amway, in a world that is so down. I am sure that is why they succeed, preying on those who NEED something from Amway other than shampoo. Of course, Cocaine offers a good escape too (for some)! I live a few blocks from a Scientology Center (L. Ron Hubbard) and don't think I want to "visit" them … so I guess I still have some sense left.

If you never have been in Amway, you don't know what you are missing. Amway has help my husband and myself so much, money wise, our family life and gave us back a dream that people like you take away from every person in the world. You have no idea what you are talking about. Sure it cost a little money, we say up front that you cann't some thing for nothing. You really should go to a rally sometime and talk to the people and stop listening to LOSERS.

Mr. Schwartz,

I have just finished surfing your home page. I like it. I am an amway distributor. I signed up one year ago.

In my opinion. Fifty percent of what you write and showcase has truth to it. Please, understand me. What I type is my opinion and not directed at or meant to cause hurt feelings. If I have. I apologize.

I found the information and opinions about the tapes and book programs to be very true. I am able to obtain better and more beneficial information from the Nightengale/Conant company catalogue.

I found only 20 percent of the books to be,on the marginal side,motivational and contain usefull information on personal development.

The tapes, I gave them a one year try, to be the "ramblings of Ozzie and Harriet".

I have eliminated the tapes and books. I am cutting back on the functions."

Family time" is important to me.

I will, however, continue as a distributor. I think, at this time, the products and services are one third good, one third marginal and one third below average.

I enjoy the challenge of "selling" and providing personal service. I like meeting people and making new friends and acquaintences. I did learn a valuable lesson from other "old timers" in another trade that I apply to my Amway business. "The trail you choose to travel now is one you will travel again." I choose to travel the Amway trail with openess and honesty. I may want to see the people I approach again or benefit from their association.

Keep up your work. The balance is needed. People need to know that if they

chose to pick up a snake they could get bit.

Hi Sid,

Been meaning to write you back for some time now. I figure now is a good a time as any considering the recent happenings in my life.

I wrote you about 6 months ago saying that I agreed with your views about how Amway was basically a bunch of bottom-feeding avaricious androids. Even now, I chuckle at the email I sent which is posted on page 6 of your replies.

I got the "Lone Ranger" syndrome (a la Russell Glasser). And, sure enough, the same week I sent you email, I was approached by a seemingly overly-interested young lady named Melissa in a pet shop. We got to talking (she was quite attractive, mind you) and somehow or another we got to talking about the dreaded "business opportunity." I'm thinking 'great, an Amway pitch. I'm ready for it!'

I agreed to go to a "get-together" at a local hotel. Of course she drove. On the way, we stopped at a 7-11 and got something to drink. She bought two lottery tickets and gave me one. After we got back in the car, she asked me what I'd do if I won the lottery. (Pretty slick, I ended up talking about retiring at 30 and opening a comic book store, etc.) So much for asking about my dreams.

When I got the to meeting, it was nothing like I imagined after reading your webpages. NOT ONE SUIT in the whole meeting of about 40 people! The people there were actually talking about non-Amway things like politics and the hockey season. Shockingly, the speaker (I can't remember his name) actually admitted that this was absolutely NOT a get rich quick scheme, that it would take a great deal of dedication and most people would probably drop out before reaching even a Direct level! Boy, this floored me!

I asked Melissa about the "tools" they use, knowing full well that the Diamond(?) speaker probably made most of his money of the sales. She said they have a "tape-sharing" system. Every year, the Diamond buys a dozen or so of about 50 different tapes and distributes them FOR FREE to his directs and their downlines. Every week, they have a "Tape Exchange" ritual where they get the next tape in the series. Of course, this group did have to pay for functions, but she assured me it was only the cost of the room (I did the math and asked the hotel manager. It turned out to be about a $3 profit, enough to buy the speaker a McDonalds value meal).

After all this, she gave me a tape and a kit. She told me to think about it and CALL HER if I was interested (she didn't give me the "Is Thursday or Friday better?" non-choice). I promised I would.

The rest is history. Six months later, I'm in a new house in a fairly nice neighborhood. I drive a Mercedes 380SE. I've got 3 computers and I'm thinking of buying another one. I'll retire with money to burn.

You see, I hit the Super Lotto with that ticket. $9.3 million, paid out in 20 annual payments. I never joined Amway :).

Sid, none of this really happened. I haven't won the lottery (yet, but I expect to any day now :) ).

On the other hand, I really am in a new home (renting), drive a Mercedes (borrowed from my Dad while our Ford is in the shop), have 3 computers (for my wife's database consulting job). After reading David Chiltorns (sp?) book, "The Wealthy Barber," (which I highly recommend to anyone interested in personal financial planning) I started putting away 15% of my income into solid stocks and 401k, so I'll have money to burn when I retire… happy, MLM-free and my self-esteem intact. I just thought your page could use a little light-hearted satire.

Thanks again for keeping up the fight!

P.S. LOVE your new counter line:

You are Broke Negative Dream Stealing Loser number 172576


I advise you to brush up on your facts a bit. Things are changing in this business to make live easier, not harder. I don't think you have obtained enough information from the different organizations to make the accusations you've stated and implied. Updated information would help those who are actually looking to your page for advice.

Thank you

Dear sir:

I wanted to take the time to thank you for creating a sight that reiterates my point.

Last night, my best friend contacted me, and we had a 3 hour discussion about amway. I was immediately skeptical, and tried to appeal to every sense of reason in his head. They have him so well trained, the best I could do was to get him to commit to a limited investment of $400. I argued that it was a pyramid scam, that it was too good to be true, that the people on top make all the money, and that it is virtually impossible to turn a profit. I told him to research it, to think about it rationally, and to wait at least a month before doing anything. This web page and its many links are going to provide all the credible information sources I need to save my friend from amway and his own greed. Thanks again!!

Remember me? I e-mailed you some time ago about Scamway and we chatted a bit about cultism in Amway and some other etc's. Anyway, I finally got a chance to stroll through your site. Very good stuff! very good. I hope my brother in law gets the guts enough to start digging around in the "negatives."

Anyway, do you know if there is any way to obtain a copy of any videotapes of the American Journal segment on Amway? Who could I write or talk to? I'd love to get a copy .. recording in standard play speed, not the slower speeds. In exchange, I could send you (if you didn't have it) a copy I made of 20/20's expose they did on Equinox's MLM scam that is nothing less than an agressive form of the Amway cancer. Any help along those lines would be appreciated. I need to get all the info I can on this group, for we are hoping that my in-law's patience with that cult is finally getting to wear thin. They virtually worship Bill Britt, a man I'd love to have my two cents worth with.

Everyone should have the opportunity to make something better of their lives. Thousands have done it through Amway and thousands haven't. Some people do not have what it takes and that is not the fault of Amway, rather these people who fail in this area are proabably best suited to other areas of employment.

Please email soon.

Be careful, the ground upon which you tread could involve ANY organization that involves people!!

I am a former distributor. Amway is not the "evil" as you explain. There are, as in MOST groups, religious, or otherwise, some "lines of sponsership" (groups of individuals) that are different from others.

The VEHICLE of owning an Amway distributorship is as pure as the distributor . . . period. If people are involving themselves with "uplines" that have motives other than those intended by Amway, the "upline" is the problem, not Amway Corporation.

One can build an Amway distributorship that is strictly business, and become EXTREMELY successful. Perhaps you should become open-minded and look at the whole picture . . . not what a handful of people say.

Amway has been around for approximately 38years. There are more than 2,000,000 distributors in approximately sixty countries . . . a cult? I think not.

I have recently joined the buisness and I am extremley weary of it. I stumbled accropssed this page and thought I would ask you what you think a person should do. I dont have much money and the so called tools are killing me and then my upline is telling me I am not committed because I diddn,t make an order this week. What do you think is it a scam or what?

Hi you must just have a lot of time on your hands or something to go off and create a web page about something that you think doesn't work. There are things that I don't like but I wouldn't spend the time it takes to create a page about it. You are entitled to your opinon yes, but wouldn't you rather spend your time on something you like? Signed, A Amway Distributor

Thanks for posting and maintaining this page. I have had numerous conversations about Amway with two individuals whom I've known for years both personally and professionally, but never learned much about Amway until I read the info. from your web site. I never joined Amway beacause I could never get a complete, understandable answer to all my questions.

For instance: My wife and I were told that the products were great quality and at a better price than in most stores - my wife scanned the catalogs for about 10 minutes and couldn't find one "bargain". Then, I was told that it was worth spending a little extra for the chance to get into this system, and make it big.

What kind of logic is that??? What kind of business asks you to spend a little more than you would have to somewhere else in order to cash in on big money???

The answer: A PYRAMID SCHEME!!!

Thanks again for ALL THE FACTS.


I read the two letters from the single father distributor that touted the savings potential of the Amway concentrated mouthwash. He said he saved over $2,000 per year by buying the Amway product. This sounded odd to me, but I finally did the math.

Even ignoring the amount he pays for the Amway product, that works out to about $5.48 per day on mouthwash. I don't know exactly how much Scope or Listerine cost, but even at $4 per bottle, that would mean he uses 500 bottles of mouthwash per year - or over 1 1/3 bottles of Scope per day!

It sounds like his family has a mouthwash addiction.

Dear Sidney:

The more I "work" in Amway the more I realize how everything that you put in your site is true. I wrote to you a few weeks ago about my "upline" diamond, a chap named André Blanchard who has been active in Amway since 1964 or so and seems to be the Amway kingpin in Quebec province.

At present I am building a file on my Amway experience and of course I won't tell them that I don't buy the system anymore (my girlfriend does, unfortunately for me). I remember at one "sunday morning meetingf" with our "DD" reprensentative and right hand man, that I was roundly chastized by everybody at the meeting because I insisted on telling prospects right away that I was approaching them for Amway. "You should never do this", I was told to my great amazement - "Amway has such a bad name with the public these days". When I protested that this was an utterly dishonest way to approach people, I was immediately billed as "Mr. Negative" and told to put up or shut up.

At a recent "function" where my girlfriend dragged me (to the tune of 8,50$CAN) I had to listen to a speech by one John Sestina, which was advertized as "the no 1 financial planner in the US". Apart from the fact that this guy hails from Columbus, Ohio, I was unable to track anything about him or his "financial planning" business on the Web - strange since he claimed to be the largest in the US in his line of activity! Anyhow, he gave us the typical Amway "Executive Diamond" speech, with lots of big houses and luxury cars in the offing and the predictable ending, "If I could do it, so can you". At one point I hoped that my girlfriend - who is a dedicated feminist - would understand when Sestina told us that the real place of a woman is at home tending the children. But no luck this time, she swallowed the whole without even a peep.

I will keep on building my "Amway File" (thanks to the advice found on your site and others, with - hopefully - as little expense as can be) and keep in touch with you if I find anything of interest. At present I just requested to cancel my membership in the Blanchard "Attitude Club" - where you have to buy a tape a week (average cost 8$CAN) and a book each month (average cost 18$CAN). Of course you know about these scheme. I decided to cancel not only after reading your great stuff on the tools scam but also when I noticed that the "Agences FAB Inc." warehouse for Amway distributors is stocked at least at 50% - not with Amway products, but with Blanchard tapes and books! Actually Blanchard owns his own publishing house in St.Hubert, Quebec, from which comes every single book that is sold through the "Attitude Club". I an curious to see how they react to my cancellation; I expect that the upline will talk of this - not to me, but rather to my girlfriend who in turn will give me "the" speech.

My girlfriend told me recently that if you go to every function and buy every "Business Support Material" in the Blanchard system, this sets you back about 3000$CAN every year. She will go to the Britt "Spring Leadership Conference" next month in Philadelphia - along with about 20.000 other Amway hopeful. I won't go and I don't tell how much longer I can put up with such nonsense.

I will continue to visit your site regularly. I don't know what is your motivation - since apparently you never were an Amway distributor and therefore cannot hold the grudge of real distributors like me - but I entirely suscribe to what you are doing.

Nice to see you're still at it after all these years, Sid. You might try to update your volumes of negative information with more articles that were published after 1989. Start with an article that appeared in the Portland paper three weeks ago, or do you only publish negative articles?

How much does all this anti-Amway stuff cost you in terms of time and money anyway? Were you ever a distributor? What's your motivation for making such a long-term and costly investmest in promoting anti-Amway material?

I was just "confronted" by a neighbor who wanted 10 minutes to show me something. I spotted the Amway come-on right away. I told him I wasn't interested. He said, "I haven't seen you around in a while." I told him that I just finished chemotherapy. Then he changed his approach and told me I should read an article in JAMA about Selenium and prevention of cancer. I told him I wasn't interested. This is when I began to get upset. He said, "You aren't interested in a product that can prevent the recurrence of cancer?" (I was getting hotter.) I replied, "Now wait a minute. I'm the one who's been through chemotherapy and I told you I'm not interested."

He looked disgusted and as he turned to walk away, he said, "Well, good luck." This little comment offended me to the extreme. It was said in a tone that implied, (Well good luck because without our product, you will probably die.) Those are my words, not his. But after 23 years as a teacher, I can read people very well.

I am still upset by this dirty approach. In fact, I'm on the web now searching for Amway's mailing address. I am going to write the them and the Better Business Bureau about Amway's approach and sales tactics.

I've been approached by Amway several times in the last couple of years. There is something very wrong when a company won't identify itself; in fact goes out of its way to lie about who they are. Every attempt to include me in their scheme has involved deceipt.

But this crude comment from a neighbor is the last straw. Chemotherapy itself is emotionally taxing enough without having to defend myself against someone trying to make money off of my misfortune.

I am still upset!!

P.S. Here's a thought. Would it be legal to tape record the approach of these "sales people"? Then at least I would have some evidence to sue for emotional distress. I pity the next Amway pyramid schemer who approaches me.

Thanks for maintaining the site,

How do I order a copy of "Amway, the Untold Story" and other materials on it you might suggest. Do you know approximtely how many Distributors Amway has in the United States?

Wonderful job on your Website; keep up the good work!

Thank you!

Here's a copy of the bombshell letter I sent to recently mentioned distributor.

Subj: Amway
Date: 97-03-25 16:46:40 EST

Hi R!

Whew! OK…here's the promised "response.txt" :)

I tried to answer your direct questions, and them some (as you'll see). Oh. And I WILL check out that Web site. At any rate, your turn! …Jon

Of Printing Biz, you say -- "Not all of my friends do that line of work or would want to."

True, but the very nature of the copy/printing business precludes you from asking them to join you.

You ask -- "If I may ask, why did you get in?"

I was, as they put it, looking. It seemed like the right thing at the right time. I was kinda "thrown" into a new position at work that I was pretty unqualified for - Amway looked like a way out - a way to "replace" my job income before my boss (aka "Dad" :)) realized that I didn't know what I was doing.

You ask-- Furthermore, If I may ask, Why did you quit?

Well, as it turned out, I was able to figure out the job before I had my "dynasty" put together. Not to mention some of the reasons that I will get into below.

You ask -- "What do you mean by the term "Amway "lifestyle?"

-- In looking back, the whole thing was a trade off -- you traded your old friends for your amway friends; if a "traditional" family get-together was scheduled around a "major function or even a Seminar/Rally, you were expected to remain loyal to your upline…blah blah blah… (I don't think it's a coincidence that Major functions are scheduled around traditional "family" holidays, either) They peddled this idea if "freedom", and the sick irony of that was when I got in and "plugged in", I handed every last ounce of freedom I ever got my hands on over to my upline. Here's a true story that somewhat illustrates what I mean -- a "former" upline direct had seen enough, and he was NOT going to Free Enterprize in Atlanta that year - told his upline that "back problems" simply made the 1300 mile drive, followed by a long weekend of "meetings" and such, out of the question. He was nevertheless "counseled HARD" to at LEAST drive down for the Sunday Service so that "his group" would see him there…maybe even save some souls… (whoa! I don't intend to go THERE today.)

Trade-offs…if you once listened to music, you didn't anymore…when could you?? "5 and 6 nights a week, 5 and 6 nights a week, 5 and 6 nights an week…" Freedom??? My god Rose, anyone who makes it to Emerald in Amway has simply traded their Day job for a NIGHT job! Besides, time spent in the car had Better be spent listening to tapes…

Trade-offs…how bout this one. An honest living for an inherently DIShonest one. Did they tell you it was Amway on the first invitation? I doubt it. Perhaps you could've been like me though and knew, still went, and even STILL, got in! But regardless of that, you know what I'm talking about. After I quit, I often referred to it as the "progressive distribution of information", i.e. you have to be "qualified" to know certain things…did you ever prospect someone and when you were done think to yourself, "Oh my…I hope I didn't tell them too much!" It was March of '95. We were stale 4000s running HARD for 7500 - I oughta fax you March '97 tab out of my Franklin planner! :) - anyway, that was the month that my upline felt I was qualified to learn about "tool bonus" - i.e., the fact that my then upline diamond derived approximately 40 to 50 percent of his income from "tools", i.e. books, tapes, and the incredibly profitable Seminar/Rally/Major Function ticket sales. And whats the Number 1 theme of the Yager tapes?? Read more books! Listen to more tapes! Attend EVERYTHING! What a scam… (none of which is "sanctioned" by the corp, by the way) At about 2500 pin level, we sold a LOT of personal property to buy "tools" to help our business grow only to line our uplines pockets - to find out later that it was for the prospect of someday misleading others into lining ours in the same manner. A DIShonest business…I remember one hearing Jerry ( ? - name escapes me, but his brother is triple-dipple Fred HARTEIS!! Thats it!) on a tape (he didn't/doesn't have very many 'cause he has this terrible habit of telling the Truth, but anyway…) say, "I remember when they showed me the plan and told me I could do this in 5 to 10 hours a week. Turns out thats 5 to 10 hours of SLEEP!"

Ever go to an "open meeting"? I can't speak for yours, but ours went like this…if you were "in", then admission would be $5/person. Married? Thats $10. Cash. No checks please. And don't even THINK about asking for a receipt! So do the math. We figured that our upline Emerald was probaby doing about 3 opens/week. If only 100 PAID distributors show (they HAVE to be there or it won't be nearly as effective for the "newbies"), thats $500 less $150 for the meeting room. $350 out of his downlines thinly lined pockets right to his own. Times 3/week, times 52 weeks - thats over annual $50,000 in tax free income, that in my opinion was "stolen" from the very people that that bastard was there to help. Oh, and forget work tomorrow or the fact that your kids are home alone. Got to get near John. Get some of his time. And John got a real kick out of keeping people up til 4 or 5am KNOWING they had to work the next day…he figured that that motivated them to get rid of that JOB.

Well R thats about enough for now…any questions?


corrections (I was reviewing my letter).

I was telling my wife about my email to you. I stand corrected. It was March 94 when we tryed going over. That's the Franklin tab I refered to.

Also. When we quit (October 94) my wife was 7 months pregnant…we knew that our upline expected us (her especially) to attend ??? (don't remember what they called it…) function in January when the baby would be only 1 week old… PLUS, with the baby on the way, I had had enough too…I wanted my life back…So, not only did I finally have the job under control, I was sick and tired of telling my family "Goodbye" night after night. And I knew I was not going to be able to leave every evening with K at home with a newborn.

Bye for now.

Thanks for your info regarding AMWAY. My wifes father just bought us a distributor kit and he and his upline just came out from Texas to give us a bunch of info on how to do house meetings, one on one's etc. They are under the Dexter Yaeger system and push just using the products for personal consumption and sharing the idea with others. They claim that since you are getting the items at wholesale you should make money just being in business for yourself. We got real excited until we started looking at the prices (and your web page!). The AMWAY wholesale prices seem to be higher than a lot of retail prices for name brand stuff when you figure in tax and shipping. The only way it seems your saving money by yourself is if your buying AMWAY products at wholesale vice AMWAY products at retail. Were you involved with AMWAY or just approached by them?

How about doing a lawsuit search on other $7 Billion companies. You found less than 10 to put on this much touted page - don't understand your motivation - but Amway probably ranks near the bottom in lawsuits against companies of its size.


I just want to know one thing--

Why did you take the time to make the web site about amway?

Do not underestimate the power of cult tactics and group dynamics to manipulate intelligent and thoughtful people in doing things that they otherwise would never do.

Let's not be so naive or arrogant to think that the SS in Nazi Germany or Higher Source members in Rancho Santa Fe were so weak-willed or stupid as to be easy prey for their leaders.

This is not compare Amway distributors to vicious killers or suicidal fanatics, but I'm sure most former distributors are ashamed of talking about "the biz" around the workplace, alienating "stinkin thinkin" friends and family members, handing out tapes at the local mall or car wash, not mentioning the word "Amway" until the last possible minute, or not disclosing AT ALL about the kickbacks that Directs and above receive off of tool and seminar sales.

When an Amway leader says "Support the System", what they really mean is "Support my Lifestyle"!

If you're in amway get this…

Get a real job and stop making people smarter than you rich! or don't, I don't care, it's your money.

This website has been very informative, and I thank you for doing the research necessary to build it. My husband and I have been distributors for 2 years; however, I have been uncomfortable with this since the beginning. I have complained that the tapes say the same thing over and over, the functions have been less informative and more like setting an environment of crowd hysteria (STP! STP!they cheer). I was particularly offended when an 'upline' speaker (supposedly a dentist) stated that striving for an education doesn't matter! All you need is Amway! As one who struggled for years to acquire a Master's degree and know others out there have done the same and more, I find this type of rhetoric misguided at best. Had it not been for education, these people would not have jobs in order to afford all these books, tapes, and functions. I also found it ironic that these speakers would one minute tell of the financial freedom and ability to spend more time with family, and then tell of the many hours their children spent with a babysitter so that they could drive hundreds of miles away from home to 'show the plan'. Children who complained to their parents of their time away from home were told that this was the sacrifice they needed to make while Mom and Dad were getting free. If it takes 2-5 years to acheive a decent level of financial freedom, that is 2-5 years out of a child's life as well.

The 'pro-Amway' comments have used surprisingly similar language, found at functions, rallies, and tapes, that I have dubbed 'Amwayspeak'. It is the common repetition of these that induce others to defy logic and reason. This is a tactic that is seen in many fringe groups to keep followers thinking alike and able to continue despite attempts to use reason.

How have we done? Amway tells us to say we're doing "as well or better than expected". (Honesty and integrity are needed only at those times that it would benefit Amway.) We lost more than double the amount of money we earned in PV, which is substantial. The tapes tell us the work and expenditure will be worth it in the end. I don't wish to file bankruptcy in order to find that end. As Carl Sagan quoted a collegue, "It's OK to have an open mind as long as your brains don't fall out".

Good job on the pricing info ( I did that myself ) but what is your source on the Quality of the products or am I to take YOUR word for it being the expert you are.

Having read but a few of the comments, I read one about training and how it's good AMWAY encourage training.

Most jobs/careers provide training and realise the importance of training. The difference being conventional companies do not CHARGE their employees. It's free.

Hi. Great Amway page. Just one correction (actually, an update): the Cult Awareness Network is no longer in Chicago. They were forced into bankruptcy by the cult of Scientology, and taken over by Scientologists. They are now in LA, and their principal activity seems to be assuring people that Scientology is NOT a cult.

This has been discussed in numerous articles recently; I'm sure a web search will produce more details.

Be sure to warn people to not call the Cult Awareness Network if they're looking for help or advice.

Thanks for your info. I have been a distributor for 3 months and already I have found out that there are LOTS of hidden secrets that AMWAY or my uplines did not tell me. Although I don't spend as much time as all my uplines do on the business, I have several other business that I'm currently running. Your report/homepage is true in all aspect. It seems like the business is good, only if you put ALOT of effort into it. Tapes are too expensive. $AUS6.00 per tape which cost them less than a dollar to create is ridiculous. If they are suppose to help AMWAY distributors, it's a mighty high price to pay. Especially when you have to pay around $150-200 for the collection of so call moltivation tapes. Functions are more ridiculous. Family Reunions are pathetically over priced and I agree that alot of the products are not that cheap. You can get the same product from a local supermarket for the same price or alot of cases, even cheaper.

They will do anything to re-cruite a member. Your page is informative, keep up the good work. They give valuable information to people who do not know anything about the REAL history of amway and the facts.

Keep up the Good fucking work.

Some people really get taken advantage by Amway and their distributoships without getting.

The sad reality is that most people find out after they have been screwed.

I never was a Amway distributor, am not a distributor, and probably will not consider it.

But I have a lot people hassling me about how Amway is great and that I cold make all this money in the future and it is residual for the rest of my life.

Because I donn't have any personal experience with Amway I can't say that this is right or wrong; nonetheless the system on the surface appears to be too easy.

From the evidence you presented on your Home Page it is evident that negativity, and drawbacks persist in any organization.

I realize that your position may be one sided, but is there any good parts of Amway ?

Keep up the good work.

Email me back if you get time.

I am so glad I found your page.

You saved me from a very bad mistake

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU

Good Evening,

It would take reams of paper to tell you my story, but in a nutshell, it was 1990, and I got into ScamWay (hook line SINKER). There is so much to tell at this point. However, the point I want to make here is that I will never forget what my upline Diamond (Angelo D'Amico) told me at a meeting. He said this is the only vehicle that will be available to you to pursue your dreams, and if you pass it up you will never make it. The sad part is that there was a part of me that believed him at the time. However, it was short lived (6 months) I saw through this scam and would love to share in detail if there is ever any interest. Nevertheless, for anyone out there that believes Amway is the only way to obtain your dreams guess again. I recently resigned a 6 figure income from a banking instituition to start my own company. When I saw ScamWay for the first time in 1990 I was making approx. $20,000 per year and 27 years old - and no college education. 6 months later, I had incured some debt being in ScamWay and felt so very foolish for being sucked into the shell game. The only way to know this feeling is to have been there for yourself. Anyway, after moving from Florida back home to Alabama through a series of events of pure desire and hard work and timing - I became an executive with a bank (still no college education, but started to complete my BS degree at the time / 1994. I broke unbelieveable sales records, generating over $8 million - that's MILLION folks PER MONTH in gross loan volume. I did such a good job for the bank that they had to arrange another credit line with a seperate bank for additional clients. I left the bank in November '96 to start my own company, and raised $1 million in 4 months with investors to start my own financial company.

I have a file an inch thick where I have tried to sue Amway years ago - the whole 9 yards. It's not worth the effort. Put that energy into somthing positive. I appreciate your time and efforts in warning good people not to waste their time in this business. Ironically, the person that got me into ScamWay was the leading occult consultant for the Sounthren Baptist Convention back in the early 90's - I even helped produce some of his audio tapes on the occult before ScamWay sucked his brains out his A. The American Dream is still much alive - I just would not reccommend throwing several months and possible years away of precious time to prove AmWay really is ScamWay.