Note: This is a copy of Sidney Schwartz’s original "Amway: The Untold Story" Web site, which was shut down after a lawsuit by Amway. Sidney Schwartz does not maintain this or any other mirror site.

Robin Lionheart converted these documents to XHTML 1.0 and CSS. Though the formatting is improved, the words are unchanged. David Touretzky’s and David Gerard’s mirrors are more exact. James Lippard maintains a censored version due to legal threats.

Disclaimer: Obviously, Amway/Quixtar/Alticor neither endorses nor is affiliated with this Web site. Consumers Union also neither endorses nor is affiliated with this site, and threatened to sue over the summaries of 16 reviews of Amway products from Consumer Reports.

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> The AUS Articles
Here's the beef. Megabytes of B.S.-busting information. The "Tools Scam"; current and past lawsuits; price comparisons; Consumer Reports ratings; and more…
> Cultism Info
Help, my spouse/friend/loved one joined Amway and is now a tape spouting zombie who no longer associate with anyone but other tape spouting Amway zombies…
> Tool & Product Refund Info
Help, I finally rubbed the soap out of my eyes…now how do I get back some of the money I flushed down the tools toilet?
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