Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 30


Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

You must have had a bad experience with the Amway business opportunity. That's a shame! Had you been involved in my organization your experience would have been positive. The Amway opportunity is the best thing out there today. Since I'm a professional I can't tell you my true thoughts and opions on your web pages. Schwartz, get a life!


Successful in Lancaster

Great Page!!!!

I have been approched by Amway disturbutors. I told these guys I wanted to know more about the Law Suite, and they hesitated to let me do so. I told them I needed to know the truth before I got in, and guess what! I've found it!

Thanks for the Info. Only the really "sharp" ones will do their homework before investing $$$ !

Hi Sidney--

The 3rd response in #27 seeks "negative letters from sane rational people." Well, here's one. Please forward this directly to this person's mailbox, if you still have his address. I was in the biz. for 6 months, which is "more than 10 microseconds." True, it's not the "2-5 years" that it takes to go diamond, but if I had been in for even 1 full year, I'd be either broke or divorced--probably both. Thankfully, I quit and I'm neither.

I blame myself when I screw up. I don't deflect the blame on anyone or anything else. It was entirely MY FAULT that I relied on a stranger who I met in the local Mall to provide me with factual information on which to base an important business decision. I did some cursory research on Amway in the local library, but by the time I searched the Internet last year and found Sidney's site, I was already "in". Big mistake--MY mistake. See, I admit it.

This person is one of the first who admits that "Amway is a business opportunity, not like any other because that would be a lie…" Usually, it's "a business just like any other.." Kudos for being honest. Amway and MLM are like NO other business, to be certain.

However, the next argument is ludicrous--"if you feel bullied into buying tapes…then you were probably bullied into buying the car you drive, the house where you live and the clothes you wear." No--my realtor never told me that "buying this townhouse is optional, and so is success…" I was never told "well, all the successful people I know drive Volvos, so you'd better buy this one…" See the difference? Tape promotion by upline is extortion when combined with images of success and promises of riches for those who "plug into the system." The letter further offers, "nobody takes out a gun and makes you do anything…" Well, Marshall Applewhite didn't take out a gun and make his followers put on Nikes and commit suicide, but they're dead, aren't they? Mind control is a VERY powerful thing.

So this person's friends spend more on music than he does on the system? Doubtful, but I won't judge. I'll just offer this--the system costs $3,000/year at an UNDERSTATED BARE MINIMUM for a single person. That's $250 a month--about 17 discs at $15 apiece EVERY MONTH. And this person's friends spend "a hell of a lot more" on music and videos than he does on the system? Hmmm....

"If it was a pyramid do you think it could've bluffed its way through so many lawsuits?" he writes. Amway was deemed "not a pyramid" because of the 10-customer rule. Amway does not enforce the 10-customer rule. The Amway systems ignore the 10-customer rule completely. Therefore, Amway is an illegal pyramid by the letter of the law. Whether the courts or the FCC will do anything about it remains in question. But the absence of prosecution doesn't prove a thing. Are ALL OTHER illegal actions exposed and punished in a timely fashion? It's certainly humorous that Amway system distributors hang their hats on a 20-year old statute offered by the same governement that these same distributors bash for any number of offenses. Aaaahh, the beauty of selective memory…

I think I've defused the arguments of this rather dim bulb. Maybe I'll try a tougher one next time. Sidney, if you're interested, my story can be found on David Gibbs' "Myth and the Amway Experience" page under "Ex-Distributors Speak Out (An Economist's Story)" Take care and keep up the great work.

Dear Sir: I have been involved and I have a different opinion than you. Amway has a representation of a cross section of society. As far as business is concerned, I am satisfyed with its products. I was never forced to get any support materials. In the opposite, my upline has borrwed to me all I can use. I went to a function for three days and costed me 250,OO. Whe I, as a nurse, go to functions and in-service education workshops I have to pay to. In the present moment, nurses are unemployable people with all the cut backs in health. There was guaranties when I finished my course. When I was etudying chemistry engeneering, jobs were not guarantied either. Any system you have to try and find creative avenues to be successful. Last year visiting some Cambridge friends, I DISCOVERED THAT A GREAT PERCENTAGE OF OXBRIDGE GRADUATES ARE NOT FINDING JOBS. They are highly educated taxi drivers, reporters (free-lancers) etc. Why hasn't anyone suggested that we should not buy books or pay for university/colleges that really cannot guaranty a successfull carrier? I am still paying for a student loan that gave me no job opportunity. Should I sue the college? So far everything that has been promised to me has been done. who are you kidding? Who is paying you to provide such lameduck argument? I can understand that some people/corporations have reason to feel threten by a company making this enourmous profit and actually sharing profits, because if every company would have to share their profits we all would be better of. I see no one complaining about the real world of making money. Example Exxon. Does the lower level employers of Exxon after following a system and working hard get to become a 6 figure income earner or more, like the president of Exxon? Does anyone complain about the role of Basf or Deutsche Bank, or VW in the way they made money and became big concerns at the cost of slave labor during the II World War? Have you investigated how many companies have benefited from manufacturing and selling weapons, by creating conflicts so as to continue to sale weapons? Amway offers a service and no one is obliged to get involved. There is a return policy in every thing you get. Like any other business there are people that do not learn and do everything accordingly. I have met many inteligent and interesting people, genuinely interested in me succeeding. I cannot say otherwise. I have put it to test. Amway is not responsible of every detail of mistakes made by individuals. Whe you use your banking system do you really scrutnise how are they investing? Do you investigate about your political candidate the same way you 'supposedly'' did with Amway? Have you also investigated the business practice of your normal supermarket owner or investor? How about the Pharmaceutical companies that provides your medicines? Do you look at the companies that are actually making difficult for their employees to get rich/or a decent wage? Get real. If you are going to scrutinise, start from the house of windsor or the house of orange down to waste Management and BFI, among others. Amway is not perfect. If you want to change anything you have to start a revolution to change the way we make a living. Amway is offering a capitalism with heart. I am happy.

I Just got back from a seminar and wanted to do a little research on the company. Thank you for this web site, it's a good public service. By the way I printed some material off of the web site and I'm going to hand them out at tomorrow's meeting.

Thanks again.

Six months ago I finally dragged myself out of the worst experience of my life. I was one of the most loyal and committed 'Cult members' Amway has ever seen or is likely to see. Yes Sir, hook, line and sinker, completely devoted. I was an Amway Clone. "GO DIAMOND ! ". "YOU CAN DO IT". "THEY ARE BRAIN DEAD…NEXT !"

The problem was, at the time I didn't realize what was happening to me. I am so scared for the people who are still getting recruited. I wish I could attend every 'Open Meeting' and shout from the back "DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. THEY ARE LYING!"

The only thing I have to say about your negative web site about Amway is that you only have information that is very negative. I want to ask you something and I want you to be very honest with me. Are you still working? I mean working for someone else? If your answer is yes, and more then likely it will be, then you have nothing to say. You probably know nothing about what it is like to be free. Have you read the Founders' Fundamentals?

I am not trying to be all negative about your web page. I can see that it was very well put together, but what you don't realize is that people are where they are because of what they do and not what someone else does for them. I mean if the people that became Amway distributors did not realize that it was not a get rich quick scheme and that you have to work very hard at becoming rich, then they shouldn't have become a distributor. The information that I just saw on that web site is totally irrevelant to my next statement. "Ain't no thumsucker gonna take away my dreams!" You my friend just happen to be on of the thumbsuckers on my list.

If you have anything to say then just write me back. I can guarantee that you will not hear any technical jargon and a misrepresentation of the REAL numbers in Amway.

I've really enjoyed your page.

Fortunatly, I started hearing horror stories about Amway back in high school from a relative who, I think, lost alot of cash.

Since then, I've been approached about 15 times to join Amway. Probably because I lived in Kalamazoo MI for around 5 years. From college friends bugging me to join all the way to people I simply meet on a flight (I travel, by air, around 30,000 miles per year), they seem to come out of the wood-work every other month.

I don't think I've ever seen such a despirate group of business individuals in my life. People who try to sell me on Amway always brag about their amount of income, yet look like paupers. Their suits are usually cheap and they normally have very bad complections, most likely due to stress.

After my third recruitment attempt, I got pissed at myself for not seeing it coming and wasting over two hours with the poor bastard. I made that up, by setting up a meeting with the next one, who was over four hours away. He drove all afternoon to meet me afterwork. When he came to my house, I told him to keep his coat on and asked him if he had a nice drive. He said yes, and started to get real nervous. He could tell what I had done. I felt a little sorry for him and actually gave him a can of beer before I sent him on his way within 10 minutes.

These people want, like most others, the American dream. Half of me feels sorry for them, while the other half likes to teach them a lesson. I think the majority of the reps lose close friends and end up ruining marriages over Amway. The ones that are somewhat human and don't want to screw over relatives, end up getting out and cutting their losses.

Good Luck

Hi Sidney,

I visited your web site and I found that it is very informative. In there, I found little that are positive and most of them are something that can discourage people who are thinking of being an Amway distributor.

One of my friends invited me to our professor's house. At first, she told me that it was a business opportunity. I had no idea what would be about. The professor showed me and the other distributors the plan, so I'm was the only one that are wondering. They didn't explain the purpose until at the end. I had never heard the company named Amway and so I found myself asking a lot of questions.

I'm not a distributor right now, but I'm still gathering more information from the internet and from my friend that invited me. Is there a way to become a better distributor? I mean, can I learn from what other people had done? At first, I got excited, but now I'm confused.

Consumer Reports had done some comparisons with Amway and other brand names. In there they said that Amway products cost more and do less than other brands. But, what my friend gave me is the opposite. Is the price comparisons of other brand names are based in one area where the Amway's price is the same everywhere?

Do you know if Comsumer Reports did more research on Amway and its products recently? The price comparisons were done in 1993, the one I looked at. I like to get more information before I buy the business kit. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Great page. I have a brother and father who are brainwashed into this Amway system and the rest of us siblings are sick about it. There has been a noticable change in their personalities and all they care about is making money, money, money, and did I mention money. People in this should get the hell out, all it does is wreck families.

Dear Don et al.,

thought I'd let you all know that earlier tonight I called my "potential sponsor's Amvox" and told her I wasn't interested in "The Business", that I was returning the tapes by mail and if she wished to discuss matters further that was fine but…!

I don't have anything personally against the woman who tried to recruit me, after all she was "just doing her J.O.B." The problem I have is, in doing that, she was less than honest with me. Furthermore her upline out and out lied to me! I've never seen an Sa-4400 (They're supposed to show it, right?) and my potential sponsor acted surprised when I asked about it. Furthermore when I brought up the "ten person rule" I was met with complete denial! Ask any question e.g. "How many people make diamond?", "How long does it take?", "How much does it cost?" any question you want and I guarantee you will not get a straight answer.

I would never have known the answers to the questions I asked without you, and without you I would never had asked the questions!

Thank God for the internet!

If you did not do the basic things needed to build an Amway business for 8 to 10 hours a week for one year, how can you say it does not work. It's just like going to college, if you don't go to class, do the labs and take the tests for 4 years you are not going to graduate. Do you take advice from someone that just thought about becoming a doctor or do you talk to someone that is a doctor on how to do what they did?

Your site is "sour grapes".

Hey Sid,

This web site is a trip. I was in the Marine Corps and these people tried to get me in Okinawa Japan. They are everywhere. Thanks man your site will help a lot of people.

This site is"Tha Bomb"

Ok.....I was glad to read the article from an ex-distributor stating that only 4 % of the active distributors reach over a 1000 PV…I have reached over 4000 PV and it's growing like crazy....please give us more stories from losers like this guy…maybe if he spent as much time building his business as he has writing this negative garbage…then maybe he would be doing the world some good( and himself)

Keep writing the how-not stories and I'll keep you up-to-date on the progress of my business. By the way I've reached this level in less than a year. Eat my marker dust LOSER

Sydney or whatever the fuck you call your sel

What the fuck do you do for a living? Are you that big of a loser that you have nothing better to do but tell lies online. You can say whatever you want about Amway but don't try to act like you know it all because you don't. You and those loser who agree with you in their responses can fucking blow me and swallow. I stumbled across your site while surfing the net it's wose than all the pojurno sites. I'm a college student and a strong believer in the Amway buisness. It has given my father so much hope and dreams that he never had because he has to deal with assholes like you every day, it's enough to make me sick. You asshole! Comparing a 60 million dollar corp. with cults is the most retarded thing I've ever heard. People have the right to think and beleive whater they want it's part of our country and I respect your dislike to Amway for whatever you reasons. BUT going onlin and making my father look like a crook because he believes in himself is WRONG and I take personal offense in your whole website. My Dad is one of the most honest and law abiding citizens in this country to call him a liar like your site does is redundant. If you want to be one of the negative sourses that drags this country down and keeps it from being the greatest it can be fine but stay off the web so real people don't have to put up with your shit. FUCK YOU very much

go ahead and show my e-mail address you spineless piece of shit

This is to address to probabilty of enjoining the INA organization in a class action lawsuit for the following reasons: and who might , including your own legal representatives, sue on our behalf?

1) My upline stated that INA is a non-profit teaching organization and that we could expect "in reality a $250,000 annual income within 2-5 years.
2) Although he found out some months later as a "Direct Distributor" that this non-profit status was not only untrue, which he allowed me to record. He stated that even after he found out
2) On th eback of tickets to major events, it is stated that no cross-line selling is allowed, which amounts to illegal resrtaint of trade in that it prevents one upline from undercutting the stated price-points of another upline. These requirements are stated on the back of the tickets. From what I understand this is an illegal restraint of trade and a violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

I am an employee on site at Amway Corporation. I have worked there since 1992. I am 45 years old and have had several other jobs earlier in life. Amway is without a doubt the best job I have ever had. They are very good to their employees and provide a wonderful work environment. I work in Order Processing and speak directly with distributors from Maine to Guam. In the tens of thousands of calls I have probably taken I have never heard one person complain about the business. They come from all walks of life and are not clones or cultists by any means. Amway provides an opportunity - and some excellent products - that's all.

You have no clue! You're a low I.Q. and don't have much of a life! I dare you to go listen to "PUSH" by the artist formerly known as Prince and listen carefully to the lyrics!

Go look Cult and Occult up in the dictionary. Let's name some other things mthat could be considered Cults: BOY SCOUTS, U.S. MILITARY SERVICE, 4-H CLUB, THE PTA, WOMANS LEAGUE, DO YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE....? Well I'm going to anyway! THE WORLD WIDE WEB, REPUBLICAN PARTY, DEMOCRAT PARTY, THE OJ SIMSON CASE, HARD COPY, TABLOIDS IN GENERAL, IOWAN JOKES, STAR TREK, STAR WARS, OPRAH, ETC, ETC,ETC...... Now I could name some occults but you're a Opra, Peg Bundy authority so maybe you can eat your bon bons for brain power and figure it out!

Signed, Clean Laundry

Mr. Schwartz,

I am an relatively new distibutor of Amway products, and I am still learning a great deal about this business. This is my first attempt at exploring the negatives of the history of the Amway Corporation. I now know how much more I need to learn about the business that I am now associated with. This site is an incredible source for that information.

My response to this echoes what I have told other people I know that I am "prospecting". The most important aspect in getting involved in this business (or any business) is to make sure that you are joining the right team of distributors. There are no minimums requirements involved for character or business skills. While this is undeniably a disadvantage for the reputation and operation of a multi-level marketing business, it is also a forgiving aspect that allows anyone the chance to succeed with personal growth. That aspect reflects the spirit (although not always the case) of America.

While it is apparrent that the Amway Corporation has made mistakes in the past, I conclude from the information I have at this point that it is still doing well and is improving. This is a business made of people, not perfect entities.

My basic response to the accusation of cult-like activity is this: People join a cult for spiritual and supportive reasons. People become an Amway distributor for Financial reasons.

Someone who is not an Amway distributor will not relate the the activities and personalities of those who are in Amway, but then again how many people in the general population can relate to any highly-successful individual that is making an effort to make a life for themselves? Mr. Schwartz, I respond to all criticize Amway distibutors in general by saying that those who are sitting at home making nothing more of their life have no place to criticize anyone who is out spending that same time trying to make a better life for themselves and their family. They are only uninformed or closed-minded individuals.

To keep in perspective the financial investment involved in this business grows with the purchase of tools (i.e. the System), consider that the average franchise costs over $200,000 and that starting and running any small business is extremely costly and risky.

Finally, 'Consider the Alternative'. You'll never become a job tycoon, and there is probably not a single company in the world (with the exception of small family-owned businesses) that cares more about you and your success than the team you work with as an Amway distributor. Despite the problems in the past, I am still proud of the Amway corporation and thankful for the opportunity it provides to anyone who is persistent and willing to make an effort.

I almost got sucked in by the amway scam. I was sooo close to being pulled in. I am an attorney and some other lawyers I know recently got involved with amway and tried to do a number on me. The thing is, I really believe that THEY think that they can and will get rich with amway. Fortunately, my wife said that I should look on the web about amway and get some more info. Thank god for your articles. They used and said every false line to lure me in the way you say. All the promises and pleadings to attend one of their rallys. Thank god I never went. They would have had me for sure.

Thanks again and write back if you want.

I have been out of Amway for over a year. My husband and I got into it together, but basically he did it for me. I've got some great stories to tell. Yes, I was excited and I loved the rah-rah sessions. I loved the positive comments and all the rest of the bullshit. My husband and I joined under a good friend, who we knew very well, worked with had alot of fun with and still do. Our friends were excited and we were excited. We were involved in the business for almost 2 years.

I agree the tools are the "heart and soul" of the business not to mention the monthly meetings and all the damn rallies and seminars the home meetings and all that other crap. It was our decision to buy or not to buy the tools. We were lead to believe and in fact I did hear it myself, if we did NOT buy tools then you just aren't worthy enough. In other words, if you did not buy the tapes on a weekly basis or the book of the month, the "upline" was not going to help you recruit. You know give you all the infinite wisdom. That was pretty scary to me and I felt I needed their help. My upline did in fact quit helping a distributor because they were not on "tape of the week", "book of the month" or "Amvox." Well, I showed them I was worthy and was on everything thing they told me to get on!

One night I went to an "open meeting." The meeting was the same shit just a different night. I enjoyed rubbing elbows with the upline, they were a friendly bunch, and always after the meeting we (distributors) went to a local coffee joint to talk and mingle and eat. Then the Pearl man brought out boxes and boxes of tapes, old ones, new ones, video tapes, old ones, new ones. You name it he had it, chance in a lifetime. The room started buzzing, our upline come over and said if you want to get some real good tapes better get them before they are gone! We were also told just to get up and look so it would look good to the new recruits and they think they are missing something and possibly buy and start getting hooked on the tapes. Well, that started bothering me. Another incident that really bothered me was, I overheard one of the uplines talking to a young couple, the husband was real excited about Amway but the wife was still not to hep on the idea. The husband said "how much does this rally cost?" The upline said "oh probably around $500 total, including your tickets, hotel, and the rally itself. That is for both of you" The wife was really taken back by the cost and explained they could not afford it. I can not remember word for word after that. But the way the upline was pushing this rally was really starting to get on my nerve! I do remember this quote from the upline to the young couple, "Can you afford to pass of thousands of dollars in the future if you miss this rally? That is going to happen if you don't go!" I couldn't believe my ears! Of course, I kept my mouth shut. That was they Amway thing to do! I feel bad to this day!

The next thing that got to me was our upline held a mini-rally and was to be the best one ever! NOT! Same old thing…but they told everyone this, a big surprise was going to happen. The place was packed, standing room only and hot! I think the session cost around $15 per person but I started counting rows, and chairs in rows and then started counting standing people, then I started multiplying and rounding off! I thought my god, there is a gold mine here! Come to find out, no big surprise! You heard from me first folks, whispers, questions and the word that got around, mind you not directly from the Pearl upline, but the surprise got sick and just couldn't make it! SURPRISE! But by God they brought in the crowd. HUUMMMMM made me wonder.

Well, now let me take you back to the beginning. My husband and I and our good friends have always wondering where this money was going. The money from the open meetings, I think $3/person then it went up to $4/person. We were told cost of the room and coffee and cleanup. Okay, we believed that. Money from the mini-rallies, where does that go? We were told to feed and house the guest speakers and again the room, coffee, maintenance and cleanup. OOOOOpppsss did I say coffee, no way! Only ice water! We ask about the tapes and video tapes, does upline make any money off of these tapes. I don't think they ever said NO, but they skirted around it pretty good and never really did say.

One night I just received my internet service and I had heard that Amway had a home page out on the net. Not knowing exactly how to get to it, I did a search on "Amway" through one of the search engines. I think pretty much of it is history. I found out a bunch of stuff and that is where we got the real stories. I printed off pages and pages and pages of information. I then distributed it to several our friends, the people that recruited us and the people we had sponsored! I was quite upset by the misconceptions and the lies. Several "legs" got together in a meeting with our Pearl, Gold direct, Silver direct and directs. They stood right in front of us and said yes, we do make money off of these items. The ethics in this business is all wrong!

I have read some of your comments and some comments made by people who just started in the business, who have been in the business, who are still in the business and who have gotten out of the business. I really do not believe this is a cult, and I do not believe this is a pyramid and I also believe unless you are a person of great wealth to start with (doctor, lawyer, etc.) your chances are slim to none. You've got to have money and lots of it to buy into the marketing scheme of the tool market.

By the way, we had a Diamond by the name of K.K. he was out of Missouri, he always went around flashing all of his money in his own arrogant way. I heard that he got booted out of Amway. The reason I heard, unethical selling practices! In other words, selling tapes and video tapes much higher than what they were suppose to. I also heard he has gone bankrupt and his wife divorced him. I don't want to wish divorce on anybody. But is there anyway you can find out if this is true? I am dying to find out!!!!

Sorry this is so long, I have been waiting to tell "the whole truth and nothing but the truth." What Amway person can really say that????

You know something? There are so many people and organizations that say Amway is quite similar to cults. Well, if you also notice many cults are alot like religon. Nobody ever cuts down on the person who continues to attend church or it's functions.

For those that are Christians or affiliated with religons that use The Holy Bible as its main text; if you read The Holy Bible it tells you exactly how to prosper. I know that the Britt organization practices many of these principles to obtain success.

Anyone can succeed in this business. This business was developed for everyone, however everyone is not developed for this business. Only those that are strong or are willing to become stronger will succeed in the Amway business.

I have encountered many people who decline or reject this business. I pray for each and everyone of them. Because, in my experience, most of them work at least 40 hrs/wk. I would like to ask these people a question, If you continue working at your current profession where will you be in 5 years? Will you be free and be able to do what you wish, when you wish to do it with those that you choose to do it with? Most likely not.

What will happen if these people lose their ability to perform their jobs? Will the corporation continue to pay them if they can no longer produce? Chances are, the answer is no.

I do not hate nor do I talk crap about those people who either reject this business or even quit. It does not even phase me because I have a dream and will accomplish that dream. I pray for all of you who choose not to build this business, but I do not pity you because you have chosen not persue your dream. It is not the fault of the person who rejected the business(at least total fault) it is the fault of society because society beats the dream out of people unless they are strong enough to hold on to that dream.

I hope that all those that do reject my oppurtunity find a way somehow to succeed.

2.5 million of us can't be that crazy - love that cult - AMWAY - The Dream is what you can't imagine!

I got sucked in…Geez, I feel stupid…I'm usually a lot smarter than this…I bought the damn kit last night....Can I get my money back? Do you know? Thanks for your help…

I was lured to an 'informational' meeting by my ex-roommate last week and although I quickly recognized it as an Amway pitch, I thought I'd hear them out. My brother tried a quick stint in Amway back in '78 and I knew it was crap then but I'm open minded so I thought I would listen. As soon as I got home I did an internet search and found yours and many other sites which recounted exactly what I had heard and gave me some valuable information to use.

Tonight, they come back to 'answer' my questions. Well I now know better than to give them questions which they will just use to spew more canned answers to. Instead I've printed up much of what I've seen on here and not only am I going to give them a rude kick in the ass as I hand back their packet, but I will do my best to save my friend and his wife from this horror. He fits right into their ultra-conservative Christian ways so I may not be able to convince him but I will give it my best shot as I feel that is what friends are for.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

As a former Amway distributor, I would just like to mention that as in any business, there is good and bad. My upline was awesome, and never tried to persuade me to buy tools or spend money unnecessarily. The key to a sucessful Amway business is choosing a sponsor that you are comfortable with. Each distributor has his own "business". Just like each McDonalds is independantly owned and operated. There are good McDonalds, and bad ones. Stay away from the bad ones, and stick to the good ones. Not every Amway distributor is a deviant, pushy, bible thumper. They are not mindless drones worshiping the Dexter God. Amway is what you make of it. I plan on persuing the Amway business concept again in the near future.

My brother is involved in Amway since the end of last year, and we (his family and girlfriend) are really starting to get very worried about the things we hear and see. That is the reason why we searched the net for amway-sites to try to get some more (objective) information and maybe try to understand why he is doing this. All the stories we read didn't give us peace of mind. The only problem is that all the stories I've read involve people in US and UK. We are living in the Netherlands and here it also raises it's ugly head. Is there anyone on this site that can give us some more information about Amway in the Neterlands. Preferably somebody who isn't IN Amway anymore, because I have no interest whatsoever in a very agressive story from a distributor to tell me I am a loser and my brother will be a winner. I am not a loser, I am just happy the way I live! Time is like a predator and it's gaining on you…

The only friends you will have after amway are your amway friends. How does it feel to be looked at as prey? How about the time I got invited sailing, and when we were about 6 feet off the dock, I was asked if I had a dream. I almost jumped in the water. If you mean giving up my friends, or having my friends run when they see me coming, No, I guess I dont have a dream. I own a "conventional business". What a looser I am. Since I am a talker type, I bet I have seen circles about a hundred times. Never met a rich man yet in "THE BUSINESS".

Every time I get hit up, I feel like the guy on "Green Eggs and Ham". I feel like saying
"That amway Sam, That Amway sam, I do not like that amway Sam".
"I would not , could not in a house, not with a mouse"
"I do not like that Amway Scam"

Keep up the good work. Although everything you say is darn right real, be make sure you are fair. Not all amway dudes are the same and some do make it.

If you should post, please do so anon as I sell computers to amway people. Actually, They are a great business to sell to since they are so clanish.

Thank you so much for enlightening the public at large with this compilation of Amway factoids. I was a distributor for two horrible years, acting like some sort of catatonic zombie espousing the virtues of the "Amway life".

I consider myself a rather intelligent person, but realize, in the right situations, nearly anyone could be influenced by cultish behavior. If there is a spiritual void in your life, groups like the Unification Church may fill it. And if there is a financial void, Amway has the "perfect" plan for you.

My disgruntlement and eventual leaving Amway was after finding out the truth of the system. I wish you site had been around in '93. As for any of the numbed masses out there thinking that I'm a "quitter" of some sort. I'm a self-made millionaire netting $90,000/month without lying, deceiting, cheating anyone. Can you say the same, you tape-laden fops? Sorry Sidney, didn't mean to use too many $20 words for our Amway plebians. You may edit this down to the sixth-grade level necessary for them to understand.

I am in AFRICA and AMWAY is launching soon in this part of the world. Reading some of the things on your home page has confused me as I have always only heard of the good things that Amway stands for.

Can you please answer some of my questions ?

1. The abuses of the sale of non- Amway designed / produced audio visuals, literature ,etc. as well as musical trade mark infringements seem to have been caused / the responsibility of distributors and not Amway. Is this conclusion of mine right ? If it is right , surely it is not fair to allocate responsibility to Amway ?

2. Did the allocation of a BV - value to the selling of the above mentioned materials and the putting of " Optional - Purchase labels " on literature not assist in solving the problem ? Are there really still concerns about this ( past ) practice ?

3. Are there really large Corporations "Joint Venturing " with Amway such as Philips, General Motors, Coca Cola , and thousands of others ? If what I have heard is not true how come their turn over was almost $ 7 billion last year ? The turnover per distributor comes to an astronomical figure if you divide $ 7 billion by the approximately 2500000 distributers.Who is not telling the truth ?

4. If you can advise me in all honesty, please give me the most valid reasons why I should NOT join Amway , OR why I SHOULD join Amway when they come to our country later in the year.

I will appreciate your comments.

Dear Sid,

Love your page, keep up the great work.

I thought I would share with you an interesting experience that happened to me the other day. I was talking to a Amway distributor and a Heaven's Gate employee, and I asked them both what they thought about the rumors that the groups they represent display cult-like characteristics. The Amway distributor started first and said Amway is a very succesful multi-billion dollar company, we do business with many of the Fortune 500 companies. If Amway is a cult, Fortune 500 business' wouldn't do business with them. The Heaven's Gate employee said we also are a very succesful company, we do some of the best web pages on the internet, we live in big houses, and do web pages for many succesful companies, if Heaven's Gate were a cult these companies wouldn't want to do business with us.

Of course, this never happened I just wanted to show some Amway distributors their faulty logic. I'm not saying Amway followers would do what Heaven's Gate followers did, I just want to show Amoids that companies don't care who they do business with as long as it helps sell product. For example, let's take Coke that's one Amoids tend to be proud of, do you think Coke wouldn't sell their products to prisons because their are criminals drinking it? Hell no, they are going to sell it to whoever has the money to buy it.

If you want to say Coke is a reputable company, Coke does business with Amway, therefore Amway is a reputable company. Then you can also say Amway distributors drink Coke, criminals drink Coke, therefore Amway distributors are criminals. Both examples contain faulty logic, Amway distributors aren't criminals just because Amoids and criminals drink coke, just like Amway is not a reputable company because Coke is a reputable company and they use Amway to sell more product.

Well Sid, I'm gonna end this, but I would like to make a request of the Amway people who write in. If you can't think of anything original to write, please don't paraphrase (that means to put into your own words) or quote something from this week's (or last week's or last year's) tape, if we want to read that, we can just scroll up.

I am a distributor in the Yager organization. I tkae offense at your page, as it is completely negative and misleading. I agree that you have the right to express your views and welcome criticism, but you have painted a picture with a very broad brush.

I happen to know several of the diamonds in the business, and they are good friends to me. Yes, they have "made it", and I will too. Your page and related info strongly relates the negative aspects of the Amway opportunity, but do you not agree there are positive aspects? I have obviously not done the research you have into the subject, but there are things I know you could not, unless you were actively involved.

What about the work Amway has put into environmental issues? What about the United Nations award? What about the integrity with which the corporation does business on a day-to-day basis? For example - their shipping and money-back guarantees, even on merchandise supplied by other companies. Have you ever spent time around Amway distributors who ARE making it? Have you ever attended an Amway seminar or conference? I would be HAPPY to invite you to see these. Not as a prospect, but to see and hear other views.

What about the charitable work the successful Amway distributors put into their community? Our upline diamonds spend a huge amount of their time and money giving to organizations in their home town, such as building a football field for the boys' club, and taking underprivileged children on a shopping spree during the holidays.

Aren't these worth something? While there are negatives to this business, and negative people, there are many positives, just as in ANY business.

My Diamond says that the greatest thing about this business and the worst thing for it are the same: ANYONE can get in!

I've got a brother in Amway. A diamond. He's been orbiting for the last twenty years. On the other hand I've got a sister that is obsessed with her loathing for Amway. She's become very erudite about the subject and is definetely qualified to head up the Amway Studies Department at Harvard. Two questions. One: are there any lawsuits against Amway that look like they might finally put a dent in this monster. Two: can we set up an Amway studies department and appoint my sister chair, she'd really be good.

hello scamway friend,

last night i went to my first, (and last) intro meeting for network 21 (amway). many folks i e-mailed for pointers came through glowingly and predicted almost the entire pitch. i managed to interrupt poltitely several times questioning analogies, claims, doomsday imagery, etc. very successfully

. i didn't feel awkward and i believe the other virgins there didn't feel the need to distance themselves from my outbursts but rather saw the whole game in the light of a question-answer seminar. my first hit was to question the cliches about "the road you're on now is exactly where you're headed", "you probably see yourself as always earning what you make now", "education has no bearing on what you will earn",and several other run of the mill infommercial faves. When he picked up the cassette package and declared "a man named jim dornan brought 150 people all successful in their businesses together to find commonalities and put together a genius system…" I stopped him in his tracks and said "but i went to their website and it said the 150 people were all amway higher-ups". cat's outta the bag early because noone had uttered the "amway" bombshell yet. i pointed out that it seemed strange this "genius" jim guy would seek out 150 people for commonalities in success when they all followed a fixed system and most likely shared near-identical experiences. the comebacks were lame and the big guy became visibly disgruntled.

another lower guy trainee did his little trip to the whiteboard and talked about how they are in 72 countries and growing, even in China, greatly due to the fact that their products were all environmentally friendly etc. A'virgin' middle aged black woman laughed out loud. she had lived in china for 14 years and explained how they could care less but in nastier terms.

He then felt it imperative to start distancing network 21 from amway explaining that amway makes great products but net21 is the genius system. he said they(amway) don't even know we're here. then he started to defend amway bragging about all the fortune 500 companies that they deal with and blurted out "WE didn't come to coca-cola, coca-cola came to US!!!" I jumped in "you just said WE as in AMWAY, after saying THEY don't even know we're here because we aren't amway we're network 21?!?!" he changed his we's to they's from then on, and stumbled through the rest under the watchful eyes of his superiors.

i really liked the 2 young trainees as people and felt a bit sorry for them, but the 'big guy' was a serious creep. I hope i managed to dissuade most from getting involved further. the best part was as i left i noticed 'big-guy' giving personal attention to one of the newbees outside her car next to my car. he started walking back to the house as i was leaving. as i got to the girl (armed with a tape he had just given her), we began to chat. i looked back and noticed 'big guy' had stopped on the stairs to check up on me(doubting-guy) to see if i may have loosened his last little outdoor pitch. when i finished with her she got in her car, and he came back down the steps and went to her car window and again gave her last word. i waited in my car till he split and had a laugh with her. unbelievable.

I begged them at one point to show me the 'catalogue' so i could judge for myself whether or not it was good value, especially since the basis for success was each inductee spending $200/mo on evryday staples, saving 30%($60) + 3% bonus = total $66. nobody had a catalogue, and the comebacks as expected were "i'm sure if you felt like scouring the city to save a buck somewhere you could but.." and "haven't you ever bought at 7/11 and paid a little more for convenience?". I shredded their middleman-erasing theory by pointing out that they and their sponsors add up to several middlepeople all expecting a slice of the pie. I also mentioned the big P word (pyramid) and they all smiled and almost in unison "it's not a pyreamid, it's a trapezoid".

All in all i kept my cool, never got excited and pointed out things matter-of-factly but not patronizingly. Only the 'big-guy' showed i wasn't welcome and i could feel he had figured out he wasted his night.After the pitch had ended there was a sponsor there who joined in an impromptu 'discussion' with myself and the two trainee presenters who kept interrupting me and saying "what's your question?" over and over like a mantra. she was hostile and i got a kick out of her blatant disregard for trying to seem confident and cool.

My friend who invited me to his home didn't seem at all upset with me, although i'm sure 'big-guy' may have a few questions for him.(conspiracy? sabotage?) Anyways, your web page and others equipped me well for combat. The afforementioned black woman kept raising her hand to question during the pitch and ' big -guy ' kept telling her "after i'm done, in a minute" which of course never came. I'm glad i made my own forum for discussion and was able to offset the "impact" of their genius plan. thanks for helping,

sincerely, the spoiler.

My younger sister got sucked in by Amway about 3 years ago. Amyway has given her the false sense of security and self-wroth as she still has to maintain a 9-5 job in order to keep up with her standard expenses of keeping a home and running her Amyway business. She doesn't make much money with Amyway at all. Her husband is doing his best to support her as she insists that Amyway makes her happy and it's going to make them rich (it's funny that having a lot of "stuff" doesn't mean a thing (she's a minimalist) to her but Amyway has brainwashed her in to believing that she is nothing without their business making (or is that taking?) her money (to purchase what?!)). She desperately attempts to suck me in to her Amway meetings and demos on a continuous basis. She is hoping that I'll become a believer of Amway and a "Christian" (I am agnostic and quite happy with myself and my life). She has NO sense of how to sell anything but she is hoping that I'll sign up under her and make all the sales that she miserably fails at so that she can succeed up the virtual ladder of success at Amway on someone else's hard work (I guess that's Amway's point).

I guess some people are just looking for someone else to support them/believe in them because they lack self confidence/self esteem/self worth. A person, church or a business will never give you what you are looking for when something appears to be "missing" in your life. You earn your own self respect and esteem by establishing the kind of person you want to be and then go out and be it. You don't need to spend money on false hopes of a business enterprise in order to succeed in a darned thing. Too bad the Amway people can't look within themselves for this.

Also, their products are more expensive than comparable products that can be purchased, or made, anywhere else. Or, what makes an Amway product so "special?". Where is the value in this?

Thank you for letting me vent.