Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 7

(3/96 - 4/96)

Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

Mr. Schwartz;

You are, unfortunately very wrong about your interpretations of many practices in the Amway business. I'm not saying that you are evil or stupid or bad in any way - you just don't understand. And I feel sorry for you because of that.

You and your web site have and, I expect will, cost me some time and money, so I will admit that I am angry with you. But, I won't try to change your mind or 'flame' you, I just wish you'd go away…

I challenge you to just closely watch what is happening, and will happen, in the world economy, and you'll soon find that there is nothing wrong with Amway or any other 'MLM' or network marketing business -- it's just business, so there is no more wrong with Amway or any other such business than there is with CBS, Ford, PepsiCo, GE, IBM, McDonald's or 'Joe-Bob's Mom-n-Pop Family Record Shop' (or almost any other business, for that matter.)

Those in Amway are good, honest people who, I think, you don't understand and are probably jealous of. Personally, I don't understand what problem you have with people just trying to get ahead in life and get some financial security and freedom.

Oh well, whatever…

Goodbye, and have a good life.


Please post this.

To all the successful Amway Distributors -

Congratulations on having the drive and determination to make your businesses successful! However; please, in your dealings with those who have decided not to renew their distributorship and those who decided not to join, do not belittle them and yourselves by calling them loosers, quitters, etc.. They have reasons for not wanting to deal with Amway and their decisions, however driven, must be respected.

Responses to Sidney calling him a jerk, looser, asshole and the like do not reflect favorably on yourselves and the Amway Corperation. If you want your businesses to grow, have repect for everyone and always dispaly an attitude of personal service that is so desparately needed today.

Thank you.

An x-distributor.

sorry dint mean to send more than one letter but laptop is different than outhear computer wow it sounds like you are mad at amway but I would say it is most likely because you feel the distributer line yager was fraudulent and not my concern as I feel a home depot hardware store ripped me off I do not take it out on all home depot stores but we all must do and be the way we are it would seem that you should put your time and money into watching governments laws and economics I think it would be of greater help to man kind than a personal peeve

Dear Sydney.

I am most intrigued and interested to read your slating of the Amway Corporation and its distributors, and I believe that for the most part they are fairly accurate. Now as a recent distributer (2 months now), I cannot help but believe that network marketing is the way of the future. I have read countless articles ranging from Success magazine to BRW and the evidence supporting the future of companies like Amway is extremely overwhelming, despite your seemingly unwavering lack of faith in the system. Let me start by saying that I agree with you almost entirely that the products are not all that cheap, and that the quality is not really up to scratch, however the are "good enough" for people to use and that is all that is needed in this world. The reason I have joined Amway is because the money to be made overseas in countries such as India, the Phillipines, Vietnam and South Africa is monumental, and simply cannot be denied no matter which way you wish to see it happen? Why is it happening? Because it is the only business in the world where any number of people can succeed and where you make yoursef rich by making other people rich! I see your point with regards to the fact that senior Amway uplines' prey on people's hopes and dreams - people who have nothing else, but you must ask yourself: "is this a bad thing?" People who have very little are finding Amway to offer them a dream of success without losing much money and without risk! And do not forget where most senior Amway uplines came from - absolutely nowhere. The were down and out, some were even suicidal, and you cannot deny that the underlying foundation of Amway is honesty within the people, and I believe that far outstretches anything out there in the corporate world. There is nothing like this and unless you get involved in it now, someone else will, because it is going to happen, and I will be there when it does.

If you change your mind and would like to joint Amway, call me on 38…Just kidding!

I would appreciate any more comments you might have, and anything you wish to say that can prove that Amway will not continue to grow at its current rate (if you believe that). Let me leave you by saying this: you say Amway is a religion, and I agree with you. However, if people got paid for going to Chuch, we would all become born again Christians tomorrow would we not?

Thank you for your time, and I hope to year from you soon.

Dear Sidney-

THANK YOU! If it wasn't for your page, my husband would have surely have been in AMWAY much longer than our budget could handle.

He did follow are the rhetoric they force on their people. He went to rally's, listened to the tapes every opportunity he had, read the books, and worked diligently at recruiting new members.

But what he failed to see was that we weren't communicating. He got into it to better our life and our daughter's. But that did not happen. Alot of it had to do with the fact that I would have nothing to do with AMWAY. I knew what they were, but he wouldn't listen. His new found "friends" said I would come along, and would one day be wearing mink coats up on the runway introducing myself as the wife of a diamond!

Well, it just didn't happen. As far as being forced to buy tools, you aren't forced, just very strongly urged that you won't get ahead without them!

Anyway, to make a long story short, he just discovered the internet and came across your page. Everything that I had been saying was there and more! I alway's had to be careful about what I said to him about Amway to try and keep the door of communication open, and did the flood gates ever open! He was visibly shaken by what he read, and within two weeks returned everything he could and is now out of it.

We talk more, and our arguements have all but stopped.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Your page probably saved our marriage!


- A Midwest Wife

"They claim that neither Amway, Britt nor Yager told them that Amway distributors make an average of $65 a month and never informed them about the "considerable business expenses" in building a distributorship."


Anybody who does not know the average tells me he did not study the opportunity. It is written in plain english, easily available what the averages are.

And, anyone who thinks this is "considerable business expenses" has never started a traditional business.

I really hope you are getting your kicks of by trying to be a spoiler. The facts are, that there are more people making more money in this company than in any other "traditional company" out there.

Also, for you to think that it is wrong for someone to profit from the sale of buisness material is crazy. Yes, it is a very lucritive business for them. But, you know Britt is under Yager. Anything he did just proves that the same opportunity is available to us as well. On the flip side of that, that opportunity is not as readily available from Nightengale Connet. What a wad they make, that ought to be against the law. They never told me when I was buying Zig Ziglar's tapes that he and that company was profiting by way higher percentage than yager and britt.

You must not be for free enterprise. You know there are countries for those of you who believe that we should be communist. Go there if you think it is so bad. I have never, in four years, been "cohearced" to buy something.


Hi Sidney,

Interesting Web page. I was downloading the Responses and noticed that I only got five pages out of Part 5. The last part of it was cut off. I tried reloading, but got the same thing. I'll try again later, but wanted to let you know in case something is wrong.

By the way, I recently signed on as a distributor. I was shown the plan by an Emerald (I didn't know it at the time) and he was pretty up front that it was Amway. I went to an "open" that evening and one of the first things that the guy said is "Hey, you're in an Amway meeting." When showed the plan, he didn't focus on wealth. He focused on being debt free and being able to give more to charity. The support group is WWDB. He did show that there was the potential to make a lot of money, but he didn't dwell on it and didn't imply that it was easy. So far, most of the products we've tried, we've liked. I don't like the gum, but I'm a shareholder of Wrigley so maybe I'm biased. Actually, their "Glister" gum loses the flavor pretty quick. Most of everything else has been great. I did sign on to get the tapes, but haven't attended a lot of the functions. So far I haven't felt a lot of pressure to do so. The guy two levels above me is an fellow AF Academy graduate. I've met several other Academy grads in the business. These are not stupid people.

I was wondering what your background was? Were you an Amway distributor before? Are you a psychologist? If it's covered in the homepage, I appologize for asking. I've downloaded everything, but haven't read it all yet. I thought I would jot this note to give you my thoughts so far and let you know about Part 5. Thanks for the info on your page. I'll go through it and give you more of my two-cents worth later.


I have been approached by a good friend who is an AMWAY distributor and a member of a group called "Network 21". She showed me the "plan" and it seemed like a relatively easy way to make mega amounts of money. Eventually my friend discussed the "motivational" tools and their importance in making the "business work". Immediately I began to have doubts about the integrity of the network and promised myself that I would get on the net to see what I could find about AMWAY and AMWAY distributors. My search led me to your page on the "Untold Story". You have some great info here and information is, after all, POWER. After browsing many of the responses to the material in your page I am slowly and reluctantly coming to the conclusion that this business is not for me - despite my great desire to get rich quick! ;-) .

ASIDE: The distributor business will and does work for many people - albeit the percentage of those who "make it" will be low. Now, what I can't get past is that for every person who has "made" and is laughing all the way to the bank there are several hundreds of struggling minions at the bottom levels of this network who are buying the "tape of the week" or the "book of the week" or the whatever (NON AMWAY PRODUCTS) to "motivate" themselves to stay in the business. These people are loosing money. The network boasts of this business "being no different from any other". Well… I've yet to hear of motivational meetings/ tapes/books for people in any other kind of conventional business. Are there motivational meetings for people in the plumbing business?

I suspect (though I haven't researched this subject sufficiently to be sure of this matter) that the top dogs earn most (if not a substantial percentage) of their money from the sale of motivational material. Even for myself (I pride myself on being unscrupulous) this is a bit much. I cant' justify making myself wealthy by selling materials that aren't a direct product of a creative enterprise. (Assuming AMWAY itself is a creative enterprise)

I wonder if I could sign-on without buying anything - no starter pack, no tapes, no books. Just myself and all the creative resources I have to offer by virture of my intelligence and experience? I bet not.

Looks like a scam… feels like a scam… smells like a scam.. IS it a scam ? Deos the AMWAY distributor business work by selliing some AMWAY products and mostly non AMWAY products? Does AMWAY itself ignore these practices because after all SOME AMWAY products ARE being sold? I don't know.... but certainly there are questions.

Is there ANYONE out there who has made the BIG bucks without playing sucker for a long long time? In other words is there anyone out there who has made it to Direct or Silver or Diamond or whatever without going to the weekly motivational meetings, buying the tapes, the books or paying huge bucks to go to the conventions - out of state - ??? Can I walk through the pearly gates sans baptism with fire?

If you are out there I'd like to hear from you.

Dear Sidney,

As an Amway distributor, I find your website not only interesting, but helpful as well. I downloaded the entire contents to hardcopy, and have read and re-read them several times. The one common thread that I am seeing is that these were not very seasoned business people. Unfortunately for them, Amway is a BUSINESS, not a hobby. I even gave a copy of your site to my entire upline---they all laughed. They are all supporting me, if I cannot afford to buy a particular tape or book, they merely send it to me for free. Now I am quite aware that not all uplines are as supporting, but what I want you to be aware of is that not all uplines are as crooked as the ones depicted on your site. There are unethical people in all walks of life, and if someone fails because they blindly follow one of these people, then they are to blame, not Amway, and not Dexter.

[NOTE: Normally I remove the names and email addresses of those who send me these comments, unless someone specifically requests that I not edit this information out. In this guy’s case, though, I thought an exception was warranted]

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You have got to be the biggest fucking schmuck I have ever come across. You have no clue what you're flappin your ignorant gums about. If you bothered to do some REAL research, you might find out that about the only problem with AMWAY is that anybody, and I mean ANYBODY can become a distributor. Unfortunately, that includes assholes with peanut head mentalities like you. You are a loser and will never amount to anything. And that is coming from me - not some fucking cult that supposedly brainwashed me! It amazes me how you spent an unimaginable amount of hours putting this web site together. Maybe if you did something productive for once, you wouldn't be such a negative and probably poor idiot! I have served my country in wartime, hold one of the highest levels security clearances this government has, served my community as a Police officer, have a college degree, posses a pilots license and done countless other achievements all by the ripe old age of 24! Now, I hardly think I am an idiot - you probably are twice my age and haven't done 1/3 of what I have in my time. This leads me to beleive only one thing - I will retire before I'm 30 and live a life that you could only dream of as you lay in your old decrepid death bed. All because you were too big of a man to see the potential that AMWAY could have for someone.

Do me and countless others a favor…shove your website along with your computer straight up your ass. On second thought, never mind, you might enjoy it. You have probably ruined numerous peoples lives who could have otherwise become successful in this business. And for what? So that you can take out some personal beef against AMWAY due to your inability to succeed? That has to be the most immature act I have ever seen. You truly amaze me. I always "qualify" someone to see if "I" want to work with them, not to see if they have a dream. That is fine and dandy to have a dream, but if I had to deal with a negative asshole like you, you could possibly jeopardize the other fine people that are in my organization. I would not let you pollute the air I breathe with your presence! You are a wart on the ass of society and need to be surgically removed. Maybe a fucking .223 caliber bullet to your scull would cure your stupidity. Shall I call a sniper? No, that would be too easy for you. I would rather watch you live your sorry life out in misery. Enjoy it.

You probably don't have the BALLS to post this on your ever so wonderfull website, do you? Show me wrong and let the rest of the world see another opinion besides your own! I dare you. If you think you have some relevant question that you haven't yet been so fortunate as to have a proper resonse to, ask it. I will set you straight about all of your misconceptions about what is obviously the best opportunity in the world for someone who isn't a lazy shit like yourself and is willing to work for what they want, instead of having it handed down to them! I challenge you to prove me wrong.



hey Schwartz you nazi

You are one closed minded dumb shit. If you could open your eye's to the true facts of network marketing and quit wacking off at your terminal you wouldn't be the broke bloke you are. Get a life, or steal one from someone else. since you want to steal the dream of others.

P.S. I am not an Amway distributor, but am open minded enough to see a good thing.

Hello Sidney,

I am 23 years old and have been a distibuter for about 3 years. I have been active in the past but currently I am not because I have had many mixed emotions about the business. I think your Amway page is a good thing and I enjoy reading through all the comments people have posted. I really have to laugh when I see people write in and slam you for keeping up a page like this. In my opinion they seem very negative and close minded when I thought they were supposed to be so positive. If this is TRULY just a business, then why are they so personally offended? I don't see you as a negative person at all. I think you have done a very professional job of presenting the information as you have found it from other sources. You also give good opportunity for everyone to express themselves either pro or con Amway. Keep up the good work.

Right now, I don't think I will continue in Amway. I am not resentful toward my organization but I think I have learned all I need to and it is time for me to move on. I am thankful that my eyes were opened to the power of postive thinking and dreaming. Yes, I spent money on the tools and functions but I just consider that part of my education on life.

I wanted to list some of the reasons I didn't quite feel right about Amway and maybe some other people will be able to relate to me. I always felt like I wasn't honest with people when I was trying to hide the word "Amway." I felt very guilty because of that after I showed the plan or brought someone to a function. I didn't like the subtle way my organization manipulates people into staying in the business. It seems the feeling they want you to have is that the business is the ONLY way to make it in life and if you aren't in Amway you will be doomed for the rest of your life and be branded a quitter and a loser. They have no right to do that in my opinion. There is so much negative talk against having a job that I began feeling like a loser already since I had a job. My work performance even suffered because it was beat into my head all the time that a job was such a bad thing. Well how do Amway distributers feel about the hundreds of people that work and support them at Amway headquarters? Are they a bunch of losers? The distributers depend on those people and would not have a business without them. They tell you that you need to work for your own dream and not someone elses, well sometimes I felt like I was working for Rich and Jays dream! I would rather have my own dream or vision like Ray Kroc, Bill Gates, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Then I would truly be working for my own dream.

I was also told that like Amway, Ray Kroc became successful because of the business plan and not the product. This is partly true. Mcdonalds hamburgers are not the best but they have a fair price for what you get. It seems that even at "wholesale" prices in Amway you pay an above average price for an average product, not making it as good a value. But if you are in Amway, you would be stupid not to buy from your own business, right? No wonder all the fortune 500 companies want to make contracts with Amway-- they see how powerful the system is and are making big bucks off all these loyal customers.

People say that they are helping others and reaching out to people and giving of themselves. Lets be honest here. Everyone in Amway has a "hidden agenda" when it comes to making a new friend. Their motivation for helping people is a selfish one. If meeting new people and acting like you care about them is what it takes to become rich, then that's the price that they will pay. But if you don't get in Amway then they simply don't have time for you. I am a Christian, and I would rather my helping and serving people come out of a natural flow of having a relationship with the Lord--no hidden agenda. People today are not fulfilled and are looking for something. They get into Amway because they want to be a part of something and they want to have hope. Well people theres hope in God. Let Him fulfill you and give you your dreams! If you are going to do Amway that's great, but recognize that Amway in not the savior, God is.

I just read all the stuff in your web page, and I got to tell ya, it was very interesting. It seems though that all of your sources and replys that did all of the bashing were from people who have never been the business, or were for a short time only and never really had the dream or the burn to do it (or were doing it the wrong way). It really sounds like a lot of these people are in some other business besides Amway to me, because my group doesn't MAKE me buy or do anything. My group is not under Bill Britt's group, and I've seen how they do their Amway. A lot of what I've read on your page looks like what I've seen in Bill Britt's group, where they are basically shoving Amway down your throat. You may not realize it, but a long time ago Bill Britt decided he was going to do things his way and not the way Dexter wanted him to. So there are actually two kinds of groups you could run into Bill Britt's, and then the rest. I had not heard of the 1994 law suit untill I saw your page, probably because it's going on in the Britt group. Anyway my point is you shouldn't be out there bashing all of Amway, when all of Amway is not responsible. I think Amway is a great opportunity (in my group anyway). I've never had Walmart run out into the parking lot and tell me "thanks for shopping at Walmart, here's some of your money back". I've never had a job where my supervisor (compared to my upline direct) come out to my house and try to help me become financially independent. I've also never had a job that offered me an all-expense paid trip for seven days just for doing a great job. I've also never seen any corporation other than Amway take time out to motivate its employees to hurry up and retire! I've only just gotten in Amway, but my dad has been in for 1.5-2 yrs., and he is already at 4000pv per month. It seems he is doing quite well. He is paying for my college tuition with it, which is not cheap, believe me! Anyway I would not put too much faith into the words you hear from those quitters, if they quit, they didn't use the "system" as we call it. Who would you listen to about success in football, Emitt Smith and Steve Young, or Moe and Curly who dropped out of High School football. Personally I would listen to the experts, not the quitters! I've also read some of your replys where they claim to be like an ex-Pearl direct or something. That's crazy. The average income of a Pearl (at least in my group) is like $75,000. The average amount a Pearl gets just in bonuses is about $6000 (as of 1993). I wouldn't quit! I also did some price checking in your price comparison page. Either this page is really out- dated or you have a different price list than I do. Must be one of those Bill Britt price lists!

As an Amway Distributor, I was taught that time is the most important commodity that we are given in life. It was that same time that I fought to free up through alternate means of independent wealth.

It is that same time that you have spent frivolously, I'm afraid, ranting about a 6.4 billion dollar corporation and its associates. It doesn't matter who's making money, or whether that money comes as a result of product or tool sales. It doesn't matter who was turned off by what, whether it was a rally or the "sharing" aspect of the business. It doesn't matter how many lawsuits are filed, whether they be filed against the corporation or the distributors individually.

What matters is that the corporation, its system of distributor education, and its associates are an engine of hope in this country which is filled with cynics (who exist under the guise of "realists") and people who have "settled for" the idea that the american dream is just that . . a dream. Hope is one of the last chances we have, whether it be in the Amway corporation, God, or whatever flag you choose to honor. In spending your time attempting to slow the work of this fully-functional engine of hope, I'm afraid you have only wasted it.

Try these suggested activities with your spare time instead:

---> Prayer
---> Spending time with your Family
---> A Challenging Entrepreneurial Endeavor

. . . . the list goes on and on.

I apologize for the facetious tone of my note, it's just that I was saddened to see someone putting so much effort into something so unnecessary.

Thanks for acting on what you believe in -- that alone is respectable.

God Bless and keep you,

Dear Sidney,

Well, I just got around to reading the latest group of letters (#6). Why is it that overall the people _for_ Amway send you incoherent, foaming-at-the-mouth diatribes, while those who are writing with criticisms seem to be better able to express themselves? I can't help but notice it, every time. I've been ruminating over several points since I last wrote:

(1) Someone wondered in one of the letters why people in Amway are actively recruiting so many immigrants to The Cause. The writer wondered if it might be that they wanted to convert them to The American Way ASAP. I think it has more to do with the closely knit extended family groups, both in this country and in the immigrants' countries of origin, which the recruiter hopes to exploit.

(2) When I told my mother that I had become a distributor, she was alarmed, and told me that the husband of one of my stepsisters had become involved in Amway (in another state than the one I live in) and that, having maxed out his own credit cards, was being encouraged by his sponsor and upline to borrow another person's credit card to finance trips to some upcoming rallies and functions. I laughed (I did not, at THAT time, really believe her) and assured her that nothing like that was going on in my region. Having seen now that there is indeed evidence for this kind of behaviour in some of the lines of sponsorship, I am very worried about my stepsister and her children. I'm going to send my mother some of the information provided her for all of them to have a look at.

(3) I've been thinking a lot about how my sponsor hooked me into joining; when he tried the dream stuff on me, I told him that my husband and I were pretty happy with our lives and that we did not need more material things to make us happy. He then hit me with the charity angle, and (in addition, I'll admit, to the thought of how many more pairs of shoes I'd be able to buy with my Amway fortune :-) ) I was seduced by the notion of providing for my mother when she retires, and helping my sister set up a workshop, and countless other noble ideas. Knowing as I do now more about the generic Amway mindset, it's just a wee bit tempting to stay in, make that fortune, and then give it to the charities I really care about: environmental, PRO-CHOICE, women's rights, gay rights, literacy programs, support for minorities, gun control…precisely those things that would curl the hair of most Ambots.

(4) I felt such a stab of pain for the woman of several children (her letter was in posting #6) who was being told to wear red lipstick, along with all the other life- and mind-controlling garbage. It's a good thing no-one ever tried that one on ME. In fact, a few times, when I had to go directly to an open meeting from work, I showed up in [a very nice pair of] black trousers. Being clueless, I never noticed the no doubt disapproving glances being sent my way for not being in a dress. For some odd reason, at the time I thought my attendance was more important than a skirt and pantyhose.

Well…that's all for this time :) I can relate though that since I stopped actively participating in Amway activities, I have felt inner peace and harmony and a healing of the rift that had been developing between me and my husband (oh I was so glad to see that Bill Britt advises us to cast off any man who does not want to build The Business with us - very Christian of you, Bill). I have a feeling that Jesus would not become a distributor, but I think that Pat Buchanan would be perfect. Bill Britt ought to try to sponsor him (just the thought of how much money he could make in all those foreign markets would probably change his mind about that BIG wall he wants built).

I wish I could remember that Latin tag for "Don't let the bastards grind you down" but I misspell it every time. Anyway, as the red lipstick sufferer said, thanks for the shoulder (and ear). Talk to you later -

Thank you. The information at this site just confirmed my thoughts about this organization. I read many of the responses, and noticed that some of the Amway respondents didn't seem to notice how deluded they sounded as they wrote to you. My question is, what can concerned relatives do? Are there suggestions here somewhere that I didn't see, or is there nothing I can do to wake my sister and her husband up from the nightmare they are living?

Two years ago, my sister wanted to present me with a "plan" where I could earn money and be "financially free." Just to get her off my back, I listened, and even bought some of the "products". I believe that multilevel marketing takes a lot of effort, and is seldom successful, so I was safe from getting indoctrinated. I was just shocked at how badly my sister wanted to believe in this. I listened to one of the tapes, and it just sounded like they were praying to a money god.

Now, I am having to live with them. It is worse than I thought it would be. They are always tired. They seem to frequently get dressed up to attend mysterious meetings, and spray breath freshener. Their house if practically empty. It seems like they have had to sell stuff to keep above water. Last night, my sister and I argued about Amway, after she tried to force me to watch a videotape, having "prospected" me all week, by coming into my room and commenting on my poor choice of clothing, hygiene products, and lack of a submissive relationship to a husband. We decided not to talk about it anymore.

During the discussion, she had called me an "idiot prospect." Her conversation is so jargon-filled, I can barely understand her, except by the impression I get from remarks such as these. Her definitions, when questioned, are vague or non-existent. I once asked her how much they were making from this. She told me, "business runs on volume," and "it is an investment in the future." The person I knew is gone. She is now humorless, shallow, and distracted. I am just glad I am here so that my niece can get some attention. This is a very scary situation. Thanks for the truth.

To get right to the point, all of your price comparison articles I've read so far are not legal. In order for a price comparison to be legal you MUST put exact day and location that the items were purchased for every item. The articles on your page SOMETIMES have a month and year but not the day. The rest don't even tell the year the product was bought.

The price comparison article that has your name at the top says that the price comparisons were done over 3 months. If you the check the laws protecting consumers from false advertising the price comparison has to be very specific as to when and where each price comes from. For accuracy it might be a good idea to get the prices for every item the same day as well. Another inaccuracy in the article was the fact that none of those items were AMWAY products. They were products that AMWAY distributes, but that's probably just splitting hairs.

As far as the next comparison on that "page" it was even less specific as to when the prices were done. There were AMWAY products listed in that one but it is harder to read because it's split. If you converted it to a table or something it might be easier to read.

The consumer report rating you did starts out by claiming Dish Drops soap is four times more expensive than the other brands. But doesn't mention that you are supposed to dilute it 4:1 with water. That means it is about the same price per use if you follow the instructions.

Some of the other things tested I haven't seen in person yet so I can't judge them but based on the information that the first item I know about is mis-represented I have to wonder if the items I don't know about might be as well.

On returning from that link I notice that another mis-representation on your part had been caught. You had claimed that the amway water filter was the slowest when it actually was the fastest. If I was working for AMWAY I'd be having a lawyer contact you for some sort of slander charge. I'm not sure if these "tidbits" of erroneous info are intentional or not but they bring down the credibility of the entire site. I don't claim to be an expert on AMWAY and all of it's products, etc. so I don't claim to know all the answers, but your page does seem to claim you know all about AMWAY and that you think it's a fraud. Investigative reporting is very important in this country but it needs to be accurate reporting since any inaccuracy that one person finds throws doubt on the rest of the article.

I'm not telling you what to do because you are your own person, but you might want to look at EVERYTHING on your page to make sure that you aren't making ANY false claims. At the least it keeps you from being sued, but it also makes sure that the information you are putting out is truthful no matter what your personal beliefs are.

Mr. Schwartz,

Hello. I think i will address you in a formal manner for the moment. A thing you don't do in your page is what i call "profiling"; introducing yourself. But I will do so, anyway. My Name is R.M. I was born and live in Mexico City. I've been an Amway distributor, here in Mexico, for the past four years. I?m a Direct Distributor, what is called a DD in the business. I reached that level almost two years ago, in April 1994.

Besides that, i have a degree in Computing Systems Engineering, another one in Marketing and a third one in Theater and Drama. I hold one Microsoft Professional Certification, and I'm preparing to get another one. I tell you this, just to clear up that i?m not an uneducated innocent who has been blinded by some strange "cult", as you and your contributors tend to call the Amway bussiness opportunity.

I was wondering, how much time did you spent on your web page? and next question, obviously, is how much time did you spent on your own amway bussiness? I?m presuming here, from a four years experience in the bussiness, that YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE A PERSON WHO WAS INVOLVED IN THE AMWAY BUSSINESS. But let me emphasize something: you were INVOLVED in the bussiness. I would hardly believe that you ever did accomplish something with it, so you're now looking for a way to overcome your own failure… by trying to destroy what you did not have enough guts to build.

It's very dissapointing, although not unexpected, that you behave in that manner. But failure in a bussiness has a lot to do with oneself, not others…

So you are now gathering the opinions of a whole bunch of losers who actually accomplished nothing in the bussiness, as yourself, and try to set up a THIS-IS-ALL-THE-TRUTH page. You have a PEARL distributor contributing to your page… Cool. If he really was a Pearl, how come he was never an emerald? Because he actually only got the pin level, but then loose it. He only had a DD level. An his EGO wouldn't stand it, so he quit.

I think that, instead to being a good source of information, your page proves you to be a person whose only intention is to harm anything or anyone involved in the Amway bussiness… You pretend to BE OBJECTIVE and tell THE TRUTH about Amway…

But you don't even show the other side of the story. How come you don't have a link to Amway's Home Page? Why you don't also speak about all the good things the Amway opportiunity has to offer? Why didn't you publish the whole Forbes Article on Yager? You call him manipulator… And you have manipulated that article yourself, by implying things, hiding text portions -at will- and misleading readers to wrong conclussions…

You attack the company… But why you don't speak about the supporting programs Amway holds for the community? What about sports and arts sponsorships?

I don't really anything know about the Yager/Britt case. But i?ve never been forced to do anything in the bussiness, except what I want to. I have even decided not to work in it for a while, and no one complained of that (besides myself, as the income OBVIOUSLY decreased as much as my work did). And i?m pretty glad i have a bussiness of my own.

All you say about the tools money… I ask myself, DOES THAT MATTER AT ALL? I mean, I have never argued about paying my studies -which i thought should be the common thing to do in your country, but from reading your page i realize I was wrong. I have naver told myself IS THE OWNER OF THE SCHOOL GETTING RICH WITH THE MONEY I PAY HIM? HE SURELY IS CHEATING AND STEALING ME! Please, grow up a little… and THINK.

I wonder, do you have any degree at all, in anything? I think it might be… And then if you do, did you ever complained about having to pay for your books? Do you have the slightest idea about what CONTINUING EDUCATION means? Have you ever payed $300USD to attend a 4-hour seminar? I have. I know how much money Microsoft charges you just FOR TAKING the assessment exam.

But, my bottom line, for you and everyone who attacks the Amway bussiness, is:

I CHALLENGE YOU AND ANYONE, to enter the Amway bussiness, follow the eight-step pattern and the training system, and WORK… for five years

I challenge ANYONE to do that, and come in five years to tell me you really did it all and didn't work.

No man on earth can come and tell that to me. Not even you, mr. Schwartz.

Well… sorry. i got to go show the plan to someone who DOES have a dream and is actually willing to do something about it.

Nice talking to you

PD. Please, if you are going to post this message in your Web Page, no censuring would be gladly appreciated.


I was recently given an AMWAY tape and have been "talked" to by relatives who are just now getting INTO the biz in, what seems to me, a big way. Because I am in-between careers and seeking (and broke) I know they are thinking I should get in with them but something just didn't sound right to me. I have been involved (in the early 80's) with some "personal/professional growth" seminars in Chicago that (looking back) utilized some of the "cult" aspects listed in one of the articles in your links (it was called LIFESTREAM - you may have heard of it) At any rate, the tape I listened to had similar types of messages and strategies for involvement. Tonite - thought I'd look up some stuff on the Net regarding AMWAY and was impatient waiting for one of the clicks, so clicked on yours. I'm so grateful - much of what I read resonated and confirmed my "gut" reaction. Now I have to think tonite of a way to talk to my family. God - I hate this stuff. Just wanted to write to tell you the work you put into your pages were worth it - at least for me.

Dear Mr. Schwarts,

Thanks for your web page. I see you've added number 6 in comments just since I've found you. I notice that when you get a pro-Amway person the language is usually foul and vindictive. Yet the experienced ex-Amway people, some who have incredible stories, are even tempered and polite. Reminds me of Rush Limbaugh's comparisons between Liberals and Conservatives. We are presently being hounded be Amwayites. I really get turned off when I am told that I must see the Plan again and again before making a rash decision. Like I am not intelligent enough to understand it the first time. We (my husband and I) have been in business as screen printers for 6 years now. We know what it takes to make a business work. We have no intention of 5 more years of sleepless nights. We have finally tamed the business beast and are happy with our present situation.

I did give our Amway people your homepage address. I doubt they will read it though. (too bad). One question though for you. I am constently on the lookout for products I can market on the net along with our imprinted goods. I am looking at the Tupperware line. I have noticed a few people on the Internet (unlike Amway) and was wondering if you had any information on them. Unlike Amway they do seem to promote product sales over sponsorship. I am told that I don't have to have parties but that I can just buy product at a reduced rate (35% off) and resell it. I have always felt Tupperware to be a reliable company but after reading your page(s) I felt I better check it out a little more.

Thanks again,

I am writing as a new Amway distributor. I find many of the items you state to be totally without merit. I have not been coerced into any decisions that I did not want to make. The group I am involved with has worked with me each step of the way. Basically I feel that your feelings towards Amway is strictly based on lack of understanding. We all tend to distrust things we do not understand.

Though I have not made "a million bucks" yet (I have only been in less than a month), I know that definetly I will reach my goals by the end of 1997.

Your site paints Amway as a ruthless corporation that is destroying lives. Well I own a automotive repair business (for 6 years now) and the franchise I bought it from has done nothing but milk every penny they can from my operations with little or no support. Currently there is a massive class action suit against them.

At no time did they help me build my business, develop my dreams or give me free advice. They only took. Amway on the other hand has made me see that my future can change. It will be up to me, but with hard work, perserverance and a good attitude it can be done.

Talk to you again in 1997>


I wish I had found this information 6 months ago. I run a very succesful business, and 6 month ago I found out that my trusted assistant was "selling soap" to some of my employees. He was their boss, he made their scheudles, and he was in charge of their wage/performance reviews; which were all part of his job discription with my company. Unfortunatally, he used his "infulence" at work to force them into amyway. All the comments I read regarding cultism, mind control, misrepresentation, and plain old fashioned lying were all present in this situation. It took one of my part-time minimum wage employees who (finally) came to me for me to remove this assistant from my business. The damage he did is immeasurable. He distroyed my employees faith in me as a boss (they were told all along that I knew and was really at the top of the chain). It damaged my customer base (he was contacting our business customers outside and during his work day to sell his Amway. In scamed over $2000.00 from his own employees before he was caught, and most of these employees were "minimum wage," part time, 18 and 19 years olds. (If you haven't guessed by now, I run a franchise fast-food chain.)

I'm not a slave driver, my employees enjoy their work, and I enjoy working with them. I know that minimum wage is no way to make a living, and in the past, I have been the first one to encourage them to better their lives. I have help several of them find jobs with better wages, benefits, and work hours. I have encouraged ( and rewarded) HS dropouts to go back to school, I have gotten low-income employees food, housing, and medical care. I current am working with two adults helping them to lean to read. Because of all this, to me the real irony was that this assistant was telling my employees, "Dont you want to better your lives?" while all he did was steal their money. To me, there is no worse way to make a living then to build up false hopes to someone while you rob them blind. Thank you for all this "ScAmway" ( as it's called in my restaurant) information. I now have notices posted waring employees of these types of scams, but you have given my new ammo.

Again, Thank you

It really is too bad that some bad apples have to spoil it for the rest of us. I am in Dexter's group and NEVER once have I been pressured to buy a tape, book or a product. I decided to do so. There is a difference. I don't agree with everything Dexter says, (I don't always agree with my mother, my spouse or my boss) but I respect him for his desire to encourage free enterprise and a great business opportunity.

I'd like to think that all distributors follow ethical, sound business practices, but obviously it doesn't always work that way.

In our first month we (my husband and I) made back our expenses and then some. Our income from the business is continuing to grow (yes I'm including expenses) and we do not have to claim a loss for our first year in the business.

Sure, we've had to work for it, but we didn't HAVE to buy cases of soap or stock any items as I've read in your other responses. Anyone who tells you it isn't hard work is misleading you. A successful Amway distributorship can be built the "right" way if you use knowledge, experience and good old fashioned elbow grease.

I have read your articles only out of curiousity. A downline distributor brought them to my attention. Your "facts" are interesting, however, you are leaving out a great deal of the picture. As a former journalist I believe in presenting ALL sides of the story.

Yes, we work at it. Yes, we spend time attending functions, supporting our group's efforts to succeed, learning about the products, etc. We knew this going into it because our sponsor was honest. I don't always appreciate the political views expressed at functions, but I equally don't appreciate the politics of the company I current work for. Take it or leave it, the business opportunity itself stands alone.

I'm truly sorry for any distributors who became involved in an organization who fell off the beaten path -- or maybe just their sponsor did. Don't take it out on Amway or on all of the distributors who are building their organizations with integrity and honesty. When we approach someone about this business there is no pressure. If they are interested great, if not, great. We are looking for individuals who want to do this on their initiative, not on ours.

There are no guarantees in life. Why should Amway be any different? As far as the brain-washing claim goes, I really have to chuckle. Aren't we all grown-ups here? The last time I checked, my name was still on my bank account, still on my credit cards and my signature was on the distributor application form.

Thank you for your interesting and informative articles re:Amway. For several years: at least 6, I have had a nephew and his wife involved with Amway. Both my husband and myself have tried to talk to them, but they won't listen. The same excuses I read in your comments from other people: "Amway's changed". "We'll make it rich in 5 years", "It's good for the family to build this business". We even babysat for them the first year so they could go to their "meetings". After watching them return with stars and "diamonds" in their eyes, I couldn't justify aiding them in this fruitless pursuit.

I saw a show on T.V. on Cults, and phoned for some information on Amway. They replied that Amway wasn't listed as a cult, but they had been overwhelmed by the number of calls coming in pertaining to Amway. It sure meets the definition!

There was another T.V. show about the perils of Amway. When I mentioned this to my nephew, he informed me that they didn't watch T.V. anymore. Another method of control? If they don't watch it, it seems unlikely they'll hear anything negative about it.

As I stated, it's been 6 years, and the poor kids are in worse shape they were in when they got into this mess. But they still can't see it. They can't even collect unemployment benefits during the off-season from logging, because they own their own company. They get behind every break-up, and never seem to catch up. Where are they this week-end? In Calgary, attending another meeting. How is their family life? Well, they're trying out another new "babysitter". No, she hasn't looked after the kids before, but they'll be fine.

Maybe I'm neglecting my duty to my great nephews and neice, but I cannot condone their participation, so find it easier to avoid them. We've tried talking to them till we're blue in the face, but they won't listen.

Do you think there's a connection between Amway and Evangelical churches? In this town, a new church was built and alot of the members were from Amway. Any coincindence? Unfortunately, even with large Tithes from the members, they could not afford the mortgage, and lost the church. Another drain on their resources.

That's about it. Thanks for the space to vent my feelings. Everyone else in the family has gotten tired of talking about it. However, I've downloaded several of your articles. Don't know if it will do any good, but one still tries.

Hey Steve, This amway thing is real I feel that I have lost my best friend to amway. They tryed to get me into this and when you I said no, they don't call, they don't come over. And they don't even return there phone calls to me. Ask someone from amway if they ever heard of A.L. Williams.. Its the same kind of fraud. If you say no, They think your scum.. When will they wake up?? Thanks for this proof.

I am being solicited by a moronic amway salesman. He contends of course that the business is solid, and he claims that his lack of success only amounts to a lack of effort(motivation). It's amazing to watch these idiots make themselves believe that they will be rich off of this top heavy scam. Their prices suck, and thanks to people like you, so does their name.

So… What are you offering? If you put 1/1000th of the time you put into this barrage of one-sided crap, into something productive, maybe you could eat more than bananna sandwiches, and own (not pay monthly payments to a bank) a car that actually starts in the morning. What possess people like you to dig up this junk? Is this to justify your inability to keep a job. Let me guess, you have been in mulitple businesses, and failed at each one… No doubt, you can tell the world how each one of them treated you wrong, and it was no fault of your own.

So… for all these "new" distributors that you take pride in breeding confusion, uncertainty, and doubt… what are you offering them? What are you putting out there for them to put their time $ money into, so they have an "opportunity" to make their future brighter? Hmmm, how about a web site that steals from their dreams & goals…yep thats what your purpose in life is…dream stealer. Can't make it doing something good and helping others, but cutting & tearing down is all you have. Are you going to pick up the tab when Social Security doesn't for these people? Any idiot can point out the problem, it takes intelligence to work on the solution…are you offering one?

Maybe you can live with yourself…perhaps you are a christian (this is highly doubtful), but I would not want to be you on judgement day… You could be labled as "The 2nd Jim Jones…" The one that pours out the poision… and has no antidote!

So what is the point in all of this? Have you started some 100% pure company that all of the World of Amway can join, and do it properly? If so, let me know… I would be interested in the perfect solution, otherwise get this crap off the net and use the space for something that can be productive, and enrich people's lives, not tear them down.

Mr. Schwartz,

Great www page!

I've received "The business" pitch from Scamway and other MLM schemes so often that I suspect anyone who's friendly to me as being involved in some type of MLM.

Notice how most supporters are reluctant to mention their income from AMWAY--probably because they are new recruits still caught up in the dreams and promises of riches. Some people do make money, but only a small percentage. That's how a pyramid scheme works: The large numbers at the bottom feed the very small numbers at the top.

Here's a sure-fire way to stop "the business" pitch dead in it's tracks: Tell the person (who wants to expand his "consulting" business, no doubt) not to bother you unless he shows you his bank account first.

Keep up the good work. To quote the movie Spaceballs--Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz…



Hi Sidney,

Read your page and the details about Expenses, Tools Scam etc. The articles were quite "enlightning" in a sense. I am involved in the business for around 6 months now and always used to wonder why the "tools" were so much emphasised. However, I find that the business per se (ie. Amway) is a good opportunity. It is the misuse of the "system" by the top dist. which gives it a bad name and makes it cultish.

BTW, Are you or were you by any chance a distributor before.

I was a distributor for four months. Last week, I got off of standing order and instead requested other tapes from the Business Materials Book. I expressed that the weekly tapes were not teaching me anything. My AMVOX message to my upline was forwarded to his Emerald's voice mail without my knowledge. The Emerald voice mailed me back that I could not buy any other tapes without being on Standing Order and by not being on Standing Order, I would be drifting out in space without a tether. His attitude and tone was "take it or leave it" counseling or explaination. I had uneasy feelings about AMWAY during this time so this incident brought my feelings to a head. BTW, my daily AMVOX messages from the uplines stopped the next day. I felt as though I was "shunned".

The other day I did a Yahoo search and found your Page. The research concurred with my own considerations. I called my upline and told him I quit.

Thanks for the saved me time and money.

I would like to thank you for revealling Amway. I went to one of the seminarl with one of my friend who invited me to check ti out. Somehow I had a bad feeling in the back of my mind for some reason. My friend pick me up where the meeting was taking place in one the members appartment. I was told that there was lots of people that attainded the meeting, but instead there were only about 7 people includind me. I was wondering why all these people that attainded was the range of 17 to 21 year of ages. The one who was the main guy of meeting was 35 year old. I really had a headace when he kept talking about how I should be my own boss, and that I should never work again. I swear I almost felt asleep as he kept putting image in our mind that we should drive a very expensive automoble like a porche. He even asked that we should imgines the color of the car we're in, and how people look at us. I was saying lots of stuff in my mind about the guy. Who gave me the run around for about 2 hours and I was won dering when will he get to the dam point on how to do this things that he is saying. Finally he told me a few detail about Amway I had to asked my friend explain more to me. It took me 5 minutes to know finally know what the hell he (speaker) was talking about. You know what I fall for it after hearing from my friend I wanted to join too. I deceided to ask my friend for a ride home and can't wait to convice my family on this concept of a ideal. They laugh at me? I try to conviced my parent they just couldn't believe it. They told me that they don't like this ideal of mine and they want me out of it. Even my younger brother laughted at me. I deceided to ask my friend at My College about Amway, and I have asked 14 people that I don't even know that goes to my school. They all said the same thing that Amway just want to use you to keep in business. After hearing only bad things about Amway. I was wondering is there any positve things about this company? I deceided to asked one of my teachers who specialize in marketing. He laughted as well. I want to thank you for your information about Amway, and would like to encourge to go. P.S. sorry for some of misspell some of the text I was just mad that's all.


I got online today hoping to find something to reinforce what my conscience/common sense was telling me and HIT THE JACKPOT!!! Thank you very much for providing an incredible service. I almost feel like going to an amway meeting now, heh, heh, heh. My wife won't let me, she hates when I get on a soap box. But now I have info to back my views and keep my friends from being persuaded. Have you heard of STS? Selling phone cards, my neighbor swallowed the whole malarky and is trying to interest me. I wouldn't have gone anyway, but I think the "definition of a pyramid scheme" article may open her eyes in time. Thanks again!

We have some realitives deeply involved in AMWAY currently. They have been in for several years. They just got back from a trip to Denver to attended a fuction. They are not making a penny. Do you have any ideas that we could use to educate them about the "real" AMWAY. I have greatly enjoyed your web site. It has confirmed everything we have believed for years regarding AMWAY. Keep up the good work.

Hello, Amway is a business, nothing more. By the time this business saturates the market, everything will be in place with the internet and satellite at-home shopping and the market for most goods and services will fall under Amway. You're sitting back and saying "Yeah, right." I can see you now. Sir, you have made life a little more difficult for me. You are telling people what you think the business is all about. This business is about people, money, and freedom for those fortunate enough to use this opportunity while it's still in effect. Why not buy products from yourself and get a percentage back, even if some of them are slightly more expensive, if they give you a means to achieving financial freedom? Why not introduce the line of brand-name products (which is growing every day as the big companies figure out what's going on) to your friends and tell some of them about this? No, I don't tell them it's Amway at first. The name of my upline diamond, plus the word "Enterprises" is what I introduce people to. Do you know why? People who have couldn't (didn't) do it and blaimed it on the business condemn it and have done a fairly good job of giving the word Amway a bad name. People don't know what it is and turn it down for its name. And now you've given all of this failure a spot on on the Net. Great! Just what I needed! I feel sorry for those who gave up when the ride got bumpy, because most of them could have been Diamonds now had they hung in there and followed the recommendations of their upline. At this point, I'm going to clear up a few misconceptions and state some facts. Anyone who gets into this business owns a business of his or her own, which that person or couple can do with as they choose. People are going to fail (give up). That's life. It's true for every endeavor there is. The system that Dexter Yeager started was to reduce failure by giving people proven techniques. If someone wants to follow those techniques, great! If they don't, great, as long as they're careful. It's people who do it their way who give the business it's intrusive image. Amway is taking the world market through human determination, and that's why it will succeed, but it should be done with honesty and respect and love. Who cares if I'm making someone else money? I spend more time at work doing that every day than I'll ever spend doing this. And I will be at the Diamond achievement level in September, 2000. Hope to see you there.

In my two years with the WorldWide Dreambuilders organization,,,, I have beat alcoholism, drug addiction, left my job as a District Sales Manager with a division of Chrysler Corp… started my own business and am earning more money. This organization truly has been a blessing to me!!! I wouldn't QUIT for anything.

If you want to play in the Super Bowl,,,,it takes work!!! WORK!!! If you don't want to practice,, study your game book,,, attend meetings,,, wear the uniform,,, get HIT REAL HARD,,,,,, that's fine. Stay home and complain about the salaries Super Bowl players' make and watch it on TV!

There are two UNDISPUTABLE FACTS: 1) There can be no doubt that a corporation who does business with people like Coca Cola, Chrysler, GM, Ford, Panasonic, Sony,,, etc.. and does 6.3 BILLION dollars a year ,,,,,WORKS!!!! 2) It is real easy to pick on guys like Bill Britt and all the other people WHO HAVE DONE THE WORK. People are alway jealous of people who have worked hard and become successful. THE FACT IS,,, BILL BRITT,,,,ETC,,,,,,ALL STARTED WITH A KIT!!

Thank you… I've had my say.. I see no reason to ever visit this site again.

I applaud you for providing this information on the web, and to publish both, the negative and positive opinions about AMWAY. That's what USA is about - free opinion!

I am wondering why some of the pro-amway people are responding you so angry. Don't forget!, Amway means AMerican Way!


I've just spent some time reading your Amway articles. I must commend you on not only providing so much information, but especially on documenting your claims. In the world of MLM's it often seems that everything is assertion and nothing is proof - so to find someone providing some cold hard facts is great.

I've also got a comment on all the people who responded to your page. It seems that the great majority of those you dislike what you have to say do not actually criticise what you have to say. They do not dispute your facts nor question your reasoning, instead they attack you (and even abuse you).

This one observation says to me that you've hit the nail right on the head.

I have taken great time go over the information about Amway on your home page. I have been an Amway Distributor for over a year now, and have found some of your information to be true, but expanded upon along with exagurated. I also found many lies. To make this business out to be a scam or fraud is totaly false. I Work for McDonald's while building my business, and find the way McDonald's Operates it's Distibution system to the independent operator and the way Amway distributes it's products to be very similar. You buy a higher quality product at a higher price from the McDonald's Distribution center, but the more product YOU move out of the distribution center comes back to YOU in a quarterly "Rebate." Does this sound very familiar to how the Amway system of bonuses works?

People have to literally donate many hours working at a McDonald's to be considered for a franchise in McDonalds then have to come up with lots of cash. If the operator builds his/her business then in a few years time the profits roll in. Amway offers individuals without the hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest an opportunity to take a minimum amount of money along with yes a time investment (as many of the articles you have point out) and all they say is if you build your business in 2 - 5 years you should expect to see your profits. The reason I am making this comparison is if someone approached you about a McDonald's franchise you would not shut the door on them, (and they ask for lots of money) nor refer to them as a scam or fraud as you do in reference to Amway. In an Amway Business what YOU want to invest in YOURSELF is your decision, you are not required to buy any "motivational supplies" or attend any functions.

The bottom line is it seems You are not the type of person, nor are the authors of your articles the type of people who are in the pursuit of building your own business or the American Dream. You and your friends should continue to work your 9-5 jobs along with staying consumers and leave the business building to people like me. We need people like you, and like the way Amway business was presented to me, I will present it to you....We are not on a mission to save the world, If you don't want to be with us, we don't want you. We want energetic people who want to better themselves by using this great business opportunity. No one is brainwashed or harassed, why would anyone do that in a Multi Level Marketing business, as they would be a waste of time, and not profitable at all. Your premise and posture make no sense at all, and I think your articles and situations highlight some people who have approached building the Amway business the wrong way, those individuals should be exposed, not the concept or the company.

Why the negative attitude?

Did you make sure Coca-Cola's, MCI and all the other major corporation that are affiliated with Amway know about all this accurate un-baised information? Especially all their high paid legal staff who researched Amway before they decided to have Amway "cultists" market their product? I think they know more than you and would not risk being associated with a "scam."

With all the effort you put into your page means one of two things, you are living a very shallow life or you really have nothing against against Amway or their products but probably against someone who "rubbed" you the wrong way. Jerks are everywhere, even on the Internet.

You should start your page with why you've put this page together and what your real life experience is to provide some type of credibility.

PS. I'm sure the FTC who thrives on scams know of all these fact too.


I went Direct in 34 months of basically fooling around, not going nuts, but just plugging into the system. The Amway you describe and the one I'm part of are two sides of a coin. The folks I'm in with are just average men and women, no cults, no pressure, just concentrated products that don't cost as much oil and tire rubber to ship (it weighs less 'cause it has less water), last longer and do more than what I could get at Kroger, and I'll tell you from the bottom of my heart I've seen people get off booze and dope and put their marriages back together and get out of debt.

Of course only a relative few make it big, Sidney--only a relative few make it in anything at all and you know it.

What it comes down to is: what must I do to make it? From what I've seen for myself doing this, it costs less to be in business for yourself and will pay back far more considering the initial investment and what you must do than anything I've seen yet.

Guys with huge incomes and status to the moon outside of Amway get into this business and tear it up. So do carwash managers.

I don't doubt that geeks get in and screw it up. That's their right. I realize it makes people absolutely furious and gets them to hate Amway, but it's not Amway they're hating, it's the geeks. Incidentally, Amway pulls distributorships from the geeks when they find out about them, which says to me they're interested in more than just their bottom line.

I find it supremely ironic that such a great thing can inspire such vitriol. Thanks.

Thanks for telling the real story.

I too made the mistake of joining amway. I discovered the lies after 2 weeks.

I notified amway and consumer affairs that our upline were blatantly breaching 20 of the conditions of contract and the Trades Practices act. Amway did nothing so my ex went on talkback radio to warn people. As a result:

-Amway told us to shut up.

-I received death threats and threats that my children would be harmed from T.G., the Yager Direct distributor in Darwin at the time.

-My sponsor took out a restraining order against me contacting any of her family because I was "unmotivating her in her business venture".

After that I moved, got a silent number & put my kids in private school. Amway distributors working in a govt department gave my address and kids' school to the DD who continued to harrass me.

No investigation took place and the police did not want to know about any threats.

I approached the local minister for consumer affairs, who revised the trades practises act to crack down on pyramid selling and misrepresentation of income.

Hi Sidney -

I just took another look at your redesigned home page - it looks great. A while back I wrote you about my experience with Amway and the effect it had had upon my marriage, which was just beginning. I am happy to report that it has definately improved since my disassociation with "the business". I read some of the pitiful letters from people who are still involved - they are disturbing to say the least. A business that evokes such powerful emotion from so many frightens me.

Anyway, there is a reason for this e-mail - the only thing I truly miss about Amway is the "9 to 5" coffee. It's wonderful. I refuse to buy more, even though I am actually still considered a distributor. It is ridiculously expensive. I feel certain they do not roast their own. I thought maybe you had an inside source. If you do know or know how I could find out, I would greatly appreciate it.





My name is R.C. and I am a Profit Sharing Direct Distributor in the Dexter Yager organization. In December I was downsized from my job of 5 years and before I left my company of 5 yearsthey gave me a profit sharing check of $265. 00. My annual icentive bonus only one check I recieved from Amway in November of 1995 was for $7,300.00. Some people do make money in Amway. All you rinformation stops short of one fact. If you are will to do the work the reward will come. You must know thatr 95% of all new business fail within the first 5 years. People expect to become an Amway distributiors an get rich without doing the work. I can go on an on. If you wantthe real truth I would be happy to speak to you on the telephone. You web sit does not tell the whole story. In my opion Amway is far from the perfect business. Bu tmy job of 5 years left me out in the street, and if wasn't for my Amway income I WOULD BE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE but I am not. Pleas tell the truth.


My name is A.B...... and I think I remember the Hanrahan's from this similar discussion about the fraud of Amway on the Fidonet

Anyways .....

I am jhust writing to say that .... it is none to soon that these people at the top of this networking scam are sued ..... they deserve everything that is coming to them

I am not an ex-Amway distibutor myself .... by write as an Amway kid … and oe who spoke up ..... and didn't follow in what has now become twelve years of my parents' involvement in this sham scheme.

I read your information presented on Amway, and on balance, felt it was pretty fair. I also read some responses. While most of them were from mindless Amway distributors who have been so badly brainwashed they will go nowhere in life, many responses contain some good points that I believe you failed to give credible weight to.

My belief is that a persons' ability or inability to succeed in business, any business, is mostly determined by that person. In other words, if you want it bad enough, you can get it. I do think Amway distributors bring in people and get their hopes up, yet do not inform them of the work involved and that is the primary reason for inactivity. Purchasing tapes and all of that other nonsense has a lot to do with it as well, but there are people of all ages, creeds, races, and religions that are succeeding in Amway. I wish everyone success in any business and I hope you take that attitude as well.

I am not an Amway distributor, but I am involved in another network marketing "scam" as some like to refer to it. It is fastly changing my life and the lives of many friends. In my opinion, the organization I am in *is* the real deal and I plan on getting into a five figure monthly residual income within the next 6 months. My whole point in saying this is to point out that I believe I could very well do the same thing in Amway. In the same time frame? Maybe, maybe not, but no one and certainly no statistic is going to tell me I can not succeed. I will decide that for myself.

So, again, while the information you presented is indeed helpful and I believe everyone looking at this business should read your opinion and make up their own mind, I would like to see you perhaps add a paragraph or two suggesting that success is ultimately determined by the individual and not the organization.