Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 9

(4/96 - 5/96)

Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

Hiya Sidney,

I'm one of the (gullable?) few who have attended the plans, given it careful consideration, and I am going to "go for it", but I'm not signing a damned thing or spending a penny of my money, until I see it working. I'm prepared to be brainwashed by the motivational material, simply because I honestly do believe that being motivated is what breed success. And I am quite happy too, to belive that the 4% of people who are well off at the age of 65 got there by being self-employed, well motivated, and all the rest of it.

I'm also prepared to listen to all the negative things about Amway. That is why I am NOT attending any seminars at 10 quid a time, I am NOT buying any motivational material or tools that I have to pay for myself, and I am NOT re-arranging my social life, just because my "UPLINE" says so.

That's why I'm looking around on the net for more information - an objective point of view, before going into this with both feet.

One thing I can't seem to find any info on, however, is the UK "legs" of Amway. I believe there are 9 currently in europe, of which onbe 'IBS' is the one that I am being sponsored into.

I am repeatedly told that IBS is _NOT_ the same as Amway that we here all the nasty stories about. Can this be true? I believe it _can_ be true, but I can't find any info to back it up. Do you have any idea where I can get info about the differences between the various "legs" of Amway, that distinguish it from the big mother of Amway itself? Or do you beklieve that Amway is Amway, and it's all a con no matter where you go?

Thatnks for your time, and cheers for an excellent web-page with a wealth of information. If Amway really is a big scam, let's put an end to it NOW. If it's not - LET ME IN!!!

Cheers, and Regards,

P.S. Want to buy some excellent washing up liquid? (joke!)


A couple of days ago, I brought my best friend over to see my computer. He, being an Amway distributer, obviously wanted to see the Amway homepage. Using a search engine I came across a listing of your page. I clicked it on, and oh boy, did he get mad. The truth is a hard thing for some of these people to realize. My friend got sucked into Amway about six months ago by a former employer. He attended a meeting with her, and was then a Amway distributer. Knowing that I have much more disposable income than he does, he has been trying to get me in to his scheme since he joined. He envisions himself being a "direct" by the end of the summer and "diamond" in two to three years. He talks of his emmense wealth that he will have in a few short years. And yes, he tells me that while I am going to slowly climb a corporate ladder, he is sky-rocketing to the top of his proffesion as we speak.

As we were reading your page, I asked my friend how many motivational tapes he buys. He buys two tapes a week at $6 dollars a shot, and a book a month to boot. If we do travel together, he'll insist that we listen to his tapes. This is a clear attempt by him to get me coerced into joining. If he can't get me to join, maybe Dexter Yager will. He also drove me to his sponser's house (unknowing to me) at an attempt to "show me the plan".

"Showing the plan" seems to play a large part in his business. He had to take part time hours at his job in order to show plans. Fortunatly for him, he still lives with his parents and has no bills other than Amway. What is "showing the plan"? If his business is in selling normal household products, why does he need to show plans and buy books and tapes for?

I have been friends with him since high school. However, these people are controll- ing his life. His sponser told me if I was a good friend, I should join Amway. Now, my friend refuses to give up in his quest to have me join. I believe that Amway is a cult, and that in return for his cash and labor, he will have a dream of wealth to believe in. I would like to help him, however his quest for "easy" money is too great.

$6.8 Billion in sales and it doesn't work? Got a life. Any business has risk. Every business a chance of failing. Not every business costs under $200 to start. I know pleanty of people that are making a bunch of money in it and I know a bunch of people who arn't making any money at it. Sounds like that business section of your local paper doesn't it? I would sugest that you not try it or any business because your attitude sucks! I'm sure with such a narrow mind you won't sucessful at anything but watching TV, and being a drag on suciety.



GO DIAMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was disappointed by your one-sided view of the Amway Corporation. I noticed that the only comments you placed were by "ex" distributors. I have nothing to gain by talking both positively and factually regarding the corporation which I distribute for. As far as the "tools" which are referred to, they are made and distributed by "Internet Services," not the Amway Corporation thus the name is no were on the tapes. I view my position as more of a "shareholder" in the corporation rather than a cult fanatic. As I am in the "meeting planning" industry, I recently attended a large sales meeting with the salesforce of Brown & Williamson. During the three days, they chanted, cheered, praised the company and evoked positive mental attitude and team building skills in the force. Are they a cult for doing this? No, only people trying to remain optomistic in a very negative world. Same as Amway Distributors. If you're looking for some facts … look me up and I'll be happy to share.

I cannot tell you how much I appererciate the time and effort that you spent on this page. You are correct, what was in those articles was in no way told to me. Unfortunately it is to late, I became a distributor two weeks ago. I wish I had seen it sooner. I am goning to approach my upline with printed copies of your writings and ask them to explain. I do hope you do not mind me using your writings I assure you that I will destroy them after presenting them and will give them your web page. I just wish I had found your page sooner.

ps and to think I almost got my family into this.


Your cell site provides for some very interesting reading. It helps to reinforce my opion that Amway is the best business opportunity available. After reading some of your articles and reviewing a few of your readers responses, I am only convinced all the more of the importance of learning from the tapes, book, and functions and am really not concerned with the cost of them or the profit made from the sales of them.

One of your readers tells of a distributor who misled a prospective client, if this is true, then he obviously did not buy the tapes or attend the functions or maybe just didn't learn. DO YOU NOW SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF THESE SUPPORT MATERIALS? The people who record and write these tapes, books and functions have earned the right to make money from them. Obviously, the people concerned, are only sitting back and waiting for something to fall into their lap. A person needs to work hard and earn the right to be in that bracket.

Although I haven't made any money from the tape, books or functions I am anxious to do so. When you consider the minimal cost of the tapes, books and functions, do you know of any where else you can go and spend a few dollars to learn and be inspired by a motivated speaker? This is a business not a get rich quick sceme. It takes sacrifice just like any other job, business or profession. Do you think a person just walkes into a hospital, becomes a doctor and starts making 150,000/year with out giving up anything or learning anything?Give me a break!!! Sidney what does an education cost a doctor or anybody for that matter and not just money but emotional stress and time away from their familys as well. This business like any has its ups and downs, I'm just happy to say I have seen more ups than downs.

I have owned my own small business for 15 years I never found the amount of support, education materials and motivational seminars (for such a ridiculously low cost) as I have in the Amway business.

When I started my reconstruction & restoration business I paid $15,500 to attent a week long seminar and was provide with a business manual. In addition I had to pay $250.00 per month for continuing support. It took me 3 years to even begin to show a profit. Some of the attendee's showed profits the first month, some took longer and yes some did fail.

I have not attended all the seminars (functions) I have not bought all the books (some of them I already had). I do enjoy listening to the tapes and have not bought all of them. As a matter of fact, at one point in time they sugested I go off the tape program because I was not listing to them. I HAVE RECEIVED TEN TIMES THE SUPPORT IN MY AMWAY BUSINESS THEN I EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY RESTORATION/RECONSTRUCTION BUSINESS.

Perhaps you are more concerned with someone making money from the sale of these materials and events then you are on building a profitable orginization of your own.

I am currently a distributor. I have not reached the direct level ( BUT I WILL). I am in the puryear line of sponsorship. I have found that many of the books can be bought on the open market. However, I find it is more cost effective to buy them through the distributorship. Some of these books I read long before I ever became involved with an Amway distributorship.

Sidney, let me share with you what this business has done for me in the last 6 months.

1) Helped me to become a better person.
2) Given me a possitive outlook on life.
3) Helped me to become a better husband, father, etc…
4) Brought happiness into our home.
5) Made friends the kind of friends that uplift and encourage you to do better and to be the best you can be.
6) The opportunity to help other people achieve their goals and dreams, and to help them become better and happier people.
7) I have learned to take responsibility for my own actions, instead of critizing others in an attempt to justify my failures.
8) To see the possitive side of people and not to dwell on the negative.
9) Learned how to run a business with a possitive cash flow. ( THROUGH RETAIL CUSTOMERS I MIGHT ADD)
10 I have learned how to take charge of my personal finances and be a better money manager.

These are just a few of the things this business has done for me. I could write a book and maybe someday I will. I might even make some money from it.

Sidney try to put a price tag on just the things I have metioned.

Oh and here is one all the money in the world couldn't buy: I now have the wisdom to accept people for who they are and the courage to help those in need.

Sidney, we all have an INESCAPABLE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for the effects of our thoughts, and words upon the lives of others. We should think of the imact of our thoughts, and words before we say or do them. PEOPLE ARE IMPORTANT AND PRECIOUS.

How many people have you affected in a negative way because of your slanted views?

Can you live with that?

I have affected many people in a possitive way. Belive me I can live with that!


Ms. Schwartz,

I am writing because I just came across some very affending messages regarding amway that you have posted on the web and your e-mail adress was the only one I could find.

The one message that I find the most offensive is the on "our amway nightmare" I find that these messages sterio type all amway distributors. By saying that all distributors are arrogant and self serving and all other slanderous remarks is as bad as saying that all Polocks are stupid or all Black people are theives. They simply are not true. Like all busineses there are a few bad apples but not all are.

I am an Amay distributor and have been for 9 months. My up-line does not make me do anything I don't want to do nor does he make me feel guilty. My up-line helps me when I need it. My up-line are my friends but none of them are like the article said. They are all nice people that are willing to help people that want to make money. If they find some one that doesn't then they move on. They still have friends and family out side of the business that they are spending time with. I go to seminars when I have the time to, I build the business when I have the time to. I am building a successful AMWAY business on only 2 hours a week and have made enough profit from the business to pay for all of my tools to build the business.

Also to the person who said they didn't like making money of there friends and other people, Well first you really don't make any money until you help them reach D.D and second of all what do you think the company you work for does. They pay you for making them money. Once you stop making them money then you are history. People might say that I have already been hooked to this cult and that is why I am supporting it. I am not. I could quit at any time and my up line will let me go with out threatening me or calling me. I got to say that people should quit making judgments on AMWAY on only one bad experience. If i condemd everything that I had a bad experience, then I would not be in college, or I wouldn't be driving any more, or I wouldn't ride a motorcylce. People will always have bad experiences but don't condem all.

I respect peoples ideas and views of things but when they list me and my downline and upline as hethens and bad people I must come and say something.


Let me ask you a question? What business are you positive about?

Another Free Distributor.

To all of you slam-dunking diamonds, Are you making $30,000 a month? Probably not! I don't do Amway and I don't have job mentality! You guys are missing the boat as far as I am concerned. In the last six months I have taken 3 pearls out of your organization and they are making more money than they ever dreamed of! And they are not selling bullshit tapes that suck the big one either! You guys are scum and you know it, get with the program, sidney is right on and you guys are a cult if I've ever seen one! One big happy family as long as you are emptying peoples pockets you are loyal to these suckers! A great scam, no doubt, but this is the nineties and when everyone figures out that Sidney is right, then you diamonds will be looking for jobs! He He He! You folks are blood sucking scum who wouldn't know shit from shinola!!! I read one of the responses to Sid's awesome page. It is amazing how much Sid has been able to pisss this slam dunkin diamond off? To that slam dunkin diamond: You are an idiot!!! How many lies have you told in the last few years? I bet it is a lot!!! Can you live with yourself as a real and honest man? I think not!!! You have been suckered also and I bet you are going to die a very unhappy man!!! I have never seen a u-haul behind a hearse. What is the point of living if you cannot die with dignity!!! You are the reason our society has problems!!! People like you should be rolled in tar and feathered and put out to dry in the hot sun somewhere and put into a real-life situation and when you leave Amway there will be no friends there to help you!!! You will be all alone for this is why Amway tells you to let go of all of your friends!!! Your real friends will tell you that you are a moron for doing this crooked business and all businesses have a life cycle and Amway is at it's end. Time to get into something else and bail out of Amway completely, just remember to take your down-line with you!!!

Great page. I too was involved in Amway for several years. However, after my first major function, I lost my unquestioning belief. I could tell that something was not quite right. The "recovery" period after each subsequent major function took longer and longer. Now I realize that deep down I saw the "Tool Scam" in operation but didn't want to believe it. Once my upline direct confided that tool and ticket profits were a major portion of his income, things started making sense.

You refer to postings on USENET about Amway. Which newsgroups have frequent postings about Amway?

Thanks again for the great page. Searching the web, it is a little scary how many people out there are involved and don't understand the secret about tools.

Hi, my name is *, and today I was asked to consider joining amway by a friends brother. I had no clue what amway was, but I was told that I could make some easy money. So tonight I went to his house and sat down to listen to a hour long talk about how I could make lodes of cash with out even lifting a finger. Being a 16 year old this got my attention, but I was convinced that it was legit. I guess you become a little suspicous of other people and their intersts after being brought up in a family of police officers. After sitting there for a hour I was led to believe that all I had to do was buy their products, and I would recieve a kick back. Then if I wanted to get a biger kick back, all I needed to do was get so other people to buy their products. They would then do the same and I would continue to get a bigger piece of the pie. After understanding that much I felt that it might be alright to join. When I got home the first thing I did was tell My parents What! I had been told. My father said that it sounded alright and if was I game I could join. On the other hand my mother was greatly disstressed by the thought of me joining amway. She told me it was a pyramid, and that it would only cost me money rather then make me money.

I was just wondering what advice you would have for me, and why? And if you could give me anything that I could show my friends to stop them from joining, if in fact it's not legit, I would be very thankful.

Do your homework by going to a rally and finding out first hand what the tapes and functions are all about. The tapes are designed to a take a total sceptic like yourself who feels like they are a victim of society and turn them into a true enterpreneur. This is what people are looking for as they flock to the USA. Assholes like yourself do everything in your power to destroy their dreams before they have a chance to succeed. Bet you vote Democratic!!!

This system is producing more Millionaires each month than any other form of free enterprise. Remember-the more you enterprise the freer you are. Try it, you might like it. If you have a personal bitch against the Amway system, then air your laundry in private with the person you have a problem with. You sound like the kind of person that is a welfare case anyway so what is the use to continue this letter.

A person that is going to make a success of this business.

PS If Amway is so bad, what is your plan? I would like to hear it. If you wish to start a flame war, go ahead…but before you do, I will warn you that I am an Internet service provider myself and fully capable of providing a website that will show what an asshole you really are!!!

Hello,Sidney. Just found your website and am printing it. I've been in Amway since 1980. I'm told my downline business is around $20,000,000. We make about $200 each month. Ain't it great.I recently began to listen between the lines to some of Britt's tapes--especially his Britt school tapes. The man twists the Scripture like no TV preacher I've ever seen.Would appreciate any help you could suggest in getting "deprogrammed".

Hello Mr. Schwartz,

Thank you for your tremendous effort. I spent over an hour reading through most parts of your web site.

I would like to add this statment. Since you are so intimate with information about Amway and your understanding is obviously growing constantly. When the time comes that you are ready to get started again, let me know and I'll be happy to sponsor you. I'd love to here your story from stage as a new Diamond! No kidding.

Seriously, no hard feelings and I wish you the best.

Interesting point of view. It appears you are developing a cult of anti-amways. That's o.k., though, everybody's entitled to their point of view.

I have a cousin who has been an Amway distributor for about six years. He is a fulltime engineer and does this as a second almost fulltime career. He works very hard at the business with his wife and has been in the six figure gross income range for the last two years. This I would guess is not typical, however, I underscore the "works very hard" statement.

Like any business, there are those who are successful and those who are not. This individual is intelligent, has a work ethic second to none, and is self-motivated. His "cultlike" enthusiasm for his business isn't much different than the excitement conveyed my real estate agent, my attorney and my physician.

My point is that one's failure to achieve success in the Amway organization, or any other business rarely if ever is due to the business itself. Most people fail due to a lack of commitment, belief in themselves, inadequate education or simply the wrong God given talents for the job. The old saying, "success breeds success", is true. Successful individuals who enter a new line of work will generally become successful again.

This applies to my cousin. He has been extremely successful in academics, in sports, in science and engineering, as well as in Amway. At this point you may say he is the exception and I might agree. Nevertheless, many previously unsuccessful people, upon finding their niche, will do quite well. The commitment, the motivation, and all the other ingredients of success will fall into place.

In summary, don't be too hard on this company. It is merely one of the many constantly evolving methods of marketing which include francising, home shopping, direct mail, telemarketing, shopping malls, and let us not forget, the Internet! One major force in this country, francising was nearly legislated out of existence in the 1950's. Today it accounts for approximately 35% of domestic retail sales annually and is generally regarded as an acceptable way to do business.

Thank you for your time.

As I navigate through your home page, I get the feeling that you are quite an angry person. Are you one of the people who got in Amway and just didn't have the GUTS to stick to it and take rejection until success finally appeared? If I'm correct in describing you then you're probably experiencing that same problem in other areas of your life. I got in Amway 3 years ago and did my own independent research before getting in. I have seen enough to know that it is hard - very hard because you often deal with people who have no idea what it takes to run a business - not to mention a people business like Amway. I do know that it works because it is starting to work for me in a big way. And if you were in at one point(as I assume), then you're the kind of person that makes it hard for us who have guts to deal with people like you. It would seem that since you quit, your goal in life appears to be to steal other people's dreams and goals. That is the ultimate crime and you will be judged by a higher source. Why don't you just quit your anti-Amway campaign and get on with your life!


I read a few of you Amway-Experiences. Seems everyone hates Amway. I have been in about 9 months and find that 90% of those stories are just peoples excuses not to do what it takes to make it in the Amway business. This business is like any other (I know, I own 3 others), there are people who make it and people who don't. The stories about people becoming obsessed, true to a degree. However, you need to have a tremendous amount of focus in ANY business to make it work. If someone works 100 hours a week in a restaurant to make ends meet, are they obsessed?

If someone invites you to dinner and it turns out to be an Amway meeting, they are losers. This is not learned from the corporation. I have introduced this business to everyone I know, a few got involved with me, most did not. Funny, I am still friends with ALL of them. I even made new friends that I did not know before this business.

I will leave you with this. If you get involved with people who have a true desire to help you succeed, why would you listen to people who don't want to help you. When someone can show me a business that has a lower startup cost, higher earning potential, better support, and a growth of 1 Billion dollars a year. I will listen to them. The bottom line is, do I want to be an Amway distributor? No, but 75,000 people are getting involved each month. If I am not in it, how will those people be in my group? The business works, weather you or any one else likes it. There is proof. If other people can make this thing happen, so can I.

God bless you for this wonderful homepage. I have relatives who are brilliant educated people who have fallen for this garbage. It is mind control! The way they talk about amway! It's almost unreal.

Keep me updated

Mr. Schwartz;

We, like you when you quit, are SILVER directs in the business. I strongly suspect that you were an unprofitable silver (and in fact someone might have built the business right through you), thus the trigger for your venom and hostility. However, unlike you we have chosen to build the business and create positive results for hundreds of people.

Having a significant and successful backround in venture capital, and having evaulated 1000's of business plans and opportunities, I have a broader knowledge base of information with which to make comparisoms than most of your readers. It is with that backround, and the knowledge that comes from being a SILVER in the business that I can state the opposite of your thinly vieled assertions, that in fact AMWAY is the single best money making opportunity in the world today.

I have been troubled for some time about the viciousness of your web page. I've debated about what to say to you (if anything was at all possible) to get you to at least soften your stance against AMWAY. However, I've concluded from reading the E-mail that you have chosen to post, that no amount of correct, factual information could sway you from your misguided attempts to damage the public image of AMWAY.

It's clear to me that you recognized the value of a team, of pulling people together in a common mission, and in being a leader. These are all qualities that we learn in AMWAY. It's sad to me that you have chosen to be a leader of negativity, pessimism and dishonesty, by having a following of people of people who look for any reason to avoid hard work. That's why America is in the shape it's in Sidney. It's because of people like you who think that it's easier to complain, be a victim, and blame others for their own failings.

When you put it all into perspective, Dexter and AMWAY have helped hundreds of thousands of people more that have ever been harmed by the sale of a business kit and the cost of the attendance of a few functions. Past that point in the business it is up to the individual.

Sidney, whether you realize it or not, what you are doing by presenting unbalanced information is laughable, pitiable, and the classic work of a propagandist. There are about a thousand more things I'd like to point out about what you are doing, but I've got a bunch of people I need to go help fight for their future. Sidney, what are you fighting for, and who are you helping?

Hey Sid… Keep up the good work. I've been involved in other multilevel scams like Herbalife and Quorum, and by reading your material on Amway I've been able to decifer all the lies that they put into my head. For all those who are in the above organizations you'll find that they are nothing more than Amway counterfits that are based on the same old pyramid scheme. If you are making good money by signing lots of people you need to realize that you are making money off of other peoples losses like a leach sucking blood from good hard working people. And the best part about your information is that you don't have to sign anybody up.

I got into Amway, not knowing why I did. They tell me, I should contribute about 10-15hrs/wk on the "business". Well part of this "business" was going to a restaurant at 10pm and not getting home until after 12 midnite. Didn't learn anything new. The people in Amway do not like any negative thought processes. You have to be upbeat, happy and energetic. They have meetings on Saturday mornings starting at 7am, of which they want to attend till 11am. Hey..I have better things to do with my time.

Secondly, your higher-ups (diamond-directs, etc) state that they do not want to hear of anybody in their downline being in another MLM or network distribution program.

My sponsor gave me a whole of tapes to listen to. One of the tapes states by having facial hair (mustache or beard, etc), this is a sign of someone who is a "rebel" or outside of the mainstream of American life and their choosing to wear facial hair is a sign of a failure.

The whole Amway thing in my thinking and somewhat arms length association is nothing more than cultism.


I am amused at your site.

I find it humorous that someone would waste so much of their life on something so . . . . well, I just am having a difficulty finding the appropiate word.

I the majority of you posting was at least 10 years old, and much going 15 years or more back.

Haven't you noticed that Amway has grown from 2.2 billion to 6.3 billion in the last 5 years?

You might find it a more worthwhile effort to deal with an issue that affects more people in a negative fashion, like college. I notice you don't have a campaign for college expenses, or the cultism of it. How 'bout the dropout rate of college? Or maybe the fact that only 12% of the people who do graduate ever end up doing what their degree qualifies them for. Or how they have to buy the books (unquestioningly) that their professors demand. Or their inability to disagree with their professors if they want the grade that will get them the degree they seek. Or maybe the long sleepless hours of study and brainwashing with information. And let's NOT forget about the failure rate AND the dropout rate…let alone the inability to find an appropriate job after spending all of that money…loosing all of that sleep…putting in all of that effort…going deeply in debt. AND after all that, STILL falling into the catagory of 95% retire DEAD, DISABLED OR BROKE after 40 years of work. ! Now that's just college.

College affect FAR more people than Amway ever will. (I suspect from your analyzations that it has affected you too.) You could find more worthwhile endeavors that have a more solid foundation in reality.

Like conventional business investments. I notice you don't take on all of those who have been suckered into buying bars or restaurants. How their marriages have gone down the tubes due to the long hours, over investment, and financial ruin.

How about the over 80% of all the businesses started in the US that fail…and at a FAR higher cost than ANY Amway business.

And here's the really great kicker; in many of those businesses, there's been NO self improvement whatsoever! No personal growth. Yes, some experience, but that's all. AND those businesses failed INSPITE of hard work.

Amway distributors quite because of the LACK of hard work.

Yes, I know that you will not agree with at least 85% of what I just said and I know I will never change your mind or thoughts about anything here…but that's OK. You said your piece… and I just gave you a tiny bit of mine.

I have never read someone who had more of a personal vendetta or who had more of a personal need for revenge.

It would be interesting to hear what your personal stake is in this…and you can't tell me you don't have one.

I know this because of one fact: You don't post the positive press. You don't interview the successful distributors. You don't interview or post the people outside of the Amway business who have great things to say about it.

But I notice you do post those who outright lie or have an ax to grind. Or have to find comfort in blaming someone other than themselves. That's ok, I'll let them have that degree of comfort.

In the meantime, Amway will double in the next 4 to 5 years and they'll continue to have success after success, for they're focused of the future, not the past . . . the positive, not the negative . . . the solutions, not the problems . . . integrity & character, not dishonety or tearing down others.

And you, well…you'll just have more negative crap to post . . . for you can do anything with statistics. Statistics aren't real people, they don't respond like real people and I know you don't want to hear this, so I'll say it . . . Who want's to be average?

Be looking down from the top,

Grow Up.

Hello Sidney,

I have frequently visited your very informative website. Like some of those who've responded, I have ceased all "big business" level activities.

I am presently collecting my thoughts on the religious aspects of Amway and hope to pass them on to you gradually. For now this comment will have to suffice.

Amway is not necessarily a destructive cult. I know people who have stopped destructive habits like alcoholism, cocaine addiction, drug dealing through their involvement with Amway and in particular, the World Wide Dream Builders organization. This is not to defend WWDB/Amway/Multilevels, but merely to acknowledge that some have benefited from involvement with "The System".

This beneficial life-changing, however, is something we usually attribute to religion, that a person who is devoted to faith usually makes changes for his/her betterment. Perhaps this is more of a comment on the failure of traditional organized religions to meet the longings and needs of people, and because of that Amway seems to meet those yearnings.

There are many similarities between Amway and organized religion that I'd like to expand on in future postings.

Sidney, if you feel like posting any of my comments on your website, I ask you keep my identity confidential. Perhaps others will respond on this topic of religion and Amway, enough so that you could create an additional file for your site…it would make an interesting forum.

I have someone pestering me about "income diversification." I know about Amway and their pyramid scheme, I also know that the Amway corporation markets themselves under one or more different names. A friend of mine from high school called me a few years back and asked me to meet him about earning extra income. I went to see him knowing my parents had been burned by Amway a few years back. The company he specifically called himself was * Enterprises (his last name). Anyway, I found that this was a front for another company who's name I can't remember, who was infact Amway. My question to you is what other names, besides the individual "enterprise" names does Amway go under.

My plan is to confront this clown who keeps leaving messages on my machine, but I would like as much information to arm myself with as possible before doing so. I would greatly appreciate any help and information you can give me. Thank you.

Sidney, I am (was) literally hours away from signing up. Have downloaded everything on your site - printing it now, will read tonight with my wife. I have already seen enough validation of my concerns about unanswered questions to say that we probably won't jump in. Thank you for your efforts and for the help it will provide to us! :)

I have read some of your articles.

While some of the prices are higher, I have found that it saves time and gas money. For me I know that I hate going to the store to stand in line with a bunch of negative people and wait forever.

In regard to the "Tapes" you don't have to buy them. Nobody has to do anything.

It seems to me that you have a bunch of time to sit around finding out this information. Couldn't you be doing something that would improve the lives of people? Rather flaming a company that helps people even if you don't think so.

I was wondering if you were ever in the business? If so did you Quit and why.

I have been involed for a small amount of time and if this is all fake the onething that I can say is that I'm no longer negative and I enjoy my day alot more than I did.

The last thing is if this is all true howcome I'm making money without buying or selling tools. The people in my downline don't have a bunch of money, yet they see a savings, they are also making money, and are in good spirits.

Dear Sid,

I have been personaly "touched" by Amway and my wife and I have lost our "best friends" because of our refusal to participate in Amway. Keep up the good work and don't let up one bit.

Has this suit been settled?

I noticed that at various training sessions, such as the ones following Britt open meetings, new information has been disclosed about "system income" (i.e. markups or handling fees which upline Directs, etc. receive on tapes, "compensation" to Emeralds who take time out of their business to be an invited speaker at an out-of-town Seminar/Rally).

While no numbers are disclosed, this system income is defined and justification for it is given. I'm guessing that this new stuff was the result of either a court ordered "remedy" or a negotiated agreement, and I'm further guessing that this was the result of settling the suit/class action. Is that so? If so, were there any other things agreed to besides disclosing the nature of "system income".

Maybe my guesses are totally wrong, and the new info has nothing to do with the suit. If so, I'd like to know that too.

Just a quick note to say thanks for maintaing your page. My wife made the softhearted mistake the other night of allowing a couple of amwayers into our home to "offer us an opportunity". Although it was a little hard to stomach the shallow message of these otherwise nice people, it was almost a worthwhile study in itself. This couple intend to return for the garbage they left for us to read. When they return I will suggest that I have read it and present them with some reading materials that I have found on sites such as yours.

My comments will be short and kind but to the point. If you dont like the system then just dont buy the tapes, books or go to the meetings, its that simple!! It seems to me that the plaintifs are the opportunist here not Dexter Yager. As for Britt…he is a horse of a different color. His organization is very different and very pushy.

This is America and your are free to sue but you will get no place and hel knowone with the suit or the page for that matter. As for me personaly… you have just made me more sure that I am in the right place doing the right business with the right organisation. Get Real !!

P.S. Your page is very nice. Sorry to see your time , talents, and efforts wasted.

This is the most informative site!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart…unfortunatly I did not find it in time, and I signed up. If it will help you update your site, I have the current price lists, etc. Let me know if I can be of help. I would like to add this site as a link with my homepage if that's okay.

I am offended by your home page don't you have anything better to do with your time??It is to bad amway couldn't sue your ass off it should be,I am checking into it with my attorney amway is not a pryamid scheme you don't even know what you are talking about!A pryamid scheme is when distributors don't have a product to sell and depend on recruited people to invest large sums of money into there scam.You better read more about what you are talking about because you don't have much of a head on your shoulders.

get your garbage of the net it don't belong here.



I downloaded a lot of text from your web page.

I am currently an amway distributor and you've given me a lot of information to mull over.

Dear Mr. Schartz;

While it is your right to disagree, I think what you are doing with your web-sites is sad and pathetic. People like you are the reason that this country is in the condition that we're in. What you've done is to provide a place for all the cry-babbies, whiner and all the people that thinks that someone owes them something when they haven't done anything to earn what they think that that they are owed.

So toi make all the quitters feel better about themselves you provide them with a place to have a pity party. Let me ask you a question. What are you offering me? Can you show me how to be financially independent in 2 to 5 years? Can you show me how to be a full-time husband and father and never have my wife work for another man again? Can you show me how to be free?

Let me give you some facts now:

1. If you want the facts about Amway all you have to do is go to the Better Business Bureau.

2. If you want to find out about the earning and income potential. Go ask your local distributor for a SA4400, The Amway Corporate Report and Business Revue. It tell you that the "Average distributor makes $65 dollars a month." But who in their right mind would want be average. Sure as hell not me, I don't know about you.

3. You have demonstrated your ingorance on the things that are relevant, like the fact that Amway has forgone the scutiny of the Federal Trade Commision (or better yet, The great Pyramid Destroyer.) The Amway Corporation is a $6.3 Billion Dollar Corporation. Now Do you honestly believe that our Government would allow an Illegal operation of that magnitude to exist.

4. Please, explain to me, What's wrong with being taught to lead a more positive lifestyle, to be a better husband or better father? Why is that wrong?

5. If there's something better me another tell me about. Because right at this moment I'm not buying it.

In close, as I have stated before, Yes it is your right to disagree. That my friend is what makes this country so Great, our right to disagree. But do me a favor, if your going to take such a drastic stance, please go and get the real facts. You must also realize that Amway is just like life itself; with everything that is good, you're bound to get something bad. If you noticed, I've taken every chance to be respectful of your views, I hope you do the same towards mine.

Dear Sidney…I use ta be Amway distibutor. All I ever got from them was grief and pressure…the fact that i spent money on products, tapes, and seminars were absolutely astounding in my opinion. They caught me at a real low point in my life and i took there offer like a fish on a hook. I believe in total i have spent over three thousand dollars pertaining to their company. Boy, was I assed out after all that spendin and so little in return…six dollars a month. Wow! Well no need to be sarcastic here…I guess. But I'm just really angry at how I could have gotten my self into this sort of thing…Angry doesnt even show me. More like pissed off to no end! Hmmm…I should really stop complainin to you now. Well I just wanted to let you know that I immediately stop my salesman ways with this company after I read your aeticles in Netscape. You see I almost thew away my college career to pursue this dream I have of being a diamond…luckily my parents over saw this and kicked my butt to college. I love them dearly! Just wanted to write you a thank you letter and I appreciate your intentions in your articles…they make great sense. All this time I have heard bad rumors of Amway…Yet when I ask my up line they always reply with something like "oh there just close minded and dont know their gaols"

I appreciate what you have done and salute your efforts. Thank you.

I was "prospected" last fall while walking home from the grocery store. The nice man who offered to help carry my bags talked to me about an opportunity to start my own business. It sounded pretty good. I was recently out of school, and was facing a layoff at work. We exchanged phone numbers.

I called him back, and we arranged to meet at a coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon to discuss this "opportunity." He drew the circles, quoted some statistics, and asked me about my "dream."

Several things bothered me. When Jim G. drew the circles for me, he commented, "Some people will look at this and say, 'pyramid.' But then, aren't most businesses structured that way?" He emphasized the legality and honesty of "the business"--which until then I hadn't thought to question. Methinks the man did protest too much!

Jim also equated "being successful" with making money. The elderly and the poor were "burdens." Diamonds and furs could be mine if I joined the business. He asked me what I would be willing to give up for all those material goods.

What bothered me most was that his personal story sounded entirely too much like the prepackaged testimonies given by evangelical Christians. It can be summed up in a few sentences: 1. I was once just like you; 2. Here's what I was doing (exaggerating how awful, boring, etc. it was, of course) before I "got saved" by the business; 3. I had doubts at first, but 4. once I was "saved," it changed my life; 5. My life is wonderful now, and yours can be too!

Only at the end of Jim's story was Amway mentioned.

Jim encouraged me to "check the facts" and listen to some tapes. I passed on the tapes, but said I would check the facts, and call him back once I had. I never did call him.

In the course of "checking the facts" I found your Web page. The "Cultism in Amway" article was most disturbing to this ex-fundamentalist. I read some of your sources, including the books by Butterfield and Hassan, and was *horrified*. The "personal story" I'd heard had been plagiarized from an Amway tape. In order to "be successful," I'd have to give up my religion (I'm not Christian now), my family, my friends, my writing, my music--things that are central to who I am, things money won't buy back once they're gone.

Thank you. You're doing a great public service. As for those "Ambots" who will say you and I are losers, well--I'd rather be poor and honest outside ScAmway, than rich and dishonest inside it!

my wife and I were over at a friends house for dinner. Later that night the phone rang, and It was my friends wifes old college frat buddy, (that just happened to be in town visiting!) She told him that we were eating dinner and they could come on over later. This didn't sit well with my friend, who expected her to tell him "We currently have company, can we make it tomorrow?" Well, they showed up within 15 min! They stayed for 2 Hrs, but not once mentioning Amway. Well They eventually left and nothing was said.

In about a week after this, my wife was contacted my this guy (after he called our friends to get our number). He told my wife of a business that they were expanding in our area (they were from a different state). She mentioned at my friends house that she wanted to work out of her house. BINGO, $$$ must have hit them. My wife thought this guy had his OWN business and wanted to start something in our area, so she invited him over to talk about it. I was there and he came with his wife. He discussed all the personal things they ask, and went thru the book writing things down and circling stuff. Then he showed us the catalog of all the things you would be selling. I said, out of nowhere "that looks about like how Amway works, but when you mention Amway to people they usually get turned off" He still did not say anything about Amway!! He kept on talking about the services and the MLM scheme. Then at the very end of his presentation he said "and get this, the company is owned by Amway. See how they've changed".

Well they left pamphlets and some tapes (that we never listened to) and said they would be back in two days to pick them up, and see how we liked them. Since we are so busy with both our jobs, we didn't listen to the tapes at all. I got home two nights later and there they were! They had even admitted that the reason they came over to my friends house that night, was to talk to them about this "business". I guess they are not talk about this in more than companies of 2. After all this "friendliness", they almost demanded that we attend a meeting in another state. My wife asked if there was a meeting in our area? yes, they said but the other big meeting in the other state is better. We finally convinced them that we were busy and we would only attend the meeting locally. they offered to go with us. And also suggested that I also MUST attend. Apparently they want to brainwash both of us in this. They can't have just one going for it, and the spouse against it. This first started as business for my wife, now they wanted me invloved!

At this point I was feeling pressured so I got on the trusty Internet and did a search on Amway and found this page. Showing my wife some of the ex-Amway distributors comments, she started feeling skeptical. Then some of the stuff that people were saying was hitting right at home! We were told the exact same things by the sponsors. I at one point, of the previous meeting I said "Out of 20 people you talk to, what percentage actually buy into this?" The guy kinda just said "well.... ahhh....well that depends on the kind of people you talk to" I started thinking to myself…"You mean how many gullable people you can find." After reading my wife all the things people were saying, I think it scared her enough to tell this guy we aren't interested. My wife said " It's a good thing you got on that web page and we saw this stuff". The only problem Is now we have 2 or 3 tapes that they are supposed to come and get, and my wife doesn't want to sound nasty when we tell them we aren't interested. They are basically nice people, It just seems like they are so into this stuff and are a bit pushy, and they act like nothing you can do in your life can fulfill it as much as Amway. The stuff about the wife being the supporter in all this, was exactly correct. The guy did all the talking and his wife just sat there and shook her head in agreement. I even told them that my wife was a good talker and this really wasn't something I was going to be good at. He and her really started preaching the "seminars" and "meetings" to sway my opinion, because they didn't want me talking my wife out of this. I think this web site finally woke her up, Thank You very much! Please don't use my name, cause I don't want any E-mail Flames from Amway "diamonds"! It just seems like too much work for our situation, and there is no way I'm traveling from state to state to do anything like this, that is totally stupid. Thanks again!

I found your page to be very informative. However, there are a few facts that are wrong, and it removes credability from the whole thing. The simplest and most obvious is that Amway charges 7% shipping on their products. They charge 4% if the order is less than $50. The shipping is paid wholely by Amway if the order is over $50. Just thought I'd let you know. It tends to speak towards whoever wrote all that doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. Anyways, I'll let you know when I go Diamond! =).

Dear Mr. Schwartz,

Thank you so much for your web site regarding Amway. We were approached on Wednesday night of this week - can you believe at 9 P.m. and they finally left at 11 p.m. to be told much of the same sales tactics you used in your articles. It could have been a script. They played on the fact we have one in college and my husband has recently been unemployed and retrained.

Anyway not to be repetive. Thanks for the info so we can make an "intelligent" choice and not one forced on use by coercion and false dreams. Our hats our off to you for this time consuming task. You should get the consumer of the year award for helping others not to fall into the "Amway" soap trap. We were told we didn't have to sell the product to anyone else - just use the stuff ourselves and come up with 5 list of 6 persons each. It was really an insult when they refused to answer our questions of how many were already selling in our area, what was their earnings, etc.etc.

Again many thanks. Do you know how to get to a forum page or an interactive page so we can share our experience? I realize you must be diluged with request so if time is limited I understand.

My wife and I were in Amway for 4 years. We became Direct Distributors in the INA line of sponsorship until we discovered what has been revealed here…that most Directs are losing their shirts along with everyone else.

Before reaching Direct, our downline and us were instructed that if your Standing Order Tape count (or RT) were to go down, that you should suck up the difference until it went back up. That meant that dozens of tapes each month were purchased in our group and never even unwrapped!!!

Upon going direct, I discovered the REAL reason behind his instructions. Each direct in this particular organization gets $1 for each tape sold. That can mean an additional several hundred dollars each month. I have been told since leaving Amway, that my upline (a Pearl) made more money from tools than from Performance Bonus.

So what is the REAL motivation behind the big pins in pushing tapes? Is it to instil knowledge, motivation and positiveness in distributors? Or is it to line their pockets?

It's interesting that MUCH more time is spent pushing the system (tapes, books, functions) than on product use.

Thanks for your information and allowing our responses (pro-Amway and anti-Amway) to be posted.

I don't have a problem with an Emerald or Diamond making money off of tapes and seminars. It's no different from an author making royalties off his book, or a professional lecturer being compensated for speeches made. If this policy is truly ethical, legal and proper, then why is this not disclosed to Amway distributors? We are told approximately how much a Diamond, Emerald and Direct can earn in Performance Bonus, but why is there no mention of how much is earned off of tool sales? The policy of allowing Directs, Emeralds and Diamonds to earn compensation for tools is DEFINATELY not limited to the Yegar/Britt lines of sponsorship.

Don't be naive. Don't you think there is an no ulterior motive for Emeralds and Diamonds pushing tool and seminar purchases?

If Hitler was able to mobilize an entire nation against a race of people, then it doesn't take a great leap of faith to believe that a group of Diamonds speaking from the confines of an energized auditorium can convince you to "plug in" to the support system by purchasing tapes, books and tickets to the next function.

You aren't building your are providing your Diamond a way to realize his/her dreams.

Keep buying those tapes! Your upline Diamonds have mansions to build!

For the several years I was a distributor in the Amway system, I was repeatedly told that there is no "secret" to success in the business. I suppose the fact that millions of dollars are earned by diamonds for selling tapes isn't considered a secret.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

BTW rocket scientists, a non-profit organization like WWDB, INA, Network 21, etc. only means that it is exempt from paying federal and state income taxes. It has nothing to do with salaries and bonuses paid to "employees" or "independent contractors". Revenues are taken in (ie. $6.00 per tape) and expenses paid out ($0.80 per tape). The difference is paid to the leaders of the particular organization in the form of salaries/bonuses.

Don't confuse an Amway support system with a charitable organization.

Ask you upline Diamond/Emerald for their most recent 1099 from the support system (INA, WWDB, etc.) they are connected to. That will clear up any "rumor or heresay" as to how much is made off of tools/functions.


This site is a perfect representation of all of the misconceptions people have about the Amway business, especially the Britt/Yager lawsuit.

Amway is not a pyramid. This was established in a court case twenty years ago, which Amway won. The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan is now used as a model to measure the other hundreds of MLM companies against, to determine whether or not THEY are pyramids.

The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan is approved and accepted by the Federal Trade Commission, is reviewed every year for accuracy, and mentions, in prominent type, the $65 a year average income for "active" distributors. "Active" is basically defined as posessing an Amway Distributor number. Many amway distributors don't put in the hard work that is necessary to create a substantial income. Every prospect gets a copy of the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan. Every distibutor gets a copy in their kit. There is no excuse for ignorance about the income figures.

Compare the costs of running an Amway distributorship with those of running any other business; they are laughable. The tool and training system is totally voluntary. This is stated several times in the Amway literature. Amway distributors are also told that their expenditure towards tools and training should be balanced against their current income to determine if it makes sense for them.

Amway products are highly concentrated. You're not buying added water. Those who say that Amway products are too expensive do not understand cost-per-use.

As to the chances for succeeding in the Amway business, it amazes me that anyone would expect everyone to succeed at any business, even the Amway business. It is a fact that four out of five small businesses fail within the first five years of their existence, and Amway distributors, unfortunately, are no exception. The difference is that because of the minimal time and capital requirements, the risk is greatly reduced. A highly successful distributorship can be run on $250 per month overhead and 20 hours per week. Many successful distributorships started with less resources than that.

I could go on and on, but the reality is that Amway is a company of tremendous integrity. Those who don't see that are simply missing the boat. People who have misconceptions about the Amway business generally get to keep them, because they don't have the impetus to find out the facts. They would rather take financial advice from their broke brother-in-law than to take the time to find out the truth from someone who really knows.

It's really a shame. During the past twenty years about 25% of all new millionaires came from Network Marketing. That number is expected to increase. Distribution is the biggest and best opportunity available today. Companies like Federal Express and Wal-Mart are testimonial to this fact. Amway has helped more people create $100,000+ incomes than any other company in history. And it's such a shame that the spread of mis-information is going to prevent some people from taking the chance and making it happen.

great info, i new there was more to amway story than was being told. when emerald levels or higher come to town they are worshiped and prayed to. all i want are the real facts about amway success, when do you really find out where and how the big bucks are made. the money and lifestyles presented to recruits are overwhelming and intimidating.


Hi :) .

Thank you very much for this site on Amway. It has truly educated me on the Amway Corp. I have recently been contacted by an Amway representative and tomorrow will be my first "pep rally". Fortunately for me, I have a strong business background, I decided to research Amway and I found your site.

Thanks Again.

Your web site is excellent. I couldn't agree more with everything here. I feel the need to share my story with an organization I haven't seen mentioned yet, and thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share with SOMEONE what I'm feeling.

I just left Amway after one and a half years of spending a fortune on tapes, books and functions. I was in a "new and different" organization called INA, which is big out here in California. A parent of one of the fifth graders I taught gave me a tape to listen to, saying that working part time I could supplement my teaching salery. Needless to say, I was excited until I found out it was Amway. Growing up across the street from an Amway distributor who went to a VERY conservative church I knew that Amway and its distributor organizations were guilty of being far to the right politically and encouraged gender-stereotyping, a return to family values (THEIR values-not my family values), and other things I disagree with. I asked many questions about these things and was assured that International Networking Association was a "new" kind of Amway. Supposedly they focused on business training instead of being a movement.

Nothing was further from the truth. I attended ALL of the major functions for a year, including a Free Enterprise Day where they talked about the need for prayer in school and how most public school teachers don't bother to do the flag salute (which, by the way, is a strange thing to say, since all of the teachers I know do this daily!). At Summer Renuinon the messages from the stage were "women, obey your husbands-they are your upline," and "be real men-bring your wife home" and was told that in order to succeed I would need to attend their church services. It was rare that a speaker even talked about business building, which is what I thought the major functions were for. The tapes were full of rah-rah and motivation. They did put out teaching tapes, but after 16 months of getting the weekly tapes I found them to be repetitive. I wanted to get off of the tape program but was told that know one has ever made it without the tapes. I figured that if I was going to do the business I should do it right, so I foolishly remained on the program. When I told my upline that I was not happy with the system I was told to ignore all of the things that bothered me and just take the good things. They said that I thought too much and to just duplicate their actions. When some of us (by that thime I had others join) found out that money was being made off of the tapes we asked if it was true, and how much was made. We were told that it didn't matter, since the tapes were good. One of my friends even called the INA office and was given a line of BS that would have fertilized all of Nebraska. We never got a straight answer on anything we asked, such as how much money are you(upline) making, or how much do the diamonds make off of the functions. I need to note that it was NOT my immediate upline (including my direct) that did this, they are some of the most wonderful people you could meet. I feel sorry for them that they feel so trapped into staying in the business so they don't feel like losers. I hold the diamonds responsible for everything that happens in the organization, since they benefit the most from the system.

The final decision came when I read that Amway gave 2.5 million dollars of "soft money" to the Republicans. I would have done the same thing if it was the Democrats. This is a totally unethical thing for such a "Christian" organization to do, since it is an illegal loophole in this country's law. And these people preach honesty in business!

I'm not angry, although I may sound that way. As an educator I know that the facts are very important, and I didn't do as much checking as I should have done. I was swept up in making money, so that I could supplement my income and buy a house and a nice car, which my love of teaching will not allow me to do. I just think that a business should be a business, and not some form of a movement. The Amway business would be a GREAT business if it could be done that way, but for some reason it has to be this big, save the world from itself religious movement which by nature keeps out anyone who differs. It's a shame, since I've always thought that in America we should allow everyone their differences as long as it didn't hurt anyone else.

I know what's being said of me by the other distributors. I've been branded a quitter, a loser, a nimrod and other terms of endearment used to label anyone who gets out. I was told that I never gave the business a try. The truth is that I had a hard time recruiting others into something I didn't really believe in. Too bad I spent a little more than $2,000 into the system (not products) to find that out.

Live and learn.

Hey Sidney,

It's nice to see you've tuned up your Amway scam page.

But, what's nicer is that, for the first time in Web history, when people search for the word Amway, they come up with a significantly greater amount of positive articles about Amway than negative ones.

Isn't it a paradox to know that the harder you work at posting your negative articles, the more people succeed with Amway? Oh, in case you hadn't noticed, the current rate of sponsoring is over 2,000 new distributors per day! And, that's doesn't count international business.

So, Sidney, keep spending your time updating your Amway scam page. I'll keep spending my time enjoying life.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…I was part of Dexter Yager's organization in 1991-1992. I ended up filing for bankruptcy in Oct. of 1992 because of the expenses I incurred while trying to be the "perfect" Amway distributor.

Thanks for the Info…

I have dwelt in your references section as to what references and sources you used to obtain your information on the Amway Corporation and its distributors. I saw little if any positive information sources that you used to develop your home page!

I would encourage you to seek the references of many of the satisfied Amway distributors as well as the negative distributors. You may seek the assistance of such satisfied distributors of all levels!


Love your info on Amay. I have been looking for some dirt on them and thanks you you I have a whole damn bucket full.

What you said about Amway is very incorect! It is a perfectly legal system. The up-line is not money crazed as you would like so many people to belive! Have you ever realy seen the plan? i am shur you have! This system works! My upline has been with me every step of the way! What do you call brain washing any way? Any of the conventions I have been to have all been very fun! Another thing is that amway distributes over 5000 name brand items that I am shure are of good reputation! I am sure that companies such as General electric, magnavox, Mci, philips,gateway,ford motors,and crystler corporation; would not get themselves involved with a brain washing ,organization! the sope and the other products are much better than any of the comercial cleaning product I used to use! As far as I am concerned I have theroughly investigated this and I am convinced that it is above bord! The tapes that are distributed are nothing more than motivational tapes! The tapes can apply to any kind of organization or business! I think you do not understand how it works that is why you are bashing it! I think you are scared of it because of it! Bill Gates said that It would most likely be the number one business by the year 2000. This was said on the David Letterman show! I also think you have noyhing better to do!


Wow, I was just poking around on the www and discovered a basketful of different opinions about Amway and The System.. Well I was active as an Amway Distributor for nine expensive years. An average of $5,500 plus per year with the five "functions" promoted by our "Diamonds". I was a "Silver Direct" for the past 3-1/2 years .. strugguling to make up the "Breakaway" point system when you teach and encourage a sponsored downline to also become a "Direct Distributor. If the marketing plan has a breakaway in the system, then everyone is being duped into believing that it will never happen to me if I build the business right. Well my friend, Guess What. Breakaway is a takeaway.. I have found only one company that bases it's business for "a business to last a liftime.." I stopped doing the Amway business after discovering that I realy still had a chance to make money in a side business and help someone else make money too!!!. The new business I am involved in is a real eye opener.. No "Tools Expense", No Seminars,No Functions at High prices (You Have To Go, If YOU are Going To Grow"). It makes a big quarterly difference in the "Diamonds Pocket" for free cash to "Spend on the Luxury Items ie: Prevost or Newell Motor Coaches, Airplanes, Expensive cars and Enormous housing or Vacation Villas.." This site will be printed out and distributed to all my new found friend in the New Home Based business I am now involved in to help them make an educated decision about "Amway,The Untold Story.." I am sick to death with the stories of how much they say the love thier downline.. I realize it was another approach of brainwashing to keep you from "Talking" (crosslining) with other distributers to discuss negative in the business.. IF it was shared like what you have done here, then people would not be so willing to buy weekly tapes, monthly Seminars and Quarterly Functions, just to make the "Diamonds RICH"

Keep up the Good Work,

Good God! thanks for the info ,I almost fell for it. Now all I gotta do is show this documention to my friend who is doing it Amway that is.

I wish you a great life and hope you will get some more facts about this business before you continue to have this site. However, Mr. Schwartz have to be one of the biggest dream stealers I have ever come across. How dare you but negative half and untruths on this site and put no positive articles. I imagine you have a rather negative life don't you. Things never seem to go your way, do they. This is because you choose to focus on the negative in life instead of the positive. You will reap what you sow my friend, and you are probaly reaping in the negative life that you are sowing. You fail to put any articles on this site about how Amway was given the world environmental service award from the U.N., or how they cleaned up some of the rainforests, or the millions of dollars donated to easter seals every year by Amway and it's distributors. You also probaly don't even know about the hundreds of thousands of lives that Dexter Yager and his entire orginazation have touched and helped. I personally have become a much better person by being in this business. I have gone from someone who was afraid to talk to people in life and was afraid of life in general, to a person who can talk to anyone and make any stranger feel good about themselves as a person. I now enjoy life more than ever, I love being alive, can you say that? I have also personally helped people to reach their dreams and goals. Not stole them away like you. I have helped couples get back together and also helped couples bring the wife home from work so she could raise her kids instead of having them raised by day care. They have been able to do this only by the additional income of this business. I have also helped people move from a dangerous part of town to one that they can feel safe in. Any goal that you can dream you can have through this business. I also have never lied to anyone or forced anyone to do anything in this business. I have never told anyone pie-in-the-sky figures on the money in this business, in fact I normally play then down because most people can't believe the money in this business and I like for their surprises to be up. I also have never mislead anyone on how hard you have to work to build this business. It is going to take a good 20-25 hours a week, consistently, for 2-5 years to be finacally free. However, you put in however much effort you can because it is your business. Besides, I am talking about being free for the rest of your life, not having to worry about paying the bills and not waking up to an alarm clock, are you offering that to these people whose dream you are stealing. I DON'T THINK SO!!! Why don't you go to the library, do some research on ALL the facts and then I think you will go and try to find your nearest Amway distributor and ask him if you can get in the business. This is the single greatest business opprotunity on planet earth period. It is an opprotunity and you can do with it as you will, you can fail or suceed, that however is your choice. Also just one thing about the $65 average Amway distributor income. Do you know what the average lawyer income is? about $25,000 dollars, but you don't see that stopping people from going to law school. Know why, because they don't go into law school to plan to be average. They plan to be exceptional. If you go into this business to be exceptional, you will make more than any lawyer in the country (including Johnny Cochran). Thank you for allowing me to send you my comments and I hope you read them and post them.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I was accosted by my next door neighbor, a budding distributor, and actually sat through a 3 hour presentation by his "diamond". It sounded too good to be true, but I an no economics expert, so I decided to surf the net and get more info. THANK YOU for collecting all this info. My neighbor is a decent guy, so I think I'm going to print all this out and present it to him, along with my whole-hearted "NO THANKS".

Boy, do I have a problem with my business partner! He has been in Amway for the last three years and has yet to see any growth (about $75.00 a month) in his so called business. He purchases all the required tools that his upline tells him too, including but not limited to the tapes and books. He also attends all the functions both here in * as well as out of state.

He continuosly purchases merchandise from "his store" and has begun to purchase items for the business office "HERE" that is not necessary. He continues to make comments about others being losers with dead end jobs and how he will be financialy free soon. In our business we spend quite alot of time on the road in New Mexico where he will listen to tapes if he can even "work" out of town because of his functions. At one time he was an exceptional worker but has continuosly diminished his abilities and time since his involvment with Amway. He now costs the company money at every turn, whether it is turning down clients or refusal to hire much needed employees and supporting business expansion. The company we own contains a wealth of opportunity that he seems to over look. He has also been the cause of several employees quitting in the last two years. All of these things are a tremendous burden on my business and personal life including the effect on my family. My partner cannot be reached because any discussion against Amway, he has a positive comment for it. He has a dream wall erected in our office which adds to the fustration of both myself and our employees. Please help with any ideas that may save this company no matter how severe the actions that need to be taken.

Thank you

Sidney - I just quit the Amway game after 18 months of deceiving people in every conceivable way. And all in the name of a "Christian" outreach that I thought I was involved in. I am a "quitter" I guess, but I am proud of the things I have quit doing !!! I will sit down and write a detailed letter within the next 30 days - I have much to tell.

Thanks you for this information. It was instumental in opening up our eyes. My wife and I have not felt such freedom in a long time - thank God !!! Interesting for a bunch of people that are pursuing *Freedom* maintain themselves in such bondage. I pity them.

Keep on man ! I know you are taking some heat but you are "touching lives" as they like to say.

p.s. - It is a cult no question about it!

I was involved with Amway from December 1991 through October of 1992. I was and still am a single man. I am currently 27 years old. My upline was Dexter Yeager and I am a victim of the "Tools Scam". My upline, T. C. and G. B. pushed me until I maxed out 5 credit cards buying tools to build the business. I was young and hungry and they could see that I was excited and motivated enough to build the business.

Anyway, to make a long story short....My Amway experience left me with $15,000+ in unsecured debt over a very short period of time. That coupled with my other debt, totalling over $30,000, forced my to declare bankruptcy at age 22. It has been a hard four years but I am finally getting my life back in order. I blame a lot of factors on my financial condition. However, the most significant cause of my condition was the Amway Scam.

Please forward my comments to the Hanrahans. Tell them that I would like to join the lawsuit. If I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact me. My home phone number is *.

Thanks for the information. I am glad to see that justice is finally going to happen. What comes around goes around.

Hello Sidney.

I have seen your page and I agree with some of it, but a lot seems a bit biased. Now of course as the aim of the business is to recruit people, then sure, people will experiment and become creative. Some will even become donwright dishonest and unethical. But that's true of any sales work (I have been blatantly ripped off now on three used cars that I bought from dealers. Does that mean car dealing is inherently dishonest? Does it mean that all car dealers are bad people?). In fact, it's true of just about every profession I can think of. Corrupt police. Corrupt court magistrates. Catholic priests molesting young boys. I could go on.

When I attempt to persuade someone new to join me I telling that I'm in the in-home shopping business, that I am trying to expand it and to do this I need more people. I do not mislead him in any way although I don't volunteer the company name of our supplier (unless he asks, of course.

At any rate, I say if the products are good and a distributor saves in using them then no one is harmed.

However, I am becoming increasingly suspicious of this aspect and thus, I need some information. Do you know of any detailed literature which would compare the annual shopping bills of the average person with a distributor's? If you do I'd love to know.

Great site,

Seems to me Amway is really succesful. I've just returned to the UK from a sales awards convention in the US. And they pleayed me videos, tapes, made me read things, controlled every minute of my day and evening. I had a good time, but was subjected to a lot of stuff that could be regarded as brainwashing too. C'mon Amway is a business, and a good one. Some make it, some don't. Look at the poverty around the world and give that a hard time, really get a life.