Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 59

Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

You can sum Amway up in two little words… "AMWAY SUCKS". As for their rabid distributor networks, if they are considered "legal" they must be riding a fine line between legal and illegal. If the courts label them as "legal" they are most certainly in my opinion, morally and ethically, around the level of sewer slime!I am trying to get a refund for the Network 21 "TOOLS", and am getting a bit of a runaround. The excuse I am getting is that the Shrink wrap in no longer on the cassetts and books. My upline direct distributor is an RCMP (Federal Police) officer, something like your FBI or CIA. Hope he doesn't put a warrent out for
my arrest! haha. Will see what they come back with as an excuse to not take their crap back! Will let you know if I have to end up suing them!

Mr. Schwartz I don't think I have to go too much in detail about my own Amway nightmare! At one time, I am coninced, it was a basic good ol' cottage operation, but it has now become a den of conceit, bigotry, elitism and flat out old fashioned "I got mine, and if you join me, you'll give me more!" operations. From the "Scripted" phone calls to friends who smell the Amway scam trough the phone, to the "Empty your house and put our stuff in" orders, it is somewhat like cultism. (Socialogically anyway) I know, it is my job to know what is a cult and not…

Surround yourself with our product, only listen to our tapes, go to our sessions and it will enthuse and inspire you. I found prejiduce for the most part at one California meeting. Prejiduce of people who cannot con their friends and others into buying items and signing onboard this massive marketing scam. I know, there are people who claim "It is so good" and "Don't quench the dream!" but my reply is, don't quench the truth! If Amway is so good, let it stand on it's own! Go out and proclaim Amway from the roof tops! why don't they? Simple, a large body of people can see the deception, A small body or even a financially hurting couple are easy prey! And as for the people who claim Freedom to make money, to live an Amway dream! Right! the old Amscam saying! "Make it if you can, and if you can't, look like you are!" I can name 13 different classified cults who teach the exact same thing!

I sat in a session as the Diamonds and otehrs talked about their last foray into Rodeo Drive. A camera followed them, and "Oh look, a $2500.00 Skirt ($15.00 at the cloting outlet) Why did they do this? In my estimation, to grow envious people, who dream of making it rich, and the majority who fall along the way and are trampled by those coming behind them, who will eventually fall themselves. I am the last to dash a persons dream on the rocks, believe me, I have them of my own. But when you become a slogan spouting, lie concocting, tape eating, program spewing zombie of Amway (And network 21) then people have to slap you around to get you straight!

More to come!

Hi There, I read with interest the latest in law suits from Texas. We were involved with the groups in question and when I read the Musgrave law suit I am disturbed. We knew of the monies being taken as early as 1996 when we questioned some rumors that we had heard. At this present time we are fighting with upline over refund on tools. It seems to me that people have their own versions of the truth and the higher up you go in pin levels the more vague those truths become. Please feel free to give my email to anyone who is experiencing difficulties and would like someone to listen and perhaps help them through. After visiting your sight we went to our upline and told them some of the things we read were the same things we had been questioning. We were told not to read the wed and to discourage anyone else from reading it. We figured if the web was lies then why the concerns. We ar so grateful to you and we have been told that you were payed by P&G still I think we can safely assume that there is too much information for everyone except emeralds diamonds etc. to be the only ones with the truth. Once you start questioning you are totally cut off from information. As a lowly silver I caused enough problems that don Wilson, Randy Haughen and John Sims know who I am. There is so much that could have been good here but there is no trust as far as I am concerned.

Interestingly enough, we are told not to look at the sights but the upline obviously does as they are extrmely familiar with them

Anyway, thank you for your tenacity in keeping on. Please do not give up there are too many people who need you.

I have to say that you have lots of information on all the lawsuits that are involved with Amway. I am a new distributer. You do need to show the other side though if you wish to be "better" then the Amway corporation. My question for you is when you go to colege, do you not "HAVE" to buy books for you classes. With any business that you join there are certian expenses for which you incure. If you wish to succeed at anything you do you "NEED" to be willing to learn. My uplines have not stated that tools are manditory, but they are there for help. The business is very uplifting and we try to get your spirits up, but then when you deal with a 95% turn down rate you need to be able to hear reasons why you are doing this. I have talked to many people in AMWAY and yes they say it doesnt take much time to build your business. It doesnt you can build this off TEN solid hours a week(uninterupted hours of course.) The thing that many people forget to realize is that we are all weekly check minded, which means that we dont think business like but rather I but in 10 hours this week therefore I need to get paid for ten hours. When you deal with a business though you need to allways realize that it isnt weekly. With any business you start you should not expect to see one dollar of actual profit for at least two years. I have always been interested in starting m own business so I have done a lot of looking, and I tell you that this is the most explained and cheapest way of starting your own legal business that is out there. Yes of course it is a pyramid. See first I learn to buy my monthly needed products from myself through amway, and save money(on certian items of course you have to bargian shop like anywhere), but this is money I will spend anyways only now I get paid for it. Then I go out and teach others to do the same thing. The thing you have to remeber is that when youdo something today you shouldnt expect to see results for at least a year. Also you should let those who have lost friends over this know that a "TRUE" friend will support you in what ever you do, granted if you bug them everyday about this busiess they might say so long, but that is your bad not the business. I have not lost one friend over this and I have talked to all of them about it and those you didnt laugh at me turned me down, but none the less they are still my friends, and they all told me good luck and are all willing to at least look at my catalogs to see if they cant find a deal. Being an open website like you are you should keep a tally of not only the companies downfalls but there good side as well or you might want to worry about slander. See in todays society people think that if I dont succeed at something then I can sue it for falling because none of us want to beleive that we failed at something. Of course there are the legitiment lawsuits out there too, but then again how man times has your doctor been sued for malpractice, I bet you at least once. Does that mean that you dont use him anymore, no cause you still know that he is a good doctor. We all have to learn by failing, and right now that is what this business is doing. The tools scam you talk about does sound real good the way you put it out there with your figures and I hope that my diamond upline is making money off his tools, after all it is his hardaches for which he went through to make this business work and you cant tell me that they are lying about what they went through. Anyways to wrap this up I look forward to building my business even after all the stuff I just read, see for me this is just another learning device. I like to know whats going on out there, but I not only look at the downfalls but at the ups as well. See you dont talk to someone who is failing or have failed to learn how to build your business, you talk to those who are succeeding at theirs. Most of us if we really got gut wrenching honest with ourself can not see why we fail, because if we could then we wouldnt fail. One last thing. 95 out of every 100 people will either fail at their own business or just work for someone else their whole life, 5 will build a business, and only 2 of the five will actually become rich off the business. These are everyday statistics and something we all must realize and try to change. I personally am aiming for the 5% catagory and if possible and God willing I will make the 2% catagory. See God wants us to be well off as long as we remember how we got there. See to many are willing to call on God when the chips are down but how many rember to call on God even when the chips are stacked in our favor. God wants us to always remember his role in our lives and if being hardpressed is the onlyway we remember his role then that is were we will always be. Of course the path to rightiousness is thorny and less traveled, but God willing with his help I will make it down that path not only to earthly riches but to a heavenly kingdom bought with my wealt on earth. God bless ou and may you see the errors of your ways.

Dear Friend,

Some of my fellow 'cult' (tongue in cheek) members told me of you web page. I found it very interesting but not really anything new other than the details of the law suites since I had never read the actual text of any of the suites.

I've been acquainted with Amway since 1975 when a church friend asked if he could show me the plan. I consented and started a long acquaintance with Amway and a multitude of its distributors.

I have been 'in' and 'out' several times only due to my lack of discipline or direction. I can say that I have never been let down by either Amway or any of its distributors (with one exception -- a Diamond who sponsored me and then broke contact after I moved out of state).

It seems that most of your concerns are with the system. I have long been an admirer of motivational speakers & speeches. I am personally convinced that each of us is hounded daily by a lot of negative things (people & circumstances). At the very least, all this motivational stuff (whether the 'System' or Zig Ziglar) has given me far more than it ever costed me. When my wife of 18 years left me & our four kids, it was these 'positive' voices that helped me keep my thinking clear and led me back to the good situation I have today.

As to the money made by the 'System', I think that what these people offer is worth every penny I spend, whether I build a business or not. You see, these books tapes & seminars do for me what I did for me the first few months after my divorce. I stood in front of the mirror every day and made positive, self-talk statements to myself. Was I faking? It sure felt like it. But that didn't matter. All that mattered was that it could possibly be true. If it wasn't; if I was really a miserable jerk, then that would come out in the wash. I it was true, then I would survive emotionally, raise my four children the best I could and one day meet a wonderful lady (which I did).

From my perspective, the biggest reason that most people don't make it in the Amway world is because they listen to the negative voices (maybe like yours? Sorry, but I do not want to offend, but by any definition, your reports are negative). These voices bring the back to the reality of their every day lives. They do literally lose the dreams that the business creates.

False hope? Maybe, maybe not. Most families in America would love to have an extra $2-300 a month. Many work a lot of hard hours for less and feel good about it. If Amway offers a way to make some money & feel good about yourself, then at the very least, they have given a little happiness.

If someone makes a lot of money from my happiness, then that makes it even better. I wish I could produce an idea like that. They aren't taking advantage of me, they are offering me something I don't have -- the ability to motivate myself (& others) every day.

I know we say the tapes & such are optional and then make them feel like they won't survive without them. If you study the numbers though, that is a reality. Self fulfilling prophecy -- don't know. At the very least, it is true.

After over 20 years, I am finally relaxing and having fun with my business. If someone says no, I say, "OK" and ask them if they want to buy my goods (retail). If they say yes, I do all I can to motivate them.

If I could make a suggestion, you might do well to spend this web time/space in motivating people to just be wide eyed and believe in themselves. Sometimes it's OK to make a decision from the heart rather than the head.

Proud of who/what I am, An Amway Distributor

Just heard that Amway is suing P&G for $30 million. Understand that you are being paid by P&G to maintain this & other previous sites. Please comment. I ran into your previous site about a year ago. It was amazing to me that an individual would spend all that time maintaining a website and answering e-mail just because he believed that people needed to know the truth!! Now we know don't we Sidney. Your other site was shut down based on untruths you were spreading. I find all the e-mail supporting your point of view are from poor unsuspecting victims as a result your failure to tell them the TRUTH. You are paid by P&G, an Amway competitors. Put this on your webpage.


This last weekend, my sponsors and I drove 12 hours (Tampa to Raleigh) to attend this AMWAY rally. At first I thought why the fuck am I going to drive all that time to listen to some guy's half-time speech? But my sponsors told me how important motivation was in this buisness, and I wanted it to work so badly, so I agreed. Everything I have read on your page tonight happened to me last weekend at this rally:

- it went on to the wee hours of the morning

- I had to pay $5 dollars to get in (if my success means his success, shouldn't he be paying for the rental of the hall?)

- is the chant "six-night-a-week" "go-direct" after every person speaks really neccessary? I felt I was back in the Army. . .

- "With the Lord's help." , "Praise Jesus." "Satan will not keep me down!" (Did anybody bother to ask if I was atheist? I am. I would still like to make money, though. What if I were Jewish? Muslim? Does that mean Amway is not for me? I used to be a Catholic, so does that mean I partialy qualify? Look, I will defend to the death the right for anybody to follow any religion they choose, just don't push yours on me!!!)

- I can't give you exact quotes, but something along the lines of "Women, serve your husbands" was heard throughout the night, mostly from women! What if you were a single mom? Get married? I can imagine what some of the women I used to date would say about this. . .

- Jay, listen to tapes. Did you listen to the tapes? Did you read the book I gave you? You can buy another book from me. We can put you on the tape of the week list! (If they want us to be successfull for them to be successfull, then why aren't they giving us the tapes??? Surely they can sacrifice one of thier Ferraris or yatchs for the creation of about 100,000 tapes @ $.85 a pop?)

I can honestly say that what attracted me to AMWAY was the logic of thier system, THE PLAN; consume or sell at least 100PV a month (even as a single guy, I found I can do this without buying stuff I wouldn't normaly buy had AMWAY never existed. . .) and show the plan to others. LOGIC alone can sell this plan, not some jacked-up tapes, rallies, and books! Had my fill of brainwashing when I was in the Army! (Don't wanna give the Army a bad rap, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. . .) My sponsors, uplines, and others I know in the buisness are all college educated professionals, mostly engineers, who function on analytical minds and logical thought processess. I can't see why they have this need for embarrassing and degrading (sometimes insulting) rallies, tapes and books!

I have told my sponsors today (after spending about three hours reading your web page) that I will attend no more rallies, and will not buy any books or tapes! I tried to convince them to do the same, and told them to read your web page. (They stated that AMWAY competitors like P&G are paying you to write this stuff and put it on the net. Sorry, but you are making too much sense for me to beleive that.)

I still beleive I can make this work, but after reading your cost analysis of AMWAY vs retail, it might not be worth it. I, too, before signing up, got me a JCPenny catalog and did a "price war" between that and the AMWAY Personal Shoppers Catalog. Out of 10 random (but duplicate) brand name items, 6 AMWAY were cheaper, 3 were exact same price, 1 was more expensive. When I sell to people at work, I have to tell them, in all honesty, check the malls and stores first, you might get a better price!

Whew! Thanks for all the FREE info! You may just have saved me a bunch of money! I'll write you again in a few months with an update on my LOGICAL AMWAY buisness.

I am an Amway distibutor and have been now for 3 years. By not sub coming to the meetings and the Wold Wide tape program Amway is able to provide a so - so amount of income. I spent 2 years trying to disprove the Amway business and then realized if I put 1 half of that energy into my own Amway business I might make a couple of dollars, while trying to disprove it. Damn I sound like one of those brainwashed broke Amway distributors. The point is you have a lot of time on your hands and you have found a niche. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you are making A LOT of money, because I know that AMWAY Corp. is. Thank you for all the info.

Your site is wonderful! We had a presentation by a friend of a friend. Before going any further, I checked the internet and found you. The information that you provided has saved me from becoming another unfortunate victim.

Dexter Yager says the dream can get you anything you want , Wheather it is with Amway or with your present JOB, What really matters is that you have a DREAM!! Although it looks as though you all are to negative to have any dream or goals, You don't HAVE to listen to any tapes or read any books, you all are so nieve and have no appreciation for a Good Thing! You do what you want with your life, just remember, God is watching US. this is a phrase that more people should take to heart! I am honored to have GOD in my buisness and doing quite well at it!!! Get the real facts- then open your mind and soul- then write about it.

I am curios to to find out what is meant by "cult". Do you own your own business? Or are you an employee? I am curios to see why you are crusading against the Amway corporation. There are thousands of dishonest MLM & Pyramid Schemes and if you take the time to check the newspaper you'll see that the lawsuits against the Amway corporation are mainly from Proctor and Gamble and the majority of the suits have been dismissed. I know there are dishonest people in the world and unfortunately they have the ability to start an Amway business or any business. I see you have been giving a great deal of time and energy to try and discredit such an oppertunity for someone to get ahead in life financially. I ask you, what has made you so angry(for a lack of words).

Thank You for taking the time to read this email

i got in amway when i was eighteen spent money didn't make a dime backdidn't renew joined again whan i was 23 spent more money didn't make a dimethat time either now i'm 27 and i'm in amway again my first month i got a checksame with second month third and so on amway is real and i know it the fisrt two times i lost out because of me not because the system does't work but me i did'tgive it what it takes but i always knew in my heart it works these people who tried it and lost i'm sorry to say it's because they don't know how to stick with some thing things get hard they quit and its always easier to blame amway then to admit "i couldn't do what it takes i failed "but i knew i faild and i knew the system worksand this time i'm smart enough to know i got to stick with it and to the peoplewho are upset with a family member who's in amway get a life you should be happy to know that they have a dream and are willing to do something to make it a reality their working for something while you are just sitting on your but wasting you life away working for someone else you are a pigion and they are an eagleeveryone has the right to voice their opinion but before they judge they should ask their self if they gave it everything they could it takes a good man to admit he might of not given it his all

proud amway dist.

Just wanted to say what a great page! I'm a recovering Amway distributor of almost 6 years. I myself was a "long distance" distributor. Living almost 4 hours away from my upline. So consquently I didn't know alot about the inside stuff of the business. However after 4 years, I decided to move to their town. That's when I saw first hand what the business is really all about.

After deciding to leave the business, I thought I'd create a webpage and tell everyone the real story. Then, maybe the Amway Corp would pay me big bucks to take it off. But I see you already have a superior page and there would be no need for me to do so. Keep up the good work!

I would just like to ask one question: how do I believe what you are saying when you work for an organisation that exploits the use of animals for their tests and products?

I am a proud AMWAY distributor and RESENT all that you have said. I am at a lose of words. The reason it probably didnt work for you is that you wouldnt dedicate the time need to make your DREAM come true. Looking for a get rich quick method isnt what AMWAY is about. I am disgusted in the filth that you have posted on the internet and you are a shame. If you care to answer me my email address is * I would be glad to set you strait on the FACTS since you obviously dont knoe them!!!

Why would you possibly care what other people are doing anyway?  If people want to join, who are you to speak against it?  I joined, I am not broke, have made money and friends, have not lost any friends, and am not religious (at all!!!) No one tries to get me to join a cult, they don't sacrifice cows or lambs.  All they do, is give you the information.... I live in the country, and guess what, there is no Grocery store out here, having stuff delivered works for me, I don't pay any more either cuz the gas alone would kill me (driving to the store) What it looks like to me pal, is that you don't "got" all the facts..sounds like sour grapes, otherwise, you wouldn't spend so much time speaking against it, (a whole web site dedicated to warning people about the EVIL Amway business?) GET REAL!

I find your charges of Amway being a cult very hypocritical.  You waste much time and effort to drive people away from becoming distributors, yet you ignore the worst cult in the world: the job.  I work for an insurance co. plus I am a dist as well.FACT: out of 100 people who graduate college at age 25,  95 of them will be either dead or dead broke dependent upon family or government to survive. (33 will be deceased) All businesses have a failure rate even McDonald's.  Those who have the drive to do what needs to be done will succeed.  Those who mismanage their business or do not put the necessary work into it; will fail.Anyways back to how a job is a cult.  You are told from Day 1: go to college get a degree and get a good job.  well every co that I have ever worked for has had only 1 CEO or President.  The Owners are also limited.  How many employees can make more than the boss?  NONE.  So we are pushed and pressured into spending $17k a year on schooling to hopefully work for someone else who tells us when to get up, when to leave and what lifestyle we can live.  This sounds more like a cult.  We are told to "be happy you have a job".  How many mothers MUST put their children in daycare to go back to work to keep the house?  That is more horrifying than cheering at some rally.  I have many friends who are in debt for school loans who are hammering out a living barely able to make ends meet.  Now when a simple and inexpensive business comes along to give them hope, you have to wonder which career was brainwashing. Now the tools factor of being a cult:  The most successful business by percentage in the world are the major franchises like McDonald's et al.  Well to become a McDonalds owner you have to go to burger college where they teach you the system on how to build a successful hamburger business.  THEN when you pay your $1million franchise fee and build your McDonald's you are required to purchse the McD's tools: the logo cups, the logo ketchup, the logo styrofoam containers, the uniforms.  hmmm this seems more like a cult than Amway.  Try working a franchise before you attack Amway. How come when a typically normal person gets drunk paints his semi-naked body various colors while cheering for some sports
team; he is a fan, while someone who cheers about his future and his dreams is a cultist?  BTW: when was the last time your boss sent you on an expense-paid vacation to Hawaii, Disney, Carribean, or Australia.  when was the last time your boss gave you extra bonuses for doing good work EVERY time you did the good work?

I find it very interesting the time and effort you put forth in getting the "truth" out to the public about the cult. That same energy could be focused at many worthy topics outside of a business that has produced more wealthy people than any other business in the world. There are countless mothers out there who are very pleased they didn't heed neurotic warnings from non-business minded people, so they could stay home with their children and dump the job which took time away from the important things in life. Many social problems exist which could use your energies in finding solutions.

I am an Amway distributor. I am also a Juvenile Court Counselor. The biggest pyramid I've been in is the government I work for. No matter how hard I work I am not going to pass those who have been here longer than I and do nothing. Amway allows me to work hard and pass those who have been "in" much longer than I. My wife and I are planning for retirement in our late 20's and live the next 40 years doing as we please and not as our bosses please. We got involved with Amway as a wholesale shopping club which came to us instead of us going to them. We love accessing the largest mass merchandiser on the planet at a wholesale price and getting paid to shop there. Soon Amway will have the largest virtual mall available and we can point and click to buy from 100's of stores and get paid to shop there. We started referring people in to this shopping system and giving them access to 1000's of products which are delivered to them and they receive a rebate back on all they purchase.

Amway is the second largest volume producing business in Japan behind Coca-Cola. Maybe you should ask the CEO's of the largest businesses in the world why they are working with Amway or why they are trying to work with Amway. Amway is a corporation which has transformed itself from a direct selling soap company, into the largest merchandiser of other companies products in the world. They will grow expendtially in the new millenia as E-commerce booms, because they have been positioning themselves as the largest virtual servicing corporation available. They have grown 1billion a year the last 7 years and entirely debt free.That is amazing in business history. Major businesses are lining up trying to be marketed through Amway because they have a loyal consumer base. A loyal consumer base is the most valuable tool as we enter the E-commerce era.

It is amusing to hear people whine about educational tools and seminars that help foster their businesses growth. These people are looking for the lottery win or fast buck which doesn't exist in business. There is no business you can start with no overhead and have successful people teach you how to succeed other than Amway. I was investigating starting a small business but I would have had to quit my job and go in to debt 100's of thousands of dollars. This business I can build while holding my job and educate myself by throwing in a tape which costs a few dollars. No overhead. Too many people don't want to pay a sacrifice for success. There are no easy victories but every successfull person knows that. When I'm on call I will miss birthdays or other events and that is all right. Why should that be different when I attend a function that will educate me on how to become financially independent so I can have all the time in the world? People don't want to turn off the TV and succeed. They want to sign in to Amway and start earning the bucks. This is a very moral and virtuous business and I am proud to be involved and excited for what the future holds in E-commerce capabilities.

You appear to be a person with energies, ambition, and intellect. Please apply that towards real causes. We are fine. In fact I don't know anybody in my organization that is not growing and making money, and that will increase greatly with our virtual mall growth. Good luck to you.

get a life you deceptive cult member freak.  spread good news, don't inflate bad.  you obviously are a journalist and are part of the LIBERAL mainstream media.  If you want to earn a good and legal living, and would appreciate spending more time with your wife and kids;  call me, I know a great way.

What is your web site all about? I just discovered it. It looks like a "hate Amway site". Have you had bad experiences with the business? I used to be a distributor and had much respect for the business. The products were good and the plan, provided you worked it. I dropped it as I got to busy with other endeavors, but I still respect it.

Dear sir,

Thought this might interest you-- My father sold the business that he raised a family of 7 on to my brother-- It is a large retail gasoline/convenience store/Carwash on a 4 lane Highway, at a major intersection-- My brother was considered by many as extremely sharp, business smart, and had the world by the _____-- He was earning 6 figures (Pre-amway)

My brother joined Amway 6 years ago--

The business is currently on the selling block-- He's asking my dad for loans (ten's of thousands)-- The bank that helped build my dad's business for close to 25 years, recently shut my brother off-- his house is up for sale ($225,000 house); He's decided to rent?!? He is working as a car salesman on the side (AKA - building the contact list)-- And beyond all of this (as I am sure you guessed) he has abandoned us all.... He calls when he needs something or needs money--

Please continue the good work --

A succesful father of 4 girls, a brother to a loving, christian family, and a well respected man in his community - GONE!!! Thanks Amway, You got him.........

I want to know why are you trying to get people out of great system? I know that the system works! I am a amway distruibuter and I made alot of people happy. What is your story? Why are you disapproving this? I know that it is possibile too get a lost suit. But why dont you point out the fact that its the same odds as getting struck by lighting. I wish to get a responce. The system works if it is done right.

Well I was being sarcastic with saying thank you! I am making good money through this buisness and all my family and friend are making good money, so why are you saying that its so bad. I lost alot of peoples interest because of your site. So why dont you tell them that if they do things right, they will be alright. If you tell someone to go out and play basketball and they dont know the game and rules, they will be called for traviling as soon as they step on the court. Just like this, if you dont tell the person how to do it, I mean how to use the system right they will go down and then they will blame amway. Why dont you just get over your personal grudge and tell people the truth! Its works if you play by the rules. If you follow the system. I made my fathers dream come true. I retired him off my income and Hes happy, Im happy. and so many other people could be happy.

I demand a return!

I find your comments based around Amway as a Company very amusing, but unfortunately very missinformed, I myself am an Amway Distributor and very proud to be involved in a business partnership with such a fine company, I have also used the optional training tools i.e. tapes and books and business seminars to help me build my business, and have found them not only to help with the business, but also my other business's.

Some colleages of mine have also benefited hugely financially not only within the Amway business but also using the same principles that are taught with other enterprises.

Your pages that refer to people that have wasted their money with the tapes and books etc, as far as I can gather obviously from their attitude is that they did not read or listen or actually SHOW THE PLAN at all or very little during their involvement, so they flunked the course. Maybe they flunked at other things too, but do they ever look to themselves to put the blame? Do we condemn colleges or universities if all the candidates don't make it 100%?

Thank God for someone like you who tells the truth about the Amway scam. I was sucked into it in 92 and left in 94. My wife and I were in the Don Storms leg and it became very clear that the big money was in the tapes and seminars. Of course at the time distibutors reaped no profit from them, but Dexter Yager did. What a scam, I am in sales now working for myself and would not dare ask someone to sell tapes and books without compensation We saw how if you did not fit their "Christian" mold your chances of making it were next to impossible. Our upline cut off our support when I started to ask sensitive questions about the Amway money trail. This group hides behind family values yet in my opinion are the most amoral bunch of bastards on the planet, Hitler would be proud of the Amway pacification.

Keep on going,

I am not in Amway and have never even been approached by anyone in the business before, but I do know of at least one very successful Amway rep who has been with the company for 15 years. He is not a zombie or brainwashed cult member. He is an honest, respected business professional. I have not been exposed to many other peopl in the Amway business, but isn't it like anything else, there is some good and some bad in everything. It's certainly not a scam though. MLM is a sound and proven means of distributing products. It's idiots (like you, I assume) who thought it was a get rich quick sheme that requires no work. You obviously failed so the industry is rotten, right?

Hi! I do the Amway thing, in fact, I just started.  I figured it was a good idea to buy essentials, i.e. soap, laundry detergent, dish detergent, toothpaste, etc. and make some money back off of it.  I don't think I'll get rich or anything.  I don't buy all the "tools" either.   I really appreciate your site. I like to find out everything--good and bad--about anything I'm into. Why do you dislike Amway so much?

I have been a distributor for about 2 months.  Within the first month, my sponsor paid for my husband and I to fly to and attend the Terri McEwyn Fall Spectacular.  My sponsor also paid for my cost to join Amway, which I paid back to her shortly after. My sponsor sends me most of my tools absolutely free, and I usually get her packages 3 times a week.  I send my sponsor a check once a month, to pay for half of the Standard Order Tapes only (25.00).  The first time I ordered tools, I over ordered based on what I thought I needed.  Turns out, my first tool order will last me a while.  The tools were 50 Why Me, Why Now brochures, and  50 Time or Money brochures.  I see now, that I only need maybe 10 of each of these to last a year.  My upline teaches me, to get these tools back when I follow up.My upline sent me two free lid packs, and I have received several adpacks, absolutely free.   So, my point is that I plan to share these items with my downline, as my upline did with me. The cassettes are very useful because they teach you how to work the business.  The tapes are constantly shared, as well as the books.   Also,  I have not found the open meetings to be incredibly useful, so I just don't go to them all the time. I HATE organized religion!  My husband is atheist, so we do not go to the religious services held at the functions.  This is my biggest BEEF with Amway.  "STOP TALKING ABOUT GOD, JESUS, AND ALL THAT CRAP"  I did not join amway to worship a lie.  Some of my tapes have references to God,  and I just figure the speaker is stupid like everyone else.  They are no different then your neighbor with the statue of Mary on her front lawn. So to all the people reading this,  dont be stupid!  Dont buy a bunch of shit you wont use.  You dont need boxes and boxes of books and tapes!          Just understand what multilevel marketing is, and use to your advantage.   Buy what you normally use and share the idea.  Sell stuff, its easy. I just started demonstrating the makeup line (which I must ad is very awesome products, and a whole lotta fun).   Sure, the stuff is more expensive! Duh, you can look in the shoppers catalog and see that everything is marked up at first glance.  But, if you use the products and develop a group that uses the products, and they develop a group that uses the products, then you'll make money.

I just sent the following message to some guy in the UK, then I read about your site, so I wanted to send it to you with a few added thoughts.It's been a long time, but it started when my parents got roped into the scam.  They invited me and all my sisters to "network", as they called it then, to suck people in.  They said it was a big money making opportunity but would not explain anything else.  They said I had to attend a meeting.  Three of my sisters just said no, but I went to a meeting to appease my parents.  The person in charge of the meeting explained how you had to get 7 people to join under you to go to the next level.  He said you did not have to be a salesperson because the products sell themselves, and all I had to do was get people to come to meetings, and he or someone like him would sell the company.  People all around me were joining, but I did not want to join.  I know I am not a salesperson, which you really have to be to get people to join, and I also felt these people were using unethical techniques to get people to join.  I felt my own parents had lied to me by not telling me it was Amway in the first place.  While we were still at the meeting, my own parents pressured me to join.  They told me I would be stupid if I did not join.  I gave in just to get them off my back.  It cost me 99 American dollars at the time, about ten to fifteen years ago.  That got me a bucket of products which I never used and I didn't even like.  I called my sisters to tell them what happened.  I got the nerve to call my parents and tell them what I thought, and to let them know they had hurt me.  This was the one good thing that happened, because since then I have been able to stand up to my parents.  I never went to any more meetings.  I discouraged anyone who ever mentioned the possibility of joining Amway.  When it came time for me to renew a year later, I just dropped out.  So, it only cost me 99 dollars and a few hours of my time, but I have no respect for the company or their products, and I hope you manage to discourage others from wasting their time and money.Because of some of the comments I read on the UK site and on your site, I wanted to add that the meeting I went to reminded me of a religious gathering with cultish overtones.  Some anti-Amway people mentioned that Amway seemed to support Right-wing conservative religious views, which may be true, but I consider myself a very conservative and Christian person.  Amway distributors do not tell the whole truth when inviting people to network.  In effect, they lie.  This is not a Christian thing to do.  One final note - it took my folks a couple of years, but they finally admitted they made a big mistake by joining Amway and they are out of it now.  Thanks for keeping people informed.  Too bad the internet wasn't around when I got roped in.  Good luck.

is there a way for me to investigate your claims so that i can make an objective decision. i coworker recently claimed to be my "friend". i hardly know her, she seems awful nice and even tho we work for the same company we dont work together much. we work in retail. anyway, soon after she has already had someone speak to me. they puposely wouldnt tell the name of the company, but insisted i should meet them to discuss the plan. im an intelligent skeptic and dont believe money comes quick or easy. they didnt quite say that is would but like your site claims, they did imply a lure of money to be made eventually. anyway, i asked if it would involve any input of money on my part and they said ohhhhh nooooo. that doesnt sound like the truth from what im reading. they also told me another coworker was in on it. i asked him about it and he said he dropped out 6 mos ago which is not what they told me. funny, how someone should want to be my friend all of a sudden and funny how they should leave that detail out. this coworker also told me he lost out on $120 he used to buy something for it, i think that tools kits u mentioned. but even he said it cand work for some people, but that it wasnt something he wants to do. he didnt mention any of the details u told me. something is wierd. i got this 2nd job more to get out of the house and maybe meet people, but it seems to be going to disaster. maybe these arent the people i wanted to meet. ive been going thru tough times as it is and i dont need to be taken for a ride. so i was wondering how to investigate this. i think im going to play along with it and go to hear about the "plan." then i will see what i can do from there as im always busy, but if they have bad intentions im the type of person to speak my mind. i just have to be certain before i accuse anyone. maybe its best to just decline, but im pig headed. i was wondering if there were any articles about this from trustworthy sources, newspapers etc, journals, profesional books or journals. thanks.

Sorry, but apparently you have Amway very wrong. This is not some cult trying to steal peoples money. This is an organization that allows people to own their own business by making it affordable. Just because you or someone you know did not do well at it is no reason to cast a negative light on the company. They must be doing something right to have 45% of the Fortune 500 companies doing business with them. I tend to trust the heads of Fila and Rebook and Whirlpool and Jansport and and Quaker State and Shell Gas (to name a few) before I will trust the spouting of someone who is so bitter at their own failures or just plain bored. I am a successful Amway Distributor and very proud of the fact. It works.

Of course it is easy to find some people who are upset because it apparently did not work for them. Sorry to hear that, but that does not make Amway the bad guy. Not everyone graduates from school, does that make school a bad thing? Lets focus on the people and not the company. Maybe the people who "failed" are the type who quit easily, or maybe they did not want to put forth the effort. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Once some folks realize their is work involved they tend to shy away.

There is also talk that people will trick you to an Amway meeting, which is untrue. If someone asks, then I will be more than happy to tell them that it is an Amway meeting. The reason I do not volunteer the information is because there is such negativity and lies spread by people like yourself, that folks believe that is the real Amway. Once they get to a meeting and hear the truth, then more often than not, I've found, that they get involved. Why might that be? It is because Amway makes sense. Intelligent people see that everytime. Although it must be a coincidence that so many professionals, doctors, lawyers, business owners, get involved. If it were a "CULT", do you think that these highly educated and successful people would get involved? I think not.

How about we call a truce. We will continue to build a better America through Free Enterprise, and you continue to struggle with your JOB. Whether you want to admit it or not, you'd rather be a successful Amway Distributor rather than allowing your JOB to control your life. When you are ready, come join us!

This sight is wonderful, my AMWAY Business was struggling, until I told ALL my distributor about your sight, they were so pissed off my business has tripled in the last three month's because of it, enabling me to retire at 32years of age, I can't thank you ENOUGH, free speech is wonderful, this country is wonderful you're wonderful.Best Wishes,signedretired

i am an amway distributor, and although i haven't been active for the last several years, i have to say those were some of the happiest years of my life. you criticize their system. their system changed my life in many ways, it taught me how to relate better to people as i was extremely shy. it gave me more self esteem. even though i never made any money off of it, that was my fault, didn't do the work. i was an alcoholic, i quit drinking, i was obese, i reduced to a size 7. my upline were diamonds, and they were willing to drive 100's of miles to help us and they had on several occasions. as for the money you spend-noones putting a gun at your head. sure there are probably some distributors that are unethical and immoral, but you get that in any profession. as far as the functions go, it is not brainwashing, it is a function for learning and motivation alot of people are motivated by material things, if that's what gets them motivated,why not talk about material things? I am not materialistic and shallow, but why does anyone work, is it not to get paid? is it not so you can eat and have a roof over your head? amway can do that for you too. you don't have to do it to get rich. some people just want a little extra income. what is wrong with functions? have you ever been to a pep rally in high school? is that brainwashing also? when you go to work to earn a living is that because you are materialistic ? amway is not a cult, it is a business, amway has not ruined my life. i am a single woman who works full time, lrents a nice apartment,, has nice clothes, am not shallow, goes to church, has many friends (no i have not become an outcast to society), sure there may be some things about amway that are far from perfect, but the overall concept is something great. why do you want to destroy something great?

Dear Mr. Schwartz,

I would appreciate if you posted my observations of your web page, my recent decision to join Amway and my own opinion.

To begin with, your readers and visitors, I must say there appears to be a thread of similar situations from their BUSINESS experiences as Amway distributers. These range from quiet dissatisfaction to raging lawsuits over failed investments in their BUSINESS'.

I would like to express that the world is made up of DECEPTION and LIARS. This is not specific to the Amway Corporation or to various downline groups. ALL industries from traditional commercial to "direct selling" to religious organizations to non profits have these same problems. Even now the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT is involved in DECEPTION.

What does this mean? Well First I appoligize to anyone who lost their savings in either an Amway or other type of business venture. I do not intend to offend. My point is "buyer beware". As discerning adults past the incubatic age of 18 years we in this GREAT LAND are on own.

Whenever we are presented with an opportunity that involves a decision to "change our lifestyle" I strongly suggest to coin a phase borrowed by Amway distributers and every one in the world of PROFESSIONAL SALES to "check it out".

Hard earned dollars are very tough to replace. I know I've been in business commercially from a start up company with zero sales and ALL MY CAPITAL going fast while building a new business, to the ever slow process of establishing positive cashflow from a much needed services company. After 3 years of hard work 90 hours a week. I decided to resign and sell my company and resume a normal 8 to 5 job. A great learning experience of the AMERICAN DREAM. That was 10 years ago, today I am a successful General Manger of a multimillion dollar corporation. Making a six figure income, owning a home, cars, teenagers and 2 infants now. Married to the same wonderful wife all those years.

As a businessman (is that what I am) my wife and I as having "MADE IT" in AMERICA, unlike many hard working people we have a nice life, money in the bank, retirement and positive net worth.

However, we are EMBRACING the AMWAY DREAM! Why because this is a BUSINESS. This involves PEOPLE. This opportunity will allow my family to attain through hard work, yes hard work, no money for maybe 12 to 18 months. Yes, investing SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF $$$ in a new business.

This is no "get rich quick scheme" never has it been. Selling ice cream in summer or umbrellas in winter can be, however, not this slow going people dependent frustrating process. That's what all dedicated individuals pursuing the AMERICAN DREAM know.

To have a legal multi product home based business that using standard business techniques to succeed, while only giving up 10 hours a week, operate from your garage and home office. Well Mr. Schwartz this is novel. Yes, only 10 hours a week. MEETINGS ARE OPTIONAL. Why? I will build my business in my group my way.

Oh, and the tapes. I ordered all I thought I needed. My Direct Distributer has NEVER attempted to instruct me to SOT or other tapes. THIS IS VOLUNTARY! READ THE PAPERWORK!

I am not one to shy away from a confrontation obviously. I beleive in this COUNTRY. I beleive in FREE ENTERPRISE! I am proud to live in this time and to have my FREEDOM. YES I AM A VETERAN OF THE ARMED FORCES. Yes, I do believe in our rights to the 2nd Admendment.

That's why I asked you to post this open dialog on your very valuable page. You are operating a necessary service. I applaud your time committment and efforts. I only wished your readers to experience what I'm sure is the type of experience not often expressed.

PS, My wife and I plan to be Direct distributers by late next year and our wish is to help others acheive this same accomplishment honestly and ethically.

My former 6th grade teacher (hadn't seen him in 22 years) showed up at my school classroom and handed me a tape and couldn't wait to tell me about the "company" he started. I figured out it was Amway but had a hard time not agreeing to meet him.

Anyway, he used lots of sales tactics that left me wanting to chuckle out loud because I already knew what he was trying to do. Amway's plan sounded too good and easy to be true.

He mentioned that he was "not Amway" but had his own company. I guess it's a way for a distributor to try and distance himself from Amway's bad rep.

Thanks for your informative site. Thank goodness I could see through the tactics and reading about your experience answered some of my questions honestly. He is still the best teacher I ever had, but my opinion of him is now soured by this experience.

What if they aren't charging for the tape, and you say they do. If that is the scam part then they aren't asking that anymore. They don't even want me to pay the $6 rally charge. He is covering it. I'm know it is a bad deal to get involved with but I can't see where I would lose money.

I would like to thank you for the wealth of information displayed. Obviously it took you some time to do it ! Once again , THANK YOU !