Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 49

Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

Keep up the good work. I hope to see you back on line in the near future. There are alot of MLM companies and individuals out in society preying on the hopes, dreans and lives of individuals and families.

Truth and honest has got to be the building blocks for these companies and for the successful individuals within these organizations. If there is fraud, dishonestly within these MLM organizations it needs to be discovered and made available to the public, to the independent representations and to individuals who are contemplating joining these organizations.

I am still trying to pay off a loan that I got to get into one of the top MLM organizations. I wish I had had more insightful informations on the odds of success and true workings of a MLM business.

Best of luck to you!


Call the ACLU if you can. I just happened to be reading in "Mother Jones" about the same kind of harrassment - a lawsuit filed against them. The article said the judge ruled the lawsuit a SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) and threw it out of court. It said this type of suit is a frivolous suit aimed at suppressing free speech.

The Amway company should not be allowed to get away with this. I understand how difficult it could be though. One person against such a scary, powerful company. Good luck and thank you for the web site.

Sorry to see your web site go. I have visited often. My spouse joined only to receive product at cost. This is ok. But I have attended several meetings and many discussions. I support your position regarding Amway.

Good luck


I searched for you today to find out the latest "hot" news on the $200 million lawsuit filed in Houston, Harris County, Texas, today, 1/6/98. I personally know these 26 people. A number of them are in my upline. I was hoping you would have the particulars on this lawsuit. Unhfortunately, old news, you have done the only thing you could do. Shut down your page.

The first time I visited your site, I was a very dissolutioned seven year Amway distributor who had just been screwed by their sponsors. They stole some distributors out from underneath us. I emailed you those particulars, I think. Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I read your page for hours, for weeks. I truly was an Amway believer and my heart was broken by what our sponsors did to us. Sydney, you helped me heal. You, unknowingly, were a prayer answered. You helped me get over the past seven year ordeal much quicker. The dreams we had built in Amway, where destroyed. You helped me get new ones. Thank you for a fabulous webpage. I will attempt to visit other mirror sites, however, I did seem to trust your viewpoint.

I will try to let you know about the allegations in the lawsuit. It is not too hard to go to the courthouse and view files. Although, I figure this particular file will be in very large demand. I hope someone downloads it!

I might even join it, who knows. It is a class-action suit, you know. Thanks to you, I filed my opt-out letter timely from the last class-action lawsuit that Amway so cleverly concealed from the "class members."

Love to you, my friend. Take care.

Sidney, your rebuttal to the Scamway attorneys is BRILLIANT! Talk about fun to read -- hopefully, this should really make them sweat ;-). Their attorneys must not be very bright. Their "statement" is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Do they know how many people around the United States know the truth about Amway? Do they have any idea that they would have to subpoena and question thousands of people for any "suit" over the contents of your site?

It's not much fun for you to incur legal costs, but I really believe that their company's days are numbered at this point. I'm hoping one of the "expose" network news shows will pick up on this. It needs to be explored on television, in front of millions of Americans.

Do you have any kind of legal fund that people can make donations to?

I would gladly donate to your legal defense fund if you were to change your mind and put the pages back up.

I will put a mirror of them up at my own web site and advertise them at a later date.

Dear Mr.Schwartz,

I'll try to be brief, clear and to the point. I had been in Amway for nearly ten years until I read completely through your site and decided immediately there after to get out. I thank you for posting the site and I appreciate the efforts you put into it. I am out and have been encouraging others to do the same or to avoid it in the first place.

It bothers me that Amway has been trying to intimidate you. However, what bothers me more are the letters of 'support' you have been receiving. I am hoping that you are finding most of them to be somewhat em- barrassing. You are a person who collected and posted information regarding SCAMWAY on the internet and many people are grateful for that. However, that doesn't make you some kind of courageous 20th century, freedom of speech protector, super-hero. I know you know that, too bad most of your supporters don't. It use to be that the inane banal type letters complete with profanities use to come almost exclusively from the Ambots. Now thanks to the guy who doesn't how to spell either 'Amerika' or 'Khrist' we have prima facia evidence of their being dolts on either side of the issue.

Good luck to you in the future Sidney and I will continue to keep an eye on the mirror sites. It's too bad that Amway scared you into closing the sight. Personally I don't think they could have touched you no matter how much money they have. But, I can understand why you would not want to find out what they might have been capable of and how low they might have sunk, just to nail you. After all, it's a company that did 6,7,8,9 or 10 billion-gaz- illion last year, it's 'fired up' it's 'walkin the walk', 'talkin the talk', and man 'ain't it great!', it's 'phenomonal', it's a company that's doing 'extremely well' under any and all circumstances, why?, because 'the facts don't count!', it's also the, 'greatest business oportunity in the Universe', and if people don't realize that then they are obviously 'broke, negative, dream stealing, stinkin'thinkin', 'paralysis of analysis' wimps who are stuck in 'J.O.B's' that they 'hate' with bosses whom they also 'hate' but don't have the 'courage' to 'break free' and...... peddle over priced soap for the rest of their lives to people who don't want to buy it. Wow. 'Ain't it great!', should be relaced with, 'Doesn't it suck!?'. Sorry for digressing. Thanks again,

This letter may sound a little bitter. That's because I really don't like Amway anymore.

Dear Sid.

My dad and I use to go fishing, hunting, and play baseball with one another in Alaska. When we moved to Texas about 3 years ago he go talked into joining Ammway corp. He told me that it was a great way to make money and then not worry about making it later. He's wrong.

As soon as he started going to the meetings he became so involved in Ammway that he forgot about family life and the things we use to do with one-another. He kept on telling me that he will be working hard for the next few years and then start spending time with us and using all the money he is suppose to be getting to make our lives better.

Well a few years have passed and he just keeps on getting more and more involved in Ammway and keeps on wanting to make more and more money that he doesn't do anything with the family like he used to.

The problem with Ammway is that you keep telling yourself that you will make a little money and then stop. Then you get to that point and you tell yourself just a little more effort = a little more money. Well then a few years pass and you don't have much to show for it, you lost friends, loved ones, and even forgot about the things you use to do in the past.

If you have a family and want to stay close to them, don't join the Ammway corp. because you will continue telling yourself so many lies that you will loose all that you love.

Mr. Schwartz --

Greetings from an ex-Ambot. (Life is so good now!)

Here is a copy of the response given to me by Amway's distributor relations department when I asked them to give me their perspective on the AMOs. I explained to them how we were clearly deceived (and actually lied to) by our upline directs and emeralds about the system and the profits for many years. Something stunk and it wasn't just that crappy, expensive cologne everyone wore.

Just a bit of background on our story: For four years my wife and I were active in the business. We attended every function, every open meeting, every seminar, bought every tape (and even listened to them - yeech!), read every book, plugged into the system and nearly reached direct. We event went to every coffee shop gathering at 11:00 pm at Perkins. We were rising stars! We contacted literally hundreds and hundreds of people and sponsored quite a few. We even sponsored a senior partner at a major law firm now representing a case against Amway! (He didn't do anything in the business - the system drove him away.)

About two years ago we went inactive due to many things, but primarily because of information we discovered about the system from an ex-upline silver and also due to the deceit and injustice done to him. We have done nothing in the business for the past two years. Since we did have a small business in place, we still receive a check each month ($100-$300) on that business volume and we figure after 10 more years we may actually recoup some our losses.

In my query to Amway, I also asked about the (outstanding) information which you have posted and what is going to be done about the problems with Amway.

Here is their (form letter?) response.


Thanks for your note. Most distributor organizations offer support materials to aid in sponsoring and merchandising. Business Support Materials(BSM) can include tapes, books, functions, videos and other items. BSMs are privately produced by the distributor organizations and not Amway Corporation. Distributors who choose to sell or distribute BSMs must emphasize that the purchase of these materials is optional. Amway does not endorse the representations made in such materials, however, we do support the individual distributors choice in using these materials in the development of their businesses.

Regarding your questions on the profit from these materials, I do not have much information. If you do the math you can figure out how much profit, if any, is being generated. One argument for the BSM business is that it gives the Diamonds additional income to use in support of their groups. One couple told me that if it wasn't for the BSM income they wouldn't be able to travel all over the country supporting their groups. A good comparison would be the car dealership that has a service area in addition to new car sales. If you have both, you can provide a better, over all package.

As stated earlier, Amway Corporation maintains a neutral position on the use of BSMs. Some distributors have built successful business using BSMs and others have built equally successful businesses without BSMs.

As for Mr. Schwartz you can't believe everything on the Internet. We recently learned he removed most of his web site but then put everything back after we posted information that we are not pursuing legal action against him. Currently there are several false and misleading statements on his old site. We have never and pursued legal actions against him and support his right to express his opinion. I'm not sure what Amway ever did to Mr. Schwartz, but he obviously does not appreciate or understand what we are all about. The truth is that Mr. Schwartz is a consultant to Procter & Gamble and is being used in a commercial lawsuit P&G has brought against Amway.

Congratulations on your recent success with your Amway business. It is a simple business that is sometimes made very complicated by people with other agendas. My hat is off to you and I hope this information helps. If you have any additional questions please let me know.

JHF with North American Distributor Relations


Good Luck in your endeavors and keep the world posted on your trials and tribulations (if any.) You are a tenacious son-of-a-gun!

We have been distributors for about 5 years now. The first 3 years, we were very active and learned a tremendous amount of success principles. During those years, we had losses each year of over $5000.00 for tools and related business expenses. After a few dissagreements and questions with our so called best friend sponsors and upline who would do anything for you, we have not been active the past two years due to hurt feelings that have been hard to overcome. But according to these same people, we are losers because we no longer associate or are active in the amway business. Yes, we continue to renew, because within the proper prospectives it can be a great opportunity. We keep that avenue open. I wanted to put some of the tool expenses into prospective:

For the last 3 years, we have been involved in our own business which we started from 0 and worked our way up. This is a retail business which involves sales and installation of those sales… The first 2 years, our incomes were in the $30,000 range. We spent approximately $5,000.00 on job materials and related expense. Not much of an income in America right.....Well the first 3 years in our Amway Business, our jobs only brought us and income of $18,000 Wow, that's below poverty level with 2 kids....But a happy end to this story.....this past year, our business did over $100,000. with approximately $13,000 in job materials purchased. Not bad for someone making poverty level money....This year, we expect to double from 1997....

The most exciting thing I have to say is. Thank God we did not listen to our "Friends" in the Amway business who advised us to not go into business because it would take away our "dream". We would be too busy to build our Amway business. Few of these people, with the exception of the doctors or dentist, can say they have accomplished what we have done....However, we owe alot of our success to the principles we were made aware of because of the Amway business and the tools it offers. Thanks for letting me respond to your page. I believe this is a very important part of Freedom of Speech......

Please do not use our names or email address.

I can't believe amway forced you to shut down your sight. It was now 2 years ago I got involved in this dirty business. When aI see the words books and tapes and functions I get ill, then I look at my $6500 credit card balance which is 90% btf's. I can't believe I got involved. I still have a good friend who "won't give up". She has spent most of her money on these scumbags and turned a brand new car into a wreck from "driving the miles" What a load of bullshit this business is. I think with the support you have, there should be a major campaign established to shut scamway down for good, and maybe all those scamway wannabees will go with them. I am now very cautious with my money and know where every cent goes and it feels good to be rid of the ambots who were always so awesomely excited! I am starting to get angry again so I'd better sign off, but keep up the good work, let me know if you need any help, I'm in Western Canada and scamway is every bit as big an illness here as in the US. Take Care.

Just wondering, how many plans did you show, and how long were you a distributor?

It's clear that you have put alot of time and effort into your Web site. Why don't you take your talent time and energy and put it into something positive?

If you don't have an interest in Amway fine, but leave the rest of us alone! Your only reason for putting up this site is in the hopes that you will cause people to quit, or those who are looking into Amway not to join.

To me you are in the same category as the Uni-bomer and Tim McVeigh, you don't care who you hurt, you just want to hurt whoever you can.

I will pray for you, as will anyone else who comes in contact with you.

I listened to Amway and on the surface seemed like a pretty good idea. I thank you that you have shared a little light on some of the background. One thing that you did not touch on though was the "cultish" feel of Amway. They expected your life to revolve around the "business" and associating only with those involved in the business. Also everything you purchase was supposed to be done through Amway catalogs. This kind of control is very reminiscent of cults. When a group of people just sit around listening to the same "plan" (and paying $5 for the opportunity) and cheering their self-proclaimed prophets, I personally have a big problem with that. The claim to promote christian and family values but in my estimation they have taken the role of the church and substitued their plan for the gospel. It seems that they forgot that the "love of money is the root of all evil".

My husband and I would like to thank you for putting this information out for all eyes to see. Our best friends are very much involved and tried very, very hard to get us to sign up. We couldn't pin point what the problem was, but felt something was very wrong. So we said no over and over again until they got the drift. Needless to say, we don't hear or see them anymore unless we call to say "hello." We've realized that the friends they use to have, they no longer have - unless, of course, they're with them "in the business." You have allowed us to understand and see many things - and for that we say thank you. Keep it up - because many people are not aware unless someone lets them know.

How refreshing to see your web page, I to am a recovering Amway distributor. One more victim bamboozled by hype, and a lack of true information from the sponsor and their entourage. It is encouraging to know that this format of expression is an option. I am a "virgin net user." In brief, it was the worst experience of my life, just about losing my marriage, and coming to a near point of bankruptcy before throwing our hands in the air and quitting, but not without a constant rythm of depression on the reaction of distributors who look down in disgust at our decission. Negating the fact that they did indeed sell tools not product, and lied, outright lied.

Thank you very very much for confirming what I have suspected all along.I had suspected that all this motivational crap and rallies were a load of unecessary and costly Window dressing(as one of my friends put it)and hoopla.I only wish I could get my husband to open his $#@%^#@! eyes and see what I see.What i see is a bunch of Crooked,Lying,Cheating, Pompous and Self-Serving Bottom Dwelling Scumsuckers!These people who belong to Worldwide Dreambuilders(or as I like to call them "Dreamsmashers") are the ones I am referring to.These people(I Believe)are responsible for giving Amway Corporation a bad reputation and bad name which I think should belong to Worldwide Dreambuilders and its eight departments.I like Amway and will continue to be a Distributor,But without Worldwide Dreambuilders.They can go to what the christians refer to as HELL! I would ask that if you publish ths statement on your website that my email address be kept confidential and unpublished.I don't want WWDB people clogging my emailbox with hatemail.Thank you Again for the Enlightment! HAVE A NICE DAY!

A Broke But Honest Person

I recently discovered your website about Amway and what people should read before they choose to get involved. I made a huge mistake in allowing a couple under false pretenses come to my home not knowing that they would try to pitch Amway to me and my husband. I was turned off of the idea because they were not up front with me prior to coming to my home. Unfortunately, my husband fell for the dream pitch. We need additional income and it all sounds very like the answer to everything. I know that by reading the information you provided that it confirms my suspicions and I am hoping that I will be able to have my husband read the articles and law suits and at least if he must proceed with Amway do it cautiously. I would like to thank you for taking a stand instead of turning a blind eye as so many people do these days. I hope that your work saves other families from the misfortune of the Amway Deception Scam. The part I hate the most is the capitalization of peoples personal dreams. My dreams of the future are more valuable to me than anything because they are for my family and I feel that they have been violated and commercialized by the Amway Process. Wish me luck in turning my husbands interest to something safer and more productive. Thanks again for taking a stand in what you believe in. Thank you.

Your site is still fun to visit even after being "shut down" - go figure. The drive you display is something Amway can't match because their drive is only for money. In other words, they are no match for people like you. In fact, you're probably like Ben Kanobi in Star Wars. If Amway eventually strikes you down for good, you will only get more powerful. I don't know how corny that sounds, but I think it's plausable.


Although I haven't written to you in over two years (previously e-mailed you from my * account), the "latest" turn in events with your "voluntary" closure of your website frightens me. I hope that you prevail and are compensated for any monetary loss you may or might sustain to protect your right to share information about Rich 'n' Jay's little business opportunity.

No doubt, now, more than ever, your invaluable information and the free exchange of thoughts (both pro and con) are needed. I made phone calls to the local CBS radio station to complain about the recent ambot radio spots… I made it clear to the station manager that the ethics, morals and cult-like behavior of the "opportunity" should not be given any validation by being broadcast on a "legitimate" media/medium. No doubt the folks at KIRO may have thought me a bit kooky, but LIARS, THIEVES and SUPREMACISTS don't deserve "equal access" to the airwaves.

I hope that you are able to post additional letters about the state of affairs… and if you get stuck with legal fees, please spread the word. I certainly would dig deep to contribute to a noble cause.

-- Hi Sidney;

What can I say? I found your site "by accident". Was looking for Amway info because thought of importing their nutrilite vitamins and maybe some other things here to Israel. I used to be a distributer in the states in the early and later 70's. Yes there were all kinds of hype and money chasing and INDOCTRINATION to influence even people looking only for a bit more to help "finish the month" as it were. However I found many of the products to be of very good to excellent quality, at least in those days don't know about today. Our Direct did push being a bit adventurous but emphasized keeping to or close to the 70% limit, and when I got out my up-line bought back the goods without a hassle. The High fliers such as Yager etc. I remember were real pushers. It's a pity that a system that could have been good got so messed up.

Keep your head in place, be sure you're right, and if so go ahead (VERY CAREFULLY), and may G-d help you. As RabbI Nahman from Breslov wrote, In the meantime the Ganefs have strength like a big wind storm, but it at the end goes away, and truth and good will eventually win.

Dear Sidney

I look at the website about this story of your personal battles with Amway and you had to close your website because of pressure. I've belong with another MLM company( I know you don't wan't to hear it of which MLM company I am involved with) but the pending latest lawsuit on Amwayby it's former distributors, if successful, could have a negatively effect on all other MLM companies who had to alby the rules setforth by FTC(Federal Trade Commission).

I hope not for our sake. not all MLM companies are considered 'prymaid schemes', but you know something, this story AMAZED ME!!! As a matter of fact, I don't care if Scamway goes down for the count for I was a former Amway Distributor myself. I thought it was good at first, but when I got down at it's annual convention several years ago, Now I know why it's got it's bad reputation. These people know to get suck up with that garbage. After that trip, I said no way, I'll never get involved in Amway again There's more story to tell, but I'll going have to cut it short. Please e-mail me on what your feelings about the MLM industry in general and what the latest scoop on Scamway.


I do appreciate the work that you have done at AUS. Even if I never e-mail you, I quit the Amway business shoertly after bumping into your site (about three years ago) My upline, until then very friendly, turned their back at me when I asked for a mere explanation of the facts (now I know why).

Anyway, the reason why I am writing to you is simple: Why don't you request to Amway to have a link to your site ? If they talk about free speech, it may be informative for all Amway distributors to read first hand all the "lies" they say you wrote. On their site, only the Amway point of view goes thru, but nothing else. Maybe you should challenge them and if they deny, post their reply on your site as a proof.

Feel free to reply if you wish and congratulation for your exellent informative job on AUS

P.S. I can upload some of your material on my site, (at least until they threat me) If you wish to do so let me know.

Thanks to your web site, my husband and I got out of the Amway business two days after getting in. We attended one rally and were shocked and disturbed by the ravings of those in charge, none of which had anything to do with business. Simply two self-proclaimed former drug dealers ( I am not kidding here) going on and on about getting rich and realizing a dream…rah rah rah. No substance, no business approach. With college degrees, perhaps we were expecting something more along the lines of Business 101. We actually had notebooks with us!!

Feeling uncertain about our decision, I began surfing the net and found your seb site. Six hours later (at 2 am) I called my husband (he volunteers at the trauma center here) and told him we had to get out. Later that morning, we decided to post questions to our sponsor and see if he could explain these. He evaded our questions, refused to explain what portion of his income comes from the tools business (he said he wasn't sure, but certainly not more than 30 or 40%) and then proceeded to tell us that only losers quit. I told him maybe losers and those with any ethics

You are doing a public service with your site. I spent thousands of dollars in AMWAY and went direct too in 1991 and get a whopping $20 per month residual income from it now. The whole system is a scam designed to brainwash people into AMWAY aliens. Believe me, you will start looking like an alien to your friends and family if you listen to the crap they put out.

I am glad to see the lawsuits. It's about time these yahoos got whipped for picking the pockets of AMERICANS! This is capitalism at its worst. Is there a potential the lawsuits could each be summarized into one page? I need to help some people still in the AMWAY thing see the light and I can't go around copying 25 page lawsuits to do it. And again, thank you for standing up for our rights!

Hey Sidney -

As a long time peruser of your site, who tried unsuccessfully to use it as a deterrent for one of my friends who had joined the evil empire, I am greatly disturbed by the termination of this site. Do you find it at all interesting that a primary speaker at the recent Conservative Convention was none other than Ms. DeVos, whose family donated seven figures to the Republican party during the last election? With pockets as deep as that, is it any wonder that you had to close down your site? And any wonder why Amway is still "legal?" Money walks, and we know what talks… Family values, my ass. All these people are concerned with is the selfish perpetuation of their own material wealth. Get in their way, and they will try to crush you like a bug. I am eternally amazed that anyone other than the extremely wealthy, immoral, and/or idiotic elect people supported by such groups. I am especially sorry for the poor slobs who think that this is the road to both eternal salvation and material wealth. The ability of humankind to be gullible is astounding. As Amway is apparently greatly worried by your site (hey, truth hurts, doesn't it, Mr. DeVos?), maybe you could try to reinvent your site as an "anti pyramid scam" site? After all, Amway is not a pyramid scam, is it (nudge, nudge, wink, wink…)? If they protest (and you do not use their name), then they will be, in fact, admitting that they are a pyramid scam… Just a thought. All good wishes in your future endeavors. You have done more for mankind in your all-too-short presence on the Web than the DeVos family and all of their disciples have or will do in their lifetimes.

Hello. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for the information. I just got my computer and am fairly new to the whole internet thing, so I don't know how long you maintained this information. I can only imagine that it has been some time. I am currently a distributer and I couldn't agree more with some of your observations. I started looking because I was thinking there was something wrong with me that I couldn't get with the (Amway) program. I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought their tactics were strange to say the least.

I have been checking out pretty much every Amway site that I can find. My boyfriend thinks I am obsessed with Amway bashing material. Maybe I am. I think of it more as a hobby. I figure it took them almost two years to mess with my brain, I can take a few weeks and unscramble the connections and find out what they were really doing and why.

Anyway thank you very much.

Mr. Schwartz,

I'm a card carrying member of Amway. I just recently accessed your site and was dismayed that you have been shut down. I wish I read ANY of the info you had compiled. Although I still purchase some products (I happen to like some of them), I have always been extremely leary of the practices of some of the Higher Ups. I happen to be located (ladder wise) quite closely (very much so) to Dexter himself (one of the factors in conning me to enlist), however I was privy to practices that were, to say the least, unethical. Although I voiced my complaint loudly, the SYSTEM forced silence. I just recently been able to access the web and am appalled by the fact that Amway once again is shoving their fist down the throat of FREE SPEECH. If there is anything I can do (albeit . . . however little), please contact me. I will look for your GRAND REOPENING soon.

Just a short note of support.

I really admire what you have done (and are still doing?).

MLM companies prey on the weakest members of society and take money from those least able to afford it.

Amway and Scientology and all these other schemes rely on ignorance. The support your site has received from the internet community gives me hope for the future. Information wants to be free!

Three cheers.

I've spent the last few weeks listening to the 'Plan' and being encouraged to join the 'business'.

I managed to find a few hours to 'browse' and a single search on AMWAY has revealed a multitude of dis-enchanted people.....

Thanks for saving me the time and money.... hope you manage to beat the Corporate Might…


Mr. Schwartz:

I only have one question…if the multi-level sales plan is responsible for 20% of the millionaires in this country, and Amway is responsible for a majority of those…Whats your problem?

You malign the dedication level among Distributors…are you satisified with mediocrity? Of course not! NO ETHICAL UPLINE WILL EVER FORCE YOU TO ATTEND ANY FUNCTION OR BUY ANY MOTIVATIONAL MATERIALS. Its a simple question of "How dedicated do you want to be?"

We were in Amway for 3 years, never made a penny. Wanna know why? Because our upline fell apart. Our sponsor quit because he was satisfied in his rut. His sponsor…same story. Our Direct Distributor quit because he was bored....he stopped growing because he became complacent in his success.

We are back into the business now, and will be glad to keep you posted on our SUCCESS, if you really want to hear about it. Of course, if I read you right, you are the basic, narrow-minded, far out in left field type whose credo is "Don't confuse me with the facts, I already know what I believe."

So, what are you? An ex-distributor who figured out it wasn't coming on a platter? Buddy, if anybody is a loser, its YOU. You are so desperate for your 15 minutes, you'll do anything it takes. Why not channel some of that energy into something constructive....I'm expanding a busines in your area, and I'm looking for a few go-getter types....

I'm very pleased to see Scamway still up on the mirror site despite Amway's censorship attempts. All these years I thought I was hallucinating!

I was introduced to Amway's methods some thirteen years ago by a couple I knew well and looked up to (they were my martial arts instructors). Because they seemed so gung-ho, I went to a couple of meetings to placate them. I founds these meetings (and the two tapes I listened to) to be full of pseudo-religious mind control and right wing rhetoric. I sat in amazement as I heard one speaker after another say things like "we'll never leave you," "Amway is the only way out of *.*," "purify yourself…" Stuff I had heard only in church until I stopped going. That, right there, was enough to make me smell a very large pot of Rats-a-Roni.

My then-fiancee, a fundamentalist Christian, began to put the pressure on and almost joined herself, though single women were frowned upon by "the business." I do not understand how any self-respecting woman could tolerate the level of male-centered bullshit perpetrated by World Wide Dream Builders.

To make a long story short, my wanna-be sponsors, until now very intelligent and gracious people, became Spamway zombies. Not only did our friendship deteriorate, they made it clear that they didn't even want to teach me the martial arts anymore unless I started showing the plan. I left.

They don't teach anymore; I don't know what became of them.

What amazes me is that very few people seem to perceive this threat to our freedom. The Ambots spout a popular load of family values and law-and order bullshit. They, and the media, constantly strive to make us afraid of everything: poverty, movies, computers, El Nino and your neighbor's kitty ("When Animals Attack" with some mean ass hairballs!) Look at it from a sociological perspective and you will see our nation heading down the road to censorship and life control. But when we get there we will be free of stinkin thinkin! A Christian police state full of positive-thinking slaves. Some utopia.

Please, keep your page anywhere on the Internet that you can while there is still an Internet. The mirror site is still up. Oprah won; maybe you can too.

Bite Me, Bill Britt…I've got your tapes in my pants.

Proud To Be A Broke Negative Amway-Bashing Loser With My Own Mind

P.S. Can I do anything to help? I'm a Web designer, programmer and soon-to-be grad student in sociology.

Dear Mr. Schwartz,

I understand you recieve a large volume of e-mail so I will not bore you with anything other than saying, Give Those Lying Amway Bastards Hell!

Dear Mr. Schwartz,

Thank you for your site. I'm truly sorry about all the harassment you're getting from Amway. My husband and I were Amway distributors for around 10 months. Like a lot of distributors, after following most of what our upline recommended us to do (brainwashing), we were also caught up in the Amway frenzy. After I found your site and similar links, I started to pay more attention to my inner feelings of unease about Amway and began to see the deceits the uplines were feeding us as they truly were.

We spent a lot of money on Amway, ie from my husband attending useless conferences and such, buying recommended "tools," buying more Amway products than we could ever use, travel expenses in trying to recruit friends and relatives, etc., etc.

We quit about nine months ago. Thank you for your site. It sure helped to open my eyes, which helped to open my husband's eyes. Now, we can go back to our goal of trying to put away money for our children's education (we have five), instead of spending the money on Amway.

What exactly do YOU do for a living?? Were you once a member of Amway, if so, what was YOUR story? I was just recently invited to join one of their seminars(rallies) and I was shocked and disgusted by their lack of sencerity and their artificial elation. Adults of ages ranging from 30-55 were chanting and rooting for the Amway ring leaders. I felt sick to my stomach when the leaders were imposing upon the audience the "fact" that the Amway products MUST be purchased by you the distributor first if you are to understand how to sell the product. And you can quote me on that!

-A man greatful to have listened to his intuitive reasoning and has NOT succumb to Amway's brainwashing tactics.


Sorry you had to shut your site down.

I am one of those people who's life has been ALMOST ruined by Amway. I am still alive and have my family. That's about the best I can say.

My ex became brainwashed five years ago. I was still married to him then, I went to functions with him, but increasingly felt I didn't want Amway in my life. After a year of this, and trying to persuade my husband (unsuccessfully) that Amway was a cult, I told him to leave. This was a very difficult decision to make. We had been married for 18 years. Not a perfect marriage, but not a bad one either.

Because of actions my ex took, I now have no assets. I am 42 years old. I do not have hopes of making much money through a career because I was at home being a mother for 18 years. He has married someone who will do Amway with him. His five years in Amway will be up in July. I am tempted to send him a "Congratulations on becoming a Millionaire card"

I have put up with mild harrassment from his Amway upline. One conversation you might find interesting is when I ran into his immediate upline the Christmas after my husband left me. His sponsors encouraged him to leave me, so I didn't want to have anything to do with them. When his upline approached me at the hairdresser's I told him to go away. He wouldn't. He taunted me. He told me he felt sorry for me. Finally I said, "Don, what do you think of a man (referring to my husband) who is $250,000 in debt, isn't supporting his family and who is driving a Cadillac?" He replied, "Pretty neat, eh?" I totally lost it and told him to F-off in front of his daughter. I have told him and his wife if they ever approach me again I will call the police.

Anwyway, hope the harassment quits.

Thank You!

I don't think I can state that more emphatically. I was roped into a direct marketing meeting last night through a co-worker. I found that there was a large amount of difficulty in getting strait answers on any of the issues I was concerned with. Your page has given me answers to the questions "they" wont answer. I thought the entire evening was completely surreal. I don't understand what it was with the breath-spray, my god! I applaud your effort and work that has gone into this page!

thanks again,

no need to respond


Sidney --

I was discouraged to see that you had to pull your web site because VanAndelDeVos of AmBorg's lawyers are making threats.

But I was equally encouraged to see the numerous responses by folks to set up mirror sites for the invaluable information you've gathered on Amway.

Let's hope the gummint comes to its senses, ignores the extreme political power of Amway (of which I'm sure it has oodles), and has the courage to pursue the P&G lawsuits and the Hart and Morrison suits as well. Tho it seems a mere $200M wouldn't be more than a drop in the bucket for good ol' JaRi Corporation.

Keep up the good fight! We who have been in the Amway trenches and fought to get out alive salute you.

Dear Mr. Schwartz,

I will try to be as to the point as it is possible as I know you are a busy man and swamped with email, etc.

A couple of years ago, I met my soul mate. She is the sweetest and most wonderful young lady I'd ever imagined in my wildest dreams. She's thoughtful and artistic and we are head-over-heels in love.

Problem? She grew up in an Amway home. Mom and Dad are aggressive distributors and all she knows is the "rah-rah hooplah" of the Amway weekend sessions and the Diamonds who come to their home to "motivate" the family. She wants a good income and no money worries (don't we all?!?) and insists that Amway must be a good way to do. In my desparation in wanting to someday marry this lady and gain acceptance from her parents, I have asked her Mom and Dad to "show me the plan". They have yet to accept my invitation and now I'm snooping around on AOL and found your now-closed site. I want to thank you for potentially preventing me from making a catastrophic error in joing this "cult". Now.... if only I can save my lady from this poison she has been fed since she was a child.

I loved your site. I too was duped by a conniving distributor and unfortunately learned the truth well after they received my $150. I hope you can educate others before the make the same mistake as I. I don't think Amway itself is a bad business but the distributors who work the business. (though Amway does nothing to curb this problem) People need to be told all of the facts before they can make an educated decision of whether or not they want to become a distributor. No one is given that chance because there is so much secrecy promoted by the system. If it's such a great system and can produce such success why wouldn't every distributor proclaim AMWAY right from the beginning. Why did I have to wait until after I gave them my $150 to see the price list? If you truly save so much money by buying Amway products, why not flaunt that price list to everyone? That in itself would hook people. But they don't tell you the savings are from THEIR RETAIL to THEIR WHOLESALE. The distributors are taught every which way to lie and hook poor unsuspecting people. I have been an Amway distributor for 8 months and have not went anywhere with it and I don't choose to. I could not sell this business to any person and have a clear conscious about it. The products are no better than those at Kmart as far as I'm concerned. At least at Kmart products go on sale and they accept coupons.

amway is a shitty company that I hate no no I have never joined. But I noticed the people in this company thinks there shit dont stink. Is there something I can do to let more people know this company is full of shit. Is there a way I can get the adresses of people who have been brain washed in this company and send them information?. Can a class action suit be bought against these assholes? What can I do to crush this company.

I love your site God bless!


I just stumbled across your Website regarding Amway. I'm sorry to see that you have removed the info. that was once there, but the links are very informative.

I was a Amway distributor in the mid to late 1970s and I see that not much has changed. My major opposition to Amway is how it sucks people in, just like a religious cult. Amway distributors are actually told to abandon their friends and relatives who refuse to buy the products or "sign up." I once attended a Church that almost split over Amway and Shaklee distributors who were practically at war with one another. The Pastor actually had to preach a sermon on what was wrong with their "religions" of Amway and Shaklee.

My direct distributor left Amway to buy a greenhouse! They told me that it was more profitable to spend the time working in the greenhouse. They had spent a lot of money (not earned in Amway) trying to impress people and deceive them into thinking that Amway was making them wealthy. I left because I couldn't handle the "religious" aspects of Amway. It conflicts with my personal faith in God.


You sounded like you were a really successful Amway Distributor at one time. That's probably why your still working, huh jerkey. All the people that make a decision on The Amway based on all the facts you pull out of your anal passage are also a bunch of losers also.

Let me know if you majored in being a loser in college that way I can change my major and be just like you! I think you should write a book and call it," Failure The Sidney Method" if you haven't already done so.

Hey jerky why don't you print some information from your website and send it to me, and also go evaluate other MLM's you seem to have a lot of spare time but you probably don't have any money to go with it!

Hey Sidney I have a joke for you about you!

Knock knock.

Whose there.


Lou Who?


I was reading your information and i just wanted to say that you are 100% right.....i was approached by a police officer in who i thought had become my friend,little did i know that his big plan was to make me another one of his money makers........he told me that myself and my wife,would become really good friends.

Well we ended up falling into some hard times,and we were not able to give the $200 and some odd dollars he was asking for the "package" as i will call it.So he came over just after christmas and said he understood that we needed some time to get organized because we also moved and that he would keep in touch with has now been over 5 months and we have not heard a word from him.......i am sorry but he lied to us and i really do and pardon my french,but he is a real asshole......this is a person everybody is supposed to look upto and he does things like this to people.Just because we were not ready to make a decision right away.....we never heard from him.

I am sure that if we had givin him the money,we would still be having hard times like we are today and he would be a couple hundred dollars richer.

thank you and i hope i did not waste your time,i just thought i would let you know how i felt when i realized that the one big hope i had turned out to be nothing more then a big scam.

Dear Sidney,

Interesting and informative. You'll probably never receive the Pulitzer, but, HEY!, at least you provide another view of Amway that is very difficult to find substantiated. Now, maybe you made it all up. It's possible. I asked friends and family about Amway and they said things like "Well, my sister's cousin's best friends uncle had a brother who knew a guy…" This is not what I would consider hard evidence. Maybe I'm wrong. I've heard the statements about greed. One gentleman said that he is going to bribe his daughter not to go to college by buying her a Corvette. He doesn't want her to move so far away. Very nice… He also said that Money gives you choices, it gives you friends, and if you don't think that money buys friends and love, then you don't know what you're talking about, because you've never been rich. So how would you know? That was a paraphrase, but if pressed I can get the tape (but of course you know that already).

I don't want to speak wrongly of him, but it appears to me that if he lost his money, what would he have? No wife, no daughter, no friends and no platform to speak from. I don't care to be mentored by someone like that. Yes, I have strong beliefs. So what? And I think everyone is allowed to their own; but you know what? There is just something malevolent about saying things like that. There is serious harm to be done by convincing people that the way to happiness is through material gain. There's nothing wrong with money that I can think of. Money is green and nice to have. It has no ethic. So, thank you for providing a place where folks can see what I believe are abuses and how to avoid the pain of being abused.

Thank for the forewarning. And with these facts in mind, I think that my wife and I will go ahead and get sponsored. Yes, I know what you think, but I think it does work. I also think that with your information I can help protect myself, my wife and those whom I sponsor.

Stay on your site, I will always come back. BTW, your attitude is great, I think that the most disgusting displays of human irrationality come from Amway reps. That really upsets me, because I really do want to join and make it work. I just don't want to be involved with a bunch of hateful people.


As a fairly new "recruit" in the Amway business, I fell in love with the dream. Money, security, happiness. I followed the system, listened to the tapes, read the books, went the the rallies, scheduled appointments, then alienated all my friends. "Why don't they see it for what it is" I would tell myself. Why, because the they knew it was all a bunch of bunk. This afternoon I called my 'upline' and told them I was not going to continue. The main reasons was that every time I went to purchase something, I found I could get it for cheaper elsewhere. I also cited that when I was first approached, I told them that this could only be a two to three day a week thing. That message fell on deaf ears. When we got to five and six days a week and my wife made a joke of remembering what I looked like now, I had to take a another look at this business through another set of glasses. I started doing the comparison, checked the net for info and found the case of Brig and Lita Hart. When I approached my uplines about it, I was given either a quick answer or no answer responses. "What have they got to hide". Tons, judging by the amount of information in this site alone. I out and I free.

Just for your information you uninformed nobodies, Amway distributes soap and 5000+ plus more products, so don't call distributers soap distributers. Thank you very much.

Basically… I would like to start by saying that you and all of the other losers that believe your web site are full of shit. Every comment that I have read has been en-educational and uninformed. I am not a member of Amway, but I know a bit about it and I am very sorry to see someone so uniformed and misled as yourself.