Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 45


Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

My wife and I, like so many others, were approached with an opportunity to work as "independent contractors" to help companies move into new markets. I was put through an interview an d told I would be contacted if I was what they were looking for. I received a call and was brought to a meeting. Maybe my life was too sheltered, but I never had heard of Amway. We were newly married, christians, and eager to start our lives out on the right foot after graduating from college. What a great opportunity so soon in our careers, self employment. When it was found that we were active in our church, they sold us on how much free time we would have in addition to extra money to give to our church. Later we were pressured to miss church events and services to attend "functions necessary to our success". Regrettably, I was able to sponsor some people into the business. I wish that I never had. I sold items that were of great value to me beyond there actual price. I sacrificed free time beyond anything aforementioned. Always being pressured to make these sacrifices if I wanted true success and freedom. I found failure, criticism, condemnation, and bondage. All typical elements of any good brainwashing program. We were told we must sign up for standing order tapes; so we did. Then we were told that wasn't enough, we must also be on reccomended tapes; we bought those too. Then it was books, videos, promo lit. It was never ending. I stopped taking notes at meetings because it was the same hogwash each time. I could miss meetings and still discuss their contnent as it never changed. Then one day my wife was in an automobile accident which left her with more than a 15% permanent physical impairment, my brother suffered severe injuries in the line of duty in law enforcement that forced him into medical retirement, and my younger brother was nearly killed in a sledding accident. For two months my wife could not care for herself due to injuries. I even lost my job because of time spent caring for my wife. When I talked to my upline about the fact that I couldn't attend meetings or functions, I could not buy tapes or other material, and I was in a desperate situation; they said they understood and they would be there for me. Htat was the last I ever heard from them. I had given up portions of my life for this "business" and told "we are a family" and "unlike your employeer, we will be ther for you when times are tuff". No one ever called me again. When I was no longer a source of income, they treated me exactly like my employer and I was replaced. However, I had funnelled thousands of dollars into my employer. I tried to talk to them to see if anyone would be interested in buying the approx. $800 in tapes that I had. No response ever came. I know you probably hear a hundred of these a day. But thank you for giving me a place to vent. There was no concern for my success in Amway, the only concern was new and improved products for draining my wallet. Keep up the good work.

I love your page! I was also foolishly brought in listening to the happy tapes.

My brother was sold hundreds of dollars worth of tapes that nobody would buy from him…

May God bless you and the truth you are spreading about how Scamway really operates.

you can quote me on your site if you wish

Mr Schwartz,

I would like to offer a couple of comments - in the hope that some will question the usefulness of their rose-colored lenses.

I've read the statistics about the 1% or so that reach the Direct level and the microscopic percentages that have attained the Emerald or Diamond or whatever - but I feel that this misses the point. The "success" that AMWAY recruiters refer to is not temporal; it is a lifelong achievement, an entirely new and permanent station in life. But the chances of success I've seen explained (as dismal as they are) fail to tell the entire story. Success is not reflected in the ratio of those who have "made it" to the number currently in the organization, No, it's a function of those who currently claim success realtive to all who have EVER been recruited into the system over the years.

I'll explain. Let's say I own a factory that employs 100 people, one of whom is designated the manager and earns an outlandish salary compared to the laborers. Providing I always hire management from within, one could say that a new hire has a 1% chance of being promoted to manager and earning a bloody fortune. But is this true? Why, there's been such rapid turnover on the production line over the years -many because the job wasn't as lucrative as they had suspected -others because they disliked the product they made or had serious quarrels with management that, over the last 10 years, 1000 workers have come and 900 have gone. So the mathematical chance of success in this factory is not the purported 1% but rather 1/10 of 1%.

Lord knows that AMWAY has experienced unbelievable turnover over the years. So the true chance of success is not based on the 2.5 million or so recruiters currently in the system, but rather is should be greatly diluted by adding in the tens of millions who have already seen their artificially inflated bubbles burst. You see, they claim success is permanent- once you reach it, so the current number of Directs (not all those who have, albeit temporarily, acheived it) is the figure to relate to ALL who have ever tried. That's how one compute's a recruit's chance of making it big. I don't know what that number would be but it would certainly make a dismal figure look downright hopeless.

While all these price comparisons I've read (on several Amway-related sites) all show the majority of AMWAY prices to be 50% or even 100% - 200% higher than locally available prices on the same or comparable items, I submit that careful shoppers will find them to be even higher.

The comparisons I've seen have used regular store prices when comparing to AMWAY's retail or distributor prices. At least for me, regular store prices mean absolutely nothing! First off, I shop all outlets for the best possible price -not what just happens to apply on a given day at one particular discount store. Secondly, I buy very few things that are not on sale - something not taken into account in any of the comparisons. Third, I do without a great many items when they are not currently offered at MY price. Fourthly, to only look at the local price on one particular brand or model or portion size (for comparative purposes) is to ignore the advantage of "choice". The item shown in the AMWAY catalog may (very well) be far different from the "far different" product I would actually choose. Fifth, It's not fair to compare the various AMWAY products to brand name items. AMWAY is a generic name and therefore should only be compared to similar generic products. If one takes all this into account, I guarantee that each item I buy, when it is the proper time to buy, at the price "I" am happy with, AMWAY's "wholesale" distributor cost on every single item they make or sell is considerably more expensive than I can purchase it for. For me to buy ANYTHING at AMWAY's "wholesale" is to do nothing but throw away hard-earned money.

Sidney, keep up the gallant fight. You are doing more good than you will ever know.

Hey man-great info,

I am an x-amway man considering getting back in. I read a lot of stuff and came up with some opinions. first I think lawyers shouldn't say anythig bad about the amway business, considering the business they're in. I think the amway company is a good company and some modifications are needed, most of witch are in the distributors them selves. We have to realize that in every big business there are bad people and bad things that happen. I am currently a KIRBY salesman and have seen good and bad kirby people.

In amway the tools business may be questionable, but those tools changed my life. I was able to,with the things I learned in amway, become the #1 recruiter and trainer in a 12 state division in the KIRBY COMPANY. It is good to dream big dreams as long as you don't cause people to destroy thier lives while trying to achieve those dreams. There are many ways to better your life by stepping out of the everyday 9 to 5 grind. Lets be careful what we try to destroy with our opinions. I've been guilty to.

I think a lot of people stay away from sales and mlm for the same reasons people stay away from church. They meet that over zealous fanatic or that big hypocrite and can't see the good on the otherside of that person. Before throwing the baby out with the bathwater lets weed through the muck and go to the sorce. If the sorce is good or the foundation is good you have something to work with.

Just thought I would share. We need the info to know how to help. THANKS A BUNCH!!

Plese, Help me!

I' m an italian netsurfer and one of my best friend is going to loose his mind (and money) and to become an amway tool!

I need materials, supports, all the luck of the world and your help to save him!

I just spent the better part of an hour on your web site. There is a great deal of info pro and con in both your input and the e-mail that has been posted. I live in W. Michigan about 1/2 an hour from Amway headquarters. It's an impressive place and Devos and Van Andel have done many worthwhile things in the Grand Rapids area. I'm not for or against Amway itself. I am against the back door approach many Amway distributors use to "show me the plan", "present a business opportunity" or whatever the latest catch-phrase is.

I have been involved in several MLM programs over the past 15 years. One thing is true in all of them that is true for any other sales job. If you take a look at any sales force typically 80% of the sales are made be 20% of the sales force. SOME WILL, SOME WON'T, SO WHAT … NEXT. If you are going to be successful in sales you have to able to handle the rejection factor. Most people can't and that is why so many people fail. And some fail in a big way. They lose focus on what is really important, family, friends, health, etc.

As with most things in life, if you go way the hell over board you are going to drown. All things in moderation doesn't mean you don't have the drive to succeed. Keep a sense of balance. Yes, there are times when business takes presidence. There are also times when "you have to take care of the home front or the home front will leave." All the money in the world will not enable you to buy your wife back … it only makes your allimony payments higher.

Hi folks, I am the owner of a conventional business that does 2.5 milllion dollars of business each year. Our company has been in business for over 40 years.

An average months sales is $200,000. In order to do this business,we in- cur over head expenses of around $100,000. Purchasing can fluctuate from $75,000. to $100,000. In todays traditional business world many companies as well as individuals are declaring bankruptcy. Business is a risk. In traditional business there is ruthless competition, training costs for employees,obsolescense, computer problems, government regulations, iso regulations and people problems. You know what, when we enter business we expect these things.When we talk about Amway, why does anyone think there will be no risk. True when the business is promoted, people are excited. For once they have hope, an opportunity.Get it an opportunity. Has anyone ever been hired and guaranteed a job for life with an increasing income, or does their prosperity depend on their effort or contribution to their company.

Amway does not guarantee success, but it offers a business to an individual who is willing to work hard, in fact they must work very hard. In order to develop a 6 figure income you must work hard at anything. Can you imagine the chance or opportunity to develop a business in your part time with out the capital investment of a conventional business. The committment to University is 3 to 4 years.During this time one invests money and time with the hope of a job or career on completion of a degree. Let me ask this . Does everyone graduate? Does everyone get a Job in their chosen field? Does everyone pay back their student loans. Is university a scam, or only to those who quit or fail.Do the failures have the same opportunity as the ones that pass?

In Amway everyone starts equal with the right to become unequal. When you are raising your kids, you dont want them to hang around with the bad kids or listen to music which has bad influence. In Amway, association with the organisation is encouraged. You first of all are taught to think, and then taught to think right.Amway is a moral , ethical, and legal business.

As a traditional business owner and an Amway distributor I know the pros and cons of both businesses.

Traditional business gives an opportunity to one with the money to develop their idea. Funny, most people borrow money to start, lots of money.... If they go broke or lose their investment they usually take others down with them, chalk it up to experience, and then start another business with someone elses money. Does this seem right? It sure is acceptable to the masses.

Lets take a look at the people who lose money in Amway.Do they lose their gas money or is it a business expense. Do they lose money on the tapes they listen to or does this information help them build a better attitude before they claim them as business expense.Do they lose money when they read books like the Magic of Thinking Big, How to win Friends and Influence People, or Compassionate Capitalism. Do they? What about the person that buys Playboy or Hustler, is that an investment?

Amway wont make you rich, Amway is a company. Whoever gets rich will do it by their own effort.

After reading the statements from the many active, former distributors and possible distributors I find that many of the things written are untrue and true. It is not Amway itself that is a bad company, it is certain specific individual distributors that give Amway a bad name. Some people wrote that their upline(people who sponsored them) forced books and tapes onto them. I don't "force" books and tapes on to my downline, I advise them, and put in WRITING that if they feel that they don't get what they think they deserve from the tape they have 3 months in which to return the tape; the same applies to litreature. I even encourge them to emphasis this to EVERYONE that enters the business. The thing that shocks me the most is people refer to Amway as a cult. I am thankful to say that all my experiences with Britt World Wide, my upline and Amway are positive; but, I have talked to individuals who had some truly frightening experiences with independent distributors. But everyone that I have invited and shown the business to has had nothing but a positive experience. Instead of going on and on I just want to end by saying

I've heard all the negatives about Amway, and I am happy to say I never experienced them, and am working hard to make sure that nothing illegal, negative or cult-like comes into my organization. Amway by what I have seen and experienced is possibly the best business oppurtunity in the World, but with everything evalute and analyze the people that you get involved with.


I was looking thru the page and saw you, and thought i would drop you line. I am a Ex hare- krsna devotee, and know Jan groenvelt very well.

I left the krisna moverment after 6 years, a long story, and that os not why I'm writing anyway!!.

I was so glad to read that you consider Amway a cult, I got involved for a while myself, I had been a christian for about 3 years, and the prosperity doctrine was rampent thru out the church.

when I decided that I did'nt like the mixing with buisness and Jesus, I left and since then now believe,7 years later, I have definatly come to the belief that it is a mind control cult.

I believe it was introduced into the church in the name of" GodS plan for us to be wealthy", and then this prosperity doctrin was preached (by twisting the scripures servely!!)in order to line the pockets of those who were placed in a persition of responsibilty. In short I believe it was a source of spiritual abuse,as much as anything else.

Well I wont carry on, just wanted to let you know i agree very strongly, i have been abused by people in Amway, for saying that i thought it was "cultish in behavior"even though i did not say that to the actual person, it was relayed and taken as direct attack on the individual, who I did'nt even know, she rang me to abuse me for my oppionion of Amway in a private conversation!!!!!

Well bye for now , if you would like to reply, that would be nice, I have friends who are completly locked op in it.


First, this is the first time that I've looked at your site. I appreciate the fact that you are displaying e-mails from people who are excited about the Amway business as well as those who are not.

I have been a distributor for just over 4 years and am at the Direct Distributor level (Profit Sharing Direct was the "official" name for the 1996-97 fiscal year). My background is in management at one of the big three automotive companies in the Detroit area. Why am I only a Direct and not a Diamond? I haven't done the work and helped enough other people achieve the direct level. It's as simple as that. Anywhere you look in life, the Olympics, professional sports, music, business, etc., you don't achieve the big rewards unless you do whatever it takes.

In our family, the Amway business has been an exciting adventure for the last several years. We have been able to start a business of our own without a large capital investment and without putting at risk everything we've worked so hard at for the last 15 years. Have we put many hours in our business? Of course we have - what business owner who wants to have a successful, profitable business wouldn't! However, we also have put many hours, many times 80-100 hours a week, in my job with the company while being paid a 40 hour a week salary. By the way, due to our success in our business, we have been able to reduce one of our careers to a part-time basis without any loss in lifestyle because we've replaced that income with our Amway earnings. Perhaps this piece of information isn't significant to your studies, but it has sure made a difference in our household.

Have there been times that we questioned why we're pursuing this business? Of course! Just as we questioned our decision to pursue the careers we had chosen. But when we compare the business to the alternatives of working 80-100 hours at the corporation for the next 20 years, there isn't any doubt we're pursing the right path. We look at some of the situations our friends have been put in - one friend lost his job last week, 40 years in the funeral business, being told they don't need him anymore, here's a week's severance pay with no retirement - that we're sure we're doing the right thing for our family. We have discussed the business with our friends and family, most who did not choose to pursue the Amway business. Yet, we still maintain those friendships and relationships. We just talked to many other people along the way who were looking for a business idea and wanted to become our partners and go after their goals and dreams. These are the people we help.

Perhaps many people don't understand why we pursue our business and don't agree with us, but frankly I can't worry about what other people think. We need to support our family and build a future for our children, so someone else's opinion doesn't count unless they have a financial stake in what we're doing.

What's been so interesting lately is that the few family and friends that do criticize us for our choices don't even come close to having the financial stability that we have today and will have concerns for their financial security in the future. The friends and family we have that do have financial stability and security are those who are our encouragers - they may not be in our business, but they are supportive of our Amway business just as they would be supportive if we had started a management firm or a franchise.

While I don't quite understand where your motives are for your vendetta against Amway and Amway distributors, I guess you need to do what you need to do as do we. We'll continue to share our Amway business with the people we meet just as you'll continue to find ways to share your ideas. I guess we'll have to wait and see whose perspective is perhaps more beneficial to other people.

I've read some of the comments on your site and I disagree with a few things that are being said. I saw the comment that Amway is not a cult. Bullshit!! Back in January '91, my parents called me to tell me they would be coming for a weekend getaway in Richmond Virginia and, since we were living in Norfolk Virginia, wanted us to come and spend the day with them. I asked what we would be doing and she said "Oh, just spending the day together" "But, by the way, all of you dress up(meaning wear dresses and suits). I asked her point blank if this was an Amway meeting and she said no.

When we got there, I found out we were attending a church service. Okay, I could live with this, but on the walls were signs saying "Go Diamond" and other Amway slogans. I gritted my teeth and sat there while all of the people around me were mesmerized by the man speaking. It was very much a group brainwashing. They followed everything he said, and I mean everything! I seen how the people who followed Charles Manson defended him to the death. It was like they would do anything to protect his name. That's the way the people at this "church service" were acting. Then they had a short 30 minute lunch and went back in for their "Amway" meeting and the same man who did the preaching was on the stage speaking about the so-called greatness of Amway! I couldn't believe it. Why was a preacher speaking about Amway. I wondered if all of the leaders in the Amway business are called by God to preach. Needless to say I didn't stay very long and I told my parents that I was extremely disappointed in them.. I asked them why they felt the need to lie to me to get me to come and they said they are taught to lie because most people wouldn't come if they knew up-front that it was an Amway meeting. I asked them if that made them just a little bit suspicious of the legitamacy of Amway and they started defending it to the death. I knew then that there was nothing I could say or do that would convince them to quit. But, I've tried not to give up hope on finding a way to deprogram them. Maybe, here on your site, I'll find the answers I been searching for.

After reading some of the material in your site, I have come to the conclusion that most of the comments and supposed "facts" come from the mouths of those who have unsuccessfully tried the Amway opportunity. If your plan was to examine a business, why not do it in a business-like manner? For instance, John Sestina is a financial planner form Columbus, Ohio, from where I hail as well. John's background is in personal financial planning and his list of references and accomplishments could fill an entire web page themselves. My point is, John examines thousands of businesses every year and he only recommends about five or six each year. Ever since John first examined the Amway opportunity, it has been his number one recommendation every year. Did John have to do Amway? Are you kidding? He was a multi-millionaire before he even saw the business! Now he's a multi-millionaire through Amway and he does financial planning in his spare time. My question is why not ask someone who has "been there, done that, got the tee-shirt" instead of somebody whose dream wasn't big enough to succeed in their own business? One last thing, one of the letters said that an Amway distributor gets paid for signing people up. That in itself is one of the true definitions of a pyramid scheme. Amway distributors get no such bonus for signing others up. You are paid on the amount of volume you create, plain and simple.

I just hope that people who read your page take the time to examine the Amway opportunity through proper channels and in a business-like manner instead of basing their opinions on your letters. I agree that no one should get involved in something they don't know anything about, so if you're going to do the research, do it right!

Good day: This is only my 2nd response to your site [Section 43 re:BSM/ITC forms]. Your site has undoubtedly assisted thousands of current and potential Amway distrib's to see the facts you'd never see or hear within the organization. When shown the plan, I was told the Internet's surge in popularity would allow "exponential growth" to occur globally, but now recognize that quite the opposite is true. I feel that the 'Net is going to be the single-most important tool avail. to finally expose this business for what it really is.

My concern,Sydney,is that there just aren't enough people on the 'Net to get the word out. I propose that a number of us(the "level-headed" ones, pls) run a few newspaper ads directing those contemplating Amway to at least "Check it out…Personally"{a title of one of the tapes I heard}, using your Website address. I am not[as I'm sure you are not] out on any "Let's try to destroy Amway" mission, but rather trying to allow people to get some info from both sides prior to making a decision that truly will "change their life".

I'm from Canada and will assume responsibility for the area in which I reside. Perhaps we could form an association of those concerned with a small annual dues, to be used to fund the ads, which could be placed in the "Opportunities" sections. I realize the legality of all this would need to be examined. The Public Service that you have provided to people around the world is very commendable. I just feel that there are enough of us out there to get the word out to even more people, using different media. Thanks again from all the little ones who are getting to know their Daddies again.

P.S. When I E'd you in Sept. re: BSM/ITC Form, I thought it was an attempt by Amway to exercise more control over it's lower-level distributors------that was prior to your piece about Brig Hart!!!!!It seems their Top-Dogs are getting a little hard to handle too!!

Hey, I don't want to offend anyone, but please…where do you get your information. I am an amway distributor, i'm only 19, and no I am not successful yet. But you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Try reading "Who stole the American Dream." It might help you out. If amway was a scam, it would be illegal. Amway has been around since 1959…1959. Probably before you were born. It grows at over 1 billion a year. This year it will top 7.8 billion and it is in over 75 foreign countries and territories. Also, I bet you didn't know that the co-founder of amway held the most respected position on The Federal Trade Commission(FTC). Therefore, amway has been checked out and is obviously a valid and awesome bussiness opportunity. I have to go, but is you are going to make statements from hearing from others, you might want to read up first.

There's a group of people promoting amway's activities in Venezuela, tey're oppening here soon, they say.

I see the potential dangers of such an organization, and i'm very concerned, because my girlfriend and some other friends are involved in this.

Just to let you know, and any information or help you can give me will be appreciated. (I'm sure you know how much)

Keep the REALITY work.

Have you ever seen or heard of a company out there, that when they got big enough for people to notice, didn't have multitudes of lawsuits and other legal actions filed against them? Do you seriously think that an internal dispute in any corporation is ( Brig Hart vs Yager etc.) legitimate food for trying to discourage others from attempting a given business venture? Do you blame the Amway Corp. for your failed business, your upline, your sponsor, or what? Have you ever thought about taking personal responsibility for all of your actions concerning YOUR Amway business? Quit making yourselves feel better by slinging mud on everyone and everything around you, and take some personal responsibility for the choices you made AND the consequences of those choices. If you feel that someone actually profited from your business failure, then you never understood the business in the first place. Finally, commit a truly responsible act and take this self serving Web page off of the internet, learn from the mistakes you've made in business, and move on in your life. This business is working wonderfully for my wife & I and I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you.

Do you intend on printing the decision of the jury on the Procter & Gamble suit against Amway when Amway comes out NOT GUILTY on all counts? It's really a shame that the lawyers for P&G have so many of their facts screwed up. They're really going to be embarrassed when this is all over.

Dear Sidney,

If anyone is interested in accessing the Britt-Worldwide web site, all one has to do is type Britt in the Diamond section. Then you can gain access. What a boring web site! So you don't even need to know a Britt Diamond…Britt is enough.

I just thought you'd like to pass that on to all the people who check out your site.

Hi I am a two year distributor at the 1000 level. My wife and I are partners in the business and have grown closer from spending time together on "one-on-ones", home meetings, seminars, and major functions.

Our upline are real down to earth people who have given us time to "grow". We attribute our personal growth to our strong spritual commitment to God Almighty and regular association with people who would encourage us out of love and a vested interest in our future. The Yager system (which includes audio tapes and books, among other things) has proven to be a big help in teaching business development techniques and inspiring us and our group to engage in the "pursuit" of happiness.

My wife is an education major at a private college in South Florida and I currently work with an environmental firm. So far we've kept our dream in tact and are helping others do the same.

Best wishes to you with this and other projects you take on. Remember "in order to be objective, your objective must be just and clearly defined."

I am so glad to hear that there are so many people out there that don't want to be involved with the Amway opportunity! I am now totally convinced that there will be someone to wait on my family and I as we go to purchase the vehicles of our choice, go to the schools of our choice, eat at the restaurants of our choice, travel to the countries of our choice, live in the state of our choice, in the house of our choice, hire the house keepers of our choice. Does anyone get my point yet? We live in a country of choices. But don't forget that every choice has a consequence. If one chooses the security of a job, then the consequence is having to answer to a boss the rest of your life, having to do, and be told what to do, things that you don't want to do, just because the boss said so. Choosing the security of a job also means that that job may be eliminated some day and you'll have to go looking for another secure position with another boss. It also means that you will only be able to earn as much as the job is worth and no more. If one chooses the freedom of opportunity, then the consequences are much different. First, you have no one to answer to but yourself. If you fail it's your responsibility, not someone else's. You will still have to do things you don't want to, but you will do them with a smile on your face because it's your business and it's your success that's on the line. Unfortunately today, it seems as though there are some people out there that feel they are owed success. And when success eludes them in a given area they tend to blame someone else for their temporary loss. As long as they do this they will be miserable to the core. Until they take personal responsibility for their actions in this business, they and the people around them will be unhappy for a long time. I have an idea for you Mr. Schwartz. Why don't you start a Web page for all the people out there whom have started into a business venture and have quit, failed, dropped out, lost money, been harassed by others in their industry, had unfair or immoral things said or done to them, split up with a loved one, alienated their kids, become fanatical about their business, spent all their time talking about their business(because it was their passion), gone bankrupt trying to hold it together during a recession, lost it when interest rates got to high to maintain, purchased tools of their business in order to learn how to succeed using the methods and ideas of those who have succeeded before them, and are looking for someone to blame. You know, business ventures like; restaurants, auto shops, car dealerships, hair salons, gas stations, accounting firms, real-estate, building contractors, lawyers, doctors, dentists, engineers, teachers, property managers, plumbers, electricians, masons, painters, landscapers, musicians, farmers, should I go on? Computer consultants, financial advisors, franchisers, retail stores, OK. You see, people make choices to get into all kinds of businesses as the owner because they see the opportunity to have the dream of working for themselves and to provide a legacy for their families. A long time ago the majority of people worked in a family business. It was called the farm. It was passed down from generation to generation. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of the family business, but things have changed in our modern world. Yet here is the Amway Corporation giving those who want it a chance to have a business that can be passed on from generation to generation. I once wanted to open a retail bike shop in my town. I never once thought of looking for advice from the people who had been in the business and had failed to make a go of it. Why would I, to learn how to fail too? No, I talked to the most successful owner I could find. Because I new that the ones that are succeeding are the ones who have been through failure time and time again and have come out the other side without quitting. Those are the people I listen to when I'm deciding my future. Not the people who say "I tried that once and it doesn't work", or "You don't want to get involved in that business, I know someone who lost their money, wife, kids, cat and everything bla bla bla!". I have been able, because of this business, that you and many very sad individuals have chosen to hang in effigy, to resurrect the dreams and goals of my childhood. Amway and Interactive Distribution, utilizing the Automatic Product Replenishment Service, is the vehicle I have chosen to get me and my family to realize those dreams. How, after all I've read in these pages, could I possibly succeed you ask? By following the people who have succeeded before me. By following a success pattern that has been evolving for nearly 4 decades. By being true to myself in my financial dealings and budgeting processes. By treating others as I would expect to be treated. By forgiving those who don't treat me that way, and moving forward. By focusing on my families dreams and not the inevitable work load. By utilizing a system that is not designed to "get people in", but rather to help me learn from the successes and failures of those who've gone before me and are now where I dream to be. By being me and not looking at someone else and wanting to be them. I truly believe that I will someday be in a position to also profit from the Business Support materials. Because when I am, it will mean my business has grown to the point where I need those materials in my groups in order to keep it growing, not just for my businesses sake, but for all the businesses in my group. People, this is a different business than most have been exposed to, but that doesn't make it bad. Please try to do enough research to recognize the people building aspects of this business. It's because so many people have been built up that this succeeds as great as it does, not because people are talked or coerced into doing it. The people that are brought into this and see something they don't like and quit, don't make money for themselves and therefore don't make any money for anyone else either. There is no such thing as using people in this business to make money! The sale of the products whether to another distributor(volume only), to a customer at retail, or support materials to a large enough group is the only way to make money. I can't believe that someone would quit this business due to a personality conflict with someone in their upline or group. That's what these tools everyone is so upset about are for , to teach us how to get along with just about anybody we come in contact with. Sure there's going to be biblical principles used in these teachings. You don't have to believe in God or Jesus to to learn from what they taught. It's so easy to get in and it's so easy to get out and that's what makes it great. The choice is yours to make, but remember, so are the consequences. If you get in with the attitude that someone is going to take advantage of you and profit from you in some way that is not ethical, or believe anyone who would tell you this, you won't last very long. But, if you get in with the attitude that this is the vehicle that I'm choosing to use to pursue my dreams and my goals, and I'm going to run my business in an ethical manner regardless of what some other business owners are doing, then you will succeed. Keep your eyes on the dream not the work or the negative jibber jabber that is likely to accompany any business venture you undertake. This type of self-serving complaining and finger pointing is not unique to the Amway business, it's not even unique to the network marketing business. It happens every day at every business and every job. The lesson; IF YOU THINK YOU ARE BEATEN, YOU ARE; IF YOU THINK YOU DARE NOT, YOU DON'T; IF YOU'D LIKE TO WIN, BUT THINK YOU CAN'T, IT'S ALMOST A CINCH YOU WON'T. IF YOU THINK YOU'LL LOSE, YOU'VE LOST, FOR OUT IN THE WORLD YOU FIND SUCCESS BEGINS WITH A PERSON'S WILL… IT'S ALL IN THE STATE OF THE MIND. IF YOU THINK YOUR OUTCLASSED, YOU ARE; YOU'VE GOT TO THINK HIGH TO RISE; YOU'VE GOT TO BE SURE OF YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN EVER WIN THE PRIZE. MANY A RACE IS LOST BEFORE A STEP IS RUN; AND MANY A COWARD FAILS BEFORE EVER HIS WORK'S BEGUN. THINK BIG AND YOUR DEEDS WILL GROW; THINK SMALL AND YOU'LL FALL BEHIND; THINK THAT YOU CAN AND YOU WILL… IT'S ALL IN THE STATE OF MIND. LIFE'S BATTLES DON'T ALWAYS GO TO THE STRONGER OR FASTER PERSON: BUT SOONER OR LATER THE PERSON WHO WINS IS THE PERSON WHO THINKS HE CAN.

Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

I've just recently found your websight and found it quite funny. I do have to thank you first off for helping weed out the weenies. Especially those that just bought their kit and after seeing your site, decide to throw their decision to build this awesome business, down the drain. I wish them luck, really.

I used to be part of the same cult you and yours are currently in. But I decided to get my life together (with much thought) and do something productive with my financial and personal future.

So on that note I'll just go show the plan 3-5 times a week, and find someone like myself.C'ya.

Hello again, Sidney!

Anybody who's been around Amway and was smart enough to quit (or never join in the first place) knows that the support organizations are Fundamentalist Christian propaganda shrines funded by hapless toadies that will never see Dime One in the Amway business. Take for example WWDB (Wish We Didn't Bend over) and the Britt organization (Blowhard Rightwing Idiots Talking out their Tushies).

Here's my short list on why Amway and Fundamentalist Christianity are one and the same:

1) Historically, both have hurt many more people than they've helped.

2) You imagine a "personal relationship" with an upline hero that you've been told walks on water.

3) Both of them are "revealed" religions, thus giving you the freedom to make outrageous claims without burden of proof.

4) You witness your faith to anything that moves. Doubters are consigned to Hell.

5) You believe it's the right deal for everybody, except LOSERS!

6) At the Double Diamond level, you really are King of the Twelve Disciples (A dozen breakaway groups.)

Cheers, and keep 'em hopping!

I can only say that I'm sorry you didn't have the stamina to stick with Amway. Maybe it would have improved your outlook on life.

1. What makes AMWAY so bad?
2. What is the percentage of people that join AMWAY make it?
3. What are the tiems that have to be bought to do AMWAY?
4. How old are the posted messages…why aren't dates printed?
5. Where you ever an AMWAY distributor or a family member involved in AMWAY?
6. Are the products poor quality?
7. What about July 97 issue of Consumer Report page 31 top marks for there countertop water filter? I purchased it for only $250.00 which is lower than the listed 310.00 price…did I get ripped off?
8. My sister in-law was a clinical a full time mother of 2 little ones, her husband a high school math teacher. They now make more money than they did when she was working. What's wrong with this picture?

Please let me know. Thanks

to you? You seem really anti. What is your story? If this mail is one of the ones you don't answer - I sure I know why.

Mr. Schwartz,

My husband and I signed up in May. We went to one rally and to Family Reunion. We even got to meet Dex and Birdie. I got two possitive things from Amway:

1. I like some of their products,(SA8 liquid, the prespot spray, toothpaste, and sport shampoo.)

2. When at family reunion I found a two books on the tool table. One called "His Needs, Her Needs" and I don't remember the name of the second book but it was about working with your spouse. One key question the book has you ask yourself is; Are you willing to give up the business to save your marriage? We are no longer in Amway. Enough said?

I feel that to be successful in Amway, you need to build your business first. Then get married and have a family. Just like any business, there are good people and bad in Amway. The people we met were very nice. Jim and Bev Kinsler were our upline diamonds. Wonderful people. BUT, would they maintain a friendship with us if we weren't in the business?

Bottom Line. Follow your heart and do what's best for your family.


I have been a distributor for 71/2yrs.

I met my wife in the business. We go to the meetings (because everyone we knew before we got in the business is involved), we enjoy the social aspect of it all and the people we have met.

One friend from befor Amway is a Ruby and nets out a couple of thousand/mos.

Tools cost $6 each +tax 8%us no shipping etc no stocking they are sent direct from CEI (who imports them from InterNet Services Corp.) InterNet is a non-profit org. (you can check), Dexter Yager has no interest in it, other than a non-paying spot on the board of directors. The corporation is a separate entity and the only people who can make any money from it are the employees 3 of Dexters sons and 300 other people like you & me.

It's so funny that this page even exists. Any company I've ever worked for gives books, tapes, and rallies (that make Amways look like dinner with the Cleaver's). Also there have been dishonest people in Amway just like there have in any other company or organization.

The tapes, books, and functions strictly try to reinforce the fact that you must not lie to prospects.

We always tell them up front the training system will cost you $200/mos us funds. it is optional, it also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you listen to the tapes or attend the function and don't feel it was worth it then you will get your money back (and yes I have sponsored people who weren't satisfied and they did get their $ back) By the way Yager does teach that you contact people for the business but also contact and set up 10 (actually we promote 30) customers etc. When contacting people it is easier to start with the business side rather than the product side because if your initial contact is for the business then you have an open door to the products the reverse however is incorrect.

The problem is that every one seems to feel Yager promotes this scamming however each distributor (that I have seen) seems to twist the system the way they like it. There are organizations that make $ on tools etc. The $ that interNet makes generally goes for expansion. A little note the price of tools has gone from $12./us +tx to $6us/=tx in the 7 yrs I have been involved.

I know personally that the system has taught me some great stuff about people and business that has enabled me to increase my income (outside the business) by 25% (or more) it also enabled me to get out of a no-where job and into a carrier that I truly enjoy. My dad got in the business in 1962 and only bought products and sold some to his friends.

I believe that no matter what line of sponsorship you get involved with if you use some basic common sense and want to show the plan 7 days / wk for 2 - 5 years (by the way that is what we tell people up front) you will be able to make a living at Amway and free up your daytime to do other things if you so wish. I couldn't begin to tell you the thousands of people I know that go Direct or better for that extra $1000 or more (depending on how you structure your organization) and are happy with that.

It is even sadder that you had such bad experiences to cause you to spend so much time and effort to put this page together. Maybe some day you'll mature enough to lick your wounds and get on with your life (sorry but it's true - stop living in the past) Have fun with life

Good Day: Have you noticed,Sydney, that ICCA has recently replaced it's cassette duplication pricing with expressions you'd hear at a major"unbelievable",etc.

I would say it's just been since mid-August as I attempted to print that page but was unable to do so due to the black background. Video and CD pricing remains as of 10 Oct.

hey i got started in this amway crap and my sponser never told me it's amway he said it's crow international and i just have this box sitting in my house for months and i don't talk to any of my distributors or my sponser for a long time. So i had this box sitting in my house for months and i need to know how to get a refund....HELP.


Thankyou for having this web site, for people like me to vent and expose, if possible the effects of Amway on otherwise intelligent and thinking people. I guess if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.

I am a Christian mother who has been an active church member for most of my life. I have worked mostly with youth in our church, where I studied cults for an extensive time. I raised 3 grown children, all of whom are also Christians and we all attend the same church.

This past week I found out that one of my daughters and her husband joined Amway. Since then our whole entire close knit world has fallen apart. This is my story. (All the names have been changed to protect the victims of this tragedy)

My son-in-law, Jeff, married my daughter, Mary, 5 1/2 years ago. Jeff has always had a problem with authority, especially in the work place, and has an extreme problem with laziness. From day one my husband and I agonized over how in the world Jeff was going to support our child, as he moved from job to job. His complaint, after working for someone a short time was that the bosses always had more than him; more money, big cars, houses, etc. while he had to bust butt working for them for peanuts. (He really didn't bust butt working, we know this because for 1 1/2 of those years he was employeed in our company where he refused to do his work most of the time and our other employees complained because he was a relative getting by with murder!) We finally had to do the inevitable and Jeff shifted to another job. Since we are born-again believers in Jesus Christ, we all began praying steadfastly for Jeff to find a job that he would actually like and would earn he and Mary a decent living. Well God, in His wonderful Glory and Mercy looked down on Jeff and Mary and blessed them with an unbelievable opportunity. A job at a very large company that sells rare coins, gold, etc. making more money in a year that you could ever dream possible. No experience, no education, nothing. A MIRACLE we all agreed. His salary figure is in the 6 digits!

God also blessed Jeff with a beautiful daughter and all went well for a while, until AMWAY. Now Jeff thinks that if he gives up some of his quality time with his family now, in a year or so from now he will be able to quit that nasty old job he has, where his boss drives a Lexus, mind you while he drives a Chevy, and be his "own boss" raking in tons of more, more, more money. I'm quoting exact words now "I'm sick of having to go in 9 to 5 and take vacation days when they tell me to and getting paid peanuts, while they make all of the big bucks."!!!!!! A 6 digit figure job is now peanuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We know Jeff - he'll lose his job before he thinks because he's now disgruntled at work dreaming of all the time he could be home or better yet - sun bathing in the Caribbean or golfing or playing tennis or grooming his horses in the barn on his 20 acre spread. Soon he'll lose all God has given to him. And to think, he had it made. A good paying daytime job and time to be with his family every night of the week. Amway and satan ( yes, I now know it is a cult, led by satan to tear the family apart, based on unrealistic goals with GREED and MATERIALISM their god, and time away from family while they are growing up) have torn our world apart.

I read the stories and weep. Jeff is so entrenched he threatened my life this past week, with a gun, when I tried to show him materials I had retrieved off of the Internet - yelling and screaming at me to "get out of his house or he'll kill me with his gun" (which he happens to keep loaded). I found out later that the Internet scares Amway, because it is exposing them more and more and they warn their people about this. He didn't want to hear one word contrary to his "dream" of eventual "no work, all play, with big bucks coming his way".

You see Amway was singing his song. They find your weak spot, as with any other cult, and capture you with it. In Jeff's case, not having a "boss" was his button that they pushed. He still doesn't realize that he's working for one of the largest muti-billion dollar big daddy bosses of all time!!! And, in my opinion, satan, the granddaddy of all, leading the pack.

Needless to say, when he threatened me, it caused more than a little stir in our family. I feel I've lost my daughter, and they now won't allow us near my beloved granddaughter, whom we adore using her as a pawn. A broken family. And I'm sure there's more to come. My daughter cannot be happy with these events. It will cause their marriage to suffer. Their child will suffer, not being allowed to see her grandparents…on and on. Another family shattered with Amway.

Let be back up, to say, I consider myself a "cult" informed person. I never dreamed in a million years, that a child of mine, who has been taught all of the same things, could ever be mixed up in a thing such as this. From the start, the videos and meetings have blatant cultish overtures. But, I suppose to the vunerable and those who "want to believe" the hipe sounds good. And why not. That's how they made all of that money. Selling people. That's their business. Selling people down the drain along with their good senses and their values they've been taught. The destroyer of lives. Amway.

I wonder what will happen if Worldcom is successful in it's bid for MCI. Will they stay with Amway or will they "get the f*** outta Dodge?" That would be potentially funny if Worldcom/MCI discontinues it's relationship with Amway. A vaccum would be created for someone like an AT&T (currently a NEGATIVE) phone service to fill the void!!!!! Would that then make AT&T POSITIVE and Worldcom/MCI NEGATIVE???? LOL Just something to ponder.


Thank you for your answer, and thank you for your page.

Please feel free to print my email in your collection of comments.

For 2 and a half years since we "quit" Amway, my husband and I have not been able to get rid of some of the bad memories of "the business". Just by looking at your page though, has been very cathartic for us and has finally helped us to move on from our experience. Being involved in Amway was and is something we do not regret, however, the residual feelings left behind are ones that are hard to shake. We had some very poignant moments, when we felt so close to some people who looked up to us and believed in us so much. We were respected leaders and Ruby directs, on the national speaking programme. But once we found out some of the totally unethical and insidious secrets behind the 'leadership' of the system group structure, we decided to opt out.

We believe that people of any integrity, cannot and would not continue to build the amway business once they knew about the 'real stuff that goes on behind the Amway curtains'.

The sad fact is that most people don't get to see or hear of this side of the business, and blindly follow these so-called 'awesome people', who manipulate and mislead them until they make some incredible personal and financial sacrifices. The sadder thing is that when the few who do make Direct find out about all the 'secret stuff', that very few have the moral courage to jump ship. Instead they choose to call us who do, losers, and quitters.

From personal experience, it takes a lot more courage to quit - especially after telling all your friends and family that Amway was your 'future' and you believed that your 'dreams' would be realised through it, than it takes to 'be an Amway winner and build the business whatever it takes'.

We know plenty of other Directs and above who have opted out. The reasons are all the same. None of these people could sleep soundly with the knowledge of what was going on.

The most vile thing about Amway is that so many of the so-called leadership hide their immoral and dishonest activities under the veil of Christianity. That they can stand up on stage, and proclaim to be good christians, and go on about how Amway has led them to god and changed their lives is totally peverted. These same people are manipulative, crafty, shady, scheming, greedy, and knowingly deceitful. This is not christian behaviour. We are not christian, (and aside from the fact that we objected to mixing religion with business - which is another issue altogether), we found this twisted interpretation of what being christian was about, incredibly hard to wear.

In the final analysis, we are glad we did it, and we are glad we got out when we did. We learnt alot about ourselves, and alot about other people. I don't think I could have learned what I did through any other means. I actually feel I am a better person for the experience. I just hope that not too many other people have to go through what we did to come out knowing what we now know. There is much more to life. And we are so happy to be able to enjoy those things now.

Actually, I liked it a lot. Stumbled across it while searching for a site I'd visited a while ago which was run by a political acction coalition/support group for victims of Orbital Mind Control Lasers. (Seriously).

I was particularly pleased by the extensive lists of outside commentary, both positive and negative, and the fact that quotes & excerpts such as those in the Hart lawsuit essay were viewable in context.

A couple of "things", though.

First of all, one of the giveaway traits of any cult is excessive use of jargon -- it works as a tool to separate the insiders from the unwashed masses. I even noticed that a few of your pro-Amway commentators apparently speak almost entirely in catchphrases… It's like some sort of tape-abuse engendered autonomic reflex. Anyways, a brief page outlining what some of the more common phrases and Three-Letter-Acronyms are and what they mean could be most edifying to those of us who *aren't* recovering distributors.

Second, and this is of trivial interest, but what the heck -- the "Beelzie" logo you use on your homepage is actually the mascot/logo for BSD UNIX -- it has something to do with the fact that background processes in UNIX are called "daemons", and that processes are capable of "forking" off other seperate and independent processes. I don't know what the sneakers mean. Hmm. I wonder if this means UNIX is a cult, too. Ah well. Pays better than Amway, I'll wager.


I've been browsing through your home page for a couple of weeks now during lunch and I must say that you've done a great job compiling all of this information. I got involved in Anway a couple of months ago and one of the first mistakes I made was to go to the "Free Enterprise" over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. Of course, I had to spend money I do not have but was convinced that 90% of all people who go to this function go direct in 6 months. If that is the case, then how come there were thousands of people in the stands at the dome and quite a smaller group on the floor (the directs sat there)? Basically, I got into Amway out of desperation. I sort of feel like my circumstances were used against me (i.e., I'm recovering from cancer and am going through a divorce and the bills from these 2 events have about bankrupted me). I was convinced that if I followed the "plan", I'd have my debts paid off in a year and start to live the lifestyle that most people who make my salary enjoy.

Well, of course the more I learn the more I believe this to be an unlikely event, at least if I stick with the Amway way of doing things. I'm really glad that you are providing an important service, which is to inform the public of what is really going on. I have noticed that most of the Amyway distributors who respond to your site have been extremely belligerant and very negative, referring to those of us who aren't brainwashed as losers and mock us for being trapped in our jobs. I have to laugh at that. I for one am quite happy with my J.O.B. and am far from being a loser, as are you, or any of the other well-respecting people who have been taken in by the Amway scam. If anyone is the dream stealing loser, it's the Amway group itself. I felt that my dreams were being sucked away by them each and every time I protested to buying a redundant tape or going to yet another function. The amount of money I was dumping into the "business" far exceeded anything I got back (which is a big old goose-egg!). I was finding myself becoming more and more depressed and began to feel like a loser for not making my uplines happy by sponsoring. Well, after first reading your site, I thought about the situation at hand and made the right choice. I'm still a "distributor", but I have no desire to sell my soul just to make a buck off of people like you and me. I will not renew and I will not endorse Amway in any way, shape, or form. Since making this decision, I've been much happier, and yes, I can pay most of my bills in part now because I'm not spending/wasting money on a lie. Thanks, Schwartz!! Keep up the good work…

I have been a distributor now for 2 months. I'm in the Britt Worldwide organization. About a month ago I decided to check the Internet for information on Amway, and I was amazed at the volume of criticism present.

I'm 22 years old and live with three roommates. They are not in Amway, although they know about it and have heard bad things about it. I have not become an Ama-zombie, in that I'm capable of joking around with my friends about Amway, because there are certain aspects of the business that are easy to make fun of. I don't live and breathe Amway. I'll be the first to agree with all the facts on your web site.

My upline met me cold at Best Buy. I gave him my number, I saw the business, decided it would work for me, and joined after the first Plan. I was a little annoyed when I found out that my upline was following an approach he'd already used on other people hundreds of times, until I realized that there's hardly any other way of doing cold contacting. My upline is a direct. He lives in a decent two-story middle-class house with a large backyard and decent family cars. His household is full of Amway products. His family does 300 PV. He's a pretty average dude, but a truly optimistic and caring individual. He's an engineer, and approaches the business logically, not as a fanatic. Half our team is my age, and most, including myself, are engineers. We haven't fallen head over heels for this business, we look at it realistically. All we want to do is replace our professional incomes.

I don't consider my abilities and skills above average. What I do consider critical to success in this business are the following: some business sense, the right attitude, interfacing with the J.O.B. world, internal competition, don't quit inside of 2 years, show the plan.

Most people who start in Amway do not have all these qualities right away. The purpose of the "system" is to develop them. I will freely admit that the system has great potential to go overboard and make fanatics out of people. These fanatics will either succeed and burn a lot of bridges (friends and family) along the way, or fail miserably with their lives back to square one.

Assuming a distributor doesn't become a fanatic, if he/she fails in Amway it's because he/she didn't develop one or more of the above qualities adequately. Let's go through each one:

business sense - You have to become business-minded. That is, you cannot expect to get rich quick, or even get rich at all, without some commitments of time, effort, and money. I believe the Amway business has a lower commitment of those resources than most small businesses.

Also, you cannot get caught up in your own personal PV. If you're buying products that you weren't buying before becoming a distributor, then your spending habits have gone up. If you're going out of your way to get personal PV, then you're LOSING money, not gaining it, since you only get a fraction of it back.

Most people who join Amway fail to become business-minded and logical about things. The numbers work, but they can also lead to disaster if used improperly.

attitude - This is critical. The single-most important purpose of the tapes and functions is motivation, not to make you a zombie. I'm confident that 99% of the millionaires in the world will tell you that they adopted an optimistic attitude. They really believed they were capable of becoming independently wealthy. Optimistic people generally do better in life than pessimists or even "realists."

Most of the tapes sound nearly identical. However, the motivation comes from hearing an unending barrage of different voices telling you their stories.

The system has its downsides, but it is the key to success for those people who don't have the right attitude right from the beginning.

interface with the real world - One shouldn't devote his life to Amway. If you do, you will lose many friends who are not plugged into the Amway way of thinking.

Keep your mind on both spheres at once. It's very easy to keep your friends, just don't badger them about the business! In fact, when dealing with friends, once they've decided they aren't interested, try not to mention the business ever again in their presence. It might irritate them.

It is very possible, and quite easy actually, to manage both spheres at once. Don't be sickeningly optimistic around those people not in the business!

internal competition - It's critical to plug in with the right team when investigating this business. Don't plug in with fanatics!

Plug in with people who have the same drive to achieve that you do. Then, when someone starts succeeding, you will gain additional motivation, and you won't want to fall behind.

don't quit - If after two years of hard work (10-15 hrs a week) nothing has come out of it, it's time to quit. Chances are, this business isn't for you. But I believe that if most people do things right during those two years, they should be making $$.

Don't quit inside of two years though! It generally takes that long before you

show the plan - A large portion of one's time must be spent outside of meetings and rallies. You have to get out there and show this oppurtunity to other people, and manage the team you build.

If you do nothing except listen to the tapes, attend functions, and do personal PV, you are guaranteed to fail.

As for me, I've entered the cold contacting phase of the business already, because I realized that my friends and family will not join until they some concrete success on my part. This will probably be true for most of you.

Our personal team has seen decent success. My sponsor is well on his way to ruby. One of my colleagues (my age, same profession, joined about eight months ago but got off his butt a couple months back) just made 1000 PV. Another colleague joined five months ago, and is now going all out and meeting 20 people a week. That's what it takes.

People fail in the Amway business because they lose their common sense. Those that succeed have learned to practice the qualities mentioned above.

Dear Mr. Schwartz,

I want to Start off by saying that I am relly sorry that things didn't work out for you as a distributer. The fact is that just like any other business you must work something that must be beyond your capabilities.

Yes, I am an Amway Distributer! A very happy one at that. Let me ask you someting how long did you stick with it and how much effort did you give it? I don't have to "sell" anything at all. Nor am I "made to buy" anything that I don't want to. As for tapes and books the are not forced on anyone. There is even a document signed by the upline saying that you are not required to by any of the Tools.

Tell me this can you be a hardware store without any hammers, screwdrivers, nails, etc…? I seriously don't think so. I buy what I deem necissary not what someone dictates to me. As for the functions I continue to go becausee I love going to them, not because someone forced me to. As for your little heasline of: What your soap dealer doesn't want you to know. That is the biggest bunch of bull, before I even bought my kit I was told to check everything out. So I did and I found negitive and posotive. I saw and read articles in the WALL STREET JOURNAL that were posotive. Who do you think I am going to put more faith in you or the corprate known and recognized magazine?


I would like to let anyone and everyone know that if you have the time to read all the negative junk you've read about Amway, Then you've had the time to retire as a result of being a distributor. Anyone out there that still has a negative response to Amway simply hasn't seen it the way I present it. If you haven't made it in Amway, it isn't Amway's fault, IT'S YOUR FAULT. What kind of sorry assed JOB do you have that will ever give you anything other than a raw deal in "retirement" As I, and others like me, play golf and swim in Hawaii on WEDNESDAY'S every week, we will stop every once in awhile and mourn those like you that are still AT WORK building another mans dream when you could have built your own. I dare all of you that quit to let your children read this.......

Amway the real story

We were in for about 4 years, lost a bundle. Did you know that the upline actually controls who makes it or not. My Direct (who has been a Pearl for three years) once told me if we were in an different place on the group we would have gone Direct. Isn't it amazing!

We are out now getting our lives back together, but will be paying back the $25,000 we lost for a long time.

Bankruptcy anyone

I never got suckered into Amway (luckily whenever I was approached, I had no money (and I mean NONE to spare); time and so on.

But, what made so VERY angry was that on several ocasions I followed ads to 'wearn supplemental income" - and being thorough, and having friends in Amway, always asked "Is this connected in any way with Amway?" I would always get a resounding NO!!!!! So, I would go, only to find out that it WAS Amway in sheep's clothing. The anger stemmed from me having to take time off work (leave early), find a babysitter or other inconvenient/costly things only to find out that the person I talked to lied.

Again, I consider myself very fortunate now, to have been VERY poor when presented with these programs, or I might have 'bitten' and hence have gotten into deep doodoo. From what I've heard and read, I'm more than lucky…I'm blessed that I didn't!

When I was a young child, my mom used to by from Amway dealers, and I had great respect for their products (household cleaning - soap, etc.)…they worked and worked well. Now, no matter HOW I respect the quality of their products, I would not buy another grain of soap from them, due to their deceptive practices in recruiting. I wonder if the two founders of Amway are 'turning in their grave' as the expression goes. I remember reading a book by them (can't remember the name now) and they sounded like straight-arrows. Were they instrumental in the monumental turn that Amway made towards what they are now? I can only pray not.

Many times, fraud-fighting organizations warn us against jumping into something 'too good to be true' - a very wise piece of advice. From what I've seen, Amway's pitch fits that to a T.