Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 35


Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

I was just wondering if Mc Donalds is a cult?

syd. My God thank you for your energy, web page, and above all your great love and compassion you have for people. I don't know if I can get this out, I know I couldn't face to face, I like many of your ageeable patrons do better talking about things where my identity can be anonymous, anyway…I recently got invovled in Amway, yes and I like many others had painted for me this picture of eutopia and bliss, financial security if built properly, eagerly I scrounged up money for my kit, for several months nothing I mean nothing,my ol booze buddies who were always hittin up on my wife at ball games didn"t want nothing to dowith me,whenwe used to have booze parties and cookouts and talk about everybody who wasn't there my place was packed I thought man theres is something wrong, they won't even let me in on the dirty jokes anymore, or when my good friends head to the nudie bars they don't ask me, some of the guys who run around on their wives don't want me to know about it anymore. But with your site my eyes were opend, especially with the deep insight of some of your responders, my heavens they must be highly intellectual people. Let me tell you the straw that broke the camels back, after being in for a while, I learned something, they had the gonads to ask me to actually work at this!!!!! I was madder than a termite in a steel mill.actually work this business, what really was I thought like most people, get six idiots, sit on your a--, get some money, was I really mad when I learned different, anyway wifes picked up her second job, and I.m thinking about getting one filling in at the golf course on Saturdays,(free green fee's,,pretty smart eh?) Was down at the bar the other night and was telling some of my ol buddies about your site, we wre sucking down the suds and wondering, why couldn"t we sue Amway, mental anguish? I was talking to my ol buddy Clete the other day, told 'em thanks to you and your well informed clientel of responders I was out of that cult, man was he happy for me, anyway visiting hours were almost over and he had to goback to his cell, so I gave him 10 bucks and the rest of my smokes, told him I'd see him next month. But Syd, as I left I looked at Clete and and said,' Clete, what if I could have made it work?' He looked back at me and said, "That thing won"t work, besides them people in that thing are brainwashed and if you ain"t careful you'll end up in the slammer cause it's a pyramid, there gonna lockem all up they just ain"t figured were to put 'em.' As they hauled ol Clete back to his cell, I headed right back to Kelly's bar, bought a round for the house, Jo let me charge it cause i didn't have any money till I get paid, all my real friends are glad I'm back to my ol'self and not in it anymore,and with your web site what more could I want. My wife was a little upset tho, cause she saw it as a way to be home, and really didn't mind having to work at it, but I quickely straightend her dumb a-- out, I told her about those tapes, and those meetings, them da-- books you have to buy, and how in that business you lose all your friends, also how those products are sooooooohigh, Syd i figured the cost of tide over sa8 and thats almost a 12pack of beer a month, Anyway she'll get over it besides she too busy with 2 jobs and 2 kids to do that thing . Keep up the good work, another one you've saved

I have been an amway distributor for about two months & by generating ten clients who are very satisfied with ther products I might add all families are saving a min. of $100.00 a month in grociery bills Why do you people insist on puting down a company that has helped me get OUT OF DEBT and helped me help others to save money?

You've done an incredible thing here. Kudos and thanx! -that's all:>

Great page - very informative!! When is the next comments update?


Don't know if you've tried an AltaVista search on "Amway" lately, but it's pretty funny. First of all, note their advertisement for the official Amway page. Second, note that you have to plow through hundreds of pro-Amway pages before you hit a negative. If you search on "scam amway" the results are nearly the same.

This strikes me as, well, sort of odd. As I recall, I originally found your page by doing a search on AltaVista, and it wasn't buried 200 links deep.

On a happier note, under the Amway section in Yahoo, is a collection of "consumer opinion" links, nearly all of which are negative.

I got interested in this because I was hijacked by an old friend of mine. He signed me up for a year (and paid the fees, and such), and I basically nodded happily and threw all the products and videos in our outdoor shed. Most of what my buddy told me sounded like a bunch of bull, though it seemed fairly harmless. After a few very annoying and high pressure phone calls from higher ups, I began to rethink the "harmless" part.

Judging from what I have seen on your page (and a little simple math) I've now concluded that Amway is a ruthless and dishonest scam. They also seem to wield a fair amount of polical and economic clout. Seems like a scary combination, if you ask me.

Anyway, thanks for running a great page, and take care.

Hi Sidney'

My family has been destroyed by the AMWAY scammers. I am separated right now, and in litigation for custody of the three childreen. My wife, became AMWAY ZOMBIE turned Meidcal Doctor two years before separation. They worked very hard on her, you can imagine what value she consituted for them. Since I have limited resources to sue the organization I thought of joining somebody, perhaps group of people, who have been affected. Perhaps the P&G would allocate part of their legal suit to help people (and themeselves) to bring down the EVIL EMPIRE. Any suggestions?

Hi !

My name is James and I'll cut to the quick.I will not go into my own bad experience or such I will just summarize what I think. I think this Amway bullshit is just like an A.A. meeting for the financial failures. It's for the weak minded.The only reason they are in amway is because the Jehovas Witness did'nt get to them first or some other wacko religious group. By the way,my time in the buisness was 1 year and I saw nothing but fools. When they started talking about staying away from family and friends,that was when it was time to leave.Can you imagine surrounding yourself with those weirdos if and when you did make it big?If I did make it big I would just as soon piss on my sponser as well as my upline. Thanx for alowing me the oppurtunity to vent about this!


people keep talking about alternative ways of making money. Perhaps they should look at this page which will tell them how much they can make just by investing the money they are wasting on Amway.

eg. $135 per month at 9% for 45 years makes you a millionaire. No STP'ing just sit at home and watch TV while it happens. And you owmn every dollar you invest every day. No spend now to make money (MAYBE) later.

I have consulted your site on occasion in my 3 years as an Amway Distributor, and find it to be typical of the kind of negative bias found throughout the media in this information age. The educational system and news media have taught us all that it is always appropriate to find out what is wrong with every new thing or idea we encounter.

The degree to which you print statements that are absolutely untrue about the Amway business is laughable. Ideas about cultism, inferior quality products, unethical behavior regarding tapes and seminars, are absolutely contradictory to what I have experienced directly as a distributor.

Is it any wonder that your being at least an advisor to P&G, a company who has filed one of the more ridiculous lawsuits of this century, would be viewed as a conflict of interests? Duh!

I have a great deal of difficulty understanding why obviously intelligent people such as you decide to focus their attention on falsehoods. The truths you print in the form of letters from Amway distributors who haven't decided to blame their failures on someone or something besides themselves are portrayed as afterthoughts and brainwashing. Your main thrust is that the Amway business is harming people.

It just aint so. Your page is a gossip column another source of negative information that keeps the masses from learning to believe in themselves and their dreams for the future, and gives them another excuse to stay stuck in the real cult - corporate America. I shall not access this page again.

Well Sid,

Thanks to you, I have wasted ton's of time at my 9 to 5 job reading responses from readers!

Anyhow, I wrote you before and told you about all of the people who try to sell me on Amway while traveling. It happened again the other day while flying back from Pheonix. I couldn't believe it! Shit, just my luck, this guy didn't want to talk about cars or the stock market, he wanted to pitch me on Amway!

I don't get it. Do I have the word "SUCKER" tatooed on my forehead? All in all, this is about the 10th time in my life I've been pitched Amway. When I object, the fool pitching the program always says the same thing: "If Amway is such a scam, how come companies like GM, Ford, Coca-Cola and MCI are partners?" Well, I usually respond with this: "Because if I were an exec for any of these companies and a purchaser from Amway told me that they had millions of customer/networkers ready to stand in line to pay 15% over SRP for your products, I would be happy to partner!"

To you Amway people reading these responses, think about a few things.

Getting a big tax return is not good. This means you lost alot of money.

Never, ever, involve family memebers with your distributorship. Like another writer said, "Do you want to hug your Cadillac at Christmas?"

Amway is a multi-billion dollar business, yes. But it was built on the marketing of a ridiculous program from one poor individual to the next.

One last thing, think twice before approaching the slightly overweight white guy sitting next to you in coach class on a Northwest flight and pitching him the plan. He might hurt you if he's in a bad mood.

I'm sorry to see that you have found only your side of the story. I am a physician who recognized very quickly that my income upon graduating medical school was barely enough to cover my basic needs (e.g. food, shelter, clothing and transportation) let alone living a comfortable life with a few hobbies. Amway has given me the opportunity to begin my own business on the side for a minimal startup cost ($160) and my own hours (typically about 8 hours per week). Nobody every "crammed" anything down my throat, and I have never been "forced" to purchase video tapes. It is my own perogative, at my own pace, and with my own financial comfort with which I choose to advance my home distribution business.

Since Amway offers over 6000 products from over 450 Fortune 500 companies (such as Goodyear, Kellogg's, General Electric, Chevrolet) they distribute more than Wal-Mart, Sears, J.C. Penny, etc. And, when I shop through Amway, not only do I receive my products (including automobiles) delivered directly to my doorstep, but I purchase them at an average of 30% discount, and receive a check back at the end of every month based upon the volume I order for myself, my customers, and those distributors beneath me.

Many have said that Amway is a "pyramid" scheme. What is a pyramid scheme, anyway? Some guy at the top makes all the money, while the grunts at the bottom do all the work. I'm just curious about the people who cry, "pyramid!" and who they work for, and how much their boss makes. Thanks to the Amway system of advancing percentage bonuses, I am making more than the distributor who signed me up. So I guess I'm at the top of my own pyramid, if you'd like to look at it that way.

I have not been involved with Amway for long, but by December 31, 1997, I am predicting my income as a physician to increase by 50%, at the rate I am going. I could not have asked for an easier way to pay off my student loans, and begin on a comfortable lifestyle. (The average medical student graduates medical school with a debt in excess of $100,000 today.)

Amway is definitely not a cult. I'm still very much Lutheran, and very much an American. I asked myself when first buying video and cassette tapes about Amway and how to run the business, "Who is making money off of these tapes?" I suddenly realized the answer: I AM. After all, you don't learn to play the trombone, or how to repair an engine, or how to perform surgery without studying books. So if I want to make MY business successful, I'm going to read the books, and listen to the audio tapes, and watch the video tapes.

As far as the products go, I figure, I purchase these products anyway, and so does everybody else. So why should I shop elsewhere, when Amway gives an average of 30% off what the "other guys" offer. Wal-Mart doesn't send me money back when I shop at their stores! In addition, Amway offers a 100% money-back guarantee on virtually all of their products. You don't even have to pay postage to send items back to them.

The distributor startup kit includes the Amway Business Compendium, which delineates a strict code of morals in selling and advertising the products. If all of those Fortune 500 companies have chosen to sign contracts with Amway, they have infinitely more lawyers and accountants looking closely at all the facts than I could ever pay for. Remember the investigation on Amway in the 1970s? What was the conclusion? Not only was it that Amway operates legally and morally, but it was even said that Amway is responsible for the success of thousands and thousands of distributors. [The FTC said nothing about Amway being "moral," and in fact found Amway guilty of illegal misrepresentation of income and price fixing. Six years later in 1985 the FTC found that Amway was still lying about distributor incomes and fined them $100,000. But hey, why bother with pesky, uncomfortable facts when you can just invent your own little fantasy world to live in?] People working for themselves…self-emplyed…the American Way = Amway. After all, isn't the "American Dream" to own one's own business?

I hope you add this to your comments list. I'm seeing many wonderful, successful families involved in Amway, and the folks out there on the "'Net" ought to hear both sides of the story.

I was suckered into Amway at one time by a "friend". After the initial money I had to drop on the **KIT**, I switched over to their long distance service, and got a lot of my family to switch over. I waited for the profits from the hundreds of dollars of LD calls we all placed each month. I'm still waiting, but I am not holding my breath! This was something like 5 or 6 years ago. My wife is better with dates than I am and I am sure when she reads this message she may put an answer to it going more in depth.

The one thing I hated was the fact that if you did not have the money to go to the conferences (big bucks needed) then you were considered an outcast, and that you were not doing everything you could or should to further your Amway lifestyle. Compounded by the fact that you HAD to buy the audio/video tapes each week. They even told you which one's to buy, and in what order to listen to them. Crazy!!

I left when I made some amazing sales on the industrial side and was told I did not sell enough to get a check. That was stupid, and the first time I left. A couple years later in a different city I got back into it for strictly "personal purchases". I do have to admit that the products are good, but after buying them a few times, I realized that even though they are excellent products, the cost far outweighs the usfulness. On an average, the Amway stuff is twice the cost or more of a comparable commercial or home product. I am not rich, and I probablly never will be. I do know that if I was, or considered, being in Amway again; first my wife would shoot me (figurativly), then she would take me to a brain hospital and have me tested. And i agree.

Amway is for those people who have no conscience. In a nice way, to be one of them, you have to be able to tell your friends they MUST spend at least $125+ dollars to join; and $100+ dollars each and every month on THEIR products, and their products alone. If not, they will "never make it"; also, you have to FORCE people to loose friendships (I know this) by calling friends and asking them if you can pop in and show them something, but be very elusive on the phone, and when you get there start drawing circles on paper for them, or what ever they do now.

Well, sorry I unloaded like this, but I wanted to amplify the fact that Amway is a CULT, with a Christian surface tension. Break the surface and the Christianity is gone.

Please help us or give us any advice on preparing a lawsuit against our upline Emeralds, Diamonds, Dexter Yager and the Amway Corporation. This business has almost killed us. We have the worst possible horror story to tell and feel cheated.

Please Email back asap.

When are you going to update Your Comments section on your site? I get a huge kick out of the Ambots when they get riled up.


I have been an amway distributor since September of 1996. I have learned in the last few months how much of a rip off the tools are. I didn't really get in this business to be rich, just to increase my lifestyle.

I do believe that Amway is a good company. The leaders are ruining it, and I'm glad that you spoke up. I will not quit because I do love some of the products. The artisty line of makeup is wonderful, and I really like some of the washing detergent.

In the last few months since I "unplugged" myself, I have made quite a bit of money. I have found that many other people really love the amway products, also. With the new Amway Connections program it makes retailing very easy. I also have women who really love the make-up, and buy from me all the time.

No, I can't quit my job, and I'm not a millionaire. But, this is a way to increase my income while keeping my morals in check. I have made enough money to put a down payment on a brand new house, and now I'm saving for a new car.

The only complaint I would have about you site is that Amway is a good company. I believe this, and I also believe that it is the leaders who are making the company look bad. It is a good business if you do not let yourself get brain washed into believing that you need to spend a fortune on their tools.

Maybe I won't be able to travel the beaches of the world, but for now Amway has turned into a real positive experience for me. I will not sign anyone up without telling them the truth, and I make sure they know this before my up-line gets a hold of them. The only regret I now have is that I'm still putting money into the likes of Dexter Yeger.

Thank you for your site, and keep up the good work.

A happy Amway failure,

Just passing along my comments about your web site. It is absolutely great. I have a close friend that has been sucked in to Amway and she is in deep. She is always asking me to get into it, but I have refused, because I know what it is all about and I want no part of that. 2 years ago some friends who were neighbors dropped out after many years of Amway because they realized there is no profit in it and they bailed. But my friend now that's the Ambot is a sad case.

I never though of Amway as being "cult like". I have printed out much of the material from your site to have and study well. After reading much of the material, I had no idea how bad it is.

I hope more people get informed about the danger of this organization and get involved to keep their loved ones and friends OUT!


Hello Sidney,

Just a quick email you may wish to add to your page. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is clamping down on direct sellers, ie: Amway when the current financial year ends here in Australia on June 30 1997.

I am sorry that you have a negative opinion of the Amway business. I might also suspect that anyone whose messages I have just read here is probably not doing very well financially. Therefore, I prefer listening to Bill Britt and the other diamonds because they are where I wish to be. Amway has thousands of products to sell. There is absolutely NO GOOD REASON why anyone should lose money in this business. If you can't afford a tape or a function or Amvox, GO SELL SOMETHING.

No one should ever pressure you to buy tools or tapes you don't want. We have never been pressured or pressured any of our downline to buy tools, but we do make them aware that if they wish to build a big business, these tools are very helpful. The key is IF they wish to build a big business. We have yet to see anyone who has built a big balanced business that is not mostly retail that has done it without some sort of system, in our case the Britt System. That should speak for itself. There is nothing wrong with wanting a smaller business. We are here to help our distributors accomplish their goals, not our goals of a big business. We just don't listen to anyone whining that their business is not working if they aren't on standing order or are not going to functions on a regular basis, including the opens. The key is consistency, and I'm sure you've heard it before. Those who want smaller business or just retail businesses don't need to be on standing order or going to functions.

I'm sorry that you have had a bad experience with the business, however, please don't steal anybody else's dream. When we experience negative, we go right to our Diamond Direct who takes care of the problem. I'm not going to share the negative because it is not important. The people who can overcome the negative are the ones who build the business, and I can guarantee you, because I know your story, that our experiences with negative have been much greater than yours in this business, but we are still here because we know the Amway business works IF you work it properly........and never, never , never quit! I guess one way to make money in the Amway business is to sue those with deep pockets, like Bill and Dexter and the corporation.

I want first to say that you are doing a great job at providing a forum in which people can review these comments and maybe come away alittle more informed. I was recently approached by a friend of a friend about International Connection, these people claim to have a joint venture set up with Amway, among other companies… about 150 or so including Magnavox, Panasonic, Jockey, MCI, and others. There pitch is to get you to "Network" among friends and family and be a distributor ( which costs about $170-200 depending on how many catalogs you purchase, and gets you the "tools"). I was wondering if you have heard anymore news on these people. I understand if you cannot reply to this due to email traffic that you must receive… any information would be grateful. Irregardless, I will try to keep you informed on this newest offshoot of any. I plan to email Amway and verify their allegiance. Take Care and Great Work.... I wish all web sites where of this quality.

Thank You,

I have really enjoyed the use of your web sight. You are obviously a well researched and learned person. I would not have ever guessed that amway would have been such a poor choice for carreers. I have been involved with the company since september of last year.

I once had a dream, but now, I see that was foolish. I should have known better than to think that I could have ever possible gotten out of my job by getting involved with this thing. I have crossed the threshold of 2500 PV and have experienced tremendious growth. Everyone that I have gotten involved in the business says thank you for thinking enough of me to ask me to see this thing. Now I feel as though all of the positive growth and mental outlook has been just an excuse to make people successful. I even have one of my distibutors who wishes to sell some things that they have to go to the major function because I told her how the one that I went to had helped me.

We have no more product pick up due to the fact that the corporation has begun shipping all the products to the door of my distributors home. The corporation has also been kind enough to send all of our bonus checks directly to us so there is no paperwork envolved. We make it a point to let people know that there are two three ways to work the business. One way is to get envolved just to buy or retail the products. Another ways is to get envolved to buy retail and maybe sponsor a few people. Another way involves the use of a vast training system and self improvement teqniques which stimulate the personal growth of the distributor and helps them to become successful.

I can understand where some poeple get burned on Amway, but I also understand why some poeple are successful. when I got envolved in the system. I took a good look around. I was doing very well in the job that I had. and was top person in the shop. Recently, because of reasons beyond my control the work stopped. Amway is the only source of income for me right now asside from employment compensation. Would you suggest that I quit the only business opportunity that I know that if I put enough effort into, I could uncap my income and retire in three years?

I know you believe that you are doing what you feel is right by running this websight. Just consider this one thing. How many people have your hurt with sight? How many people are out there in the trenches every day pushing for there dreams and making them come true? If I decided to quit because of this sight look how many people would be confused by that decision.

The truth is that I was approached by Excel, and a couple of other multi-levels. However, I was looking for one that I could count on to be stable. Amway came along. It was the only one that could sustain personal growth long enough to help people to become successful. I have only hit go getter status once before and will hit it again because I will do a Quicksilver this month.

Wouldn't it have been bad if I were unable to filter out what I hear and read from what the truth is? I really wish that you had had the foresight to know what Amway could have done for you in the years to come. We turn more dollars than Microsoft. We have produced more successful people than any other form of service.

I tell my people that it is the ultimate business challenge with the utimate business reward. I hope that they stick with it long enough to be more than just a downtrodden statistic looking for an excuse to be negative. I hope and pray to God each and every day that people will catch on to the fact the the Amway Corperation has the only distribution system large enough to support the volume that will be coming through toward the end of the paradigm shift. I want everyone I love to be envolved in this distribution network before that day reguardless of who made mistakes in the past with the Amway business opportunity.


Really… must you try and promote your own schemes by slamming a company which grossed over $7 billion dollars last year (more than IBM, Microsoft, Intel and just about every other company on the stock exchange). Cult behaviour? I guess singing God Bless America is uncommon these days… but you are really bordering on delusion. I know Amway is the real deal… you see, I started off at the bottom and am working my way to the top… and I've never lied about a product or the process [No, just about what the FTC said about Amway]. I suggest, if you are serious about representing the truth about a company which the FTC praised as one of the truest forms of free enterprise in America [The FTC never did any such thing], that you research this with an objective mind and not misrepresent the exceptions to the rule rather than the vast majority. Then again, you seem to have your own agenda. God Bless.

Being an immigrant raised in the heart of a racially integrated and violent community I have learned to recognize blind hate and what you have is blind hate for the Amway Corporation. I am not writing to defend the Amway Corporation nor any of its independent distributors. I am writing to ask why you have such hatred.

I have briefly gone over every subject on you site and have found some very interesting information. Some I would not question but most I would. I would question the truthfulness and the purposse of most of the information. I have studied business and information systems analysis. I am a son of an owner of two businesses. I have worked in a non-profit organizations and for maximum profit businesses. What was "reviewed" as evil business practices are common business practices in every type of business. The few letters that I have read posted in your site is obviously from a bunch of whiners and opportunists. There are presently lawsuits filed against the company that I presently work for and they're all filed from scums trying to make a quick buck.

Are you a real business owner? I guess "not." The computer system of the business I had cost over $6,000 and my net profit for the first year didn't even pay for the computer system. Get the picture? The sales department in the company I work for has a 90% turnover rate every eight months. They all must be loosers and the industry I am participating in doesn't work. I guess if I try I will even find someone ridicuing and warning people about all the self-help books sold throughout the country. "My God, someone is raping our bank account with all that BS self-help stuff!!!" You should write Zig Ziglar and tell him to stop making money off of people. While you're at it, write Bill Gates and tell him to spend a little less and pay his employees more and reduce his products prices. Have you see the plans for his new home? "MY GOD, IT'S A LUXURY HOTEL."

There are scums in every profession. I work with one. Not all lawyers are scum. Not all doctors are doctors because they want to heal the sick. Not all "LOL" politicians are crooks. Not every Amway distributor is honest. Every Amway distributor is an independant business owner. You cannot tell an owner what to do. You can only severe your tie with an owner.

Yes I am an Amway business owner and I am not anything like the ones you have described. I am not "doing Amway" because I want to be rich. I have traveled over a thousand miles this year so far to help and teach others who wants to be helped on how to find financial peace. I have a $10,000 check for my favorite charity all filled out and ready to be sent just as soon as I have enough money in my checking account.

I don't believe the Amway Coproration is a perfect coporation: Are there any? I definitey agree that there are scums doing Amway. I also agree that not all the Amway products are the best but they are some of the least expensive if you calculate properly by using "per use" instead of per ounce in your calculation.

I hope all the bad Amway distributors would disappear but that's not going to happen so I'll just wish you'll have peace within yourself.

Mr. Schwartz,

First, let me apologize for those individuals who blatantly insult you and particularly those who use foul language in the process. From my last posting, you already know what I think of this "research." But, since you do not publish names (and some people surely appreciate this), I will state, again, for the record that I AM AN AMWAY DISTRIBUTOR AND PROUD OF IT!!!

But, for the many people who have based their decision solely on this page… I STRONGLY urge you to do further research. Particularly, there was a Phd student lauding the fact that he never makes a decision without proper research, and by the way thanks for making my mind up for me… well, I am no Phd. I am a graduate from the United States Naval Academy, however. I have what I consider to be an absolutely phenomenol academic and ethical education. Most people will agree, I think. But, much like Amway, my institution has come under heavy fire by individuals who could not possibly hope to live up the Naval Academy's high standards because less than 1% of 1% of the Brigade of Midshipmen failed in their duties to embrace those standards. Be that as it may… Amway has sour grapes, too. I haven't met any… but they must be out there. After all, you say so! But in all fairness, I would encourage all people reading the info on this site to do two things: 1) realize that this is one sided material made available by an individual who seems to have a personal agenda 2) do more research. In particular, I will point you to a book written by Richard Poe entitled "Wave 3, The New Era in Network Marketing." No, the book is not about Amway… but Amway is mentioned. The book explains MLM/Networking concept, gives a realistic assessment of what is necessary to build a networking business and is written by a man who does not Network. He happens to be an editor for Success magazine. He also explains why Networking does not equal Pyramid. Also, note that in 1979, the FTC ruled that Amway was NOT a pyramid scheme (which is illegal) but a legitimate business. I'd say their sales would seem to support that ruling. Also, not that Amway has changed drastically in the past 40 years. No longer do we sale, door to door, soap. This is the picture that comes to mind for many people when they hear the name. Amway distributeres market literally thousands of products through several catalogues. Many of these products are Amway products, (by the way, where did you come up with that research about these products being below standard and overpriced? I have a price comparison done by an independent company which shows a savings of 30% or more on over 70% of the products. I also know from using the products that they are far superior than most other products on the market.. but that's another debate,)but most aren't. In fact, I can buy Reebok shoes, Goodyear tires, MCI calling cards, etc, etc… literally thousands of name brand products through my catalogues, have them delivered to my doorstep, and save on the vast majority of what I buy. How is this? These Fortune 500 companies (did I mention Amway was a Fortune 500 comapany?) [Amway is not a Fortune 500 company because it is privately held] will get their products to you however they can and at the least possible cost to themselves. Home shopping is the wave of the future. You like quoting Forbes… what do they say about home shopping? Why not print that? (Hint Feb 93 issue).

If there is ANYBODY out there who wants another, factual, representation of Amway, please e-mail me… oops! Mr. Schwartz won't allow that. Too bad. If you've had a bad experience in the business, I apologize. But please, evaluate yourself and your actions (or lack therof) before you criticize the system or your upline… and if you can honestly say you did everything you were told you needed to do and still did not succeed, then I truly sympathize. Leave that group and find another upline. There are a lot of good ones out there.

Anyone interested in some sort of TRUTH look up Life Mag. Jan. 1997 issue, page 67. The best is yet to come! The correct spelling for Schwartz is! Thank you

[On page 67 of the Jan. 1997 Life magazine you will find one of Amway's paid advertisiments. Gee, what an unbiased source of information.]

I honestly hope that you are completely dissapointed of your page. Amway has helped many people recover from large debts. People that fail in Amway do so because of lack of willpower, determination, and hope. If you think that Amway is a "cult" you are so very wrong. How can you judge? Amway members are a family who help each other achieve their dreams. They are there for others. Isn't it funny how corporations aren't there for their people? I find it quite disturbing. You insult Amway claiming it to be a "cult" or religion", but what about a normal job? You MUST go to work everyday, take lunch when they say, go to the bathroom when they say.....etc....... In Amway you determine your own success. If you decide to take a day off then that's your choice. If you work overtime its to YOUR advantage, not theirs. In any corporation your are solely a #, but in Amway you are a person with feelings, hope an beliefs.

Thanks for hearing me out.

14 yr. old girl in Georgia!

It never ceases to amaze me how people like you with minimal knowledge and even less financial success in their background pass judgement on those that think or behave in way that is different from yourself. Continue to live in your own little world and try to influence people with your small mindedness. Peer pressure is a powerful tool and as you accuse Amway of cult-like behavior, are you not exercising the same principles with your web site. Be careful, when you live in a glass house you shouldn't throw stones. Good luck in your endeavor to bash Amway, the $6.8 billion they acheived last year shows you are really having an impact. I respect your right to free speech, however it is a bit tiresome when you use "facts" that are 2-10 years old. Get a grip and get a life!

I have to laugh histerically when the courts and your attorney refer to you as an "expert". expert at what. You are an expert at one thing and that's making people fall victim to your inadequacies. People unfortunately base economic and financial decisions on your failures.

Fuck You Schwartz! You wouldn't know the first thing about a cult or a pyramid if they jumped out and bit you. Kike!

[Which he followed up with…]

Hello Sydney,

Currently I am an Amway distributor and I have been visiting your site. In fact, I have sent you a few E-mails, most of which were argumentative. [I see, "Fuck You" and "Kike!" are merely "argumentative."] I apologize. I will agree with you on a few points, one being that there are some "black hats" and some deceptive people in the business. But is that to say that all distributors are bad? That's just like saying all Attorneys or all Doctors are bad. Personally, I've never believed in scamming people, so I work hard to be honest with people, If they don't want to purchase anything or "get involved" in anything, I don't force them at all. In fact, I always leave a do or so wide open that they can walk out anytime.

I think I reacted to your website so negatively because the information that I saw was immediately a source of irritation to me, not because I actually believe it, but because there are plenty of unsuspecting people out there who may actually have a chance at building financial success to whatever extent using this system and what gives anyone the right to take that away from them? Let's face it, it's not all bad. The corporation did not get to where they are by 38 years of deception.

To be honest, I'm scared. Scared that if this opportunity did not work out for me or actually caused me to lose money as you say, then what else? How else am I going to provide the kind of lifestyle for my family and myself that I want and need. I'm asking you in all seriousnes s, that if you have any ideas about making money that are truly better than Amway, please help me by giving me some way(s) to get out of "the rut"

From: "Not brainwashed, just in need of financial security"

I have been in AMWAY for two months and have never experienced any type of "cultish" behavior. I think you have a little too much time on your hands. There is nothing wrong with the AMWAY corporation. Perhaps you need to get a little more education on the free enterprise system that we have the opportunity to experience unlike many other countries who do not have this freedom!!

About the whole cult issue, I have found this to be a very Christian centered organization and I'm proud to be a part of it. I've seen enough negative comments in your list. Why don't you publish something positive for once?!

I'm sure you get a lot of reponses from current Amway distributors who are not unhappy with their experiences, I am one of them. I'm definately not a brain washed zombie, but a lot of what you say is inaccurate. For instance you can make $100,000 a year outside of your job, however Amway is an opportunity, not a guarantee. You state that this was a lie, yet I know numerous people who have done it, we are not there yet, but it did not take us long before we were making a decent income. The majority of people do not make it in Amway, in fact 80% of distributors never even sponsor anyone. This is not because Amway does'nt work, but because any successful business takes a price that the average person is not willing to pay. I know this because I also own a successful Financial Planning firm. Financial planning has an 80% annual turnover, and only the most commited ever make any money. Yet no one would deny that that it is an effective business. In my business experience unless your being critised your not accomplishing anything, so thankyou for your site, it was most motivational!


Sidney, I have been in the distribution business for years and Amway HAD a great thing going. If you have ever seen there BV/PV system the BV is the published trucload pricing from the manufacturer. AmWay picks up at the manufacturers dock whick lowers the price. AmWay commits to large purchases over time which lowers the manufacturing cost. In the food areas America actually produces more than it can use so as a huge purchaser of products they get in on all the "deals". In the End AmWay buy for a price lower than anyone else because they pickup the product and sell to the end user for more than what they could purchase the same item at a local store. On top of knocking out about three "middle people " then they add the cost of seminars,tapes, etc. Why knock 'em ? they are buying low and selling high. IF you would like to understand the Amway group I suggest you work on a SHEEP RANCH for a week. You will learn more about group psychology than a PHd. A "Middle Man"


Obviously, while surfing the net I came across your homepage. I was taken aback by what I've read. I've read the comments of some people who said that some of their relationships with friends were destroyed and that Amway has a negative effect to them. Well, that's sad. Too bad for them, eh? ;-(

Let me tell you, all things has its advantages and disadvantages. Are you familiar with the Yin-Yang Philosophy. I must admit I'm not that familiar with it but somehow I have an idea what it talks about. It tells us that in every positive there is always a negative. This means that nothing is perfect in this world. So, you can't expect a perfect company either. But there is a near perfect company with little flaws.

I want to share something for you. The Amway business offers a person a guaranteed success, PROVIDED, that you will work and you will work with determination and you FOLLOW THE SYSTEM RIGHT. It offers a way for the average person to "try" to make things better. It offers a dream -- and not just a dream --- but a "possible" dream.

If you signed up for Amway and do nothing at all, of course, you will not be successful. Success is not for free. You can't get it for free. It requires you to work, to invest your time and effort. Admit it, this pre-requisite to success is not only true with Amway alone. This applies to any other careers or fields. If you like to be successful in a certain field or career, naturally, you have to work for it. Some people are too ambitious. They are so engrossed to make it to the top that they tend to neglect the people who love them. This happens to some of my friends. The higher their promotion in a multi-million company the more they don't have time not only for their family and friends but for themselves too. Some of them feels that they are already successful because they got the promotion they want. But the success they thought it is, is achieved at the expense of the others. Now, I don't call this a real success. Success is not about money; it is not about power, influence, or fame. Success begins by building a character. Until you have developed this, money and power will handle you. Money and power will have full control on you instead, of you controlling them. Naturally, you will not find true happiness. Therefore, you are not truly successful in your chosen career if this happens. Right? So, my point here is that there is nothing wrong with Amway. The issue here is not Amway per se on why some of their friends left them, on why some relationships were destroyed. The issue here is in the person. He failed to balance things properly. Again, Amway is not the problem. It's the person involved. Remember, it's only us, and no one else is accountable for our actions. I just hope that we will stop putting the blame on other people. Why don't we stop and ask ourselves? Why don't we broaden our understanding? Why don't we give them (Amway distributors) some understanding that they need? Why don't we open our hearts and mind? Now, is that too much? Now, I don't think so. Moreover, one thing I learned from experience is that don't ever, never decide until you get the facts first. Your decision should not be influenced by mere emotion only but it should be influenced by the POWER OF REASON. People tend to me very emotional that's why.

I hope I didn't offend anybody. I just want to impart what I think is about it.

I want to thank you for finding that much stuff "negative" about Amway. I'm a new Amway distributor and I had doubts about this Amway business. What I have read at your site has troughly informed me about "what not to do". I must say that it's not a cult for me, it is only another business. When I have seen the plan, I asked myself:" What if they are lying? What if it takes 30 years instead of 2-5 years and just half as good? Does it still worth it?" I answered yes. Maybe many others wont think like me, they can do what they like. This business has some very special proprties which I have not seen before:-I am my own boss -I always have the chance to improve myself -The success is due to how much you help other people. I still do not think that I have to "screw" anyone for being successful at this business. As far as I am COMPLETELY HONEST and leave the responsibilty of the choices he makes to my prospect, how can I screw someone? What is the difference between screwing and helping someone? I think that's what you want for him. If you want to win while he loses, you screw. If you want to win helping them to win, you help. I again emphasise the fact that I am always honest and frank and I will always be.

Coming to that "tools" business. Yes, I know they make money out of these. But I have been spending lots of money to motivating books even before I was in Amway business. Many successful people earns selling books and tapes about motivation and ways of success. Have you read 7 habits? Do you know "Management Consultant" firms? If you know how to do something better than other people, you can sell this knowledge.

Maybe the abusing thing about this business is that when people see a chance to earn "easy money" they start cheating. They polish images, they give incorrect data, mislead the people etc. I do not think earning is worth losing friends. Most of my friends find my way of doing this business very frank. And I can tell because of my attitude some of my friendships are stronger now. They know I will be honest and I will never mislead them.

All those discussions helped me to realize it again that Amway business is only a tool. Like almost all other jobs you can either screw people or help them. This is YOUR CHOICE and it depends on your character. I'll do my best to make this business with a honest, frank attitude.

Thank you for your warning.

I would like comments of anyone who has read this letter.

PS:I will be glad if you notify me when you have published this letter. Even a blank reply will do well.

Looking at the Amway homepage, and browsing the distributor profile area, I've become ILL. For it was about one year ago that joined the cult, w/o checking into the info on the net. I just HOPE some AMITE tries the pitch on me sometime soon. It'll be a plan showing he/she won't soon forget!

Keep up the GREAT work!

Mr. Schwartz,

I am a distributor totally satisfied not only with the products as well as the opportunity. My wife and I make a nice annual income from the business. The overriding consideration here is that I no longer have a job. Because of my Amway business and what I have learned with the Stewart organization (part of Yager Enterprises) I now own another business that is turning over 6 figures annually in its first year of operation.

My question to you is this: Are you now or have you ever been a distributor? If not then I propose that you disqualify yourself from your negative bashing of what is arguably the most incredible free enterprise opportunity in the world. Now if you have been a distributor, I want to know what you did with the business. Did you show the plan? Did you listen to any tapes or attend any of the functions or rallies. If you did then you are apparently brain dead or you just plain missed it.

Please do not take me wrong, but from the perspective of one who has had success finally in the business world, you are bashing the wrong program. The program you need to examine is the lie I was told in college Respond to me on my personal address

It a shame to see idiots like you that want to publish crap like these four pathetic whiners that are trying to make it fast by suing Britt/Yager.

I was an Amway distributor for several years actively (83 to 87) under the Puryear organization (Ron Puryear is under Britt in the tools distribution so we got tapes from Britt as well).

They never once told me i had to buy their tapes or else i would be kicked out, or loose anything. They never used any coercion whatsoever. They did as the law suit alleges, tell me that my chance of success were nill unless i bought, and used the motivational materials. This was an absolutely accurate statement as well, and i built a successful organization doing just as they proscribed.

I built my Amway biz only to the level that i cared to, and i found that when i did not buy and use the motivational material (including attending regional, and mini seminars and rallies) that i was not motivated to conduct the relatively hard and arduous tasks associated with building the Amway biz.

I am still an Amway distributor today, but am not active (although i have a diamond downline from me) and all that i would have to do to make a considerable sum is to maintain about 2500 product volume outside of the diamond leg. Then i would be paid 3% of the volume of this entire diamond organization. Not bad for work that i did several years ago, and i would not have to buy a single tape to do this. I would never have gotten to this level though without the motivational material from Britt/Yaeger.

BTW i bought tapes from across my line all of the time, and was never told that i would loose anything for doing this. They did however discourage me from doing this because if i did it, then my downline would do it, and they did not want to have a mishmash of "techniques" for doing the business. This would only lead to total confusion throughout the entire organization. They wanted us to do just as they had, and not attempt to "short circuit" the process by trying the "sponsor technique of the week". This comes about in other Amway, and MLM organizations because they DO NOT control the distribution of materials, and only leads to much larger wasted effort on the part of those distributors.

This is the state of Multi Level Marketing today (other than the Yeager/Britt/Puryear organizations). A total mishmash of techniques, and plans lusted after by every get rich quick idiot in the world and most of them will never get anywhere because they do not have a stable simple recipe method of success, or the mentors that have already proven that it will work.

That is exactly what you get from Yeager/Britt/Puryear, and that is why it does work. You can only learn these methods from the materials that are put out by the upline organizations.

I met alot of people in my Amway experience that never made a dime, but i never met anyone (in the Britt/Puryear organization) that did not get exactly what the leadership said they would get if they did what the leadership proscribed for them. Several of my Amway associates today are making a considerable income from their effort several years ago.

As for controlling the supply of tapes and therefore conspiring to violate the RICO statute, this is the most rediculous thing that i have ever heard. What is the difference of doing what Britt does in distributing tapes, and some company manufacturing a product and limiting the distribution to certain select customers the way that a manufacturer of parts for any manufactured product might do.

Britt's tapes are unique to his organization and business, and therefore they naturally constitute a single source of supply, and therefore the price is arbitrarily set by his company. To say that he limited the supply, and distribution for these materials is like saying that an apple farmer can control the market for oranges. Britt does not, and cannnot compete with other companies for similar material because they are unique. The case cannot be made for restraint of trade.

Any Amway distributor is free to buy whatever materials that he chooses, and is not forced in any way to buy through his upline. I bought alot of material from Amway the corporation but found it to be less powerfull than what came from Britt.

Like i said, there is no coercion in the distribution of tapes. I bought exactly what i wanted, no more, and no less, and i was never threatened with anything.

As for Amway being a pyramid shceme, oh i know that these lawyers just have to throw in the kitchen sink as well (the shotgun method - just throw enough mud) in order to hope to make a case. I have news for you and them. Amway was already tried for that one, and declared by i believe it was the US supreme court that their business practices did not constiture an illegal pyramid scheme either by the distribution of Amway products, or the distribuition of motivational materials. Gooooood Luck!

I have a prediction for you. The whole thing will be thrown out, or the defendants will be aquited, and these four plaintiff "loosers" and in Amway parlance they are "loosers" will loose big and be stuck with large legal bills that they cannot pay.

Then i hope Britt/Puryear come after you for defamation for publishing this tripe on the net.

2 things :Friends dont pay your bills & I got involved in AMWAY 3 years ago and I have nothing to report but good things ie:3 months after I joined I learned how to overcome my fear of people through the TAPES & BOOKS!!! AND AS A RESULT I received a promotion and a pay rise of $10000 p.a. I dont call that going broke.As a result of that increase in confidence I decided to start my own company,I now take home $85000 p.a. now I know that some people dont succeed but it's there choice to utilise the system provided. Atleast it teaches you how to set goals,and that is something that many more people must do.

Dont you agree?

Buy the way I'm 22 years of age.


HASN'T IT??????

about two years a go, my husband and I (at that time newly weds and still in school) were sucked into the amway cult. We lost hundreds of dollars which at that time could not afford to do(who can any time) and were in no way satisfied with the products. We were told to just hold on, that it would get better but it just got more expensive. Breaking away from the cult(just before we had to file chapter 7 bankruptcy) was no easy task either. We felt as though we were being condemned and all of our "Amway Family" suddenly became our worst enemies.

Then trying to return those money back garantee products and tools was a total waste of my time. For some strange reason they could not refund my items and the rules and stories kept changing. What can I do about this?????

I am just trying to figure out a way to thank Amway for virtually destroying my marriage (even though we have only been married since July '94). Everything was just great until my husband got bitten by the Amway bug in summer 1995--ever since, he's been plugging away at it, and has not gotten one single downline, not one single profit--he's throwing away our hard-earned money on tapes, products, functions, etc. I wanted to establish a retirement plan, (like an IRA, mutual fund, etc.) but with all the funds he throws into his so-called business, this is impossible! Life is too short. I thought married couples were supposed to do things together--I even asked him one time: "if I were deathly ill, would you be there for me--or would you be out "prospecting?" He replied: "I will make sure someone takes care of you."

SOME of the Amway products are okay, but the larger majority of them are not to my taste, and are too high-priced. I am forced to use EVERYTHING Amway.

Thanks, Amway. I will be seeking a divorce when my husband returns from a deployment. (He's military)

I very much enjoyed your wed site. My family has been dealing with a sibling who is caught up in Amway. We now believe it to be like a cult. I wonder if there are deprogramers out there who can help.

Thanks for your site.