Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 25

(2/97 - 3/97)

Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

Who are you and what are your qualifications to make such judgements?

L. Sanderson

They're coming!!!!! Help my former countrymen, please. You seem to know a lot about Amway. Can you please educate the Filipino netsurfers about the real Amway? You would be helping a lot of people! (Yes, I was approached by an Amway distributor. He said I could make $100,000 in my spare time. He didn't impress me. Why? I had a better car, better house, better furniture, etc. than him!) Please disseminate information to Philippine websites about Amway.

Thank you for your research.

I didn't read through your exhautive web-site. I think you are providing a huge service for those who intuitively say, "I don't want a million dollars in the next month". It doesn't make sense that this would be such a great unground secret, and that only certain, "evolved" individuals would recognize the full potential. I like the first letter from the guy who calls you names then says he's called by God to spread the gospel. Unfortunately this kind of cultish crap infused with religion is extremely dangerous because people confuse the two. I guess that's their point.

Money only comes from hard work at something you really love and have a passion for, with a dose of luck and being prepared when opportunity knocks. The only problem is money won't make you happy, you are doing a better service with your broke mentality. With your web development skills you can probably get yourself a great well paying job as a site developer and pick your own hours and do what you want, when you want.

to whom it may concern:

I was just looking arround your web site, and I see that you are against AMWAY. I was just wondering why??? Have you ever been in AMWAY? What made you turn against it? Was it a rumor?

My parents have been in AMWAY for almost a year now and the have done excellent. They have done thousands in retail sales and the get excellent checks.

If you would please answer my questions I would approciate it !!!

The reason some people spend their time maintaining websites like this is because THEY HATE DECEIT! Deception hurts people. The best way to destroy a lie is to expose it. It's every person's responsibility to undermine lie-mongers. Speak the truth - that's success!

Here's my few cents:

Last night I was contacted by a some guy I barely knew who said he had a programming job for me that would pay me very well on the side. We met at a very posh coffee shop and I was kind of surprised when he didn't pay. Usually the guy interviewing pays for the grub.

He gave me a very intense interview and asked me about where I see myself in 10 years. He didn't give me any details on the business but said I could meet with a few of his partners in a hotel to discuss things further. Kind of made me feel good for passing the interview and flattered that I was going to meet his associates.

I went to the hotel and listened to a highly motivated speech on the economy and how we were all going to lose our jobs and how entrepeneurs should aim for the middle and not the consumer nor the producer. The word "Amway" was never mentioned but I began to figure out it was an MLM becuase the words "residual income" were being used. Finally when the speaker started concluding his meeting he asked all the "emralds" and above to come forward. WTF! I'm a pretty level headed guy and I can usually recognize a MLM when I see one, but this was one heck of a set up. Everybody had suits on and told me "good things about the business" before the meeting. I never clued into the gist of the meeting until it was over.

I stuck around until the end of the "emrald's" speeches just so I could have a word with my sponsor. Everybody (about 300 people) were all grins after the meeting but I walked back to my sponsor and let him have a piece of my mind. I told him what I thought of Amway and his completely deceiving tacticts to get me to come to the meeting. The other newbies were gathered around listening to me; so my sponsor literally grabbed me and tried to heard me out the door. I told him that he had wasted my evening now I was going to waste some of his.

Just before I left I went and shook hands with the "diamond" speaker and told him I thought he was a scheming asshole. I caused such uproar after the meeting the Amheads were pretty glad to see me go. But, I told them that if I were ever invited to an Amway meeting again, I'd come and ruin it -- just like they ruined my evening.


Judging from many of the comments here (and elsewhere), WWDB should stand for Wish We Didn't Bendover.

Your website is entertaining, however all the facts need to be presented. You know the saying, "You only see what you want to see?" This is appropriate for you. I have been a distributor for over a year and have made my investment back in less than 6 months. SCAM? Check the Better Business Bureau. SCAM? Ask the people of Coca-Cola and Sony if they like having access to over 2.5 million distributors worldwide? SCAM? This business is only available in 70+ countries. SCAM? You seem to put all your energy into bad-mouthing the largest debt-free company in the world. Did you try this business and "fail"? Did you EVEN try? This business structure has not changed in over 30+ years. Unbelievable in this day of downsizing! Any response is welcome!

First of all let me start off by saying I respect your rights to publish what ever you see fit. That too is the "American Way". I do however disagree at people slamming, whether it comes from you or my upline. I have had the 'plan' offered to me many times by many different uplines. I choose not to get into business with any of them because of there unproffessional behavior. You see I believe in looking up to someone who is greater than I am. Whether he is a more moral person, or a more successful person. When you mold yourself (mentor) after another person, you respect him because of his success. This is my reason behind buying training tapes and books. Thousands of people have bought books and tapes from people on TV promoting success and how to better there self esteem and lives. I see Amway tapes as being no different. When I read a book I listen open minded to what the author has to say. I may not agree whole hearted, but I listen....and I grow. I am old enough and mature enough to realize that just because someone is successful, that doesn't make them perfect, or even completely honest. Humans are involved in this business just like any other business! Just like I continue to buy certain cars after I have had bad experiences with salesmen, I will continue to buy into the AMWAY dream because I believe in its basis, and the people in the orginization. Just like any business you are bound to find bad apples, and a few liars. I am just mature enough to know not to judge the complete foundation of a structure by a few people who have misrepresented it. For every horror story you publish, I have a factual 'happy ending' story to counter it, actually I have 100's more happy endings than I have read here.

Finally please understand although I support your rights to express your views. I think it would be unresponsible of me if I didn't point out a something. When you steal someones hopes and dreams, you steal far more than anyone can ever replace. This business is not meant for everyone, but I know many who's dreams have lead them here (including myself). Not all distributors are dishonest, neither is Amway. Not all accusations are as they seem, or as you would have them portrayed. Although I respect your right to free speech, I must say that you are no better than the papers and t.v. news that paint a picture to support their one sided beliefs. If you really want to say something profound and helpful, why don't you look at Amway from both sides. Let both sides have equal press and 'screen time'. You see life is full of 'cults' and people trying to get others to believe their way. If you look deep enough you would realize you are practicing the same ways of those you would slander. I have not seen "complete" information even on your page. I do not have enough information to form any factual based theory from what you provide. Yes many law suits are filed daily. Many law suits against people with money to steal. The problem is there are usually a decision made at the end of these suits to determine guilt. I have found none here! Please provide complete and accurate information without drawing conclusions, then I will respect you and not just your right to press.

hello. i was approached by a complete stranger in the Columbus, Ohio City Center Mall a few weeks ago who said he thought he knew me and struck-up a conversation; he said he and his wife were new to the area, looking to meet people and they play golf and mountain bike, as do myself & fiance, we exchaged cards and said see ya later. Hoping I wouldn't hear from him, he called a couple weeks later and wanted to have lunch, we did and he pitched me about this great business opportunity he was involved in. He said a guy from Cleveland was expanding his business and looking for sloid people in Cols. He invited me to meet the guy next week when he would be in town. Well, needless to say, the pitch turned into an amway deal; the head guys name is Ph il Thompson and the company name is Midwest Industries

they said they used the Britt World Wide System, whatever that is....

thought you would like to know....obviously, I plan to stay away from this offer


I am a growing and successful Amway distributor involved in the business for just under one year. I have learned through my own experiences that the Internet is an excellent place for self-promotion and it appears you have found a vehicle through which to make a name for yourself.

As a successful professional and having owned a successful traditional business in the past I must say I am very pleased with the Amway business and it's getting better for me every day. I think the products are fantastic. I enjoy and have learned a great deal from the "system" materials. Much of what I have learned I have applied to my professional career and it has been very helpful.

I would point out that just about every major corporation in the United States has probably been sued over something at one point or another. I would also suggest that many have probably done something wrong either intentionally or by mistake. Therefore I don't see how lawsuits against Amway make it any different that any other organization. Some of the information from your site is over 10 years old and probably has little bearing on the present.

According to the "the plan" there should be 1 Silver/Direct for every 75 people who stay (don't quit) in the business. Not everybody does 100 PV (some do more, some do less that's their option) but my guess is that the average is probably closer to 100 people. That would mean an Emerald or Diamond for every 400-700 people assuming proper side-volume. My guess is that the numbers would be more like one in 500-600 for Emerald and 1 in 1000-1500 for diamond because of the way the "structure" works out. That's the numbers the plan says it would take shifted for what people actually do.

There seems to be an awful lot of focus on "going Diamond" and I often hear the more naive distributors (and there are naive people in all businesses) say things like "and all diamonds are millionaires". Well, I'm know Diamond is great but as near as I can tell there is an awful lot of money for well-structured Directs, Rubies and Emeralds. A direct paying 10 bonus checks each month can probably make in excess of $2,500 each month. I'm fairly certain that most Rubies I know are making well in excess of $60-80k a year, Emerald appears to be in the $120-$240k range and first-year Diamonds in the $250-$450k range AS NEAR AS I CAN TELL.

(Direct example: 7500PV/15000BV paying two bonus checks to two 4000PV legs would keep $600 a month. If one of those 4000s was paying 10 bonus checks to 10 equal 400 PV legs he would making $1200 month [ie: MORE than his/her up-line direct] … 7500 PV/15000BV paying 10 bonus checks to equal 800PV legs is $2,400 kept per month [before profit-sharing, other bonuses or system money])

I believe that for someone utilizing the "system" to the fullest extent (which I would recommend even though I do not currently profit from tool sales) the business becomes profitable between 1500 and 2500 PV if properly structured. Obviously someone with only one leg doesn't keep much of a differential. ;-)

"You've been working 40 or more hours a week for 10 years and you don't have $6.00 to put into an informational business tape? What you're doing to make money isn't working…"

I do not presently share the strong religious convictions of my up-line but I respect them for theirs and will not use that as an excuse not to build the business and I do not feel pressure to "convert".

I have personally never heard any bigotry, racist or anti-semite comments from any of the leaders in the Britt organization and I resent those who make such blanket accusations. I know that there are many large pins of varying races, backgrounds and religions in the organization.

The bottom line for me is that it is the best thing I have ever done. I turned the business down 3 times before finally deciding the timing was right and I am very happy with the decision. I would just ask that people evaluate the business based on the business not based on an individual, especially someone new who got excited and hasn't really figured out that ramming it down someone's throat doesn't work. If I were to judge all accountants by that one guy who messed up my taxes that one time or who insulted me with his lack of tact then I would be doing a great disservice to many good people. The same goes for Amway distributors. Keep in mind that for every 1 terrible story/experience we hear about, there are probably 9 good stories/experiences. Most people know that the minority is often the most vocal and that negative things/complaints are more likely to be brought to attention that praise. That's the way our society operates today.

Why is it okay for someone to talk about all the junk that's going on at their workplace for an hour everytime you see them but if somebody brings up Amway nobody wants to hear it? I see a double-standard here.

"Joe's gonna talk about bowling,

Jack's gonna talk about how bad work is,

Sam's gonna yack on and on about baseball,

Aunt Martha's gonna talk about her health problems,

so I'm gonna talk about Amway." -- Misquoted quote. :-)

The great thing is that anybody can get in and build the business, the bad thing is that anybody can get in and build the business.

The business obviously works for a great many people who choose to pursue it. NOBODY can say and back up any statement that says that the business does not work.

Sidney, I wish you the greatest success in whatever endeavors you choose to pursue. Hopefully those endeavors are constructuve and don't continue to make the dreams and aspirations of others harder to achieve.

Dear Mr.Schwartz, I was greatly relieved to find out that I was not the only one who felt that the Amway wwdb association was a fraud. I was in Amway for a year and a half against my better judgement. My husband's sister began hounding us to join 2 weeks after I had given birth to our third child. I remembered my parents going into Amway when I was a teenager, and what they went through and told my husband that it was very expensive and time consuming, leaving no time whatever for family or friends outside the organization. With a lot of "visits" from his sister and her "upline", I finally agreed to buy a kit against my better judgement, but I figured the most we could lose was $150.00. I wanted to make my husband happy and help my sister-in-law. I very much regret ever meeting these people. By the end of it, I was ready to leave my husband. He had hocked almost everything we had to hock to pay for Amway functions, standing orders, amvox, long distance bills that were horrendous! Not to mention all the harrasement! He didn't see that he was hocking all of our possesions for Amway, he was hocking things so we could eat!

Never mind that 300-400.00 a month was going out the door to Amway! We don't have a huge income. We had just refinanced before we joined Amway so that we would have more money, all that money and then some went straight to the organization. Six months into Amway we had a downline, and were recieving bonuses, but the bonuses didn't even touch operating costs. Half the time items were never ordered by my upline, and I would end up with a 10.00 phone call trying to track down a 3.00 tube of toothpaste for downline! How is that for cost effectiveness! Then I committed a huge sin! I had the nerve to get pregnant! This it was made clear, should in no way affect our business. Pretend you're not pregnant! Spend more time and money on the business because now we need it more than ever! My husband who was so attentive for the previous pregnancy could not make doctor's appointments or sonograms, the first three I had to cancel, because he was busy! He wouldn't think of missing an hour of work to babysit for our children so I could make an appointment, but I would find out later that he had planned days off for meetings and functions. I was at my wits end. I tried very hard to make the "business" work and played along, sometimes even thinking that maybe we could make this thing work, but the more we got into it the more expensive it got. It was a no win.

I kept thinking, this is like a cult. There were obvious brainwashing techniques being used. I am no psycoligist, but I am not an idiot either, we kept getting the if you don't buy this and listen to that or if you don't attend a function, you're a LOSER! When downline stiffed us for orders, we had to pay, twice, it was in excess of 100.00.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when I finally gave birth. My baby had to stay in the hospital an extra day, and my husband had taken half of the second day off to bring me home from the hospital. He complained about it, because we couldn't afford it. Then, when our baby was three weeks old, and he had just hocked my wedding ring, I found out that not only was he taking a day off work, to go to a fuction out of state, but he had borrowed several hundred dollars to do it! I was so disgusted! All in the name of being a "Winner". I didn't even want him to come home! Upline was constantly calling to let me know that we needed to buy 25.00 tapes in addition to the standing orders that we bought. Downline was stiffing us on a regular basis, which of course was our fault because we needed to get a better quality downline! Forget the fact that these people were 2 or 3 deep and you hardly knew them! I finally decided that enough was enough! I was sick of these repetitive meetings, strangers judging me by how much I spent on the "business". The more you spend the better business you have of course!

And another thing, I notice the upline bragging about how big their tax returns are! Give me a break! That means they are showing a huge loss doesn't it? I was told that we weren't claiming all that we could for our business because our return was so much smaller than everyone else's. The difference was that we took legal deductions. These people are getting two to three thousand dollar tax refunds! Considering most of them earn 30,000 or less I just find that amazing! You do not get 100% of the money back that you invest in a business!

That means their business losses are huge! How are they eating and making their house payments? I was also told we could write off things like dog food because if you have meetings a your home, the dog guards the home, making it a business expense! You can write off light bulbs because you use them to light the house you have the meetings at! Sorry folks, I just hope none of these poor people get audited! Our upline made it sound like you could get all of your money back at the end of the year! Every other word was it's a tax write-off! My sister-in-law just raided her retirement fund! She says she won't need it anyway! To me, this is very dangerous. I just hope to God she sees the light before it's too late. She has children to take care of and these people are obviously taking advantage of her being a single mother. She of course want's to be able to stay home with her children and sees this as her only chance. But all I can think is she could have invested these thousands of dollars and had a chance of retiring early. Another thing upline discourages is reading newspapers or watching the news. One day when a woman from upline was at my home, another friend who was not in the business was visiting. We were talking about the troops that were sent to Bosnia. This woman from upline didn't have a clue what we were talking about! Helloooo!!! What about all this talk of patriotism? How can you love your country and have absolutely no interest in what's going on in it and around it!

I have not even touched on a lot of other things that are suspicious at best, but this letter is already very long and I'm sure you have heard it all before.

Thank you for giving me a place to vent. I badly needed it!

I am presently investigating the business opportunities with becoming a distributor. I want to learn about the mail order process, motivating people, how to do small business tax forms and maybe save some money by ordering the Amway products. My question is this, can an honest individual make the system work? I've mostly been told the truth by my contacts but kinda backwards. The plan was described poorly and late in the introduction.

The promotional material costs were reveled but not the 10 buyer minimum rule. I was told to buy the more expensive products for the point value even though that goes contrary to what I would rather do. I was told to concentrate on setting up distributors under me rather than sell products. Should I try the game with caution as to expense outlays and see what happens or stay away? Very nice web page by the way.

PS why did you go through the trouble of the page?

We received a presentation last night for a new (?) wrinkle in the Amway game. Supposedly it features a multitude of catalogues from "the Fortune 500 companies" through which you (and everyone you get in your chain) buy every type of item and service known to man, not just Amway products. Is this (I think he called it Internet) a new Amway branch or has it been around for awhile? I was asking for the name of the parent company early on this guy's spiel, and when he finally got around to revealing that it was Amway, I wasn't surprised, having listened to similar evangelical fervor 30 years ago re:Amway. Anyway, I'd be interested in what you know about this mail order section.

I want to thank you for proving to the intelligent, thinking public how ignorant, mean spirited and fraudulent your comments really are,

I have spent several years studying all MLM's and many of the top corporations in America. You sir are a bold face liar and manipulatir of fact , fiction, opinion and heresay.

You obviously have a chip on your shoulder due to the inability of doing something productive with your life. Isn't it amazing that thousands of people will spen hundreds of dollars per week to sit in a stadium, paint their bodies, get drunk and act like fools and we call that a good time. But pu tyourself in a room full of positive people, working to create financial freedom, to learn to be better human beings and it's a cult.

My God, when did hugging someone and laughing and cheering become a cult? You are symptomatic of what is wrong with America and why as a nation our ethics, and values a going down the toilet.

After several years of research I am proud to say that I along with 21/2 million other people own an AMWAY distributorship. With the help of some incredible people we have been able to retire my wife from her job and help others to achieve their goals as well.

People like you come and go. When you do something great your methods will always be challenged. And when you do something good your motives will always be questioned. You sir are a fraud, a liar and mean spirited. I have no doubt to the misery and mediocraty of your life. To you and to those who espouse your pap, Amway will be around long after you and your followers are gone. An organization that has created financial freedom for more people than any other in the world. An organization who just last year gave 37 million dollars to the needy and hungry of this world through Mercy Corp International, who supports Easter Seals, the environment , can NEVER be compared to the dark works you do.

I wish you well , you will need it. By the way, I will await to see if you have the guts to include this in your list of comments.

Gee I wonder why P&G would be going after AMWAY. I am sure it is because they are concerned about the public and not about their bottom line. I am greatful that P&G has my best intrest at heart, and not the fact that AMWAY is going to become the biggest retail outlet in the world in my lifetime. We really need to think and use our grey matter a little more.

I joined up with amway about 3 weeks ago, and signed up on the internet last weekend, talk about bad timing. For ten bucks in monthly internet bill, I could have save 350.00 bucks by not buying into amway, assuming I would have found you site in time.

I have read this entire web sit today and many others and have confirmed my fears. Thank you for putting this page together, I hope it save other potential "distributors" from making the mistake I made 3 weeks ago. I am glad that I found the facts before I got into this any deeper.

I would like to know how they can get away with not calling this thing a pyramid, when no one in my upline was concerned about selling on product to an outside customer, let alone 10.

dear mr scwartz would you work if you didn't breathe? how can you comment at all on something you obviously know nothing at all about? if you work the business it works, plain and simple. just as sure as the simplest of formulas, plug in and it'll work. just like algebra, solve for x- you are not that x, obviously you are more suited for more elementary pursuits such as futile attempts at knocking a proven multi-national, multi-billion dollar industry. if minds like yours are what we have to lead us into the next century, god help us all!


A good friend of mine asked me about amway or the business a year ago I told him I was too busy to fit it in my schedule for the plan showings and confrences. Now a year later somebody comes from point a to see some people in his chain, line, or whatever, and my friend asks me to sit down with this guy. I figured harmless right? Well, I sat down and it seemed okay a lot of hidden information I'm sure. I don't understand other than ordering those amway products , what is it that amway does to help me, you, us or anbody else make money. I teach you or others how to get involved with amway and buy products from yourself????? I asked to see my friends schedule c to see exactly how he or they went from a negative tax return to a positive $1200. I am not so sure I'll get it. As for a comment on true GAAP financial statements, well ibm, p&g, and many others teeter the fine line how is it amway doesn't? please send me some info I don't want to lose my friends even if their in deep. Is it religous or what do they preach actual bilical stuff or songs. I really am concerned. I am going to a meeting in a few days but they are not charging me so I figure I can try to see it and say no politely if it is stupid or brain warping.

Thank you very much for writting the Amway untold story web page. You saved me thousands of dollars, anyone who would take the time to build such an incredible web real must care about the people who got sucked in to "the Business"

I was involed in amway for only 4 weeks and was a little uneasy about the whole thing, but the tapes seem fairly harmless, but expensive. I was slowly getting caught up in the whole deal. I was trying for a slow controlled start in the business, I wanted to learn all I could about the distribution system and how I was going to help my down line people. Next week was going to be my first planned push to set up appointments to sell the plan.

I pulled up the Amway home page, guess what I found? Your web site saved my reputation with my friends and a link from you website saved me 200 of my 300 dollar "invenstment". The article with quotes from the Amway book are increadible. This guy could have made a heck of a lot of many selling his pro-Amway book at the seminars, however he choose to follow his inner feelings and expose these scowdrols. I am sure he did not make as much money on his book as a Pro Amway book.

Your indepth research was fantastic, and I appreciate the effort.

Do you have legal expenses with fighting Amway on this site, or is there nothing they can do if you are telling the truth?

Your material is old and outdated!! The people that read this stuff of yours, are probably just like you,, looking for an excuse to stay broke.

Its sad that that that 80% of the people that get in Amway won"t make it. They are obviosly like you,, unable to find their way home after dark. They also suffer from a common disease called "lazy and stupid"

Oops' just dropped my $10,000.00 dollar cult/scam/pyramid Amway bonus check for February.

[Somebody get the tranqualizer gun and a net…]


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I am glad to have found your site. Information like this provides good ammunition for debating "The Plan" with Amway Distributors. Between the Jehova's and the Amway distributors nowhere is safe from there pursuits. This site is just the information that the public needs to chase them away. I should know as I was an Amway Distributor for about 4 months. If I had seen this site then, I don't think I would have begun down the path of Amway. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't what they said and I did'nt get wealthy or change much about my life. I tried very hard to be the way the "upline" said I should be and was told "I was good at it". Then why did'nt it feel right? Anyway, my suggestion would be to those considering it to read here first. I would also ask if they are o.k. with doing and saying as others tell you, especially when those people are perfect strangers.

I am not currently in amway but I cant find any problem with just alot of people coplaining that they didnt makeany money.The way I see it is it costs little to nothing to do and other than that there is no obligation. I wont hurt anybody to try, dont like it, quit. Thats the bottom line. Whats the problem

I have a friend who is involved with Amway and would love for her to read some of the articles you have here. When they began their amway business they had been taught that it was a Christian business and that God was going to use amway to build His kingdom. God doesn't need anything or anyone to accomplish what He wills. Amway twists the scripture in ways that if a person was not familiar with the teachings of the Bible they very easily could fall prey to what they "preach". One tape that they had passed off to me stated…If you don't desire to make more money and be rich then you are failing God. If this were so then Jesus would not have stressed how difficult it is for the rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven . If a person desires wealth more then anything his mind and fist can become so closed that the truth can not be heard or obtained. I gert angry when I see so many people in the Amway networks claiming to be Christians, when in fact everything they do contridicts scripture. I hope and pray that their eyes will one day be opened. 1 Peter 5:8

I'm glad I did a search and found your page, I've been harassed for the last 2 months and finally "caved ni" and met with "one of the guys". Smooth seller. Basically said think about it, listen to these tapes but don't talk to anyone without first talking to him… blah, blah, blash. When he calls tomorrow, I'm going to tell him goodbye… Thank God he only knows my business number.

Has Amway or the distributors harassed you from this page?



[Sent by the same genius who sent the previous comment. Maybe he thought he spelled it incorrectly the first time.]