Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 23

(1/97 - 2/97)

Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

Dear Mr. Schwartz,

Thanks for investing your time and effort to provide a forum for concerned folks. I need to know one thing: Is it true that DD's have a different price list than everyone else? If so, does this price list offer DD's the products at considerably less than lower ranking distributors pay? This would be a real double "slap in face" to those in the downline who are already putting 25 cents for every dollar spent straight in the DD's pocket.

Thanks for your time and thanks for keeping "respondees" anonymous.

Hey. I wanted to let you know that your page was excellent. My husband and I were approached by a couple at our church and were told they wanted to "hang with us". So, we invited them over and they told us about their great business that they are into now. They let us in on the secret. Well, Amway to my relatives is the sin of all sins. I was very enraged at this couple. My husband on the other hand, had never heard of Scamway, and was interested. We fought for days about it, and I came across your page to help reinforce my ideas to him. I printed out several pages and presented them to him at the dinner table before the couple was to come over to show their "product". He was amazed at how this is like a cult and all the underlying schemes that are involved with this. THANK YOU SO MUCH for having that page. I really found it useful. Keep up the good work!!!!! Oh, we kicked them out of our home, product and all.!!!!


I just wanted to tell you all about a scam that I got involved in. It started when I read an add in the paper advertising for some sharp, qualified people. I thought I met the requirements so I answered the add. The next thing I new I got a phone call and they wanted to set up a meeting with me. After hearing their speal I thought it sounded pretty good so I started working with them. I have been at it for some time now and you know what? I have found out that company actually makes quite a bit of money from what I do but I keep getting paid the same. I've also found out that the people above me make a lot more money than I do and it seems that I will NEVER make as much as they. Every time I get a little more money they get a little more. (Sounds like a pyramid to me) To make the situation worse I have to drive my own transportation to the place we get together and back to my home without compensation. They also tell me that if I want to succeed I need to spend at least 8 hours a day at this. Can you imagine that? I will hardly ever get to see my kids grow up. I also have to update my education frequently (books, seminars etc.) to keep on top of things. The last seminar I attended cost $300 for a one day session. If anybody out there reads this, avoid this scam if at all possible its called a JOB.

We have been approached by a friend of ours numerous times. He doesn't want us to miss out on such a great opportunity he says. He and his wife have been involved in Amway for at least 4 years now and are just as broke as ever. We moved out of the area last year and told them that we would try amway for the products alone. They came to visit us and had almost no money, just an amway start-up kit. Well, we really had no choice at this point but to buy the stupid kit so they would have the money to get home.

After having these people in our house for 3-4 days spouting amway jargon and telling us that they are going to be diamond someday, I was ready to throw them out on their ear.

Anyway, they went home. We used the products in the kit and found them to be no better than store brand merchandise that can be purchased at a far lower price.

We never went to any rallies or meetings and I'm sure I don't want to. We didn't renew our membership. I just wish I could get these people out. They used to be great. Our children are nearly the same age, and I used to enjoy their company. Amway has taken that away.

How can I get them to wake up before they lose everything?

We recently lost my brother in law to amway. He has left his wife and child because they were to "negative" (she wanted to pay the bills and buy food). He now is living with a woman who is also "living the dream". He has lost his family, his friends and from what I hear he will shortly lose his job.

What a great company. If they are so into God and getting ahead what a expense to lose your family your seft-respect and not to mention all your money.

Please don't use my name or id,,,,its not worth the hassle of dealing with him or the amway drones

Hi - Just spent a ton of time perusing your page and ensuing comments. Interesting, to say the least. Looks like you have some kind of axe to grind - or maybe you'll profit someday by writing a book and publishing all this…whatever you want to call it. I'm an Amway distributor at the 2500 PV+ level and have been involved for about a year and a half. I see nothing but good in this venture, both personally and monitarily. I have to work HARD to move forward in this business, but that's how I operate anyway, not just in Amway. I wanted to "diversify" my self-employment income, and have other irons in the fire with real estate investments, etc. I'm just your basic all-around person who doesn't stand a chance of inheriting anyone's fortune, so I'm going to have to depend on myself in that regard. I did not crawl out from under a cabbage leaf, not do I have three eyes and two heads. Most folks consider me to be rather "normal". Although I notice some folks in my line are more religious than I am, I see no difference between that and my neighbor down the road who attends church and church functions regularly. She seems pretty "normal", too. (Personally, I haven't been in a church for about 15 years - I'm afraid the roof might come down!!) Anyway, I don't pay much attention to other people's passions: I've got my own to pursue. I would hope that people who are considering getting involved with an Amway distributorship would look into speaking with someone who does it and LIKES it and can point out the positives, not just the nay-sayers (readily available on this site) who make a career of spewing negatives and street rumors. E-mail me at if you want the insight of someone who is totally satisfied with their decision and not one to cave in to rumor mongers or baseless innuendo. The only thing between you and success with the Amway business is in your mind, afterall…

Thanks, Syd, for the couch time…

I have read the information on your site....

I too have seen and joined, but I do not understand what nit wit suckered you into this. When I was shown the "plan", I was never given any promises. Not on income, or grandness. I understood it would be tough, a lot of effort, and investment. More effort maybe than opening up a storefront. It would also make sense that most of Amway's products are sold to the distributors themselves seeing as that is what the point is. I am not locked into anything, and can say "TAKE A HIKE BUDDY!!" whenever I choose to. Those who are weak and lack self confidence will follow any organization or group as a religion. In order to make anything work for you, you have to work it. Yes I believe some people are fanatical, and yes I let a lot of things in one ear and out the other. Have to, especially in such a sexist business. I have been given the impression that I have to get my man to join because it is "his" responsibility to me and our future. Find that funny? I do. Anyway, just wanted to respond, I do not think it is all that of an evil. By the way, as far as the money for tools go, you notice they encourage the sponsoring of doctors and lawyers, etc. There really no surprises in this. Just your occasional jerk who misinforms people trying to sponsor. They never get anywhere but really annoying.

Feel free to contact me.

I started to read your pages of Amway responses and found them very informative. It's just like I learned, everyone needs someone to blame for their problems. If Amway wasn't there it would be something else. Maybe the space program should be blamed for poking holes in the atmosphere and letting in more ultra- violet light. Of course it's the dairy farmers fault for owning cows that create methane gas and create global warming.

Unfortunately people who fail cannot admit to their own shortcomings. Not all people who get involved with Amway are destined to be successful in the corporation. Nor is everyone a doctor, lawyer, teacher or any other profession. Let's face it how many times have you heard that person is really lucky, he/she is a doctor(or whatever). It's not luck, it's years and years of dedication and practice. Everyone has choices to make in life it's up to the individual to make the correct ones and to take personal responsibility for the wrong ones.

Amway is in itself not a good or a bad thing. It is a franchise type business using network marketing to sell it's products. Every person in the world uses network marketing every day. Have you ever said to someone "what a great movie I saw last night you should see it". That applies to books, music food, stores, and yes even laundry detergent. Goodness no, everyone in the world is guilty of network marketing. Another word for it is "Word of mouth advertising".

The people with the bad attitudes and feelings toward Amway are misinformed about the corporation, including those that have "been involved". "The system" as it is called is a form of education/motivation for those in the business. These books, tapes, and seminars are NOT mandatory but extremely useful. So anyone who claims to have lost any money, just made their own improper financial decisions. No one can "make" you jump off a bridge, nor can they "make" you buy these products.

"All those people are money oriented". Well there's an excuse not to get involved, why would you want to hang around with people who want to make an income for themselves so they can do the things with their lives that they really want to. I for one would rather hang around with the people that sit around on the couch at night drinking beer and complaining about how they have no money to pay for their overextended credit cards. And as far as money oriented is concerned try to go to the grocery store or any other place for that matter and try and buy something without money.

"But it's a pyramid". Yeah, so? First it's technically not a "pyramid" because a pyramid has to have the person on the top always making more money than those below them. In Amway that just doesn't happen. people lower than the one at the "top" can make more money than the person at the top. Second What do you think IBM, McDonalds, Chrysler, and the U.S. Government are? Or did you think Mr. Iaccoca made as much as the guy making the car. And as far as pyramid scams are concerned, how about the Social Security system? All the money you put into S.S. now is being used to pay the pwople on S.S. now. What happens when you get there? Well unless there was another baby boom that I didn't hear about, there won't be enogh people working when I retire to pay S.S. for me. Just for those who don't know and are scared of the word pyramid, an illegal pyramid which Amway is not, is one in which money goes up the pyramid, but value does not go back down (i.e. chain letters).

I know this has been a little long, but I am fed up with the misinformed, the ignorant, and the just plain stupid people in the world who use any excuse to criticize changes. There are enough problems in the world to not have to demean people who are trying to better themselves. Like I said before, Amway is not right for everyone but that does not give them the right to criticize or slander those that attempt to succeed. It's people like that that almost kept you from being able to get a Big Mac almost anywhere in the world. Yes, that's right McDonalds was almost deemed illegal by the court system by one vote. Bet you wouldn't mind owning a McDonalds now though.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am an Amway distributor I have been doing this for three years and have yet to see a profit but I am not discouraged because of the potential of this industry. Not of Amway itself but of the Networking industry as a whole, you don't see too many people putting down Avon or Mary Kay anymore. Coca-Cola and MCI love Amway, and for what it's worth Nutralite (Amway product) is the official vitamin product of the NBA. It must be a dishonest, lousy company if the NBA is affiliated with it.

If this letter get's published great, I hope it opened some eyes. If it doesn't that's too bad there will just be more ignorance in the world. A great book to read if you can find it which has nothing to do with Amway except that it mentions it a couple of time is "Who Stole the American Dream? The Book Your Boss Doesn't Want You To Read" by Burke Hedges. This will give you the truth about network marketing.

Keep up the good work!!

Mr. Schwartz,

I have been in the Amway Corporation for at least a year, I was first shocked at the information that you have put on your webpage, and, I almost got out of the Amway business. I even printed your article and showed it to a friend of mine, who did get out of the business. I regret even to this day showing it to my friend. My heart is sad because of what I have done. But, my wife and I have prayed for such a business to come along. She used to be in Mary Kay, with no success. I work in a very negative environment with no room for advancement unless you know the right people and do some brown nosing. Not my style. I truly believe in the work ethic and anything you do in life and be successful, you have to work hard. In our situation, this means overlooking your negative webpage, because, I will be successful. I am not brainwashed by any means. It did not take a rally, seminar, tape, or book to be who I am. I have always been a positive person. I like hanging around positive people. I am putting my faith in my Lord God that this business will take off. It is his decision whether it succeeds or fails. It is up to him. I like the tapes, books, functions and seminars. People do not have to go broke to do this business. If you follow a budget to do this business, you will not go broke. I truly hope you have a good life and may God bless you.

It is unfortunate that you feel it necessary to place a negative slant on a wonderful business. It is possible that you have nothing better to do? This seems like a sick occupation. I have been a PROUD Amway distributor for some time. I have taken the time to build this business. I have never met a group on people that were more supportive, positive and caring. Our sponsors have become some of out closest friends. We love the products and savings that Amway offers.

You could possibly be responsible for giving someone incorrect information about this business and keeping them in a life like yours. Freedom from the average JOB and income are possible with this business. It is sad that you will never be able to live beyond the screen of your computer.

Hi Sidney,

My wife and I used to be distributors under Paul Miller, a Crown direct distributor (or thereabouts) under Bill Britt. A popular obfuscation was to print business cards with the title Miller International. Good luck in your quest for aliases, but since Amway distributors "own their own businesses" we were often advised to use "Fill in your own last name" Marketing or "Fill in your own last name" & Associates.

Not bitter, just a little wiser,

From the information you provided, your organization seems to fit into as many "Cult" related categories as the Amway organization. What are you trying to prove? We like Amway but it is definately not a cult. If it was people would do what you tell them to.

[I replied to this person and asked them what was this “organization” of mine they were referring to. No response.]

You have put quite a bit of time into this information. I imagine you would tell me that it makes you sleep better at night knowing you have "warned" the public (me). Somehow I think there is much more to it…

You can imagine (I'm sure) the myriad of lawsuits, bad publicity, and "good folks" just like you that have plagued many of businesses throughout the world with their disgruntled package of emisis.

If you got a raw deal somewhere along the lines, chalk it up to education, return the product, and leave the poor store owner alone! Perhaps a similarly worthy cause would be to asses the positive aspects of Amway. I wonder if you could find one?

I questioned if I should become an Amway dist. recently, you have made abundantly clear that I should go for it (and I will)!

As for your input about Amway ref. to God (and His relationship to man), perhaps you should read Gods plan for success. I will be eager to read your abundant words to His discredit as well.

Of course you will shrug this comment off, and count me as another fine specimen of the ignorant public at large, but that's ok, I'll probably survive.

Just wanted to thank you for the information on Amway you have provided. I've been to 2 restaurant meetings, 1 house meeting, 1 open meeting, 1 seminar and 1 rally (last night actually) trying to figure out if this was a scam or not, and had decided to go ahead and sign up tomorrow. I had already tried to see if there was negative information on the net about Amway, but hadn't come up with much until my husband came up with the idea of typing in "anti-Amway." After reading all your information, especially about the cost of the "tools," I realized that was exactly what I was being pressured to do right off the bat. Interestingly enough, I was approached by 2 different people about Amway within a period of two weeks. One was from the "Britt System," and the other was in the "Yager Organization." When I asked the sponsors at each group how they were different from the other one, each sponsor told me the other groups were more into selling the product but THEIR group was focused on building the business and making "real" money for their downlines. They each also subtly disparaged the other group, and when I asked if I could attend a meeting of one of the other groups once I had signed up under another one, it was definitely vetoed. Anyway, thanks again for providing this site. This site alone has probably saved me the cost of Internet services for the next several years!

I've done door-to-door sales and it's not easy, I really figure this is basically the way AMWAY does it , what I mean is that only a few number of people at the top only make money and when I was doing door-to-door only a few people were making money , the rest of us making huge profits for some big guy I've never seen. Amway does work but it's not for everyone, I would never go into myself , I feel bad for all these people who joined and never got anything back or lost money (I broke even) …AMWAY wants to be some legitimate business now and they have taken full color ads in the Report on Business in the Globe and Mail …they claim to be the largest vitamin and mineral supplement manufacturer of the world - yeah right. I've learned my lesson and that's not to go into anything that makes you want to get-rich-quick , cause it's not going to work…it's a slow process and takes skill.

I am so grateful for your home page. You have done a wonderful job compiling and presenting the information on amway in a clear and concise way. Earlier today I was given the "information session" by a co-worker and I was unsure about the whole thing. After reading some of the articles and postings I am going to avoid Amway like the plague. It really is unfortunate, because the co-worker seems like a nice person, but after going the his home and seeing him interact with his family, alot of the images relayed in your page came to mind.

I know you must feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall when you try to explain some of the obvious problems with AMWAY and die-hard Amway people accuse you of being everything from a "wimp" and a "loser" to a non-person but please keep up the good work!!

I wish to remain anonymous because I know that these people are not above using some pretty scary tactics towards anyone they feel is insulting or betraying the all important AMWAY. But I had to add something to your site when I read the response from the woman claiming that 29 people went "DIAMOND" last year ("and that means they are millionaires"). I know someone who is a "DIAMOND" and he had to borrow money to buy a second-hand car; he has had to sell his house and now rents; believe me he is far, far, far from being a millionaire (and yet…to hear him talk you would think he was incredibly rich)…"fake it till you make it" is an art-form in this organization.

Please don't stop warning people about the harm this thing can do. I have seen too many relationships destroyed over it.

Evidently, you are an individual who has been mistreated unfairly by an individual or individuals who were independent distributors for AMWAY. In any business situation there will be those who have bad ethics, and treat people wrongly, but that is no reason to treat all of AMWAY poorly.

I myself am in a magnificent line of sponsorship in the business. It is giving me the freedom to do things that I never thought possible. I have time to stay home with my son, who I never thought I would be able to have, because my husband and I both had to work just to make a living.

My husband is giving up some of his spare time, (He works his own Horticulture business 50 hours a week), to build us a future. Some people are not willing to do that. Some people don't want to change their habits for a period of time, in order to gain back all the time that they want. In that case, the business will not work for them.

We are taught in our line of sponsorship that if you follow the given guidelines, you will succeed. Just like if you go to college and take all the necessary courses, you will receive a degree. But, if you do not take all the necessary courses, you won't receive that degree.

I know there are alot of people who feel ill towards the name AMWAY, but it is not AMWAY that they are upset with. It is an individual, or group of individuals who acted poorly under the label of AMWAY.

since you obviously are a con artist out to lie to anyone that will listen, i will not waste much time with you. The lawsuit that you mention about people being tricked into buying tools, never went to court. Amway chose to settle out of court. The tools are suggested not required.

[I replied to this person and asked him which lawsuit he was referring to, since all the lawsuits I mention on my site have indeed gone to court. As expected, he had no answer, and he was too gutless to admit he’d been mistaken. Typical.]

schwartz…sounds jewish…but you can't be. you sound so jealous or upset that the dutchmen beat you to the punch!

i tried to email you with my original thoughts, to no avail. so here goes after i've had time to think.

i hope all these negative postings will get some people to thinking that there must be more to this company than all this negative info. the prices are not higher, the economy is hidden in the concentration. if you dispute that, try a box of sa8 bioquest for about 3-4 weeks.

or try the glister mouth washwash for about 6 months; you would forget the name of brand x(i've forgotten) the tapes are optional we all know that. dexter & britt paid, to the tune of about $400.000.oo to settle the lawsuit not because they told people tapes were mandatory, but because of the negativity. that is how THEY chose to handle it.(life is 10% WHAT HAPPENS, 90% HOW YOU HANDLE IT, RIGHT?)

100% of the people that decide to win in this business, WIN. if they choose not to handle the obstacles that come up, like you and other DOT (.) PEOPLE, they will quit; the same way they quit singing lessons, college, jobs, businesses. that did not make those institutions BAD, A SCHEME, WRONG VEHICLES… THEY QUIT. and quitters never win at anything. anybody that gets into his business, buys their kit, lays on it, and thinks they're going to hatch 6 directs and go diamond and live happily ever after (stupidly saying "now that's amway") will be found 5,10,15,20 years from now, quitting every good thing they ever start.

tell your friends they can make this business work if they get their fear out of the way. they can make this business work for them if they forget "what will my friends think?" that is a good one, ha! they should be glad they have friends if they're paying your bills at the end of the month! otherwise, FORGET WHAT THEY THINK! WHAT DO YOU THINK?

I agree the opinion that Amway is a cult. May parents were in it on two separate occasions (before and after being born-again Christians).

It was worse the second time around. They had a religous zeal for it once they were born again. Unfortunately, they had more zeal for Amway than they did for their Christianity. It bothered me a great deal. They tried to recruit my husband and myself. They constantly asked me what did I want out of life. When I responed that my deepest desire in life was to be the person God wanted me to be and do His will, they'd say that was not a goal. What did I WANT?!?

Eventually they realized they were being "had" AGAIN and they were going against Christian priciples if they were going to be good "Amwaytions". They quit. They were not quitters.

PS: I got involved with a MLM group called American Communications Network (ANC). They market lond-distance telephone service for LCI. I got out because the mind-control techniques incorporated to recrute went against my Christian principles. The greed factor was unbiblical. I could not remain and member and be the person God wanted me to be. I quit. I am not a quitter.

I wasn't at all surprised that someone put an anti-Amway site on the net. My friend A has been a part of Amway for about a year or so and he is just the Amway man now. He and his girlfriend, C are so gun-ho about the whole thing. Nothing in his house is purchased at a retail store. According to him, those are all negative products. Amway has positive products. He owns Amway hats, shirts, books, and I couldn't even count how many motivational tapes he owns. Where did he get all these items, I'm sure not for free. On his car, he has a license plate border that says, "Driving for Diamonds." I think he's driving nowhere.

I'm really curious on how much he gets in return, because I tell him that he works too hard for something that he's supposed to be doing in his spare time. Almost everyday, he's traveling to B, which is approximately an hour and a half away and not the best of neighborhoods either. He also has Amway group meetings over his house a lot. Whenever I stop by for a visit while there's a meeting going on, I feel like a piece of meat for a bunch of buzzards. They all swarm over to me and try to convince me to join. Sometimes I just have to get nasty with them to get it through their heads.

Well that's just some of the symptoms of the Amwaytitis that ails my closest friend. I saved some of the reports on your web page so I could print them out and give to him, but I thought I should ask your permission first. So let me know if it's okay, and if you have any ideas on how to un-brainwash him, I'd like to know.

Dear Schwartz

I like your site very much. I was a scamway distributor in Brazil. I am goin to hate this company and its sister ProNet (Professional Network). Products prices, seminars lies and fanatics around make me disgusting.

May I contribute with you? Here in Brazil people do not know this octopus.

Dear Sidney,

Please keep up the great work! I haven't visited the AUS homepage for a couple of months. Nice touches. I expecially liked the P& G lawsuit (all of it).

I am glad that P& G is doing what needs to be done. Hopefully they won't settle out of court.

Thanks again for telling the truth. It is amazing how the AMBOTS flame out when they see your info. You must be hitting the nail on the head.

Fan the Flame!

Why will no one send me the details of the compensation plan?

Do you know them Mr. Schartz? If so - PLEASE CLUE ME IN!

Here's a message that I sent to several distributors, but NONE of them could answer my questions? HELP!

Please send me detailed information regarding the Amway compensation plan. I have wanted to become a distributor but have been unable to find anyone who can give me the details of how the back end of the compensation plan works. They have mentioned EMERALD and DIAMOND bonuses, but made it sound like a lot of smoke and mirrors - no hard figures? I understand the concept of network marketing and would like to participate with the 'World Leader', but I must know the specifics of how I will be paid in the long run. The true residiuals are generated by the "breakaway directs" - if I'm not mistaken. I NEED to know the percentages and depth that I will earn on these 'breakaway directs'!

Thank You so much for your help! I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

From the "Say it isn't so" Department:

Diamonds are going the extra mile to combine technology with greed.

Apparently, propecting tapes are now being produced on to CDs. For a low low price of $10 a copy, distributors can do the dirty work for their upline (prospecting) while their diamonds sit on the beaches of the world with newly reaped (or should I say "raped") profits on CD sales. How much does it cost to produce a CD anyways? And whatever happens to the profit on that? And how many prospecting CDs can a newbie distributor lose before maxing out that Amway Gold Card?

Are you people catching on yet?

I just think it's neat that someone spent weeks if not months of their free time to put together this whole site. I guess I just don't understand what part of the system or the corp that got you started on all of this. But, it is good to see you stuck through it all and completed it. You had a dream of putting together this site to inform the world of the corp's situation and you invested the time and you worked harder on this than anything prior in your life. I hope you have a great life ahead of you and that you succeed in everything you do. Keep up the work! I am glad you are spending your life for a greater, more eternal cause than the Amway distributer.

I am glad you brighten the days of hundreds of people around the world and keep their dreams alive with a burning in their hearts to do more and strive for more in life than they would have before reading your site. I'm sure that they visit your site and write to you time and time again. I hope you are happier now than before you read this.

P.S. I'm sorry to say that I will not be visiting you again.

I must say you have compiled a large amount of information. One who was ignorant of the facts might even think it was the truth. But as so many Journalists and Writers of our time have learned to do, you have given an uneven, unbalanced view of Amway, thereby skewing the story to YOUR truth.

I wouldn't have responded to this at all, but I see that you have managed to steal the dreams of many people for who this is there only hope. I am a lawyer (and recent graduate) I have an very large debt. I found that being a lawyer is alot like being a rapist, everybody hates you and you get no satisfaction. It is a stressful, brutal carreer. Funny thing is, when I went to law school, nobody told me that I would have to borrow 6 figures and that 9 months after graduation, I and over 50% of my class would still have no legal job or would have small paying jobs that don't nearly come close to having covered the expenses associated with law school.

Maybe I should sue the law school for convincing me to buy all those books and spend all that money on those classes. Maybe its their fault I had to move my family a far distance from home and uproot my wife from everything she has ever known.

The fact is, its not the law schools fault I don't have the success I expected from Law. The blame is mine. I should have made better grades, I should have spent even more time, I should have given it my best. The people who made the best grades tended to get the better jobs (I wonder if this is a coincidence).

I got so low and depressed that I saw myself trying to find a way to die while getting my family the most out of our life insurance policy. At that time, I saw the Amway business. I saw it as a way to get out of debt. I saw it as a way to get the pressure off. I saw it as a way to save my marriage. I saw it as a way to LIVE again. My hopes were restored. My dreams came flooding back.

I am reclaiming my life back and I'm doing it successfully (with the help of my wife and my successful Upline) What I have discovered is that many people don't succeed. Just like in college and Law school, some people give up too soon, don't do what it takes, and just don't try. That is not the system's fault. Anybody that works the system will succeed, given they give it enough time. And if you build the business right, you'll never spend more than you make.

I found your site disturbing because If I had of read it when I first got started, I'd be DEAD now. And I'd be DEAD because YOU helped suck away my LAST hope. I wonder how many other people have just plain given up because you helped give that last push. You helped push them over the edge.

I hope and pray that you seek out someone who is successful in the business. Someone who didn't quit when things got difficult. Someone who is an overcomer. When you find someone, and it isn't hard, Look at their lifestyle, and see how many other people they have helped out of there difficulties. Then ask yourself, How many people have you helped? How many marriages have you saved? How many lives?

May God bless your life and give you life long friends who are loyal to you and may he show you how to bless other's lives rather than to tear them down.

There has never been a statue erected to a critic, only the Dreamer.

My love and forgiveness to you,

Bravo, Sidney - yours is an excellent website and sorely needed.

My wife and I were actively involved in Amway for about 3 years in the late 80's and despite "busting a gut" achieved no lasting benefit. A couple of points which are particularly relevant here in Australia and maybe elsewhere too:

1. The initial target of going "Direct" produces at best a meagre income, regardless of what is said to induce distributors to push for it. When we eventually found out how little our upline Directs were making, we couldn't believe it. They were really working the business hard for several years and giving it their all, but to no avail - their marriage broke down under the strain and the business went into meltdown.

2. The organisation itself (ie. the order taking/ distribution machine) is very, very badly run. There is an amazingly high level of stock-outs, even for mainstream products and this quickly destroys new distributor motivation, while quality control is lax at best.

I could go on and on, but 'nuff said for now. Thank you Sidney for the hard work you are putting in to tell it like it really is.

It really irks me that Amway salesmen try and "push" thier product on others. Also, this is a get rich quick pyramid scheme which only works for the already established. That is the big Amway lie. The products suck and are way too expensive for the average jou who shops at Wal-Mart. No wonder the people in the organation use all the products, no one else can afford them. Also that is why there are "fat slobs" at the top of the pyramid. they are robbing thier own. I am starting my own business from the groung. I am a doctor and have worked very hard for several years in school to acheive my goals. Get real people. Get rich quick schemes are for the mentally weak. Start your own business. That way you can control every aspect. Don't be an Amslave.

I've been a distributor for 3 years. I got in the first time I saw the plan. To me it's logical as to how it works. Any business requires time, effort, education or training, and definitely money. I'm an executive chef and work a lot of hours and work very hard at what I do. I've been very successful as a chef simply because of the money I spent for education and training, the time and effort of long arduous hours in the kitchens of large hotels and catering companies working and developing my skills. And to stay involved and associated with professional chefs it costs money. Somewhere along the line I paid the price. Now I am presented with this opportunity. I can start at ground zero and work my way up. It's like a ladder to success. It's not easy but also becoming a chef was very difficult. There were times I wanted to quit or change professions. But I stuck with my committment and it paid off. My Amway business is exactly the same way. I was fortunate to make some money my first week in the business with one large retail sale of a catalog item. I was just testing the waters. I asked a co-worker if he wanted to look at a catalog. He ended up buying some merchandise. It was almost effortless. I don't understand why people could ever criticize this business. The Amway Corporation to me is the most brilliant company on this planet. They have created a way for anyone from any walk of life to generate a primary or secondary income. The Corporation itself works very hard to make the business more and more simple to generate income. Think of all the different multi-level marketing companies out there. Who is in second place to Amway? No one. There is no way to gauge it. At one time, Forbe's listed Rich and Jay as number 4 & 5 richest men in America. What other multi level originators were even close. Amway has made it's mark. There will always be critics. There has never been a statue erected of a critic. Rich and Jay will probably become statues somewhere because of the legends they have become and the tremendous contributions they have made to millions of people all over the world. People all over the world have HOPE again. Don't be a HOPE stealer. If you feel you have saved time and money by reading this web site and not becoming a distributor whereas beforehand you were seriously contemplating buying a kit, you may have allowed someone or someone's opinion to steal your dream. I hope you seriously reconsider because someone elses opinion of you or what you do shouldn't shape your reality. Study the real facts from real sources and get real answers.

I found this website to be as misleading as the airing of the "American Journal" show a few years ago. Besides if Amway was really a cult, we would all do what they are telling us to do, and we'd all be filthy rich! If Jim Jones can teach 500 people to drink poison and die, don't you think you can find 6-9 people who want to make more money and become wealthy. What a concept, becoming wealthy. See you on the beaches. Executive Chef in Dallas.

The best thing about an Amway business is: you own your own business. The worst thing about an Amway business is: you own your own business. It is quite obvious from reading this internet page that an Amway business is what the individual owner makes of it. Which is no different than any other "traditional or non traditional" business. Every business will take on the nature and personality of the owner of that business. There are good honest auto repair shops and there are bad ones. There are good doctors and there are bad ones. There are good Amway distributorships and there are (I'm sorry to say) bad ones. This is natural and unfortunately unavoidable. He/she can chose to build the business ethically or unethically. The key word here is CHOICE and that is what this business gives people along with a healthy dose of HOPE. I feel for the people that have told their "Amway horror story" here. I know that if the things that have happened to them, had happened to me that I would probably feel the same way that they do. But, I rejoice in the success that others have extolled here and I am thankful that I was introduced to this business by people of the highest ethical and moral standards. So make of it what you will. Amway has outlasted a tremendous number of nay-sayers in its 37 years, and in spite of them all it is one of the fastest growing businesses in the USA.. I dare you to get the growth figures for each year, plot them out as a growth curve, look at the plot objectively, and ask yourself these Questions

A.) " would I like to have invested in this company 35 years ago?
B) "If I had, would I be wealthy today"?
AND C) "if I had, would I have made the acusations in this page that I have made?


Amway businesses have created more financially solvent/emotionally secure families in the world than any other business. No brag/just fact. But we have also given more people the opportunity to fail by their own innitiative (or lack there of) than any other company. Does the good out weigh the bad? There are as many judges as there are people! Your opinion is by far, your opinion.

In closing: The Amway business is above all, A PEOPLE BUSINESS. And this always has and I believe, always will make it unpredictable. Let's admit it, that's life. There are only three sure things: you will pay taxes, die, & pay more taxes. In my opinion, the Amway business is the most fair business that has yet to be conceived. You get (success) out of it according to what (effort) you put in, because "if it is to be, it is up to me", and I like that better than leaving it up to by BOSS. (Which by the way is S-SOB spelled backward.) Enough said.

Nobody said that this thing was perfect. Nobody said that every product was perfect or very cheap. But this business provides a tool to rise above ones current economic status. The beauty of it is everyone can do it. I get tired of hearing about you disillusioned people who "just couldn't get the business to work for you" who are trying to discourage others by telling of your frightening, horrific encounters with the big, bad soap people. You just did not have the motivation to stick with it. Amway is not perfect but what is? you people need to get a life.

Dear Sidney,

I have already sent you a message regarding my thoughts on Amway but after reading some of the more current letters on your site I felt I had one more thing to add.

An Amway distributor wrote in that 29 people achieved the much sought after position of DIAMOND last year, and in her own words, that means these people are now "millioniares".

In Canada there is a lottery called Lotto 6/49 that has a draw twice a week. The minimum jackpot usually starts at around 2 million dollars and is won by at least one ticket each draw (if the jackpot isn't won it is added to the next draw). I would think, based on Canada's population, that the ratio of ticket buyers for this lottery compared to Amway distributors is fairly close. At least two people win the jackpot in this lottery each week. Therefore in one year 104 people become millionaires within this lottery system. I am not advocating gambling but it does seem to me that a $1.00 ticket gives you better odds of becoming a millionaire than Amway does!! Even if you bought a ticket for each draw you would only be out $104.00 for the year (a lot less than Amway would cost for a year!). I only mention this comparison because another distributor angrily asked you what should he base his dreams on if not Amway…the lottery. My suggestion would be YES. If money is your all consuming goal your odds seem better playing the lottery. At least that way you can keep your self-respect and the respect of your family and friends. I am sure they would much rather have you try your odds at "getting free" that way than constantly harrassing them to look at your "plan".

Now, back to that woman's comment that "everyone knows that Diamonds are millionaires". How does everyone know this? Because they appear to be wealthy? Because they go into excessive detail about their lavish lifestyles? Please remember it is this company that advocates: "FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT". How do they know that these people are not just FAKING it like everyone else? I personally know of a Diamond who seemingly would appear to be a millionaire, too…unless you saw his actual residence…unless you saw the car he really drives. Anyone can look however they wish to appear. You could wear an expensive suit and parade across the stage at a "function" and talk of your fabulous wealthy lifestyle…his nextdoor neighbour would know what his true lifestyle is all about. But these strangers at these "functions" only know what they are seeing (him in an expensive suit) and hearing (constant promises of wealth, and his testimonial that if he is this wealthy you could be too).

I hope anyone thinking of entering Amway really gives all the information they see on your site some serious thought. You have nothing to gain by "talking them out of joining" and yet you have invested a great deal of time trying to inform them of the truth. Their uplines also spend a great deal of time giving them their version of the truth…except they DO stand to gain from talking them into joining. So who is more objective?

I have seen letters from people condemning you for wasting so much time on this site but I for one am very grateful to you for your service here. This "business" has caused so many problems both financially and personally within so many families. How can it be a waste of time to warn whomever you can about this?

Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.


Interesting and thought provinking - some of what you say is true BUT most of what you say is false. I am a successful Amway distributor at the 4000PV level and I can tell you I make a profit. I do subscribe to Standing Tape Order and find it benificial to me and my business. I do read many of the books on the book list - but get them from the library or from my Upline or Crossline who has already read them. I also attend the Major Functions but find your quoted cost VERY high! For example - In Jan I attended Dream Weekend. The tickets for my wife and I were $130.00 our hotel room was $55.00 a night for 2 nights - we had a efficiency so we took our food - the same food we would have consumed at home had we stood home - therefore no additional cost. It took $15.00 in gas to get there and $15.00 in gas to get home - total cost - $270.00 for a MOTIVATIONAL SEMINAR. Last time Tony Robbins was in town - it was $500.00 to attend an 8 hour seminar - don't see you blasting him??

I make enough in my business in 1 month to cover the cost of 2 Major Functions - so at my level - 2 months profit covers my functions (4 per year) True - I am a 4000PV but I was always told my business would not start showing a profit until I reached the 2500PV level - which I accomplished in 8 months.

As for the PV to BV ratio - it depends on what products you purchase. If you purchase the core products from Amway - you can double your PV to BV ratio. As for the cost - you totally miss the point - Amway is a money making business not a money saving business. At my level - I make 21 cents on every dollar I spend - to be honest - unless a store is having a good sale - I can't get it cheaper downtown. Now I will admit that when I started and was only making 3 cents on every dollar spent - I could get most everything cheaper downtown BUT not any longer. As a distrubutor you just must be SMART about your own personal use and consumption - BUY the products which give you the highest PV to BV ratio!!

I must admit that much what you say about the tools is correct - if you allow yourself to be drawn into that without making a business decision. I didn't sign up for SOT until my business bonus was $40.00 per month - about the 300PV level. I didn't sign up for AMVOX until I almost doubled that to about $75.00 per month - about the 600PV level. So if you initially reinvest your profits into your business - a concept which every GOOD business man understands - then you do not run up debts!!

You see - Amway is not a get rich quick program and it is not a cookie cutter program. I will admit that at time the "System" may depict it as such but we are still in business for ourselves so YOU ultimately make the decisions. If you apply SOUND business principles to Amway - it will work for anyone!!

One other thing worth mentioning is that many of the horror stories you depict are more a function of the people in a certain line of sponsorship than of the Amway business concept. Amway is a people business and you have bad examples in our business just like in any other business. More important than "checking out the facts" about Amway before you make a decision - is to "check out" the people you are going into business with. The truth is Amway will work - despite its flaws - but then again every thing has flaws. Just because people get gunned down in a Post Office or a McDonalds doesn't mean you won't use the US Mail or eat at McDonalds ever again.

The truth for YOU is if you spent half as much time invested in you and an Amway business as you have in digging up crud on Amway - and if you used the intelligence it appears you have been gifted with - you could be very successful in the Amway business!!

Just some hopefully honest and objective thoughts from a successful distributor. By the way - thanks because your information was very interesting and thought provoking. Just wanted to share my experience!! Please don't take anything I have said here out of context and twist it either pro or con for your own use. Thanks again!!


pick any other 7 billion dollar company and compare the incomes lawsuits and whatever else you want. Let's see what you come up with then. You seem to think you are so brilliant. Your kind of people just make me sick.

Don't steal other peoples dreams....the only thing required to be in Amway is the initial cost of about $150.00. From their it's up to you. No I haven't made millions, and I like to think I have a brain. Why is it that an immigrant has a greater chance of succeeding in this country than we do? Because they will die for free enterprise. Give it a try, you may just like heping people obtain their dreams and goals. Don't forget this concept did produce Twenty percent of the millionaires in this country.

anyway thanks for your consideration, and like you said everyonme is entitled to their opinoin.

Though I have not bothered to browse this entire site, the theme seems to be quite clear. I would imagine that for someone to have gone to all this trouble to attack any one particular thing, it is quite personal. I am sure you must have good reason to be this angry.

Though you have a right to your opinion I would like to share this one thing with you, I have been an Amway distributor for the last two years and I make a modest but decent income from the business. I also am in a Yager organization, and purchase tapes, books as well as attend seminars and rallies. I tell you this because I want you to know that I am well aware of operating costs of my business and that I also know that the materials I purchase help me teach and develop down line organizations. All businesses have operating costs.

I also use Amway products in my home and love them, in particular the core product line.

I'm just a normal person who is tired of a day to day existance and have decided to due something about it, and the thing I have chosen to do is the Amway business. It's a good deal and it really doesn't matter what you or anyone alse like do or say or write. The reason it has survived the last 38 years and expanded to 75 countries and did almost 7 Billion dollars last year, is because it's a good deal and it's worth doing if you are willing to work.

Mr. Schwartz;

I really feel sorry for you. Hope someday you get a life.

Although it won't matter to a page this slanted against Amway, I would suggest that some more pro-Amway material would be included. If Amway IS so bad, so destructive, how can so many still be involved? How could a few people fool so many....for so long? Try to get the other side of the issue, and update it when you do.

Great Site!!! I've always needed substantial proof that Amway sucks. I was particularly intrigued with your studies on price differences for everyday products like soap and toilet paper.

WHat I really want to see is the article(s) from consumer reports which clearly show the inferiority of the Amway products.

Why don't you move on find something you are capable of doing, you've demonstrated your ability to create a web site. Stop dwelling on the fact that you just didn't want to do the business. What you need to realize that it is very simple math, if only 1% or less of the people in this country make over 250,000 per year, by definition that means that 99 out of 100 people don't have what it takes or just don't want to do it.

I've been reading some of the responses posted at this site and over and over again I've seen myself. My wife and I were direct distributors for nearly 7 years. It's interesting to me that most of the letters in support of Amway are from newer distributors and lower pins.Just wait. Go ahead, go to functions, seminars, opens. Listen to tapes, read the books, build the dream. It's all a waste of time. All you need to do, is sponsor the right people. First they should be successful at something else. They should be a natural go-getter. They should have plenty of money to spend.And they should be the type of people who have lots of friends.They should be great liars. They should be the type of people who would cheat and steal to get what they want. Don't believe me? Well keep at it you'll get there. I've met lots of Diamonds. I've been to their homes. I've hosted them at functions, I've been where you want to be.I can honestly say that they all fit the above qualifications. After being a Direct for 7 years I wound up with about $60,000 less than when I started. I've got about $6500 worth of tools and none of my old friends will speak to me. And the great thing is that none of my former distributors will speak to me either. These are the people whom I drove the miles for, did meetings for,gave tapes and seminar tickets to, took time away from my kids for. You can follow this system as long as you want, it won't help!!! Over the years I had over 400 different people in my downline some of them got in right after me. None of them went direct. Why? I don't know. Statistically speaking I should have been at least an Emerald. Go ahead stay with it. If your persistant enough you'll get where I am too.

Signed, Older , wiser, poorer.