Amway: The Untold Story

Your Comments, Part 15

(8/96 - 9/96)

Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file…I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

[Normally I don’t post responses to these comments, but this one is so full of factual errors that I couldn’t let it go without a response. My comments are in brackets. -- Sidney]

I have to say that I thought you were giving an unbiased opinion of the Amway Corporation, but it seems in reality that you are biased AGAINST Amway. You give glowing reviews on books written by people that can do nothing but assume what Amway is about and you talk down or slander those who have the information and know what Amway is about.

You are attempting to offer a FAQ and I doubt that you even know what Amway is about.

If you look at the article from Consumer Reports, it states that the Amway products are the most expensive on a 'per-ounce' basis. But Amway products are concentrated, which means you use less that the others. If you broke down the cost per use instead of per ounce, you would see the value.

[This is a common response made by Amway distributors to the CR articles, and it only demonstrates the ignorance of those who make it. CR did indeed take the concentration factor into account when appropriate. For example, as I plainly state in my my summary of the CR articles:

“For this test, CU first assigned each product a "usage factor"-- basically an index of the products strength or concentration--and then used that to determine the real cost of using the product to obtain effective results. Despite the protests of Amway distributors who claim that CU ignored the concentration factor of their product in testing, CU did quite the opposite and specifically tested the products for concentration before using them in the actual cleaning tests. Products were then listed in order of increasing real cost. Dish Drops were listed dead last, and again the Amway product was singled out as being a particularly poor value.”]

Also, you did not even state how the Amway product Scrub Brite rated against the others.

[I’m starting to doubt that this guy even read what I wrote. If he did, how did he miss this:

“16 powders, liquids, and gels were tested. Products were grouped into two categories, "Effective and Gentle" and "Effective but Harsh," and within each category ranked by cleaning effectiveness. Scrub Brite was rated last in cleaning effectiveness of the 9 products in the "Effective and Gentle" category. It received a "Very Good" on not being too abrasive, and "Good" on cleaning.”

Gee, sure looks to me like I stated how Scrub Brite rated against the others. Besides that, I give the dates of every article that I summarize, so anyone who wants to can go to their local library and read the entire article…something this genius apparently didn’t think of.]

You couldn't find much to say about SA-8, CR rated it at the bottom end of 'Excellent' but you still tried to destort the facts by stating:

'The SA8 liquid was rated #32 out 35 products tested and #13 out of the 17 liquids tested. At about $.35 per load (dist. cost), it was not the most expensive of the liquids on a cost-per-use basis, but of the 12 liquids that were rated as more effective, 6 were less expensive to use. The SA8 liquid was a full 40% more expensive on a cost-per-use basis than Arm & Hammer Double Power Fresh Free Concentrated, only $.25 per use.'

Above you stated that 6 liquids were less expensive to use but did not tell anyone what these mysterious liquids were. You also failed to note how CR rated Arm & Hammer Double Power Fresh Free Concentrated.

[Apparently the “distortion” he refers to is not listing the 6 liquids that were less expensive. Again, it did no occur to Einstein here to look up the article and read it. If I were trying to hide something, I certainly wouldn’t have listed the publication dates of the articles so that anyone could verify for themselves the accuracy of my information.]

( CR being Consumer Reports )

You noted that ZOOM cost the same per oz. as the Top-rated Lysol Direct; but once again, by listing the cost as per ounce, you are misleading everyone who reads this page.

[Again he seems not have read what I wrote. The summary of this article clearly states the concentration that Zoom was tested at:

CR notes that the product was tested at the recommended 1:1 dilution for "extra tough" cleaning, and that Zoom is "not labeled for full strength cleaning," which I interpret to mean it needs to be diluted.”

Had Zoom been diluted, it would have been cheaper on a per-ounce basis but ineffective.]

You couldn't even find much to say about the Clear Trak and the water treatment system.

[That’s because CR didn’t have much to say about them. CR did point out that the Clear Trak spewed dust particles all over the place:

“On the other hand, three bagless cleaners--the Amway Clear Trak, Sears Kenmore Destiny, and Rainbow--

virtually spewed tiny particles. The Amway and Sears, both uprights, trap dirt by swirling particles inside a plastic container.”

CR had no comments on the Amway water treatment system. The rest of this email is not worth responding to.]

Of course Amway products may be more expensive, even at a cost per use; but the real question is, how good is it. I am NOT going to pinch pennies when it comes to buying a water-treatment system, my family is worth more than that.

You also have listings ( or rantings ) from ex-Amway distributors who looked at the short-term and were misled into believing that everything is mandatory. If I started any business of my own, the IRS does not expect me to make a profit for the first 5 years ( If I don't go under ). And let's not mention other who would write off 3-martini lunches or nights out on the town to sell clients, when all these distributors are writing off are their books and tapes ( much more positive than a three martini hangover ).

Most of these 'Ex-Amway distributors' that you so Highly quote appear to have only been associated with Amway for less that 5 years. Why don't you talk to someone that has been in.

Or better, start looking at some of these MLMs that are really soaking people or are really illegal pyramids.

I have said my peace. I only hope that you look for the truth and reveal it to everyone, Amway is made up of individuals. I cannot speak for any of them, but when I last checked, we were all human and still capable of making mistakes.

I will pray for you to find and report the truth.

Take care.


Sounds like a bunch of losers on here. Blaming others for their stupidity of not being focused & led by the LORD but by people. People will always let you down.

I love Amway, the best business in the world. I know many who are free today because of the business.

Everyone already buys stuff. Why go to any store & make someone else rich. Let's make Americans rich, the everyday hardworker.

We only buy things we already use. Come on, give me a break. Someone says they lost $50,000 on tapes @ $6....!

Thanks for the push you just gave me to go out & spread the Amway .... further. Too bad you must be one of those QUITTERS. (LOSERS)

I suppose you will work your buns off & then di.. meanwhile we get free & live!!!


I have always been 'careful' about anything in life. Although it is true that the success rate at Amway is around 1% (in fact, it is even less than that), a lot of people are making a lot of money and it would, in my opinion, be very foolish to disregard this fact. Whatever it is that Amway offers (be it soap or hope) has made it the 22nd largest corporation in the world. They must be doing something right. Like anything else in life, if you want the results you desire you have to give it an honest shot. What would you say are the chances that your average male could build a body like Arnold's? Probably less than 1%! But if the same average male were to follow Arnold's instructions step by step, spend as much time and be as dedicated ad Arnold himself, would he not stand a better chance of building a more desirable body? My point is, when people see the 1% success rate they immediately conclude that Amway doesn't work. Could it be that people don't work?!

Thanx for all your input.


You seem quick to point out what you see as "ludicrously inaccurate" statements made by Mr. Meurlin. Let me point out some similarly "L.I." statements in your article. You continuously use the quote "pyramid scheme," when in fact "pyramids" have been illegal in the US for many years. You state that the "…most common thread…" you've found in your "research" is "…the extreme political and religious thread that permeates every level and aspect of Amway." Where have you done your research? Yes, it's apparent you've spoken to disgruntled ex-distributors, you've read about the lawsuits, etc. Have you ever read an Amagram magazine? Have you ever seen the ethnic diversity of the successful distributors featured there? Have you spoken with the non-American distributors in over 65 countries and territories around the world?

I don't know what your occupation is, but have you ever started your own business? I mean a real business with a storefront, overhead, employees, taxes, customers, etc.? People moan and groan that they lost $1,000 or $2,000 "in Amway." Too bad. I'd like to see them start a business with $155 (approx the cost of a business kit), that has the potential that an Amway business has. How many people start a conventional business and fail? How many thousands of dollars do they lose? Why don't the ex-distributors suck it up, admit they failed and get on with life instead of trying to blame everyone but themselves for their failure. If they had paid more attention to the tools they feel were forced upon them, perhaps they would have succeeded!

- Successful "Conventional" Computer Store Owner and Amway Distributor

its nice to see that there's still skeptical people around to monitor the money changers at the temple.

keep the faith, do i smell a book in the making here?

I have no problem with Amway per se; in this country anyone is free to do whatever they want. I do think that no one should be afraid of information. If reading something negative about Amway is going to prevent you or anyone else from succeeding in life, then you really are being deluded.

I will make one comment, however: I will never become an Amway distributor because as far as I can tell they are not innovators. They do not create anything new. They do not introduce any new knowledge to the world. They did not invent computers, cars, or VCRs; they just sell them. Personally, selling Amway products sounds like a dreary existence to me. I would rather be painting pictures, writing music, or creating computer programs. And no, I do not want to spend 5-10 years (or more) of my life working my butt off to get the money necessary to do these things. Whatever else they may say, Amway distributors are fundamentally salesmen. If there was no money in it, I doubt that there would be an Amway.

I would rather lose my shirt and contribute something new to the world than sell someone else's ideas. But that's just me. That's the only thing that I don't like about Amway, there, now I've said it.

There is nothing wrong with becoming an Amway distributor; however, it's not my lifestyle. I don't see why you couldn't succeed at Amway, but it doesn't seem like a very interesting thing to do. Sure, people lose money and get screwed. That's life. And people make it big. That's life too. The chances are small that anyone will make money. I do think that people are deluded into believing that they will beat the chances. But people get deluded into things all of their lives. People talk about the myth of job security, the myth of Social Security, the myth of the government. Well Amway is a myth, too. Parts of the myth are true and parts of it arefalse. I think you'll find that you cannot be certain of anything in life except for the few people around you at any one time. (not that you can be too certain about them, either).

A tip: stop getting so pissed off at Amway, or at the people who criticize Amway, or at anybody. It's not heathy. Get on with your life, clear your head and chances are you can succeed in anything.

Good luck to everybody out there.

How do you explain that the Amway business creates the most millionairs than any other business in the world. By the way, how much money does wasting your time maintaining this web site make you?

Many distributors claim this page is filled with misinformation and deception.

That's sheer hypocrisy.

Every time a distributor hands out a prospecting tape or sets up a plan without disclosing that it is really Amway…that is misinformation.

Every time a plan is shown and the name Amway isn't mentioned until the closing moments of the presentation....that is deception.

Their comeback? "If we say Amway upfront, then the prospect will close his/her mind and not listen to the truth about the company. They will rely only on heresay and rumor about Amway."

Attention!! Why do you think there is so much ill feelings about the company. Do you think this is all rumor? None of it founded in truth? Do you think it all stems from the door-to-door tactics we saw over two decades ago, or could it be the current deluge of deceptive and unethical practices we see in the form of tool/seminar sales, bringing the plan into the workplace, alienating family & friends, overstating or guaranteeing future success, over-priced products, non-accountability of the high pin levels by the Amway Corp. and its legal dept.?

Where there is smoke, there is certainly fire.

To every distributor, I sincerely wish each one success in finally reaching "the beaches of the world", but don't sell your souls or sell out your friends, family, co-workers and ethics to get there. You might find it a very lonely place indeed.

I have been in Amway for over a year. I put no effort into it and get nothing out of it. Here is one of many horror stories. We were told by our "upline" that there was to be a "Company" christmas party where out rich "Diamond" uplines would be attending in person as they were throwing the party. It was to be a picnic and the cost was minimal $10. I paid the $10. and arrived at the party, at a public park (no fee to use the pavilion). I was dressed in clown make-up as I had volunteered to paint faces for the kids. I got a seat at the table and set up the paints. The rich arrived in a Masarati convertible toting Santa Claus. We were all afforded the opportunity to shake hands with the wealthy. Well, about 2 hours into this "party" I realized that everyone had packed their own picnic lunch. I assumed for the $10. we would be fed. Well, the bottom line is we paid $10. each to hobnob with the elite as not so much as one beverage was served. I sat and painted faces for two hours and left in disgust. That was my last affiliation with amway. I still bump into my up line and hear how terrific their lives are going and how much money they are now bringing in. Well, none of it is a percentage off me as I shop at Publix or Albertsons. Thanks for letting me vent.

Dear Sidney,

1) You are obviously a loser or a quitter who didn't have what it takes to make it in the business.
2) You are very negative
3) You are stealing people's dreams
4) By reading your web page you have inspired me to try even harder to succeed at this business
5) Fortune 500 companies wouldn't be doing business with amway unless they were a legitimate company
6) You're not making the kind of money I'm going to be making

No, Ireally don't believe these things, I just wanted to list the all too common responses from the pro- amway people. It's amazing how many responses that they have written and even more amazing how many say at least one (usually more) of these six responses. Talk about programmed - most of these people can't even come up with an original idea why they are in the business. I have never been in amway, but I have lost some very dear friends to it. I am an accoutant and upon hearing the plan, I put my own pencil and paper to it and it's obvious that if there are that many people in amway, there are only going to be a small number making any kind of money. Name me any other business in the U.S. that has over 600,000 stores and all the owners are rich. That's about 12,000+ stores in each state. I would like to comment on the typical responses that the amway lovers have posted here.

1) Are they saying that all the people who haver never tried or quit amway sre losers? That would include clergyman, professional athletes, leaders of corporations and people who actually produce the amway products.

2) Thay say you are very negative. I think that you have presented just facts here, backed up by articles in magazines and newspapers. Does that mean encyclopedias and dictionaries are negative or is it negative because they don't agree with it. Does this mean that they are negativeif you don't agree with their view of amway?

3) You are stealing people's dreams. I think you are presenting a different side of amway. It shouldn't threaten them if they have such a strong foundation. If someone doesn't want to be an accountant and lists the downfalls of it, I don't think they are stealing my dreams, just a difference of opinion.

4) By reading your web page, you have inspired me to try even harder to succeed at this business. I don't even know what they mean by this. Instead of hearing a different side of an argument with an open mind, they want to throw away more time and money away to spite you (great logic there).

5) Fortune 500 companies wouldn't be doing business with amway unless it was a legitimate business. Yeah Right !!! Amway is the best marketplace in the world, what company wouldn't want to do business with people who don't buy products anywhere else and are more than happy to pay more for the same product that they could get anywhere else. I would love for amway to push my practice to their distributors.

6) You're not making the kind of money I'm going to be making. This is my favorite, I wish they would listen to how ignorant that sounds. Let me know when your making that kind of money. Let's talk present sense here, not future sense. "I'm going to be making a lot of money, I'm going to have a big house, I'm going to retire next year....". How many people who have written in are making big money?? Nobody wants to hear about how much you are going to be making, what are you making right now is the question.

I really feel sorry for most of the people in amway who honestly believe they are going to make it big and they are just trying to help people. The problem is that as long as there is desperate people or people who are trying to take shortcuts to financial freedom there will always be slime out there to con their money from them. Maybe, if one looked at this business as a way to supplement income and not a retirement plan then they might could earn a extra few dollars. However, I can think of many better ways to earn a little extra money than selling cheap products for a high price.

Well, I think your webpage is fantastic and I will continue to follow it and the lawsuits affecting amway. I appreciate all the time you have spent on your page, and if you can keep just a few gullible people from falling into the amway trap, then you've done a great service.


Congrats on another fine update to your site. I always check it for new stuff and I feel like a kid on Christmas morning again when I see more stuff there. I have a complaint about your site, but it's not an Ambot complaint about the site's existence, it's that it's not updated often enough!

All kidding aside, you are doing a great job compiling this stuff and are performing a public service by putting it up on the Internet for the world to read.

I find it curious that people accuse you of being "angry," "hostile" and "wasting your time" but then rail at you in angry and hostile language that sometimes can't be put in a family newspaper. Is it not funny that so many of these people are so obsessed with how you spend your time? "You must have a lot of time on your hands if you have nothing better to do but put up this @#@$@$#$^& ^%# Web site," an Amway-er will declare to you. I suppose he's upset that you aren't helping him make diamond.

Incidentally, for a group of people who are so into freedom, what business is it of theirs what you or I do with our time? I work long hours, enjoy it for the most part (horror of horrors!) and am not rich, nor do I want to be. My private time is not spent chasing people down so I can lure them to a meeting to hear about an "opportunity" that is designed to make me rich. I can't imagine how anyone can be stampeded into doing something like this to friends and especially relatives. But to the true believer, I suppose those doubts are suppressed by personal mind control and uplines who keep the doubter "in line."

Amway says it provides an opportunity to get out of the employment loop (or graveyard spiral) that can end in layoff at any time, aggravation, frustration, low wages (especially at a time when the rich are getting richer and working the system, tax code and political system to their advantage), and the sense of a life thrown away for nothing. By painting an excessively negative picture of a person's current situation, even if it is secure and well-compensated, they can present a seemingly utopian alternative: Amway!

By the time the new distributor realizes that things are not quite what he or she thinks they are in the system, he's either convinced or committed and afraid to quit. After all, promises of riches are quite compelling compared with the seeming povcerty of life in the work force. The fact that he is falling further and further behind and working harder and harder for little or no return is glossed over with criticism of "losers": people like you and me, Sid, family who oppose Amway, the media that writes articles about Amway and the bottom of the barrel, those who have quit and won't keep quiet about why.

By the time a person realizes that he is not only not free but in fact a slave to the expectations of his uplines (Buy tapes, books, attend meetings!) he may feel that there's no way out. Having "disconnected" from friends and (perhaps) family, and probably too embarrassed to go back and apologize, there's no other option but to stay in and make a go of it.

It's hard to place people, though, because some will sign up, see your site, and either go on a screaming tirade against you and your "negative" attitudes, Sid, and others will thank you for saving their fannies from disaster.

This has been a long comment but there's one last thing. Amway seems to be interested in supporting the party that represents the same businesses that are driving people into financial desperation. Maybe they are doing it because it makes them more attractive the worse the American workplace becomes, especially when OSHA rules and other protections are removed. Then Amway is even more attractive.

Keep up the good work, and give 'em hell!

Schwartz, you are doing a fine job. Let people decide for themselves whether they want to follow this system. They use vague and relative terms, filled with the words "can make." You allow people to see the real story, both good and bad… you allow others the TRUE FREEDOM to DECIDE! Keep up the good


Every Corporation In america has lawsuits against it. But just because Amway is a multi level corporation doesn't mean it is as horrible as everyone might like to think.

Amway Corporation has 100 times more beneficial aspects than it does bad:

1--It is the FORTUNE FIVE-HUNDRED company that has recieved not just one, but two citations from the United Nations for its environmental awareness and efforts to protect. It manufactures the 100% biodgradable AND otherwise environmentally friendly products of any other Company of its stature or even bigger including every line of products that Amway produces.

2--The reason why people don't know all the FACTS about Amway(which you were so concerned with in your web-page) is because the Corporation itself doesn't deal with large scale advertizing. It leaves that part up to the distributor. In which case some of the distributors have the freedom to involve their own distributors in anyway they wish. This is where you get the stories of people getting talked into making huge investments into their business. This the exact opposite of the purpose of the real Amway Distributors Business. When started properly it, requires very little investment at all. Think about it, I'm a college student and I could still afford it. It can be started with literally $2.00 or as much as $150.00, and no matter how much you start it with your business will be at the same level as every other distributor's business who is now above you.

I could go on all night, but as I said before, I'm a student and I need my 'beauty' rest.

If at all possible, please include this letter in your web-page. Then you will be closer to having all the facts.

Just responding to the person who said directs (upline) get a comission for functions and that's why their names are written on backs of cheques. I don't know about their group but in my organization it is the directs who organise and pay for the function with their own money in the first place. As often a few directs will put on a joint function, writing their name on the check is just to ensure the correct person gets repaid. I am also curious as to why people keep saying they lose several thousand dollars and marriages (I wonder how they would survive in a business that DOES require heaps of money and time outlay to get started!)


I was recently approached by a distant neighbor about "the opportunity to become involved with a business he was starting". He was extremely vague for about the first hour of his presentation and had even "drawn circles" before he mentioned the word Amway. My only prior knowledge of Amway up to this point was that they sold a few cleaning supplies and other products through specialized sales people. I had no knowledge of the pyramid like sales structure the company advocated so I feel I was not biased in any way for or against the name Amway.

What did set my alarms off was when the circles appeared. PYRAMID SCHEME immediately flashed through my mind. At this time Amway had not been mentioned and I believed that I was being sold some independent hair-brained investment plan. I was able to find out why Amway is not considered to be an ILLEGAL PYRAMID SCHEME through several online sources. I will list them here for those who might be using this forum to form your own opinion on whether Amway is right for you.

1) You do not pay an exorbitant fee directly to the person who recruits you nor are you charged a fee to recruit others. (The sign-up fee I was quoted was $150 but I never was told what that included or what other "business materials" I would initially be required to purchase. I found out through other sources that product catalogs cost about $35 each and there are several. You must also purchase your own book of diamonds, tapes, and promotional materials.)

2) It is possible that you can receive at least $1 without recruiting anyone. In order to be an illegal pyramid scheme, the recruitment process is mandatory in order for the lowest level to receive any money at all.

Thus I have arrived at the conclusion that Amway is a pyramid scheme to the intent, but not necessarily to the letter, of the law. They have used a few loopholes so that the courts do not declare them to be illegal. The Amway line, which uses flawed logic, is something like this.

Pyramid schemes are illegal. Amway, according to the courts, is not illegal. Therefore Amway is not a pyramid scheme.
This rest of my comments will be for those readers who are trying to find out more about Amway. I am basically not against Amway, only the tactics used by Dexter Yager and to some extent Bill Britt. The following explaination is why Amway is not right for me and why it may not be right for you.

As you may have become aware most of the comments on this site which are pro-Amway are extremely defensive in nature and contain a very similar rhetoric (which I presume is from the tapes). Another similarity of a majority of the pro-Amway comments is the predominance of very poor grammer, misspellings, lack of vocabulary, and the inability to express coherent thought in a concise and effective manner.

An aspect about Amway I found disturbing was the conflicting information as to the amount of effort required. The distributor I met with said he had been selling Amway for about one year and worked only five hours a week. He hoped to become a direct in the next couple of years and a diamond in only a total of five to seven years. (Good Luck!) I think he spends more than five hours a week at Amway, I estimate it to average 15 to 20. The night before we met he had a Amway meeting, at least two hours, probably more. (I had been invited but couldn't make it. Whew!) He met with me for about two hours the first night and about 30 minutes the next when I said I wasn't interested. (It would have been shorter but he wouldn't take NO for an anwser.) He was going to give me more than the allowed 48 hours to make up my mind (I only took 24) because he had an Amway meeting out of town for the whole weekend. (I figure the short amount of time is so you will not be subject to detrimental outside information.) But according to the Amway faithful, if you don't see the money you expected it is because "you don't work hard enough" or "you are a loser who expect something for nothing".

It's not that I expect something for nothing, it's that the return on my five hours a week (if it's only that few, you will never become a direct) is much better at McDonald's making burgers than selling Amway. If I were to put forth all of my effort into Amway and become a direct I would end up with, after a few years, a gross income of about $2200 a month. Subtract the $500 a month expenses for tapes, meetings, etc (a new class-action lawsuit states they must label the materials as non-mandatory but let's see what kind of support you get if you don't buy them) and you will have a whopping annual salary of $20,400 before taxes (regular federal and state income taxes plus a 7.5% self employment tax which to not pay it is tax fraud). There is always the arguement that the expences are tax deductible, but so is any other business and there are several others which offer a much better reward potential than Amway.

My main dislike of Amway and especially the Yager/Britt lines, is that a few thousand convice several million that they can be like them if only they work hard. What they don't tell you is that there are very few seats at the top and that in fact you must create your own seat by creating several thousands of seats below you. The amount of effort required is misrepresented. I estimate it to be 40 - 50 hours per week (a full time job) just to make direct in 3-5 years. But being a direct will probably actually cost you slightly more than you make. Not to mention the negative cash flow in those 3-5 years to become direct. (One statisical study stated 28 years to become direct, 14 years if you grew twice a fast as Amway as a whole does. Thus to make it in 3-5 years requires absolute dedication and commitment. My point is that if you have the potential for that kind of dedication and commitment, there are other opportunities out there that offer much greater reward potential than Amway does.)

Another aspect I dislike is the amount of self consumption. Somewhere between 40 and 80%. The distributor I spoke will said his family spent and average of $400 a month on Amway products and implied that he sold very little or none. Sure shop from your own company is good advice, but Sam Walton did not build his empire by buying 40% of everything Wal-Mart sold for his own family's use.

Amway needs to come clean and admit that what they have is 2.5 million registered customers who convince other people to become registered customers in return for some small refund which they one day hope to be substantial. This would be fine if Amway actually marketed their product instead of their marketing technique. According to Consumer Reports, the Amway product line does not outperform the other commercial products, they are neither extremely worse nor extremely better only about the same. The kicker is that even after the 30% discount off of suggested retail, Amway products are still 2 to 5 five more expensive than the competition. It's no wonder Amway doesn't stress its product line.

So I you want to be a consumer dedicated to one company who buys over priced goods, convinces others to do the same, receives a kick-back for doing so, and will only have a profitable "business" after several years of losing money and working very, very hard; then by all means Amway is the place for you.

I have a neighbor who is a distributor and I reluctantly joined for a few months just to be a "good neighbor". After attending several meetings and listening to some tapes I got a feeling that Amway was too hung up on totally materialistic goals without regards to people's families and friends. As they say, Amway is not for everyone and I guess I am one of the "everyones" it is not for. It seems the majority of people we (my wife and I) saw at the meetings hated their jobs and their lives and couldn't wait to tell their boss to shove it and start new lives. We may be a rare exception, but my wife and I do not fall into that category. We are already living our dream.

We are happily married and have 2 beautiful children. My wife and I both work at jobs that we love, and we live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. We get to spend all of our spare time and weekends enjoying life with our children. We don't have a burning desire to own helicopters and boats and 25 cars, etc. The only things that really matter in life are being able to enjoy your family and your good health. Having lots of money is not necessary to achieve these 2 ideals. Also, how many millionaires do you see in the news everyday who are unhappy with their lives because of all the things missing that money can't buy? Money and possessions do not fix broken relationships with loved ones and friends!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts and to let the Amway people know that it is possible to have a happy fulfilling life without all the things that they claim distributors will get out of the business.

First of all I dare you to add this to Your Comments. I've read many of the responses you've received and there is some common vein of misunderstanding.

"Making money off of other people": If I set you up in business and commit my time to help you go direct (your income $35m - $50m/yr) I'll receive a bonus [not from you, but through a 3rd party clearinghouse] of 4% of your business volume (around $600.00/month) would you have a problem with it? If you say you have a problem with it who are you hurting; yourself or me?

If the concept of Interactive Distribution is not legal, somebody better tell Minolta, MCI, Bose, Bunn, Capezio, Canon, Fuji, Farah, Grolier, GTE, Hobe, Hershey, Kayo, Johnston & Murphy, L.A.Gear, Lipton, Panasonic, Sylvania, RCA, Quaker, Xerox, Whirlpool, Wilson, Voit, Bissell, Botany 500, GE, Goodyear, Hamilton Beach, Pentax, Northwestern Bell, Members Only, Magnavox, Memorex, Shearson Lehman Hutton, Firestone, AT& T, Coca Cola and the hundreds of manufacturers in the pipeline per month trying to get their products passed through quality control for the 100% Satisfaction or your money back guaranty.

What is it we really do here? Buy everything we already buy from our own store, instead of Mart-Mart and get paid for driving that system. Show the idea to people you love, or those you think that are sharp, and share in the bonus. Who do you think pays those bonuses? Amway? Wrong. The manufacturers and suppliers of 15,000 products and services in the system pay for the system because 2.5 million independent contractors handle their product in 70 countries worldwide and they then don't have to piss with jobbers, corporate reps, wholesale warehouses, wholesale reps, retail stores, trucking, buildings, employees, inventory, and equipment which accounts for 80% of the cost of product when you go buy it at the local Mart-Mart anyway. And Mart-Mart doesn't pay you or love on you when you go there either.

So you put 50 people you know on a list. 40 will take some prefacing information about the concept. 30 will actually go through that information and say they'll come and look at it. 20 will actually see the plan. 10 will get in your business. 3 of the 10 will build the business, and the 7 left will quit like you did. Now answer this. When in the next few years these 3 businesses you started and worked with go direct, and your income from your business and that which comes from Amway is in the 6-figure range - would you quit your home-to-work-to-home-to-work-to-home until age 65 job?

It's quite remarkable, 6% of the above population understand and act. And national statistics show that 94% of the population will retire at age 65 from a job, on 60% of the income they can't live off of now. 6% will retire before age 65 financially independent with no debt. 8 out of 10 will own their own business, leaving 2 who are high corporate executives who actually do work for someone. So what kind of odds are you giving yourself if you're doing what 94% of the population is doing? And what are you doing differently in your life that's aiming for the 6% rather than the broke masses?

I'm sorry, but there are human beings within the 250 million Americans who have what it takes to actively pursue the 6% income levels. And they'll read positive thinking books, and listen to tapes from those who've succeeded, and they'll attend seminars and functions to hang with positive people for that knowledge and association.

It's always struck me as funny. You can have 40,000 people at a football game yelling and screaming, painting their faces with their teams colors, and tearing off their shirts for the TV cameras and thats okay. But you get 40,000 people at an Amway function wearing dresses or shirts and ties, learning about success, and pumped up because they have hope for true freedom and their futures - and you call it a cult.

It's a shame that people like you add to the negativity of the world and have created this medium for those who are self-imposed bound to the 94%. A medium to air their failures and legitimize to themselves reasons why they couldn't cut it, and get acceptance from others in the 94%.

Get the facts. See

[One fact you won’t get when you visit this guy’s web site is the fact that he’s an Amway distributor. It's a great example of how far they'll go to hide their real agenda.]

Mr. Schwartz,

I have seen three members of my family change their entire attitude on life since joining Amway over a year ago.

Friends and family members who do not take the time to listen to or show interest in the "plan" are no longer thought of as being important people in the eyes of the Amwayers. This has been the case ever since they joined this organization and it is only getting worse.

I'm turning to you for information on how to get these individuals to see what there are becoming, without making them defensive (which I noticed they get whenever anyone says anything negative about the company or its plan). I'm using information from your home page as reference information for the attack. I'm very uncertain if this will open eyes since as we all know, everyone is jealous of them and out to get them.

Please reply with any comments or suggestions regarding this matter. Any help would be appreciated.


First, I would like to say that my experience with the Amway Corp. has been a wonderful one! Let me ask you something - Have you ever been a distributor? Have you ever gone to a function? Have you ever been involved in the Yager system? You seem to gather a lot of your "facts" from quitters and un-reliable sources. While the incidents you have reported are few and far between, they sometimes occur. The Yager system is a pure system when understood and followed. The cases you report are the result of individuals NOT following a proven system. People are constantly looking for easier, faster paths to success.

The actions by the individuals outlined in these cases are NOT taught by either the Amway Corp. or the Yager system. I believe that any unethical practices by ANY distributor organization should be investigated by the corporation. This, of course, can be prevented if distributor organizations would just follow the system and build the business as it was intended to be built. Sidney, the Amway Corp and Dexter Yager have contributed so much to so many lives around the world. Companies from around the globe are joining in on this amazing business opportunity every month! We are just getting started!

Anytime you would like to talk about what is REALLY happening today in this business, please e-mail me, I would love to chat!

A VERY Happy and Excited Amway Distributor,

Upon my arrival into *, my sister never stopped talking about AMWAY. Her and her new husband were going to open up their own company and do it the AMWAY way. Well they have been doing it for some time now, going all over to recrute new slaves and spread the gospel.

D, my sisters husband, actually came all the way from there to NJ, where I live, to give me the lecture and recrute me. Ya right. After the lecture he asked me if I would like to join and I asked "Do you know what almost put Loyds of LONDON under?" He looked at me and said "Who or what is Loyds of London?" Mind you he and my sister have both graduated college and are attending Graduate school. I couldn't beleive he didn't know who they are. As I explained about how one insurance rep. would walk over to another desk and sell a insurance policy to another, of which he would take a hefty cut of coarse. Then this agent would sell it to another and take a cut. Well after enough times of doing this the policy is not worth the paper it's written on. Loyds of London had been doing this for so long that they were up the creek without the paddle. It was a close call but through HI Finance, they were able to restructure their debts and move on.

I shook my head in amazement when I saw the paragraph that read:

“An earlier consulting job was for Bill Britt, in Durham NC, for you who don't know him, he's a VERY LARGE Amway Distributor. I wrote the SOAR Order/Entry,Inventory Control Package for them, still being used by a lot of Amway Distributors. While working for Bill, we were NOT allowed to become Distributors.....because we 'knew' things that most distributors didn't know....such as MOST of Bills money comes from Tapes and Books, not from Amway! By running it 'like' a religion there was a level of control that ran contrary to my nature. P.S., after working for them for over three and a half years, I saw few if ANY new distributors make it in the business....I personally would never become a distributor, but for those of you that have, good luck, ( let me know when you retire....if I keep saying that one day someone will …yeah, right )

Jack D. Carter Jr.

Only working at IBM, not Representing IBM

I think that when I was down there in NC I did in fact meet this man and went to his house to pick up supplies. It's a nice place but when meeting the people there it just seems like the JONES TOWN MASSACRE syndrom again.

I haven't talked to my sister in about 11/2 years, since I went down there to see her get married, because of this CRAP. Why are smart people so DUMB?

Ok, I'm sorry about writting all this to you but I needed to vent alittle. Here is my real question. How do I help her to see that the light at the end of the tunnel was only the reflection of that which was always behind her. I need to turn her around, before she screws up another marriage. Guess what, they both work for "IBM" ....

Thanks for any help.

Question? I do apologize, for I have not read all of your web page yet, i dont have the time… but have you ever been a distributer? I was also thinking…I understand that Amway has this business plan that they put together and then Distributors use it to build their business…that puts their plan in the hands of anyone who might be a distributor…I think that is risky because people are people and amoung good intentioned people are some sour lemons… a chance they have to take as a company. It appears you seem to be awefully harsh…did your business fail? Just a neutral bystander sharing some possible logic…feedback if you have time…take care.

Thank you very much for all of the hard work you have obviously done to create and maintain such a well presented and valuable site about the AMWAY company. A few years ago my brother thought about joining AMWAY to make some "easy money", and I had the displeasure of sitting through one of the "circle drawing" meetings. My B.S. alarm went off when Mr. Friendly spent 55 minutes convincing me that it was good to be greedy, and 5 minutes telling me what I actually had to do. More recently a former friend of mine decided to drop out of college and become a full-time AMWAY distributor. He was already pretty annoying before, but then he became completely intolerable as he would not shut up about the company and would not listen to anything negative I had to say about it. I'm very glad that I found your page that finally gave me some confirming information about what I suspected all along.

I am an Amway distributor. I am very proud to be one and my family has not suffered because of it. In fact we are much better because of it. I personally feel people have to complain about everyting so let those people do it. All I know is that although we aren't millionaires YET our Amway business has provided me with the opportunity to raise my kids my self instead of shipping them off to someone else.

I have been to the Amway gatherings and I have purchased support material. Both of which I did of my own free will. My upline never said that I had to do any of it. Evidently those people got in busimess with very pushy non-business like people. And I am not referring to Britt or Yager. So, again I say I will regard those people as those who need to blame others for their own failures.

Sincerely-sucessful Amway distributor

Dear Sid, I can't believe that a $7 billion business can generate such bitterness. Perhaps the successful ones are too busy enjoying the benefits of Amway to get involved with this diatribe.

As Rich de Vos said, "Try or Cry". Why do you emphasise the criers??? See de Vos name in Forbes at $4.3billion net worth, built on a soap product and a replicatable plan, and smile! Do it, don't doubt & cry. Quitters NEVER win!

Dear providers of the page I just read

Wondering where youre negative attitude against Amway comes from, I would like to remind you of the perfect results Amway has booked. Since Amway has been active, it has become an important pilar for many people and organisations to stand on. Many people do reach succesfull points and become more succesfull. I'm sure you do not know very much of the multilevel marketing system Amway works with, otherwise you would be bussy with it too. Multilevel marketing systems in general will become more and more important in the world of merchandise and Amway has created a unique system that works profitable for everyone who takes it seriously.

Please remove your negative attituted page from the computer screens, for demotivating people can be of no good. Amway is too positive to be talked about so negative. I'm allways ready to start a electronic discussion, so if you do not agree, please e-mail me; you've got my adress,

Reading trhrough your page, I discovered you don't have any experience with Amway products. What the hell are you talking about then! If you want to compare products, then you should compare their quality too. Only such a camparisement makes sense.


Wow! You certainly have put lots of work into this! I have a story that would keep me up all night here (it concerns a close friend). I'll skip the story, it would take too long. One thing that would be very helpful is a list of Amway distributors, so that people can find what they are getting into, and then see the rest of your site. I did a search for Britt Worldwide and found very little, but one of the links was to the lawsuit, I got lucky clicking on it, I think. Can you tell me for sure if Britt Worldwide is related to Bill Britt? Please, this is very important that I know for sure. Thank you!

I would just like to take a moment and thatnk you for providing this site. I have recently been approched by a distributer who is trying to recrute me. I am amazed at how they can dodge the most pointed legal questions or that they do not know the ansewrs themselves. I am talking simple liability questions. Your site has given me the neassary information to make an informed dession. Th group that is trying to recrute me is Winters/Covington. If you have hard of this group or have any information please let me know.

Again I thank you for providing me with this information and hope to hear from you.

Dear Sidney,

I wish to congratulate you on your excellent web page. Obviously, you're very passionate about your convictions and I admire such a quality. However, I do not agree with your theses or conclusions.

I am an Amway distributor and have been very happy thus far. I do know, and this fact has never been hidden from me, that many of the Amway products do cost more that one can purchase them in retail or wholesale stores. However, if one also considers that way the "Business" (I don't like that term either) works, than one could and should justify paying more as an investment.

I can say that I've seen many lives changed for the better, simply because some people are given hope for a better life. I can say, with absolute certainty, that I've never heard nor been promised anything but rewards based solely upon my own efforts and then, no monetary amount has ever been given.

May I ask you a question? What was your background with Amway? Were you a distributor and felt that you were deceived? Again, I appreciate the stories you've included in your page, but to honest, I think there are far more success stories that those which aren't. I'm a doctor who treats facial, head, neck and TMJ pain. Obviously, I, like my colleagues, have failures and I've even been sued a couple of times. Yet, I have countless success stories but anyone could take my few failures and paint a rather unkind and distorted picture of my practice.

Please understand that I'm not the least bit angry or upset with you or your web site. I will defend your right to freedome of speech and expression. I just think that the entire story isn't being told.

I thing Mr. Schwartz that you should go to an Amway meeting and get the facts rather than publish these statements. I am an Amway Distributor and have researched it quite extensively. I am impressed with the integrity of this company and I assume since we are distributors for products from Coca-Cola, Ford, GM and Chrysler to name just a few, they are impressed with us also. Amway is more than just a rinky dink Soap Company. Press like this is what gives Amway Distributors and the Company a bad name.

Anyone who claims that Amway is akin to a Christian fundamentalist group is ignorant of the facts.

Here's the proof: the fastest-growing group in the Britt organization is a group of Indian-Americans under the leadership of Kanti and Lata Gala. The Galas are Hindu, as are most of their organization. The Britts are real bigots, aren't they?

Guess you'll have to find another "bogey man" to help spread your message of fear.

Well, after some analysis, and me being more pumped up about the idea of going very active as a 5-month 'silent' amway distributor (but I have gone to the lastest functions and I just bought two VHS tapes), I do a search on the net for Amway info and I find some very interesting sights.

What can I say? Some of the old legends seemed to have some bit of truth behind them- although as al 'legends' they had some distortion along with them too. Yesterday, I have designed not to re-new my distriburship and for the time being, not get involved with Amway.

Let me explain, and I would like to mention both the positive side and the "negative side" - or facts that most of Amway people would like to ignore.

On the + side…:

1. Some problems have to do with the network organization you are involved- particularly. Not with others. I had the chance to meet the Crown Embassadors (way up guys) in my organization and they indeed where very outgoing 'nice' people. You really don't get this opportunity- usually- at big corporations.

2. The idea of the business, taking into account some modifications and controls (tuning it up more, check for some potential problems- read below) is a very good idea (in my humble opinion, from what I have seen so far). It is a systems that rewards upline people from helping you out.

If you look at most big companies (and medium-sized ones), in order to go up, someone from the upper level has "to fall" - and this spins out competition between the one already there and the 'up and coming successor'. The Amway idea, on the other hand, does not re-inforce that. If you perform well, you are paid well. It is in the interest of your upline, to help you out.

3. Direct selling- as an idea, yes it makes sense. Money saved at the retail levels can be passed on to you (however, read below, because there are some minuses in the current implementation. The products are not cost-competitive even at cost per use analysis).

4. You do get to do business that involves people- you really share quite a bit of enrichment in the activities you do with other people.

5. Amway does seem to have really cared about the environment, when making a lot of their products. They have an award (being the 2nd company to receive this) from the United Nations regarding this area.

6. You have a home business. That by itself, is a nice concept :-)

I am pretty sure I must be missing some more… but I will outline some of the ones that made me re-think my decision… and why....


… and on the - side.... :

1. I was told that Amway products were the best in quality, performance, and cost per use. I was already skeptic and on my way to do some of my own testing- even after 5 months of going to some meetings where I got convinced that at least quite a good % of the products were good and price competitive (almost convinced).

Well, after a bit of a discussion with one of my fellow distributors, he advised me to not waste my time checking that out so much, and read something like Consumer Reports....

WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! What did CR had to report? Some products are excellent, some are good, some are not that good and ALMOST ALL reported (SA Laundry Concentrated looked good) were very expensive- and I am talking about distributor cost and cost-per-use. WOW! And yes, I am talking about some of those famous 'core-line products'! There were better and less expensive competitors…

With this alone, I can't recommend a friendship that I appreciate to get into a business and change his/her buying patters into something that is more expensive. I love my friends, and I do not plan on losing them.

2. Amway as having uncompromissing ethics (including their founders). Well, after reading some of the legal plaintiffs, the Canadian government fraud (yeah, did you know they pleaded guilty of tax-evasion fraud in Canada? The founders no less!) , etc. I can't help it but realize that the company nor some of its founders have been quite ethical- at least all the time.

I was pictured this wonderful company that was away from these problems… another lie. While other big companies may have quite a bit of questionable cases too, it is not a logical rationale to say that "I am ok, because I have killed twice and my neighbors thrice"- if you understand what I mean.

I hope people would take off their sun-rose colored glasses and could take a look at these FACTS that you can check from court-legal documents and history. It simply, cannot be ignored. We human beings love to ignore what hurts, and embrace what feels good, right? This is why some people say "history repeats itself".

3. Elements of mind control/cult -

I had read a book on cult- mind control groups a mere 4 months ago. I always wondered by some Amway distributor practices, such as not saying "this is Amway" upfront- even when some when asked that question. My sponsor behaved well in this regard though, something I appreciate and value of him. However, he did indulge in some of the things mentioned below.

Basically I see:

a) Money as the new God - greed - if you don't want a very expensive car or house, or yatch, you are not a dreamer, you won't be happy or you etc. etc.

Folks, while it might be true a lot of us do - as they say in the business "shrink our dreams to our income"- I don't think that the key to happines lies in "bigger and better materialistic dreams"- just in fullfilling OUR dreams. And guess what? Not all dreams require all those materialistic things they say will bring us happiness.

I don't speak against those that would truly enjoy say, a Mansion with private golf course, or a Rolls Royce,- but by the same token, don't downplay those that are quite happy with a nice Honda Accord, or Ford Taurus.

b) Manipulation and deception. Yes, there are some (not all) that do 'whatever it takes the end justifies the means' approach when giving people little information and then inviting them to a big meeting. This is partially how some cults operate and it just puts a lot of information on the individual without time for thinking about it.

In other words- a stop-thinking and belief- replacement process. This is not very nice or good. While NOT ALL do this, by the very nature of a lot of the network organizations (those that build the networks and associate with Amway), this seems to be fairly normal to a degree. I think Amway should make strong statements and even validate/monitor some of the teachings of this network- organizations. This sounds reasonable, even more, when taking into account what one of the company founders said in one of his tapes "Directly Speaking".

c) Peer Pressure- if you don't go to X meeting WHICH YOU REALLY SHOULD DO YOUR BEST TO GO TO, then you are going TO ABSOLUTELY MISS an IRREPLECEABLE opportunity at your 'home business' - come on!

d) We Right/They Wrong Syndrome - "THIS IS IT! THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! And guess what? Only a fool woudn't do this! And if you want to go back to your same day 40-70 hr job a week- then you will die in desperation and utter destruction. Don't you have dreams?"

Please! What about those that have dreams and make a business of their own, and pull it off and make it too!!!!! Or is the entrepeneur business opportunity only open for those who sign up with Amway? I think that one should do what one should be good/happy at doing, and if starting X building looks attractive to someone, and is something they want to do, I would say Go For It!

After all- if you want to be Big at Amway, you have to work a lot… oh, hold on, just like the same for other type of entrepeneurial businesses too! Wow, coincidence! NOT! Maybe by that time you get a Diamondship at Amway, you could have gotten "your own Diamondship" on your very own original ideas. After all, these was the frame of mind the Amway founders had to have to start Amway in the first place!

e) Absolute rejection to 'healthy skepticism' or "HAVE FAITH" - why questioning the value of some Amway products against the competition brings so much discomfort among most distributors? Why I get usually the "oh, no, this are the best products, no doubt about it" or "I have used these products for 2,000 years and they are still the best and best value in cost-per-use" - please!

Where is the rationale here? Did it ever occur to some distributors that the competition DOES invest in research and development too? That while Amway pioneered concentration in products, a lot of competitors are doing their products concentrated too?

4. To varying degrees (depending on which network organization you work under), true religion and politics

What happened to the respect for free speech, political views *and* religion? I don't appreciate some interesting links between some Amway actions and political /religious right activities.



The Amway >>>IDEA<<< is a good one with currently some questionable implementation. I wish they put their products at a true competitive price, have more standard-company materials regarding how to talk to new prospects that are ethical (and AUDIT their network organizations for compliance), and cleans up some of what seems to be a bit of questionable reputation in the way they handle some things.

Among all multilevel market organizations, Amway looks good, but again, just because my neighboor is 98% bad, and I am only 75% bad that means I am ok and don't have work to do (this was just an analogy, numbers are just to illustrate a point).

There might come a day were Amway cleans up their act and becomes very attractive, or gets involved in a big scandal that would destroy a lot of it. I hope they clean up their act.... and then I will join....

Until then....



Please, don't put my e-mail address, as I am not interested in clutter mail. You, the

creator of this web site, are invited to send me e-mai lif you want- thank you!

Hey! I just couldn't help but send a message to you. I have been in Amway for the past five months. I find a lot of the things to be very disturbing and from my point of view totally wrong. Mybe these things happen in other organizations but not in the line of sponsership i'm in. I am eighteen years old and thouroughly checked the business out for four months prior to joining. I used financial advisers and also my parents(they insisted) and found nothing at all wrong with the business. I believe that the problem is that it is only $200Can to start a business half of that being products(which by the way my mom will swear by)so anybody can get in. Justlike in any bussiness there are bad eggs. This is a busness and you have to treat it as a business barnone. People whine about not making or even loosing money. I have never had any problems returning materials since the company does provide a 100%Garantee and me, yes me, made back that two hundreddollars in the first month of business. This business has taught me more in the past months about business concepts an people skills than school ever had or ever will.

No Jobber

P.S. By the way my parents decied to get in aswell. Fancy That for a hundred thousand dollar household income.PLLLB!

I too am in the Amway Business because they won't let me out!I tried to transfer ,because my directs were jerks(maybe they should read some of their own books,since they make a profit on them,they probably won't). In Birmingham there are Emerald directs who I am not sure if they even do Direct volume anymore but they portray the life of Millionares.I'll bet none of them make as much as they make out to.

I know why you need motivational tapes and books because after taking the abuse of people around you about Amway you will have low self esteem.But I now have joined a real business that provides real savings to customers instead of a $28 bag of dog food.If Amway is all you've ever done you will never know how easy it is to build extra income with a worthwhile service.One that customers are excited about instead of $15 a box laundry detergent.And whats with the extra %4 on all products? The directs get a free shipment and you have to pay %4 on shipping? Hello..... If you are defending Amway you are brainwashed…I was too!I showed the plan 15 times a month and I got to where I hated it.I hated to call anyone and I hated staying up til 3 A.M. to hang out with successful upline who practiced a little too optimistic attitude about their income seeing how he always drove a used car!Also the successful ones had been in the same place on the pyramid for Years.Do you think they are not following the same " Dexter's success system?"

If your in Amway because you like making money ,Go get a job at Mcdonalds.You will make alot more money per hour involved and not suffer near the side effects.But being brainwashed as you are ,I'm sure you will not listen to someone who has been there and done that!Have fun and GO DIAMOND!(the impossible dream) Florence Dreambuilder

Dear Sidney,

I have just one question for you. Have you ever been in the Amway business? I suspect that if you were you stayed with it for

about two months looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. When you realized that it took some hard work to build the business you quit. Quiters never win, and winners never quit. If Amway is so terrible, then why are so many people building successful businesses, to include myself? If a man doesn't have a dream he won't succeed in anything that he does. Stealing people's dreams is not only wrong but ought to be illegal. This country was founded by a few men with dreams. As a result of their dreams, many people have been able to live extremely happy lives. This system is called Free Enterprise. You are stealing people's dreams, but that's alright because the people that have big, healthy, strong dreams won't let people like you steal them. I just pray that we, the true Americans, can help more people build their dreams then people like you can hurt them by stealing their dreams. I invite you to write me back a reply as soon as you get home from your JOB and stop off at the corner gas station and buy your lottery ticket to support your broke, wellfare mentality.

P.S. I'm glad that there are people like you without dreams in this world. I need someone to wash my car for me!

Well, I have finally slogged through all of the comments here at your web site. One fact that I find very striking is that none of the pro-Amway commenters will say how much money they're making! Forget about _net_ profit, they won't even tell you their gross income from the business! Oh wait -- I think I remember one guy saying that he made $2000 a month. He seemed very proud of that figure. Try raising a family on 24K a year, let alone lying around on "the beaches of the world". Big deal. An old college friend of mine tried to solicit me a few months ago, and when I asked him what his net profit was, he told me "I don't know because I put all my profits back into the business". Well, sorry, old friend, but I've got news for you: your net profit is ZERO!

Come on, Ambots, 'fess up! How the hell much are you _really_ making?


Tell me…Do you work for Proctor an Gamble, or the recording industry?

If you did this out of the goodness of your heart, you obviously have a lot of time on your hands…Get a life.

Thank you, thank you for your Amway site. You have provided me with hours of interesting reading. I didn't know much about Amway besides it was some sort of scam, pyramid-scheme, before visiting your site. In fact, I found your site by doing an Alta Vista search: +amway +scam! I am totally enlightened now. I was never considering joining or anything like that, but I do consider myself a "student of scams" if you will, and confidence games of all sorts are of particular interest to me.

Your site is great. Keep up the good work. My heart goes out to all those who have been brutalized (financially and spiritually) by Amway. If I ever know of someone considering Amway, I will direct them in a "New York Minute" to your site.

You must not have a life if you have a page that steals peoples dreams. You are obviously part of the uninformed ignorant. Go affect people in a positive manner. Do you realize people said these same things about McDonald's; but I'm sure you go there at least every month.

Help people by giving them an opportunity to grow.

Hi. Thanks for maintaining this page. Although an educated professional, etc. with an independent career already, I became interested in Amway (not the soap products but the national brands distribution) by meeting a cool "Emerald" on an airplane. It was a vulnerable moment in my life as I was returning from my brother's funeral. Resources were an issue in his death.

I liked the guy I met quite a bit and wished I could be as good a salesperson as he. A woman from his organization later came to visit me (3 hour drive each way for her from Seattle during a visit from Chicago to her teenage children who live in Seattle) to explain the system.

I was this very day, today July 1, on the brink of spending some of my hard-earned cash to fly to KC to an 8K person meeting of the Childers et al organization. I happened to mention this to my herbal store provider & friend during an errand to stock up on shampoo for the trip. She shared some experience with a multi-level water-filter organization, sought the corroborative advice of another customer in the store who was experienced with such groups, and then suggested I browse Internet.

I was to pay for my plane ticket by 11pm tonight, but I'm not going to go! Thanks for the many many tips and many quotes already reminiscent of my new experience. I am not interested in a quasi-christian cult, and am not the kind of person to listen to lots of motivational tapes; and the idea that it takes a lot of time which would take me away from intrinsically gratifying professional work is a total turn-off. I will still leave the door open for my contacts but it is unlikely at this point I would participate.


I live in Fort Dodge, IA and have been affiliated as a distributor under the WWDB. I have been an inactive distributor for about 2 years now. I would like to know if you have any information on a lagitamate line of distributors in my area that does not believe in the tape of the week prgrams and all the meetings and agendas and so forth. I liked the proffessionalism of the organization I was under, but the preassure to subscribe to all the tapes, books, meetings, etc. got to be so stressful and cult like, that I couldn't handle the preassure. I would like to know if there are good uplines out there that are honest, and that can help me to build a strong business, without all the "HYPE" promissis of trips, vactions, boats, cars, "dreams". I have my own dreams, and right now it isn't any of those things. I don't want to here about how well someone else "in the business" is doing, I just want to be able to build the business at my own pace without all the preasure. If you can be of any help I would greatly appreciate it.


I would think with this great web site and all the contacts you have made through it, you yourself would be a crown ambassador by now, if not and you are still in the business, keep up the work and the work on this site. I find it refreshing and vary unbiased dispite the title. Lots of good info…

Keep it up, and please let me know about the information if you have any. Like I said, maybe you are an active distributor trying to lagitamise this great business, if so let me know, I would be stronly interested in becomeing a member under your organiztion, sounds like to me you would keep it clean and uncorupt. Someone "Jay VanAndle" and "Rich DeVos" themselves would be proud of!!!


How are you? I was invited by a friend of a friend to discuss a great "opportunity" today. Needless to say, it was Amway, only I only heard that name near the end of the meeting. It is SCARY the way her spiel fit what I read here. She talked about her husband's terrible decision to buy land a few years ago, and how it almost brankrupted them. But she got involved in this business opportunity and now she's ready to retire from her bank job within a few years. Actually, it started with a guy at work telling me about these "business meetings" at a downtown hotel every week. He introduced me to her, and we agreed to meet. So we met at a restaurant not far from my home. After only an hour or so, I was looking at a totally different viewpoint on life, on how I could get the material things I want, and how she applauded those desires. Momentarily forgetting that I am not too materialistic, and not interested in business, I was suddenly looking at the chance to "make $2000 a month by November or December." What crap…

My parents thought badly of it (I am 25 but still like to consult with them about such things), but knowing their conservative approach to everything from dress to buying a car, I didn't take much notice of their disapproval. But when twenty people were mentioning "cult" or "cultism" and "amway" in the same breath, I took notice!

Thanks for helping show me the way out of a possible downfall… BTW, Sidney Schwartz sounds like a Jewish name. If you are, L'shanah Tovah!

As for my personal experiances with AMway, you page is 100% accurate- After reading some of the negative feedback to your page, one must wonder where are the facts to support ther "support" for AMway.

I do agree ther is nothing wrong in wanting to better yourself and your family, and this is america where anything can happen. I know I can sell dirt on the corner and make a million dollars doing it, if I really put my heart and soul into it.

My big problem with AMway is the way they (there people) go about there business- Dont tell me the way I am running my life, my money and my family is wrong- Dont bother me with you persistant phone calls, and dropping off of tapes and books- I tell these people I dont want to here or read them, yet they come.

If I dont want to buy somthingfrom a business, I simply do not patronize it- when that business comes to me, I have a problem with that.

Thanks for a great page-

P.S. All the pro AMwayer's I would love to see your facts, and the sources they come from, I challenge you to post!!!

Dear Sidney:

I have visited your web page on Amway in some detail and find myself absolutely disgusted. I do not know where your motivation comes from, but to put so much energy into negative effort seems wasteful to me. Your comments and biased data about the Amway business opportunity are unfair. The attitudes I see represented here are in part ruining America, the greatest free country in the world. I don't know where you live, but perhaps you have noticed, at least it's true in Florida, almost all of the small businesses, and a large majority of wealthy individuals are foreign. Why do you think that is? Because so many of us have negative, angry, jealous, attitudes about life and where we can be in this country. Most of it is simply not true. This country is truly the land of opportunity for those willing to learn, grow and strive for success. The Amway opportunity is nothing more than a typical opportunity in this country.

Everyone in the Amway business starts with the same materials, information, and legal disclosures. Thousands of people have developed highly profitable businesses. Some after many years of hard work simply earn $2-3K per month, but that's enough to have Mom at home, or Dad not working 2-3 jobs. Many people quit before they listen or read even 1 of those "coercively sold" tools you mentioned. The business is not a pyramid and the products sold are sold at fair prices. There are items, and I'm sure you have found them, that are extremely high priced. However, there are thousands of items that are far less costly than if they were purchased at discount stores. I know, I've bought them. Amway distributors are expected to act as business owners just like any others, and choose to distribute/purchase what makes sense to them.

It's simply a matter of attitude. The so called high-priced tools are a bargain in the world or motivational products and success training. Distributors typically spend about $50/month on motivational tapes. The motivational tools, including tapes, have the same information on them as any other motivational tools. It sounds to me like you have probably not spend much time learning success techniques. They are all the same. Og Mandino, Tony Robinson, John McCormack, Les Brown, Dale Carnegie, all say the same things. Positive attitudes, goal setting, caring for others, believing in yourself etc. are great principles which our forefathers understood. Even if a distributor spends $2,000 and ends up earning nothing, in my opinion, if has failed sincerely and with effort he his far better off. And far more likely to succeed at something else.

Imagine if Nelson Rockefeller, Joe Kennedy, John McCormack, Bill Gates, Stephen Jobs, Henry Ford etc. had a negative non-believing attitude. They have each created great wealth from absolutely nothing. Every new Amway distributor has the same opportunity afforded to them. All they need to do is stay away from the attitudes that you and your web page represent and they too can succeed.

Just ask the 52 brand new Diamond Distributors last year. Today they each are wealthy, positive thinking individuals that have gotten there simply by first helping a lot of people reach their own level of financial success. Just ask Jack Daugherty a 60 hour a week, homeless, alcoholic potato farmer who was given the Amway opportunity. Today he lives a live of financial and emotional success that is uncommon. Ask Bubba Pratt, a broke car salesman with 5 children what he thinks of the opportunity. They all started with the same information and the same "coercion" you speak of.

What's happened to the American entrepreneurial spirit? It's the attitudes that you so diligently collect and display on your web page that dampen that spirit.

Perhaps you should put your energy into growing and succeeding yourself. Nobody needs protection from hoping, growing and yearning for success.

Your page was well done and I do not mean to be rude. I'm just offended by the attitudes.

Dear Sidney,

I have read many of the articles for and against the Amway Opportunity. Before I introduce some facts about the business, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a Business and Computer Science major from a private college, an Army Reserve Officer, and a full-time Software Engineer with a consulting company to the federal government. I'm also an Amway Distributor and have been for about 4 years. It is not my intent to defend the Amway Opportunity; nevertheless, after revealing some facts about the business, hopefully, you will be able to see how ridiculous it would be to even attempt to put the Amway Opportunity on the defensive.

Fact: Each distributorship is an independent business and must operate within the guidelines of the Amway Business Reference Manual or the distributor could be dropped from the Amway Business. (Similar to how franchise agreements are set up) It's recommended that each distributorship get their own tax id number and file taxes as a business owner or partnership, whatever the case may be. In any case, they should seek professional tax advice.

Capitalism is a wonderful thing! Anyone can start up a business in this wonderful country. The freedoms we possess are incredible. However, the two biggest reasons businesses fail are because of a lack of capital (money), and a lack of knowledge. The Amway Corporation is the financial backing we need as independent distributors, and the support system (tapes, books, and seminars) are our knowledge base. People come into this business at different levels of knowledge. Some are good managers, some are good business people, some are good at marketing, some are good with people skills, and others come in with no skills at all. The support system is good for bringing everyone up to the level of knowledge that they need to be productive in their own personal business. The support system is also optional.

Fact: The Amway Corporation was started in 1959 and is a business operated in about 70 countries and territories around the world, and listed revenues for fiscal year 1995 at $6.3 Billion. Amway Corporation is recognized around the world as a leader in environmentally safe products. In the U.S., the main office (which is about a mile long of buildings) is located in Ada, Michigan. Amway is a supplier/broker of products and services which distributors may buy for personal consumption, resale to downline distributors (wholesale sales), or resale to customers (retail sales). Other companies that have products and services distributed through the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan include: Adidas, Arrow, AT& T, Avia, Bell South, Betty Crocker, Black & Decker, Botany 500, Cannon, Clairol, Coca-Cola, Corning, Del Monte, Disney, Dockers, Firestone, GE, Goodyear, Izod, Jockey, Keebler, Kellogg's, Kenwood, M& M's, MCI, etc., etc., etc. Over 1,000 companies now and growing. More than 60 companies per day approach the Amway Corporation trying to market their products and services through the Amway Opportunity.

Amway Corporation is a supplier. They do not coach, teach, or train distributors on anything that is not product or service related. It saddens me to see all the responses from people who have had a bad experience with some jerk that got in the business and then blame Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is about products and services, not trying to get people to "sign up."

All of the above companies mentioned have done their homework. They've researched the marketing plan and scrutinized the Amway Corporation. It amazes me how any one person could even attempt to say that this business doesn't work. I doubt very seriously that all of these and other companies have aligned themselves with a loser. Not very logical.

Fact: The Amway Corporation offers a 100% money-back guarantee on almost everything they market (including startup kits).

I remember a couple of years ago ordering a cordless phone (it was one of the Bell brands) from Amway. When I received the phone, I could not get it to work. So I called their 1-800 troubleshooting phone number. The technician walked me through a few simple steps to try to find out what was wrong. He concluded almost immediately that the phone had a short in it. At this point, most companies would tell you to pack it up and send it back and at THEIR discretion, they would either repair, replace, or reimburse; but in the meantime you'd be without a phone. This technician told me not to worry that he would have another phone immediately shipped to me, and I should get it within a couple of days. I asked him what about the other phone, and he said that he'd get UPS to pick it up in a couple of weeks. I received the new phone within 3 days. Amway is famous for its exceptional customer service as a company, and I am so proud to be associated with a company that is so true to the customer. They have always bent over backwards to make sure we are 100% satisfied with all aspects of our dealings with them.

Fact: The Amway Opportunity was declared a legal and ethical business by the Federal Trade Commission in 1979, and is now the benchmark for all other networking opportunities.

To say that the Amway Opportunity is a pyramid scheme or insinuate that the business is illegal could be considered slanderous. Obviously, there are some people who do not fully understand the business plan. It is the fairest opportunity I have ever seen. Those who do the work are rewarded. What a novel concept! I have seen some responses from others that say that those at the top make all the money. Again, they obviously don't understand the plan. I can and do make more money than my sponsor. Even in my presentation to others, I show how they can make much more money than me.

Fact: Amway Corporation does have pending litigation.

There are very few companies (the size of Amway or bigger) in the U.S. that have not been sued for something. Remember that pending litigation does not mean guilty or "in trouble." Companies are innocent until proven guilty also. Please note that most of the litigation that you have publicized are towards independent Amway Distributors, not Amway Corporation.

Fact: Some people have had negative experiences with Amway Distributors.

I would like to say that I am truly sorry that you had a negative experience. We would never call you a loser or failure. There are many money making opportunities out there. Keep looking for your niche and edge to get ahead. However, if would still be interested in the Amway Business if you were surrounded by professionals, and not knucleheads, I'd encourage you to call the Amway Corporation and ask for a Direct Distributor that lives near you.

Fact: There are over 2.5 Million Amway Distributors around the world. Less than 1% of the population of the U.S. are Amway Distributors.

It would be somewhat ludicrous to think that this business would saturate all markets of the world in our lifetime. Amway Corporation has been around since 1959. In 37 years, there are less than 1% of the U.S. population involved. Even if we double in 18 years, we would still only be 2% of the U.S. and about 5 million around the world. Every 45 minutes someone dies; every 45 seconds someone is born. Possible to saturate, yes; probable, very remote.

Fact: There are many Diamond Distributor organizations within the Amway Business. Diamonds may do business as their upline diamonds do, or they may deviate and focus on other aspects or possibilities.

Some organizations focus strictly on customer sales. That is, they retail. Others take a major item, such as a vacuum cleaner, Coca-Cola Breakmate, etc., and market them as a full time job. Still others focus on sponsoring new people and retailing to at least 10 customers. So it is somewhat difficult to understand the complaint that someone may have if they blame Amway Corporation for some negative experience. They need to focus on the individual business that they have a problem with. No two businesses are alike. Our upline Double Diamonds are Hal and Susan Gooch. I have never met people with so much integrity. My wife and I love them very much !!

Fact: Amway Corporation observes a strong code of ethics. #5 from the Business Reference Manual states that as an Amway Distributor, "I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity, frankness, and responsibility because I recognize that my actions as an Amway Distributor have far-reaching effects, not only on my own business, but on that of other Amway distributors as well."

Most distributors who are really involved in their business will do business in a very professional manner in all aspects. In my own personal experiences with "Showing the Plan," I have attempted to mend the sores of some who had a negative experience prior. That has been a very small number of people. We even have to recant bad experiences from other networking opportunities as well. After talking with people, we do our best to leave people with a much better feeling of themselves, us, and the business opportunity.

Today, some people make rash, whimsical, on-the-fly decisions without getting all of the facts. Then, when the whole picture comes together, they want out. We always encourage people to ask the right questions of credible sources up front. Ask the Federal Trade Commission, the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs in their state, do a Dun & Bradstreet Report on Amway Corporation, call some of the major companies that Amway brokers for, such as Coca-Cola, Kellogg's, Ford, Chrysler, GM, Seiko, etc. Ask about minimum requirements. Find out what actions are recommended and what value added they will bring to your business. Remember, not only is your time important, but also our time is important.

Like people, businesses are not perfect. When people get started in this business, they will not like everything about it. Most people don't like everything about their job, but they do it anyway. There is absolutely no difference, so why do we focus on these types of issues?

This is just a mere sample of what I hear out in "the field" as I build my business. I would like to conclude by saying that this business opportunity is simple, but not easy. It takes work and time. I am totally content with the results that I have gained to this point, and I would encourage others to take an objective look at what I consider to be the business of the future. God Bless You !!

Feel free to post my name and E-Mail address . . . .

-- Tony

Hi Sidney,

First, Kudos for an awesome job done. May God bless u.

Bill Britt is the Hitler of Amway out to destroy sanity,values,families etc. The minds of Britt slaves have totally been destroyed and it is futile even to discuss about them. This Satan has nurtured an organization of moronic zombies and the Amway Corporation is hand in glove with him.

He is a perverted Christian fanatic and uses all fora for spreading his depraved ideas. No receipts are ever issued for tapes,functions and books. This huge unaccounted money fuels his immoral organization further.

Count me in on any lawsuit against this Britt cult.

He is the scourge of the free enterprise system and needs to be weeded out post-haste.

Amway is anything but the American way !

I heard the PLAN a couple of weeks ago. I was almost snowed. They make it sound so great. Good thing I listened to those tapes. When you listen to the diamonds talk about how much work it was and how many years of their life they sacrificed, and how much money they spent, and how horrible it was at the time, then I said NOT FOR ME. Are you a previous Amway distributor? Are you doing any other network marketing programs?

To Everyone Skeptical About Amway:

I understand the questions that this web page may raise in your mind about Amway, but the fact is: Having a job is not going to allow you to reach you dreams. Because of this, I'm sad to say, the majority of people lose hope and decrease the size of their dreams to match their income. I've seen it happen so many times during my lifetime, and I'm only a nineteen year old college student (Virginia Tech) Amway is just an alternate vehicle, just like having a job is a vehicle, to acheive your dreams. Amway, however, gives you a much better chance of doing that. But it's not for everybody. It's sad though, that a lot of people won't even check it out because they hear the work "Amway" and they think of people going around from house- to-house selling their products when that's not at all how it works. Things change. For example, many years ago, when you would buy a product that said "Made In Japan" you would think it was junk, but now Japan has 'changed' and is a very recognizable product-producer. THINGS CHANGE!!!

The Amway vehicle has made hundreds of people financially independent, but that's not its main purpose. It's purpose is, simply put, to make people happy. How does this occur? Simple:

Why do people work? . . . Because they love their job? Nooo!! People work because they have bills to pay (which can be very stressful). But if you make enough money ("Amway dollars") to pay your bills, plus have a lot more time (and NO JOB) to really enjoy life, how would that feel? Not stressful. But not only will you have a lot of money, you'll also have the time to spend it. A doctor makes a lot of money, but you'll never be able to find one who has an unlimited amount of time to spend it. NEVER!! So for all those people who think Amway is a way to use and abuse your fellow man, you're wrong. Amway is a PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE business. The friendships you make in this business are true friendships.

I also must mention that there are some crooked people out there in Amway that conduct their business unfairly and I apologize for that because, not only does it supply the people like the host of this website with such negative attitudes toward Amway, but it also gives the businesses of those honest distrubitors a bad name. Because of these, I don't fault the host or anybody else that feels negative toward Amway. I would like to ask them to at least check it out for themselves (not necessarily to join) so they can make an INTELLIGENT decision OWN THEIR OWN (for a change) about the business.

However, no true distributor is going to beg you to be a part of their team. After all, the world needs broke people, and if you are still working for someone else, then you WILL be one.

If you don't think so, let me throw this quick test on you: 1) Find someone who has the same occupation/job that you do that has been working longer than you have at that job (say 10 or more years) If possible find someone who is about to retire (or already has) from that job.

2) Ask yourself, is that person where I want to be when I reach that point in my life

- If your answer is "YES" then Amway is NOT for you and not one TRUE Amway distributor will want you to be a part of their team EVER!!!!!

- If your answer is "NO" then Amway MAY be for you. A job is definately not for you and something needs to change or you WILL end up broke when you retire on 1/3 of what you can barely live off of now.

In closing let me ask you this: Are you in life where you want to be? If not, my friend, something has to change or you will become part of the 98% of Americans that are either dead or broke by the time you retire. A FACT. (Look it up if you want)

P.S. to the host of this web site: Are you retired or do you have a JOB? If so, are all of your bills PAID? Can you travel the world? Can you go anywhere you want to WHENEVER you want to? Do you enjoy seeing your boss more than your spouse? Inquiring Minds Want To Know!!! PLEASE POST THE ANSWERS TO THESE SIMPLE QUESTIONS ON YOUR WEBSITE FOR ALL OF YOUR LOYAL VIEWERS TO SEE. Thank you.

Words of Advice for ANYONE:


Thanks for listening (no hard feelings),

My wife and I recently joined the Amway Business (last week). We originally thought of it as a great opportunity as a part time job. After reading your information, I can see the definate similarities on how the business organization is actually run. I have listened to about 20 tapes (which I did not purchase - Thank God !!!).

I have major reservations about the program now. I will stay in for a year, as I have already paid my $144.00, but I will not purchase any tapes or attend any seminars. I AM RELUCTANT TO EVEN SHOW THE PLAN !!!

Nice job on your Web Site… Good factual information. I was an Amway distributer at four different times in my life. I never lost money, and the reason I did not remain active was always time.. I don't have spare time. I like the products, and I made a little pocket money over the years. As far as the "materials" go… if it didn't say AUTHORIZED AMWAY PRODUCT (form or whatever) I DIDN"T BUY IT !!!!! Anyone that goes into a buisness that they plan to make enough money to retire on, and DOESN"T READ THE FINE PRINT, or LISTENS TO WHATEVER SOMEONE IS TELLING/SELLEING without asking questions… IS AN IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who is not tracking their expenses (like the guy that made 14,000 and ended up 480 in the whole)… IS AN IDIOT !!!! Sure.. you can WISELY INVEST, but the keyword is WISELY!!! I had an upline tell me that I needed to show the plan in a suit and tie… I was in Hawaii (he was in the mid-west). He also told me that I could not smoke, not even my pipe… I IMMEDIATLY REPORTED HIM TO THE CORPORATION!!!! They hooked me up WITH A NEW DISTRIBUTER !!!! I'm sorry, but if people are going to file suit against Amway (or anyone else for that matter) for being good SALES PEOPLE… I think EVERY used car lot, telemarketer and infomercial should be sued!!! The bottom line.. READ ALL MATERIAL, LISTEN, COMPARE, ASK QUESTIONS!!!! Take charge of your own life and buisness… Amway is a good company, but it's not IDIOT proof.

To all you amway dist. out there....

READ THE FINE PRINT..I think you'll find that after you achieve the different levels you are not runing your own buisness,you do not own it AMWAY owns you.As DD you are made to sign forms that allow AMWAY to send you to where ever they choose,whenever they choose.Unless you sign you don't get your 'bonus checks'.Is this financial freedom or finacial slavery!!!!!!!!

the allegations and court cases listed on your page, while obviously official court documents all seem to deal with individual distributors. of the approximately 2 million distributors in amway, if only these few have alledgedly conducted unethical practices i think that is a respectable record. i can call up a page on any major corporation in the world and find negative information about the company and individuals within the company. the same holds true for any other mlm company. don't you have anything better to do?

What have you got that is better? I'd like to hear about it. Anybody can whine.

sidney i read your comment on amway and let me say this is not a get back at you letter this is just to say hay.about amway your right to print those letter about the exsperi. they were very true about friends i begain to see that my friends took off after i got in amway ,(check this out)my best friend died and at his funnaral there was 2 friend out side the business and about 50 amway people in amway i am not her to change your mind about amway just to give you my view because i know for sure if you keep doing research you wiil get in later i guess it like the superbowl champs and the team that finishs last they are all pros but some one is doing something wright.hay bud email me back .just take it easy on me with your comments. have a great day.cj amway distrib.

Recently we were contacted by a young couple to join the "Amway family." Fortunately, I'm rather sceptical when it comes to earning lots of money at practically no effort.

The theory seemed nice: the more time you put into the business, the more people will work for you, money you earn. As simple as that. And the only possible loss would be buying the initial "starters kit" (or whatever they call it).

Thank God for the Internet! After the visit I started searching the Internet and was stunned by the number of available links.

Thanks everybody for sharing your experiences. You've just saved another potential Amway victim !!

Thanks for presenting the side of Amway that one doesn't hear about. It is apparent that there is much more to this organization than meets the eye.

But there are two questions that comes to mind that I haven't seen answered on this page (haven't seen it on other links either) and I am wondering if you can answer them: Are the same people who are the heads of Amway (Yager, Britt) the very same people who were at the top many years ago? And has anyone since then, ever surpassed those who are at the top of the income bracket in Amway?

Thanks in advance for the answers, if you can find the time to answer them.

Your Amway site is better than ever.

I just wanted to let you know that I have been an Amway distributor for nearly two years now. I want to give you a personal confession of how GREAT the past two years have been. My life and the lives of litterally thousands of others have been changed forever and I look forward to decades of great business to come. I can't begin to explain how deprived you must be in your own ignorant world.

With regards and a positive attitude,

We appreciate your web pages, we very nearly signed up to become Amway distributors, but after reading these and other web pages we have decided not to. We had attended 2 rallies and everything seemed very appealing and we were going to go ahead and become distributors. But after looking at all the facts and figures we realised we would be spending a vast sum of money for little or no return.

Hi Sidney,

I really enjoy your articles on Amway. If more people would take a serious look at Amway, fewer would be hurt. I myself was in Amway and LOST. Talk about a business stealing your entire life away!!!

Anyway, I was wondering if you have heard of a fellow Amway Big Guy named *. Could you give me some scoop on this fellow and where he is now, if you know. There's a business I want to check out before getting involved in and he is one of the leaders. If that is so, I will NOT get involved!

I've heard of alot of Amway names out there, but * is not one of them.

I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible. Thanks a million Sidney,

Sincerely, not an Amway Clone,


Thanks very much for maintaining you're Amway "Untold Story" site. I found it a little less partisan and a good bit more informed than other Web sites on the subject. By and large your conclusions are consistent with the "objective" reports from 60 minutes, Forbes, etc. My experience today with a "recruiter" was pleasant enough: he and his wife were kind and seemed honest in discussing both the Amway products and Multi-Level Marketing. What worried me immensely, though, was they advised me not to mention the Amway name in discussing this with my wife. I leave it to you and readers of your Web site to imagine what wonderful effects THAT deception might have on the family I'm trying to support!!!

I have no doubt that a good number of people make a good living in this business, but I suspect most don't. (Average gross profits of $700/yr quoted frequently is, to first order, about right given total revenues, gross expenses and the number of agents). Right in line with the fact that more than 80% of small businesses fail, too. For me it all boils down to doing what you enjoy and I, for one, have no interest in direct sales of products of which I have no knowledge nor of selling "the system" to friends, family and strangers. I'll stick to products and services I undertand and can stand by, thank you!