Amway: The Untold Story

The Gospel According To Amway
Religion and Politics according to Dexter Yager, Bill Britt, and other Amway luminaries

The Right To Differ

Picture yourself at an Amway business meeting that has the following agenda:

1. Product demonstration
2. Introduction of new qualifiers
3. Sales and Marketing Plan presentation
4. Distribution of leaflets for candidate in upcoming election

What element doesn't belong in the picture? If you picked "4," you made the correct choice.

A business meeting, after all, is not a platform to pitch politics. Nor is it a forum to promote personal causes or religious beliefs. A business meeting is simply that: a get-together to discuss the various aspects of running a business. Amway meetings, of course, should be no different.

From the beginning, we've prided ourselves on the equal opportunity of the Amway business. It's an opportunity open to people from all walks of life--people with varying religious convictions, political affiliations, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, and racial origins. Amway distributors come together as business associates, agreeing on the principles of free enterprise. They work together to achieve financial independence by following the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan and observing the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct. On all other issues not specifically affecting the operation of their Amway businesses, Amway distributors have the right to hold differing viewpoints, without their differences jeopardizing their status as Amway distributors or their business relationships with other distributors.

If the business platform becomes a pulpit for preaching religious doctrines or political causes, people with differing beliefs who attend what the expect to be a business meeting are turned away--or turned off--from Amway. In essence, they are discouraged from participating in a business opportunity.

Amway has been a great success because it is not restrictive. Because is it accessible to everyone. Because it can be tailored to beet the needs of the individual.

The right to choose, the right to differ. Personal freedom, personal choice. Isn't that really what Amway is all about?

--From the September 1993 Amagram, U.S. edition

"Amway also agreed to incorporate a statement in its distributor agreement affirming individual's rights to religious and political independence. Craig Meurlin, senior vice president of Amway, said that the company does not push religious or political philosophies on distributors, but agreed to the provision because 'the plaintiffs were concerned with the topic.'"

--Craig "Pinocchio" Meurlin, senior vice president of Amway, commenting on the terms of the settlement of the Hanrahan class action lawsuit

Keep the above official Amway statements in mind as you read on…

Might as well start  off with the cream of the crop. The following transcript of Birdie Yager's conversations with God was handed out by Yager  herself at Emerald Club 1994, which was held at Heritage USA (P.T.L. headquarters). It was Birdie who also told distributors that when she looks at her husband Dexter, she "sees Jesus." (See also the Gospel Films Connection for more evidence of Amway's overt promotion of religious/policital  agendas, despite its repeated denials of same.)


(B) Lord, is it your will that ______ build the Amway business?

(G) Yes, it is my will that children follow in their father's footsteps (so to speak) and I have created the Amway business for my children. Not all of them are going to see it and do it, but to live in my will they must reach out to the lost. I created the Amway business as a tool to reach the lost. The church has been  too religious to reach the lost. The church doesn't have the love I have for my people. They call themselves my church, the church of Jesus Christ, but it is not. When I walked the earth, I didn't pick and choose who I would love. I don't look at the outer man. I look at the heart of a man, The church is learning to do that. The church is not living in the fullness of my love. My cross did it all.  Everything that was in my Father's heart for his children, He did for them on the cross. Now, they have to believe that and believe that my Father is not a respector of persons and wants to do for everyone of his children what he did for me. You are heirs to the Kingdom through me, Christ Jesus.

I have put my anointing on you Both to be leaders in the Amway business. I want my children to prosper, but they'll have to struggle. The caterpiller could never be transformed into the beautiful butterfly if it didn't go through the struggle of transformation. I am and always have wanted my people to be beautiful butterflies, but they are afraid of the struggle. Didn't I say I would never leave nor forsake you? That means in every situation, You walk but faith not by sight. Your sight, the physical eye, could never see what I see, I see everything the beginning and the end. TRUST ME! I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. I always have, whether you were aware of it or not, I have always been there for you, The struggles make you ready to receive my wisdom. Read my word, listen for my Rhema, they are ripe nad [sic] health to those that believe them. My words never return to me void because they are alive and they never decay. They stay alive forever, Hear my rhema. Hear the word of the Lord. I am making you a winner in life.


Lord, what would you like to say to these people through me today?

Say to these people that they can do it and that I want them to do it. That there will be challenges and struggles, but I will be with them all the way I want them to come through the struggles to the other side, to learn what I have stored up for them that trust me. Tell them to trust me and no other. Tell them how to listen to me and I will lead them as I did the children of Isreal. [sic]

What should I tell the women?

Tell them I love them and I see each of their situations and circumstances That they should love me and have no other gods before them and I will restore their lives and their relationships if they will trust me.

April 10, 1994

Good morning Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Would you give me something special for these people this morning, Father? I love you, my precious Lord!

(G) I love you like no other, my hand is on each and every one of you. I want you to forget your circumstances and build this business like you never have before. Your time is running out and there is much to be done for my Kingdom. Don't worry about things of this world. I have overcome the world, so I can overcome any situation that you might have. I hold the universe in my hand. Do you not think I can hold you also? I am not a man that I should lie, so when I tell you I love you I mean it. When I say I will take care of you, I mean it. Just love me and trust me. Lay back I will catch you. I will be your cushion. Just come and sit with me and get to know  intimately for yourself. I will put people in front of you. Trust me! I will change your circumstances. I will change your life if you will just let go and let me. Your time is coming. You are my precious child. Be aware of this one thing. Let it sink deep into your spirit that I love you right now, this morning, just as you are. Stand up, believe in ME. Be counted in My Kingdom and I will  bless you beyond measure, your measure, not mine! Throw away the  things that are keeping you bound up and I will replace  them with the fruits of my spirit. Love, Joy,  Peace, Gentleness, Kindness, Longsuffering. You will become a beacon for Me and I will bless you.

April 12, 1994
Emerald Meeting, Heritage USA

Father, it's been a long time since I was Emerald, please tell me what they need to hear today.

They need to know that I love them! You can do much in my Kingdom just by knowing I love you. Dennis Peacock explained to you many things concerning MY Kingdom last night. Take these and ponder them, meditate on them. Get a true picture of My Kingdom and you will begin to learn My Ways. They are not a secret to those who want to learn. I didn't say they were a secret to  you, I said they were above your ways. I want you to learn of me and from me. Stop taking traditions word for everything I have created and set in motion. For instance, my church. It does not even resemble my early church. Dig into my word and learn of me. You have time. Stop doing the things that do not bring satisfaction, peace and joy into your life (do not let your upline dictate to you how you will live, you are my child, not theirs.) Let me lead you and I will definitely lead you into the promised land. Many of the principles that  you have learned in the business are truly good for you, but don't get in bondage over them. Don't become like the heathen and make a ritual out of them. You need to come and sit with  me a while each day and learn of me so you can know what is important to me and relax in Me, knowing I will guide you. When in doubt, Ask Me and I will Tell You. I Love You!

Should the women with children be actively building the business and going to meetings and functions?

Yes, this is the only way they will learn my principles for abundant living and how to raise Godly children, etc. This is where they will get the examples of how I want them to live by doing my will and then expecting me to work in their lives. My burden is light and the more they follow my word and principles of success, their load will lighten up. Remember, I came to give you abundant life, but you have to work all the time believing and expecting me to do what only I can do. Teach them how to live and love.

Thank you Father!


Not being able to receive by faith your blessings. The blessed assurance talked about in the bible.

That is because of religion. Religion will never give people what they need, what I give them. I came to free people from the bondage of religion. The bondage that freezes their minds into that mold. In this case a mold of lack. Being accustomed to and then being content in it. Lack meaning--accepting anything that is less than what I have said I wanted for you. I have said that I am your sheperd [sic], you shall not want" meaning, you shall not lack for anything of you trust me and expect me to give it. That  is all sheep do, trust their sheperd [sic] to provide all things for them, everything they could possibly need.

Yes, Lord, please everyday, teach us all how to trust you.


Tell me what to give these people?

Give them my love and my acceptance. You see people as I see them, which enables you to love them as I love them. Tell them they are "human beings" and not "human doings". To trust me for their life, not their government, employer, family, etc. Trust me to build their house, otherwise it will be in vain. (Psalms 103) To return to me and my ways and I will direct their path. I have given (brought) them this business to bring them out of their bondage (whatever theirs is) out from under their heavy load of oppression to give them my yoke, which fits perfectly, for I am gentle and humble and give them only light burdens. Matthew 11:28

GO DIAMOND April 10, 1994

We choose the good at the expense of the Excellent!
(B) Father, what would you like to say tonight through me to these precious people?
(G) Tell them that I love them and I want to protect them. (Protect them, Father, what do you mean?) I want to protect them from their environment, from the oppression of the world. From  everything the enemy would try to come against them with but the must know ME. This business is a sort (kind) of haven for you, my children. I designed it to be that because I want you to learn more of (about) ME from my leaders, which are your servants. This  business will enable you to reach out to those who are lost and in need of me. You will learn to comfortable with uncomfortableness [sic] for My Name's Sake. For the sake of My Will working its completeness in your life to become the person who I see you becoming. The piece of clay that I can mold at my will with no resistance from you as to accomplish that for which I have planned for you.  Your eye has not seen nor ear has not heard what I have stored up for you who will do my bidding and TRUST ME to accomplish in you  that which I desire for you. Delight yourself in ME and I will give you the desires of your heart. Not the Government, Not the Amway Corporation, Not your upline. No one but ME shall you TRUST. For I created you and I am a jealous Father for I love you as no other can or will. Let me do for you what I desire to do. You do the trusting and I'll do the bidding. I love you like no other for I AM LOVE and you need only tap into ME. For  I AM your source for everything you need. Spend time with ME and I'll give you the strength you need to get you through each day. Come sit with me at the well, MY Well, and drink of my LIVING WATER which will always refresh you anew, and the more you sit with ME the more of me I will give you. Don't look to others, LOOK TO ME and I will renew your strength as the Eagle (Isaiah 40:31). Don't get weary in doing the things I have called you to do. I will restore. TRUST ME and I will be your constant companion. (Father, this seems more for me than for these people, is it not?) No, because all my children need to know this. People have lost their confidence in me to accomplish those things I said I would do and only the things I can do. This is why they are in such straights (even my children), the church  is not teaching FAITH (which is trust) to expect from me that which I desire them to have. (Father, teach me how to teach them  to EXPECT from you and not from others that you are their source and not others. Thank you Father, I love you.

Amway Tools King (and annointed by God) Dexter Yager on minorities, child rearing, abortion, gun control, women, Elvis and other vital "network marketing" issues, taken from his 1994 men-only, "Yager Network Marketing Institute Seminar":

"The thing that separates the winners and the losers is choice. If you listen to the liberal news media, they will take the wind out of anybody's sails. They'll beat you to death, because they'll make you a loser. You listen to them long enough and they'll tell you that if you're a minority, you're a loser. Now who's a minority? Everyone of us by the time they get through breaking it all down. Isn't that right?"

"I spanked my kids when they were young. By the time my kids got to be eight, ten, twelve years old, they didn't get no more spankings. They didn't need them. They knew the rules. You discipline them when they're young, you bring them up right, you don't have the problems later."

"See, like you really understand the educational system today. Almost every one of you, you're going to send your kids to school or if you're like me, your grandkids go to school. Everyone of them are a little bit retarded something's wrong. You know why? The educational system knows that if they can find enough flaws, they can get more money. So they start off trying to get more funds, instead of trying to make better students."

"Well about two months later, nothing's getting any better, I ended up going to a urologist. And I always grew up respecting doctors but I remember sitting in that room and here's this doctor, this guy examining my privates, I'm thinking like, "I don't like this. I don't want a woman doing it and I don't want this guy doing it." But this is the last profession in the world I would pick, being a macho guy."   (APPLAUSE)

"There's nothing wrong with a good education. This weekend is a college course for life. By some of the greatest professors going. But these are achieving professors, proven, not theory people. We depend too much on sending our kids to get theory from people that have never, ever had nothing but a job and a title. 'Cause they pass paper tests instead of the real tests of life. You build to Diamond, you'll have one of the greatest educations you can ever have about how to deal with people."

"You know you can talk about something like abortion. When I grew up everybody understood that if somebody had an abortion it was terrible.  When you look at abortion it is not a matter of whether she has a right to her body or not or the right to abortion. It is a matter of responsibility. See, the truth of the matter is if my mom had the right to have an abortion then why could she go to jail if she suffocated me two days after I was born. I mean, where do you divide the line? We are talking mass murder (Applause) verses the real facts of life … Cause you got to come back and you got to keep saying, if some gal gets pregnant and I accidentally hit her with a car and I am drunk or I let my gun go off, I carry a gun, say,  and I let it go off accidentally and I shoot her in the stomach. If I kill that baby it is manslaughter for me. Well, if it is manslaughter for me she has the right to murder anything that she carries but nobody had the right except her or a doctor? That is where confusion comes in, see. Laws should be very simple so everybody can understand them."

"Now, if you need more policemen because of crime in America, if America needs to be guarded from within then it sure needs to be guarded on its borders. It is just simple." (Applause)

"I don't agree that things like machine guns ought to be easily purchased by anybody. I don't agree with that, okay? But, I believe you ought to have the right to carry a pistol. To have it in your home. You ought to have the right, part of the original constitution was the right to bear arms. And, the right to have a gun. (Applause) … I have guns located in different parts of my home. And, I have ammunition far enough away from it that I have to think before I would load it and far enough away both positions that my grandkids would not get don't want to die because some nut is out there. Okay?"

"You know, all you got to do is like capital punishment. You know, so many people don't believe in capital punishment. I don't believe in just killing. But, I do understand the real facts. I understand if criminals are killing all through America you got to get their attention."

"You know, if some guy was constantly coming up and picking on you, you would find a little way to pick back. Well, you are living a life when the criminals are now the bullies. And, if you don't learn how to secure your nation and your town they will take over. It is just that simple. We all should know that. But, isn't it amazing how many people just flat don't think. Well, the criminals do have rights. I guarantee you every liberal out there that believes that if something major happened to them or their family their thoughts would be changed instantly. They have big hearts when it is somebody else's family. See, now, along the line you need to think. You are going to be a leader that does not mean you will always be accepted you got to have logic and be able to think right."

"And everybody else is going to tell you, you need to be home with the kids. The kids got a basketball game, he got a football game. You should be there. How many have heard, you ought to be there, you ought to be there, ought to be there. I didn't go to any of that stuff for my kids. I didn't want to be a spectator in my kids life. I wanted to be a participant in their life. Instead of going to their schools and hearing their teachers telling me about them. Instead of going to their sports game and sitting with a bunch of other parents. I remember being a kid. I never invited
my dad and mom. I knew they were busy. Besides I didn't want to go home with them I wanted to go home with my buddies. I would rather walk home with my buddies. My parents were to feed and house me and teach me and make me work and take on responsibility. But, during my off time I wanted to be with my friends. How many of you guys did? Think your kids are different? I always felt it was more important maybe when one of my kids was putting a muffler on his car with my boys. Or, when one of my daughters was out by the swimming pool, go over and sit when they were alone and go over and talk to them for 10 or 15 minutes. When ever that time happened to give
them quality time instead of quantity time. For me to go to a baseball game and take my son to a baseball game on a regular basis, I give him a ticket for him and his buddy if he wants to go that bad. Why am I going to go be a spectator with him. I want to have a part of his life."

"…Remember, your wife is not a man. She is a woman, God, I hope she is. Now a days that comment is not always okay anymore, is it? Some guy may be sitting out there like you don't know my wife. I married a guy. Oh, my, God. (Whistle) Some of you are probably going to show up and do a meeting every now and then and go oh, my, well, uh.  Wheeew.  But, apparently, a lot of society has decided that, that is okay. Wheeeew. It is okay as long as they don't come anywhere near me or my kids. (Applause) Which means as far as I am concerned it ain't okay, it is sick.  (Applause) I mean, what could be sicker? What could be sicker? Think about it?  We have a major aids epidemic and everybody is trying to figure out how to stop it. It's pretty simple. They got the right to have their lifestyle. I accept that. They've got the right. I can't stop them from having that. But, they don't have the right to talk to my kids and teach my kids and my grandkids and screw up their head in a public school."

"You worked real hard to get your kids at the top of the college class? Put them through college or what have you? Cause of minority issues today, guess what? You know who gets hired? A minority girl at the bottom of the class. Performance don't count. You got to have the mix. Wanna tell you, that is not right for anybody, especially, especially, that poor minority. You are teaching that poor minority kid that performance doesn't count. How sad that that kid's whole mind would be distorted. And, help to keep that group of people, whoever it is, down. Because they believe they can vote rights in instead of earn rights. See, what happens, the minority that is a performer, everybody thinks they are just like the one that ain't. So, the one that works doesn't get the fair recognition. The fair share. All performance should be rewarded in some way, manner or form. But, top performers, I mean, I have talked to several college kids, graduated 4.0. Excellent student all the way across the board. That the D students got the job while they stood there cause big corporations had to get the mix right. When you really look at that aspect what does it take to be a double minority? Just think about this? What does it take to be a double minority? Chances are you got to be this plus a girl. Isn't that right? So, if the girls are going to end up getting all the jobs on non performance just to make the double mix, the future of America will be the male leadership is gone. I'11 tell you, I don't know about you, but I guess I am not man enough to handle the aspect."

"And, as you are starting to build this business and you guys go out night after night after night, your bride may not understand what you are doing. But, you better understand it. Because I guarantee you one thing, when you do get the money they learn how to shop good."

"But, I am going to tell you guys something, the way this country is thinking we got major, major problems and there is no hope for our kids and grandkids if something isn't done. (Applause) And, I can't do it all. And, my professors can't do it all. It is going to take you multiplying like crazy. It is in your hands, in your court. And, if it don't go right don't blame me. You go look in the mirror and say I was partly to blame that America went down the tube because men would not stand up for what was right."

"As an actor, you have to learn to portray something that most people wouldn't see in you. And that's probably why a lot of people looked at…as big selling as John Wayne's movies were and Elvis Presley, most people always said, "They're not actors. They're just being themselves on stage." They didn't change their personality, they were themselves. They just played parts that were them. Well, they were both men's men and they played men's men roles. But you know, when Elvis was a kid in school, he was a wimp. He was beat up regularly. But you know, he knew if he was going to be stealing girls hearts he was going to get beat up more, so he went and took Karate and even put it in all of his shows and everything else."

"It's going to be Hell when we die and go to Heaven and God tells us what He had envisioned us doing. No matter how successful we are, we're going to say, "Oh, my God, if I only knew. Read the story of Moses. You read Moses in the Bible. God kept saying, "You're my man, pick up the rod." And Moses kept saying, "I can't, I can't, I can't." I'm telling you today to pick up the rod. Your rod is a Magic Marker. You go out, that's a magic Magic Marker, when you got that Magic Marker in you hand, you're going to be Moses. 'Cause you're gonna' start leading them people into the Promised Land. They're not in the Promised Land today, here we live in the Promise Land the land of milk and honey."

"Your up-line is the bridge between you and life and the bridge between you and success. Understand you gotta' have somebody. I found out the only one that I had was to get on my knees and I prayed and prayed and prayed, "Lord, tell me, tell me, tell me." I had to humble myself more than any up-line will ever ask you to humble yourself. I had to become the invisible man to God and Jesus who could see right through me. I couldn't lie to them about anything, so I couldn't lie to me about me. But I had to learn all the great men in the Bible were humble men that God anointed. He put His power on them. Ask God every day through his son, Jesus Christ, to empower your life. The Bible says, "When you know me, I am power in you." Invite the power in. And know who's in charge. I've had people say, "Dexter, how can you be so successful and so humble?""

"Get the power. Get into the Word. Become the man. Your wife and your kids and the next generation is counting on you to make your name something … Plan to be great. The seeds of greatness lie in this room. To change this world, God needs men that'll stand in the gap, to be the leaders of the home, I listen to my wife and then I make my decision about 75%-80% of the time, it's do what I gotta' do, regardless of what she thinks."

"I pray to God you'll go do what your capable of, what God ordained you to do. Don't let any little trap trap you, there's nothing ever been better than this business. God created it as his super charge for the future. I can't go get trapped in any church and become a little church leader when I can be a world leader. I'11 let that for the small thinkers. I got nothing against church, we had a fun, a great Sunday service this morning, I want you to evangelize the world, not your neighborhood. God wants you to evangelize the world. With free enterprise, with success, with His spiritual lessons."

--"What This is All  About," "Teachings From the Master," "Charge," Dexter Yager
Some more important "network marketing" tips from Yager's "professors" speaking at the same seminar:
"You know and if Jerry said it, you know it, if we had professors like you have on the stage this weekend throughout America, we would turn things around. We'd clean up the White House. We'd clean up the Congress. We'd clean up the whole thing. (applause)"

"You know, we're gonna talk a little bit about being a man as we're kicking off this weekend. I love men. I love seeing a man that's a man. Not a wimp. Not a whiner. Not a loser. Not a guy that's willing to you know, give up at the first thing, but willing to take off and run and just make things happen … Man is built by God to overcome and to win for his wife and kids and for, his family, for his country and for God. And if we don't have a worthy cause, man is gonna try to conquer and overcome in crime or other goofy things. We have a vehicle that people need to see and hear of and you have responsibility."

"But you know, I just thank God for the opportunity, a one day a guy shared with me and I just also thank God that we're ready to make something happen. It does take a man to win. And a man's not a guy that zips up his pants from the side. He ain't wearing the panty hose. He's the guy that says man I got a responsibility and I'm gonna make things happen."

"Because the gals that are part time and at home, you know this is the most highest calling we can have, for having gals home with the kids and building a better family and helping and serving their husband and the business. And you have that way to make things happen. You got to be that tiger man. You got to be that tiger that's just overcome or you're just getting the job done. And you…a man's a guy that's committed. He's committed to God and your wife feels great. The more committed you are to God, the more committed, the easier it is for her to follow you. Your wife feels the most secure when she knows you're on the right track and that you're a man that's on his knees and you're a man that's tuned in to our Lord. And the more you're tuned in, the more she'll respect you and love you and that's you're on the right track. It's hard for me to ask my wife to follow me. You know and I realize in Ephesians, I'm suppose to love my wife as Christ loved the church and he gave his whole self. And are you giving your whole self! And that's the way we feel good. When we know we're doing our best. We're answering to the call. And it's easy for her to be submissive. And it's easy for gals to be submissive to a man that's a man, not a wimp and a whiner. And we have the women wanting to take over in a lot of places in our society. And hear the women's lib deal, that's cause there's not a men in a lot of places, taking charge, and making things happen. And there are the whiners watching things happen and watching the tube. And you know you got to have to have the commitment to your family. Do whatever it takes man. Whatever it takes."

"Are you willing to stand up for what's right? For your wife,  for your kids, for your country? Before your God?"

"You got to be selling yourself on yourself. And letting people know that you're not the wimpy guy. You know we started an organization. International association for plants rights. (laughter) Anybody…I'm gonna tell you why. I get sick and tired of these boneheads that I talk to today....animal rights activist…then they're for pro abortion.  The same group.  I'm for pro life. And, man is put here to subdue and to replenish the earth. The animals are here for man. Not the other way around. (applause) So there are a hundred plants that used to be alive in Pennsylvania that are not longer here, because deer have systematically stripped the forest of it's understudy by the White Tail Deer. Get a license and a firearm, help the environment man. I mean, (applause) now… help that hole in the Ozone. Shoot some thing. (laughter) … Now I'11 tell you about the moose I killed last fall. I got that thing.  Opened up the rumen(?) there was four bushel of plants in there and I know a lot of them were endangered. And them plants…you have kids? I said, honey do you have kids? She said yeah I got kids. I said, well do they breathe. What do they breathe? CO2? They need oxygen to breathe don't they? What do you think that moose is depriving out society of! (laughter) And our world. Took all them oxygen producing plants and then breathe out that carbon dioxide and I guarantee off the back end, it's blowing off methane gas. (laughter) You think about your kids … Get a license and a firearm. I'11 tell you we got good air in my county.  (laughter)  Somebody has to take on the responsibility."

--"It Takes a Real Man to Win", Billy Florence, Jerry Boggus & Fred Harteis
"To meet the challenges we face today, in the post cold war era, we as Americans must marshal the same resources of energy, optimism and common purpose that thrived during war and put them to work at home and abroad. During an era when our enemy will neither be communist nor Nazism. But our own self defeating pessimism. The only thing that can defeat this great country is our own self defeating pessimism. A famous French leader Charles DeGaule once said France was never her true self unless she was engaged in a great enterprise. This is true of the United States as well. Great causes push us to heights as nations and individuals that would not otherwise be achieved. Without a great cause to galvanize America, the very unity of our nation will be at risk as we struggle to meet the challenges of the next century. If America's to remain the great nation we know it today, what we need today is a mission beyond peace. Richard Nixon. What is your mission? What is your dream? I congratulate you for being here. I congratulate you for being in this business, because you could have said no. I could have said no. But we didn't. We said yes. We chose to be uncommon. We didn't choose,to be the common man. We chose to be the uncommon man and it is our right to be uncommon. But we need to stand firm. WE need to realize that we are on a mission of free enterprise and to prove that socialism and handouts don't work."

"Every time you go in a room it doesn't matter who likes you and who doesn't like you, you walk like a man. Talk like a man. You are a man. We got a couple things on our body that hang there (laughter) pardon the language, that we got to get a little bigger to build this business."

--"Self Image/Dress/Posture/Rejection", Jim Kinsler

"When I look at him, I see Jesus. I want you to listen to him--I know that you'll see Jesus too."

--Mike Wallace on "60 Minutes" quoting Birdie Yager talking about her husband, Dexter, at an Amway rally

"Brig Hart had just joined Amway when he went to a Yager rally years ago. That Sunday he found his way to its optional religious service. 'It wasn't like any church I'd been to,' says Hart. 'I saw people professing their faith in Jesus Christ and not ashamed. . . . I didn't see one person who reached high levels who didn't acknowledge the Lord and give him credit for the success.'"

"Yager displays his religion as openly as the Christian flags that flutter outside Internet offices … Yager donated royalties of an early book to PTL Television Network. And when Jim and Tammy Bakker fell on hard times, he leased his home as a broadcast center. Gerald Harteis, an Amway distributor from Pennsylvania, says 'a strong faith and belief in God and the principles of our founding father' is, along with following your dream and supporting your associates, a tenet of the Yager System. 'What we do is try to make it available,' Harteis, 48, says of religion. 'I don't think we're attempting whatsoever to force this on people.'"

--"Amway The Yager Way," Charlotte Observer, 3/19/95

Brother Bill will now take the pulpit…
"Now, Peg, I want to tell you something -- just so you'll know when she talks to you tonight -- how the free enterprise works for a liberated woman. Now my wife is a truly liberated woman. She's not a broke liberated woman -- woman's liber -- she's a truly wealthy liberated woman. And I think that all women should have one thing that you have in particular, and that's a checking account that your husband never checks to see what your checks are. You know. Peg has a checking account, and I've got it fixed -- I have never looked at any checks she ever wrote yet. I've never checked to see what she paid for anything. The only stipulation that we've agreed on is that she wouldn't buy cars and the houses. I do that. But other than that, anything she wants -- decorations, works with interior decorators in homes, or whatever. And I've got it fixed so that if she overspends her account, it dips into a bigger account. There's no way she can overspend. Don't you ladies think that's a good deal, really?"

"And you wonder, well how in the world by building the Amway business can we help freedom. But we can because by building the business, you help the individual be stronger. And the stronger the individual, the stronger the family and the stronger the nation in turn. And so, just on a day by day basis, as we build the Amway business, we are helping our nation to be stronger. And so we must not take this for granted, ever … You know, there's the famous quote, think not for what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. And so I feel that in building the Amway business, we really are doing something for our country because people who see it and take it and work hard and build their businesses, they are making the country stronger because they have the opportunity to become just as independent as they want to."

"And we just -- we share these things for you in hopes that you will be able to hear that and be encouraged to dream bigger, to have bigger goals and to build your businesses bigger for the security of your family. And to have all the happiness that there is to offer. And we just know that God blesses this organization. And his blessings are on this Amway business and that He is pleased … And just go for it and always remember, think not what you can do for your country. Think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, and it will be worthwhile. I'm sure. And God gets all the glory and the credit for this organization."

"And then they say, well, have you got something against poor people? No, I just don't want to be one. And you take a look at it. Have you ever known poor people to help poor people?"

"…Just by chance we were born into this single country on the face of the earth that has become a unique country, among all the counties in the world, because we were the first and only and last country to claim itself to be a nation under God, period. That's the most unique thing that's happened to America."

"You see, the very foundation of communism was and always has been Darwinism, which is atheism which is another word for socialism which is another world in America used today, a very good word that was taken by people that wanted their word to sound good, and they call it liberalism. And if you put on the TV's today, you'll see certain people saying let's soak the rich. Because that's always popular, soak the rich. But I want to stand here and tell you, if you live in any nation where the rich are soaked and where they are no rich, and I want to tell you that everybody is going to be poor. Because I had rather see the ones that had the dream power, that with the entrepreneurs maintain the money, because where do you think the jobs come from. From people that got money to spend it so that people that haven't got money can't spend it and can't create jobs in a free society. Now, if you put on the television today, tomorrow, yesterday and just watch the politicians speak, you can see who the atheists are. They're the socialists. Because there is no way on God's green earth that I understand that a God fearing man can be a socialist. Now they can claim they're God fearing, but the fact of the matter is that ifthey're God fearing, they got to be for what he's for and they've got to be against what he's against. Oh, it's getting quiet in here. Uh-huh. Well the churches are full of people that are not God fearing. We got a Methodist country. We got people trying -- we got a situation here in this country right now that really worries people. Like, uh -- these politicians are so concerned. Should I get the homosexual vote? Well, I want to tell you, if I was running for office, I don't want no homosexual vote. And if I got to get in office that, I don't want to be in it. Then you got to worry. I'm going to get the women's lib vote. And let me tell you what kind of vote -- I don't want that kind of vote."

"In fact, when I got into the business, I thought that -- oh, people are calling themselves "men" were really men. I didn't realize we had so many wimps in our society."

"I see a lot of these people from time to time today. And they don't look too hot because they've aged and when you're broke and older, you're uglier than when you're rich and older. Huh?"

"I've had 50 people say, well Bill, I don't think you ought to use God to build your business. And I said, well I don't think you ought to build one without him. People say, well I don't want to hear that, I don't want to hear that stuff. I say, well stay broke then. Your alternative, get a job. Condemn yourself. Work until you're 65 like the Catholic Pope. I bestow this on you. You're going to work for someone else, good. Get a job. You want to be broke. Get a job. Everybody here that's got a job is broke. No offense meant. I was one of them. That's not making the free enterprise system work. That's showing how it doesn't work. Hello? Is anyone out there?"

"A few years later, we started doing free enterprise days and I said, I tell you what, let's get it so a United States Congressman can talk to us about free enterprise. So our very first free enterprise, we invited this Congressman and he came in to speak for our people … Well, anyway he had his traveling companion with him who was not his wife … Turns out that she stayed with him and they told me about it. Well, after he talked, he walked off stage and he bombed out. And when he got off stage, he said man, I really blew that, didn't I. I said, you really did. I said you also blew it last night. And as far as your honorarium, I ain't paying you. Now I hope you don't try to say who it is and everything, but God ain't going to bless that junk. Amen? Somewhere along the way we got to understand that to make the free enterprise system work, we got to make the individual work. And if the individual doesn't work, the family isn't going to work. And if we don't have strong family unit, we're not going to have a strong nation because we're not going to have a strong business. We're not going to have a strong anything except a lot of junk and a bunch of wimps."

"And you see what people are doing today, they're not doing this based on the charge of this nation which is a nation under God. They're out there breaking his laws all day long and wondering what's wrong and why they're broke, why their kids are broke and why they're kids are broke and how their cycles go on."

"Now let me tell you, someone who is going to assume the responsibility of a free person can best do it in business. It's much better than being a social worker. Oh, you can help someone, more people in business than you can all the social programs on earth."

"Now I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling when I share the next few things with you. But it's a historical fact that happened that's recorded -- well recorded, but a lot of people don't want you to speak it because they just don't like to hear the name. But there's one, two thousand years ago, that sponsored twelve. The first one recorded the history of the world. Someone said, I don't want to hear -- I don't want to hear that. Well, get a job. You won't hear it. Be broke, you don't need to hear it. He sponsored twelve, he discipled twelve. Isn't that what our business is really all about. People caring about each other."

"And see, that's why America had the chance to be the shining light, the light of the world as far as nations go, that could spread some truth of freedom and personal achievement. Not to see how great people are, but for people to prove how great God is. Because we're not put on this earth to prove how great we are. We're put on this earth to honor and glorify him in everything we do and say. We're put here for his purpose, not our purpose. And man thinks he put here for his purpose -- for man's purpose. And so when we become our own gods, that we've got it all, we become nothings. But when we honor him and glorify him, we become everything. Most people in this country have bought the Eve deal. That's where the serpent said to her. Don't do what he said to do. Do what he said not to do. He told you not to eat of that tree. Hon, you go ahead and eat of that tree because he doesn't know what he's talking about. See your eyes will be open and you will be of a god. Who needs a god when you're a god. And that's what the thing is today. People that don't need gods, they are gods themselves and they're going to do it their way with their power and their might. Deuteronomy 8, 18 says that wealth is created through his power and his might, that he might establish his covenant, as guaranteed before our fathers as it is this day. God wants his people wealthy. Do you know what? There's a lot of disagreement that with. God doesn't disagree with it. He's very total and very clear on that point."

"Do you know what we really need in this country and what people really need in the world? Somebody to love them. Not just a wife or husband. But their fellow man. Do you know what? We love people that got the guts to win. One of the most exciting things on earth to me is a man or woman that's a winner. And one of the most disgusting things on earth to me is a looser. A wimp. I can't stand a wimp. Man, I want to throw up every time I get around one."

"Something real proper this day and time what we use, use to call shack up. And I got a little understanding of what that's about because I had a guy in the group, and he was living with his girlfriend, or his girl anyway -- I don't know if she was a friend. And she was a highly liberated, one of these women libbers. His name was Don. And I got him together, I said, Don, I really want you to do the business. You know you got a lot of potential. I said, but you got to get--either marr her or move her out. You just can't -- people are not going to relate to you, the kind to build this business. He says, well, Bill, I just got to be honest with you. And I said what? He says, why buy the cow when you get the milk for nothing. Here she was seeing herself a liberated woman and he saw her as a cow."

--Bill and Peggy Britt, 1990 Free Enterprise Day, Boulder, Colorado

"Do you believe me?  Those of you who don't believe just stay poor it's okay.  We have things for you folks it's called jobs.  We now condemn you to a job. You know we need poor people we'd be lost without poor people in this country.  Who would put the water in the water lines and the sewer in the sewer lines and the electricity in the electric lines and clean the streets and wash the streets and make the streets and who would construct these buildings.  You never see a ad in the paper need wealthy guys to build a building.  If you would put an in the paper for construction people they automatically know minimum wage.  Amen.  You want the poorest guys to do it.  No I have no offense against poor people I was one for thirty-eight years. Most of my family is still poor. But they talk about me now."

"The only way your soul prospers is when you love god.  Only way when you love god then you fulfilling Joshua one eight. And that means that your speaking gods words. That this mouth is speaking his words and not against his words. Amen. You all hear me? That's where you power seed is. Speaking his words under his banner. Amen. I'm not trying to preach I'm trying to see that's why ninety eight percent of people are broke in this country they go to universities that teach them poverty.  All you guys with degrees in here how many engineers to I have in here?  Engineer Degrees?  Okay all the engineers degrees stand up.  All that are broke sit down.  That's all of them.  No offense meant you meant well.  That's a bad deal to go to college to figure out what you don't want to do.  How many government workers and school teachers we have in here all of them stand up.  Okay all of them that are broke sit down, see if anyone is still standing.  Maybe a liar or two in here somewhere lets see."

"What about a dentist down in the mouth?  How would you like to play in spit the rest of your life?  How would you like to get on your toes and play in spit. You know the last time I went to my dentist it looked like he was going to Mars.  He had on masks, and gloves and covers and everything. That's right I'm glad I'm not a dentist no offense meant…"

"Like if someone tried to burn this flag up here, I would use words only that would last until I got until where they were. Now, quite frankly, I'm supposed to the Supreme Court ruling about that. I think they're wrong. I'd like to tell Bevery ding dong one of `em, You're wrong, stupid. You ought to go on a battlefield and see what people, what this means to people on a battlefield. Anyway, but I'd use words only while I was gettin" to where he was. And then I would use force. And then I would kill if I had to. You say it's against God's law. I know it. I'm not perfect. I'd break the guy's neck. I wouldn't get over there and try to teach `em about Sunday school. Or teach `em the Ten Commandments. Somebody mess with my wife, or my car, or my money, they're in trouble. Amen? I'd get violent. Ain't no pansy in me. And most winners don't have any in them either. You cross the line, brother, and you cross the line. Amen? And someone try to steal my dream, they cross the line. If you ain't gettin' violent about somebody stealin' the hubcaps off you car, you ought to get violent if they steal your dream. Amen?"

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. That means woman, too, you know. Amen?  So what have we got to get straight?  God, man, woman, child. You got to get straight the family unit. You put… if you don't want to mess anything up, put two people as the head of it. That's why God made the man the head of the family … We've never had any competition in our house as to who the head is. She's always understood. A couple of little times, she might have questioned it. We straightened it out real quick. Amen? A man's got to do that every now and then in some cases, you know? … But, far as the headship goes, that's me. Do you know that most people come in this business with the woman being the head of the house because the people in this country that are the socialists that are the liberalists communist atheists whatever you want to call it, they're all in the same ball game. They're doing everything they can to destroy the manhood of the individual. So that he will not understand this right here."

"The government says it's gonna help people. It helps 'em fail. You can put all the money you want to in the anti-drug program. I doesn't stop `em. What's gonna stop 'em is getting mom and dad squared away so they can get those kids squared away. Get 'em dreaming. With a dream, you don't have room for all the garbage. Everything changes with a dream. Maybe we need to become what we were meant to be in this country, a nation of dreamers. Maybe that's what we need to be. Not of has-beens or average nothings."

"There's no question that many, many of you will be free. Not only bring your wives home and get them free, you'll be able to get out of debt. How many people want to get out of debt. [applause] Pay bills and gettin' out of debt, that's my goal. Gettin' out of debt. Gettin' free economically. That's a big dream. It's a done deal. That's it. Period. Case closed on that one. I claim it. Then a lot of you want to write your boss a letter, tell him eyeball to eyeball. It's over. Give my job to somebody else. I don't need it anymore. I am free. How many of you want to give up your job?  Goodbye, job. It's a done deal. I'm gonna earn my freedom. That's it. Period. Case closed. No discussion needed. Done deal. Amen. Ain't it great. Remember this weekend the rest of your life. Nation under God, unashamedly. No liquor.  No wine. No alcohol. No vulgarity. Strong family units. Mom and dad being a model for their kids. Working hard. Overcomin'. Be coming, excited, hang tough, pedal to the metal and let the dogs bark 'cause this caravan is movin' on."

--Bill Britt, 1990 Free Enterprise Day, Portland, Oregon

"Now the Amway business is built on Christian principles, and therefore it's built on God's laws, because a Christian is going to live God's laws."

"I'm going to tell you what's wrong with this country the United States of America…I don't care who you are or what you believe. It's not the government, it's not the President, it's not the senators…it is the people of this nation that got the problem with this nation. They have allowed everything we stand for and [unintelligible due to applause and cheering from audience] to simply go down the tubes by hiring UN-CHRISTIAN PEOPLE [he shouts the words] to try and run a Christian-based society. And it just isn't going to work, friends."

--Amway Diamond Dave "I'm not a preacher" Severn recorded at Sunday Service, Duncan Family Reunion, 7/28/91

"In their paper on the 'gospel of prosperity,' [sociologists] Shupe and Bromley said that Amway, the nation's second-largest direct sales company, was the 'quintessential quasi-religious' corporation. 'It's many rallies and seminars are heavily laced with flag-waving, unabashed patriotism, prayers and references to the Almighty. But the real object of celebration is the corporate entity itself. America and God are simply associated symbols,' the researchers said."

--"The Gospel According To Amway," Sunday Punch, 1/4/87

"Amway's enthusiastic leadership preaches a convincing gospel of free enterprise, religious patriotism and American individualism--a concoction that has found a ready ear in a society searching for economic and spiritual fulfillment. Amway offers both. And its success and growth among many well-meaning Christians makes it a subtle competitor with biblical Christianity.

"Amway rally speakers have included Ronald Reagan, Robert Shuler, Pat Boone, Dale Evans, Bob Harrington, all well-known for their evangelical conservatism. DeVos himself was involved in a political initiative called 'The Plan to Save America,' with other evangelical 'Far Right' adherents like Bill Bright of Campus Crusade and former Arizona Rep. John Conlan (Sojourners, April 1976). The plan, among other things, was designed to help elect 'real Christians' to government and, according to DeVos, 'get rid of those so-called liberal Christians like Mark Hatfield' (a Republican Senator from Oregon and an outspoken evangelical)."

--"Giving God 'the business'", Mennonite Brethren Herald, 9/14/79

"About Marriage & Family For Women Only"
"Bush Vs. Dukakis"
"Christian American Values"
"God I Still Believe in You"
"Husband, Father, Leader"
"The Moral Map of American"
"Woman's Role"
"Raising Christians--Not Just Children"
"Pat Robertson A Biography"
"Growing Up Spiritually"
"Growing Through Divorce"
"How You Can be Led by the Spirit of God"
"Husbands Who Won't Lead and Wives Who Won't Follow"
"Straight Talk to Men and Their Wives"

--Some of the book and tape titles from Dexter Yager's 1992 tools catalog (and these aren't even from the "Inspirational" section of the catalog, which includes titles like "Biblical Thinking" and "God's Laws on Marriage and Sex"