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Amagram Article On "Inaccurate or Misleading" Internet Sites

From the August 1997 Amagram:

How to Deal with Inaccurate or Misleading Internet Reports

The Internet has become a communcation vehicle for millions of people worldwide. As might be expected, some users has chosen to post opinions, both positive and negative, about Amway Corporation and its distributors. This has prompted distributors to ask: "What do I say when prospects or downlines ask about negative information they have read 'on the Net'? What if prospects say they are decling to become distributors because of this information?

In such situations, you can explain that the Internet has become a massive forum for free speach, where people around the world can debate differing opinions. This is a fundamental value of a free society. However, with this easy and expensive access to a public forum, Internet users should look closely at the person or entity posting the information. Is the poster of the information a credible source? Does the poster have an agenda that make the information less reliable?

Objections to the Amway business are nothing new. As an Amway distributor, you often encounter people who are reluctant to take advantage of the Amway opportunity. In many cases, their objects are based on fear of the unknown or lack of knowledge. In other cases, they may have been exposed to inaccurate information about the Amway business through word of mouth, television reports, newspaper articles, or other sources.

The Internet is simply a new medium of expression. As with all prospect concerns, here, too, the best approach is to listen carefully to what your prospects are saying, make sure you understand their specific objections, and then answer those objections as you would if they had obtained a less than complete and fair opinion of Amway through a relative, friend, or newspaper story.

To support you, ABN Amway Business Network, has a section that provides information on many commonly asked questions about the Amway opportunity. The Amway websites also provide information about the Amway business and Amway distributors. And as always, you can contact your upline or Amway Corporation regarding specific questions or concerns.

Ultimately, however, no matter how much information you provide, there will always be some people who can never be convinced of the benefits of owning their own business. As we often hear in the business, "Some will, some won't, so what."